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Server Resume Job Description

Start With Your Resume Summary

How to Write a Resume Summary – Plus 5 Strong Examples | Indeed Career Tips

It is conventional to start your server resume with a brief introduction in the form of a two to three sentence summary.

If you have previously written resumes starting with an objective instead of a summary, it is important to note that objectives are no longer the norm.

The reason for this shift mostly boils down to the fact that objectives tend to lack detailed information about the candidate, and they point out obvious and unnecessary details.


Experienced server who thrives in a fast-paced environment, excels at taking initiative, and strives to create an inviting and pleasant restaurant experience for guests. Welcoming attitude and passion for treating customers like family while lending detailed food recommendations and prompt service.


Great server, works in a fast-paced environment and creates an inviting restaurant. Great customer service and communication with patrons. Provides fast and accurate service.

The first example describes the candidate using detailed descriptions to convey their dedication to excellent food service.

The second example describes the candidate with minimal descriptors and repeats the same words multiple times.

What Is The Best Format For Server Resume

The right resume format allows you to present your skills and experience in a way that captures the hiring managers attention. It also communicates that you are a professional and compels the recruiter to read the rest of your resume.

There are three different formats you can choose from for your restaurant server resume. They include:

What Are Appropriate Job Expectations For A Restaurant Server

Many hiring managers separate expectations from duties because, while theyre cut from the same cloth, duties and responsibilities are more black and white than expectations, which are kind of a grey area. Job expectations refer to things you may encounter as a part of your role and are typically behavior-based, whereas duties and responsibilities are tasks that the individual must regularly complete.

Here are some examples of job expectations that may appear in a restaurant server job posting:

Were looking for candidates who are:

  • Able to do basic, fast math.

  • Able to handle some manual labor.

  • Willing and able to work nights and weekends.

  • Willing and able to be on their feet for 6+ hours.

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Server Job Description For Resume

When applying for a job, there are many elements you need to get right on your resume. One of the most important, especially in a traditional chronological resume, is the work experience section. This is where you list previous jobs youve worked, as well as a bit of information about what you did in those jobs. The hiring manager will almost always check the previous experience section first, which means you need to make sure it shines. Heres how to write a great job description in your server resume.

Thorough Server Job Descriptions Help You Hire

Expert Banquet Server Resume Guides You Definitely Need

Hiring has always been a challenge in the restaurant industry, and the effects of the COVID pandemic have led to a nationwide staffing crisis. To make sure you’re attracting the right candidates, be thorough with your job descriptions and give all your applicants the information they need to see what makes working for your restaurant special and worthwhile.

To learn more about attracting and retaining staff during this challenging time, check out this article on How to Survive the Restaurant Industry Labor Shortage or check out our full-length staff retention guide.

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Common Mistakes For Server Resumes

When working on a resume, be sure to avoid clerical errors that can cause a potential employer to weed yours out very quickly. Typos and errors in dates or other information can result in an immediate rejection, so proofread the resume thoroughly and ask others to read through it as well.

While some traits might seem ideal for a server job, such as punctuality and dependability, a future employer might take these for granted as obvious traits that any employee should have. Instead, focus on highlighting skills and experience that will set you apart as a server. If you haven’t worked in food service before, look for opportunities to volunteer at parties or other functions where you gain the experience that will be valuable on a resume. Include specifics about experience you have had, such as upselling chef’s specials and developing relationships with customers who continue to come back and request to sit at your assigned tables.

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Restaurant Server Education And Training Requirements

Applicants to a Restaurant Server role usually do not need any particular education or training to perform the duties of the role. It is common to provide on-the-job training. Some provinces, such as Ontario, require anyone serving alcohol to obtain a Smart Serve certificate. For Restaurant Servers working in an upscale or fine dining restaurant, additional vocational programs or certifications may be required. In Saskatchewan and British Columbia, apprenticeship programs dedicated to the food and beverage industry are available. These programs also have certification available, but its not mandatory for job applicants to complete certification.

Tip : Use Numbers To Quantify Your Impact As A Server

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A great resume is not just a summary of job titles, descriptions, and responsibilities. To set yourself apart from the competition, youâll need to highlight how you bring value to the restaurant. You can do this by showing rather than telling recruiters about your achievements and value.

Now that you know why itâs important to include quantifiable metrics, letâs examine a few ways to leverage metrics on your server resume:

  • Customer satisfaction: Can you think of any regulars who came back because of the experience you provide? Did you get exceptionally large tips? Have customers specifically mentioned you in positive restaurant reviews?
  • Speed of service: How many tables per hour have you served? How long did it take you, on average, between seating a table and taking orders during peak operation hours? How often did you check on tables?
  • Memory: Did you have the menu memorized? Could you advise guests on any number of dietary restrictions? How many orders did you take at any given table without error?
  • Sales: Were your order sizes, on average, larger than sales targets per customer? Were check sizes larger than targets? What percent of customers ordered drinks?

Check out a few concrete examples of some server bullet points that successfully incorporate some of these metrics:

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Tips On Writing A Good Server Resume

#1 Always craft a resume based on the job description and role. Make a customized server resume that appeals to the specific employer. Ways to customize: mention the company name, use words related to the role, industry, and company.

#2 Implement keywords on the server resume as a part of the customization. These keywords are like hidden gems within the job posting that can get one’s application ahead of others.

#3 Present your data in numbers and percentages format, especially when elaborating prior work responsibilities and accomplishments. This helps recruiters understand a candidate’s past responsibilities.

#4 Be sure to provide a readable file or server resume pdf to pass the ATS. It does not matter how amazing one’s achievements are if the server resume submitted cannot be read and fails to go through ATS.

#5 Use action verbs to simplify sentences, reduce wordiness, and catch the hiring manager’s attention. Action verbs have a stronger presence compared to passive words, and indirectly, they portray initiative.

Tips: Action verbs have a stronger presence compared to passive words, and indirectly, they portray initiative.

#6 Mention any sports or hobbies that train physical strength. Becoming a server requires physical endurance and showing the recruiter that a job seeker is physically strong could boost their chance of getting hired.

Include These Extra Sections

If, at this point, your server resume is already one page, you can call it a day – the resume is done!

However, if you have some space left , you can take advantage of these extra sections:

  • Certifications. Are you certified in food safety or customer service? Any type of certification thats relevant to serving will help you stand out from other applicants applying for the job.
  • Languages.Foreign languages are an asset for most jobs and especially so for those that are centered around people and customer service.
  • Volunteer experience. Did you volunteer in your communitys homeless shelter or help out in your familys diner? Your volunteering can show you are experienced and that you care about giving back to the community. Bonus points if your volunteering is related to serving or customer service.
  • Hobbies and interests. Show the restaurant or bar manager who you are outside of work – it may turn out you even share similar interests and help you establish rapport.

Heres a concrete example of how these extra sections should look in a server resume:

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Customizing Server Resume Profile Title

To let the recruiter know for which profile you’re applying for, adding a profile title is important.

For example: Restaurant Server, Cocktail Server, Senior Restaurant Server, etc.

It is of utmost importance to write the profile title so that as soon as the recruiter sees your server resume, he’s able to make the decision of whether or not to read your restaurant server resume further.

How To Write A Server Job Description For A Resume

sample resume restaurant server

The Indeed Editorial Team comprises a diverse and talented team of writers, researchers and subject matter experts equipped with Indeed’s data and insights to deliver useful tips to help guide your career journey.

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In this video, we show you how to craft the perfect resume in five easy steps so recruiters can find you.

When you’re seeking a serving job, creating an impressive resume is important. Servers play a major role in the hospitality industry, helping to increase customer satisfaction and customer retention. If you’re applying for server positions, an effective resume that highlights your skills and experience can help recruiters understand how familiar you are with the position. In this article, we discuss what servers do, describe how to write a server job description for a resume, list essential skills for the position, and provide tips to help you write your own.

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Server Experience That Speaks Volumes

The Experience section points out everything you’ve achieved in a professional aspect so far.

It is a crucial factor whether you get the interview call or not.

Therefore, you should pay serious attention when building this section!

You might consider adding:

  • Soft and hard skills that you acquired and applied
  • Action verbs and quantitative data to support your statements
  • High-performance metrics

The following candidate has a way better approach that will impress recruiters.

The experience proves high-performance metrics, training skills and multitasking.

Their performance brought value to the company and demonstrated a strong work ethic.

Server Skills And Qualifications

  • Customer service – servers have strong customer service skills to address customer complaints and provide them with a professional, caring dining experience
  • Salesmanship – because servers make menu suggestions, sales skills are essential and highly desired by employers
  • Math skills – servers present and collect payment for bills from customers, which requires basic math skills
  • Problem-solving skills – servers use problem-solving skills to address customer problems when meal items are not satisfactory
  • Multitasking – servers are able to juggle several tasks and wait on many tables at once, which requires solid multitasking abilities
  • Physical stamina – as servers stand and walk during the entirety of their shifts and carry many items at once, they need the physical ability to perform these tasks
  • Communicationskills – servers need excellent communication skills to effectively speak with customers and other restaurant staff

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A Good Server Resume Example Of A Duties And Responsibilities Section

    Worked as a customer service representative and took care of all customer complaints, increasing sales by 20% and gaining customer service experience.

    Received commendations for exceptional service provided at Dennys restaurant while serving a daily average of 45 patrons.

    Worked as a banquet server and increased the daily wine sales by 10%, upselling to customers.

    Assisted other staff members with preparing cold dishes, salads, and desserts as required.

Restaurant Server Resume Sample

5 Resume Tips To Get Noticed

Just like most jobs, a resume will be needed from you by employers if you are vying for the position of restaurant server.

Putting together an effective resume is not so difficult if you can find samples or examples of well written resumes to learn from.

Below is a sample of a restaurant server resume that you can use as a template to prepare your own by following the format and the different sections.

The core competencies section is where you let the employer know areas where you have strong and excellent knowledge, skills, and abilities to carry out restaurant server duties effectively.

Another important section that should be part of the resume is the professional experience section where you highlight past or current work you have performed or are still doing that are similar or same as the restaurant server position that you are applying for.

To be able to prepare a good resume for the job, you need to know the employers job description for restaurant server so that your core competencies and professional experience sections would contain those things that the employer is more interested in, which you genuinely have.

OBJECTIVE: Seeking the position of restaurant server with XYZ Inc., bringing four years experience in the hospitality industry to ensuring smooth restaurant operation and improved customer satisfaction.



Sunview Hotel and Resort, California2008 Present


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Second List Your Serving Experiences In Chronological Order

Include only the jobs you have performed as a server. As an example, if youre applying to a five-star restaurant you may want to omit your work experience if it is unrelated to the requirements of working in an upscale environment. Instead, you might include your job experiences that are relevant to working with restaurant staff, customers and the hospitality industry.

Include A Resume Summary

Include a resume summary at the top of the document. A resume summary provides the hiring manager with a quick overview of your valuable traits, skills, and experience. A catchy resume summary invites the reviewer to read the rest of the resume. This means you need to put great effort into creating one. A resume summary is usually one to three sentences long.

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Server Resume Examples Of 2022

Jobs for servers, also referred to as wait staff jobs and including both waitresses and waiters who serve food and beverages to restaurant patrons, are projected to grow at a rate of approximately 6% per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. As of 2018, there were 2,634,600 server positions in the United States, and through the year 2028, another 170,200 jobs are expected to be created in this field.

Job prospects are expected to remain strong in this field due to the number of open positions created by high employee turnover however, job seekers should expect to experience intense competition when applying for jobs at upscale restaurants. Downloadable server resume examples are featured below for both inexperienced wait staff and servers who have varying amounts of experience with serving food and beverages to customers.

Using A Server Job Description For A Resume

Server Job Description Resume Inspirational Restaurant Server Resume ...

Each applicant for a server position is likely to have different amounts and types of work experience and training, but there are a few abilities and qualifications employers hiring servers want to make sure all candidates possess. Here is a breakdown of how to cover your unique experience and essential skills in a standard resume format.

Server Summary

The professional summary on a resume for a server position should mention the extent of your related experience and the types of establishments where you have worked. Look for metrics that apply to the job you are seeking, such as the number of tables you handled on your busiest night or any exceptional responsibilities or honors. The summary statement is also a good place to include important industry terms from the description of the job you desire.

Server Education & Certification

Servers have a wide range of educational backgrounds, and many further their education while working these jobs. Employers may want applicants to have a high school diploma or equivalent and be able to demonstrate their ability to learn the menu, memorize specials, and take accurate orders. You may want to mention training in a previous position. Some states require that servers obtain certification to serve alcohol. If you have this credential and the job requires it, list it in this section.

Server Duties & Responsibilities

Server Skills

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The Guide To Resume Tailoring

Guide the recruiter to the conclusion that you are the best candidate for the restaurant server job. Its actually very simple. Tailor your resume by picking relevant responsibilities from the examples below and then add your accomplishments. This way, you can position yourself in the best way to get hired.


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