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Do My Resume Net Mesa Az

It Creates A Resume That Is More Focused On The Job At Hand

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A lot of times, candidates send in resumes that seem to look like storybooks with a history of the past, present, and future. Frankly, no one has the attention span or time to read through your journey. Even though it is important to you, it is not what hiring managers are interested in.

By finding keywords relevant to the job you are applying for, you are creating a more focused resume that will show the hiring manager your strength and experience that is only relevant to the job that has been posted.

Take, for example, a hiring manager who has posted a job ad for a chartered accountant who will not be interested in knowing that you have won multiple music competitions.

However, if you won a Math competition, that would be something you want to include.

While this may feel like a new and alien concept, this has been around for quite a while. Those who have used the power of keywords have reaped the benefits generously and landed their dream jobs too. By putting in just an extra effort yourself or with the help of resume writing services along with adding keywords, you can also bag your dream job! Good luck!

Nimohr Consulting & Career Services

NimoHR Consulting & Career Services helps job candidates land their next job quickly, smoothly, and with complete confidence. No matter where the job candidates stand in their careers, they will ensure to hone the resumes, social media profile, sharpen the interviewing skills and provide the necessary training and development needed to turn a lead into a job offer. They offer networking techniques that will help obtain leads, referrals, advice, information, and support, Moreover, the provide a variety of services including the creation of a cover letter, resume, interview preparation, and LinkedIn optimization.


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I came to Abby feeling a bit deflated about not receiving any calls or interest back after applying for 50+ jobs. I decided to ask for her help to give my resume and cover letter a nice facelift. OMG did it get that! Abby was so great at communicating with me and giving me great tips along the way. She was very personable, easy to talk to, and gave clear instructions on what this process would look like each step of the way. Excited to see where this takes me and will keep in touch with Abby as I continue my job search! Jessie J.

Make Your Rsum More Skimmable

A single vacant post receives about 538 résumés of interested applicants on average. That means 538 candidates who deem themselves eligible enough to qualify for the post. Recruiters and hiring managers seek to pick the best out of the stack by screening these résumés. Precision is the key if you want your résumé to pass the screening test.

Skills, qualifications, achievements, and experiences should be highlighted. Make them look catchy enough to grab the reader’s attention when they first lay their eyes on them. That of course does not mean using bright colors and unique fonts as much as possible.

Your résumé should mention keywords that make you the best fit for the job. If you are applying for the post of a technical writer, accentuate your previous experiences, skills you possess, and qualifications that make you the best fit for the post. You need your résumé to be picked from the pile.

Mention previous projects you did that involved your technical writing skills. If you have previously worked as a waitress, mentioning the same will not be of much use so leave off irrelevant jobs. You can of course convey your additional experience in waitressing in the interview when the time is right.

Otherwise, bringing it up in the interview or mentioning it on your résumé will be of no help at all.

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Top 4 Resume Tips On How To Impress Every Potential Employer

Tired of not receiving a call back after an initial screening phone interview? Are your interviewers not impressed with your résumé? There may be loads of reasons behind why you are not getting a callback from a potential employer. According to most Hiring Managers, the reason they do not call a job seeker back is because there are problems with their résumé. In face of such stringent competition for one post alone, a candidate must tailor their résumé with utmost perfection in mind.

Top fortune 500 companies strongly advise job seekers to reach out and hire a top ratedrésumé writing service such as DoMyResume.NET.

Before that, you need to know what are the main criteria that make a résumé remarkable. Hiring managers will be receiving a lot of applicants and thus, they will have a pile of résumés on their hands.

To save time and look for the best candidates for the interviews and screening process, they keep in mind some pointers that help pick the best from the bunch.

Let us get more familiar with what these pointers and criteria are.

But How Does This Apply To A Resume

Help Desk Support Resume Example CVS Health

You may think, how is this related to me? I am not looking at promoting a company or brand. But that is where you are wrong. You may not be promoting a company or a brand, but you are promoting something. YOU. You are, all in all, a brand that needs to be promoted to get the attention of clients .

Do the smart thing and hire a quality driven professional resume writer such as DoMyResume.NET.

So, keywords are highly valuable in your case too. Recruiters run a setlist of keywords. Only if this matches with yours will you get shortlisted.

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Take Pains With Your Career Objective

The opening statement or two will tell recruiters two things:

  • Who you are as a person, whether or not you match the company.

  • What kind of job youre looking for.

Example of a bland career objective for an MBA graduate:

An MBA graduate is looking for a career in a professional organization.

Example of a better career objective:

To explore my core strengths and experience in the field of sales for the growth of the organization and to maintain a good relationship with individuals and groups for organizational development and continued success.

Now Go Back To Your Relevant Experiences

The operative word here is relevant. You may not have any job experience as a graphic designer. But if youre choosing this profession, there is likely to be some relevant experience that you have. Maybe you interned at a design company, where you learned valuable lessons participating in an advertising campaign.

Or maybe you didnt go to design school. Maybe you have a successful social media channel. Maybe youre great with motion graphics or taught yourself Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator . Maybe youve got a portfolio to show for it.

Whatever your history, recruiters are more interested in how it ties in with their needs rather than what youve done. Dig into your life, think of any part-time work or extracurricular activity that could be related to the responsibilities the job describes.

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How To Fix Spelling And Grammatical Mistakes On Resume

The most suitable way to examine your resume for spelling and grammatical errors is to read it out loud. Get a chair, sit in front of a table and read your resume out loudly so that it reaches your ear. This will help you to flag any spelling and grammatical errors as well as polish your resume.

Scan your resume through error-checking websites such as Grammarly and Hemingway Editor. There are numerous other options too. For best-refined results, you may also consider seeking the help of a professional resume writing service.

Final Words For Fixing Your Resume

Moving to Phoenix Without a Job | Things to know before moving to Phoenix Arizona

The mentioned above were some of the common mistakes that people make on their resumes. Chances of getting hired for the dream job you desire to soar high when you learn how to fix these common resume mistakes and put them into practice. Apart from these, you do want to avoid using odd fonts, invalid email addresses, formatting, long paragraphs, and mentioning too much information when creating a resume.

A single resume won’t work for every job you are applying for. Customize the resume to the best standard possible before applying for a job. Either leave the job to a professional resume writing service or keep these pointers always buzzing in your brain while drafting a resume.

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It’s Their Job To Make Your Resume Flawless

It’s the job of the professional resume writing service to make sure your cover letter and CV are free of errors that could break your first impression. Someone you’re paying to clean up your resume for you is more likely to do a better job than you can, in your likely stressed frame of mind.

There may be a lot riding on your resume. And when we want something really bad, we can end up making mistakes.

Knowing there’s someone to look over your shoulder and make sure your resume is clean can lift a huge burden off your shoulders.

Skills Achievements And Awards

Be truthful and accurate about skills, achievements and awards. Do not give misleading claims or incurvature statements that are not verifiable. If you mention work history, do not cite your responsibilities for a particular. Highlight the skills and accomplishments you made.

Achievements and awards that relate to the job role will help attest to your efficiency and credibility. Be specific while mentioning them. Do not expand on every detail. For instance, if you were awarded for your mathematical data skills in university, reference the same in your résumé for the post of an accountant or data scientist.

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Can A Resume Writing Service Really Write A Better Resume Than You

So you’ve considered hiring a reputable resume writing service and wondered what they do that’s different or better than you. After all, how difficult could writing a resume really be? You just need to run a Google search for a template, and you’ll be bombarded by templates.

There are templates for every kind of resume, whether you work in a bike shop, whether you’re an artist, or whether you’re looking for a job in machine learning. You’re bound to find templates online.

So why would you go to a well established rated professional resume writer? What do they know that is different from what you know? Or what do the template-creators on Google know?

Is there even a professional resume writing degree that one can get that makes us more knowledgeable regarding what employers are looking for in job seekers?

The answer to that is a simple one: most pro resume writers are former Human Resource Managers, Recruiters, or Senior Editors. They know a couple of things about what they look for in job seekers.

Plus, there are other reasons to hire a resume writing service.

Stay In The Right Frame Of Mind

Remote Web Hosting Consultant Resume Example Hosting ...

First things first, hire a reputable professional resume writing service! Youll have a much easier time with resume writing if you start by managing your expectations. Lets face it. The job market is competitive. People with better credentials and more experience may be applying for the same job as you. But dont let this discourage you. Let it push you harder and improve your marketable skills. A top rated resume company will know how to write a powerful and engaging resume that lands interviews.

If you attempt to write your own resume, it might seem easier said than done in the beginning. But we promise you, and it gets better with time. As you write and rewrite your resume and apply to more jobs , you learn a lot. Youve got to roll with the process and not fall into self-pity.

And the following advice applies not just to writing your resume but to everything from now onwards: manage your mental health. The school was the easy part. Now youll need to do what you have to in order to stay positive and determined. This means learning to manage your stress along with your expectations, eating right, sleeping well, and working out. If you get this right, youll be fine through your job search.

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Reasons Why Your Resume Consistently Gets Rejected

Sometimes we try to save a buck by writing our own resume, but it costs us more in the end. Hiring a top rated and quality producing professional resume writing service may cost you a couple hundred dollars, but will land you better paying jobs. In our pursuit of the perfect resume, we spend hours searching and drafting the best resume possible. But still, find ourselves getting rejected after our resume reaches the hiring manager’s desk.

You might have wondered this once or twice, ‘Will bringing the help of a professional resume writer help my chances of getting hired somehow?’ The short answer is YES, but first, we need to focus on recognizing the mistakes we make ourselves in our resume – the reasons why it keeps getting rejected, and what we should do to fix these mistakes.

Include Your Gap Year In Experiences

Working, teaching, or volunteering is a rewarding experience. Why not show it off? You can mention this job in your Resume’s “experience” section in the same way that you would any other job. Taking a break may also indicate that you’re a self-starter, a visionary, or possess other desirable characteristics.

Make your points specific to the job requirements and the responsibilities that are expected of you. Use as many assertive, action-oriented adjectives as you can, and be sure to quantify your achievements and responsibilities.

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Being Fired Doesnt Reflect Your Value

Being fired can make some people lose confidence in themselves. The stigma attached to being fired can be enough to make you want to hide that part of your life away from everyone.

But its important to remember that being fired is not always a reflection of you as an employee. There are many reasons why an employee is fired. It could be because of personality clashes with the management, which made you no longer a fit for the team. This is normal – teams change, requirements change. Its the same reason why some marriages fail – because the pieces of the puzzle no longer fit.

You may also have been fired as part of a restructuring or laid off because the company couldnt afford to keep you. Theres no dishonor in being laid off.

Or maybe you were fired because you made a big mistake or made a series of mistakes. Maybe you didnt like your job, and so you slacked. Maybe you were having health issues and werent able to support your team for a long time.

Whatever the reason, as long as you can convince your prospective employer that youve learned something from the job you were fired from, youre good.

Allow yourself to not feel shame or guilt for being fired. Getting fired might feel like a personal attack. But dont forget that there must be skills you picked up at the job and experience you gained. These count for something.

What Should Writing Your First Resume Be Like Not A Pity Party

Live in Mesa Arizona at Eastmark

Fresh out of college or haven’t written a resume for many years? Its a jungle out there, isnt it? What with the pressure of student loans and the race with your peers to land a job, did you freeze like a deer in the headlights after typing the word Resume on your MS Word document? More successful professionals are seeking the help of top rated

Its hard to know what to put in and what to leave out, isnt it? Especially considering you dont have job experience or you have been working for many years. To land a first job or to get back into the workforce, you need some insight to know what potential hiring managers are looking for.

Writing your first resume may feel like trying to light a campfire with found sticks. You never know if youll get the fire going by nightfall. Just like its hard to know whether your resume will look right to the recruiter.

But dont get lost in self-pity and procrastinate over your resume! There is an easier way to do this, and it doesnt involve tearing your hair over the number of resume templates out there.

Lets take a step-by-step look at writing your first resume. Its simpler than you think, really.

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How To Explain Employment Gaps On Your Resume

Gap years are taken for a variety of legitimate reasons. A year was spent living in an Israeli kibbutz, going to Guatemala to do some good deeds, working as an English teacher in Hanoi for a few months, and skiing all around the world. Or, maybe you took time off to take care of an ill parent. This year is an eye-opening and life-changing one for many people.

According to a reputable resume writing service, DoMyResume.NET,“Your gap year can help you land a job if you can demonstrate the valuable skills you gained or correlate your experience to the position you are seeking”. It can be an asset to your Resume if you explain why and how it has improved your employability.

Your resume may be a bit of a challenge to put together when your gap year ends, and you begin looking for employment again. For example, it may not belong under the “experience” or “education” categories.

But despite your absence from the workforce, you most certainly accumulated a great deal of experience and expertise.


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