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Sr. Full Stack Developer Resume

Responsibilities For Senior Fullstack Developer Resume

Full Stack Developer Jobs, Salary & Resume | Full Stack Development Training | Edureka
  • Since React is still pretty new, strong, dual angular experience is perfectly acceptable
  • ) Strong JavaScript development experience
  • Past proven hands on experience as a development leader over a team
  • Be able to demonstrate proficiency with Java and a reasonable subset of the following as befitting your experience level
  • Proven experience with PaaS offerings such as Cloud Foundry, Heroku, Elastic Beanstalk, or similar
  • Experience deploying web applications to AWS

Experience For Senior Full Stack Developer Oracle Labs Resume

  • Able to c communicate effectively with business
  • Solid commercial ASP .NET experience
  • Front-end development skills . Wed love to see any of your work
  • Strong experience in JavaScript, JSON, AJAX, Oracle DB etc
  • Solid technical foundation and experience with service-oriented architectures and web services
  • Top-notch communication skills

How Important Is A Full

A well-crafted full-stack developer resume is absolutely essential to becoming a full-stack developer. Resumes show employers that you have the skills and expertise for the job at hand. So for full-stack developers, youll need your resume to demonstrate and evince both your frontend and backend skills. Additionally, youll want your resume to demonstrate that you understand the importance of having clean, well-structured code, and that you know how to keep things organized for easy maintenance in the future.

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Experience For Fullstack Developer Role Resume

  • Experience with AWS Lambda, Athena, Glue, Parquet files and Redshift
  • Overall 6+ years of experience in IT industry
  • Strong knowledge of C# and .Net
  • Experience of IoC containers such as Unity, Autofac, Ninject
  • Good knowledge of the JavaScript Language
  • Good knowledge of the AngularJS framework
  • Good knowledge of the HTML and CSS languages
  • Experience with source control systems

Skills For Regular Fullstack Developer Resume

Senior Full Stack Developer Resume Example Car And Driver Magazine ...
  • Experience delivering public RESTful APIs using Node.js or Golang
  • Experience automating development using CI/CD systems
  • A good working knowledge of WinForms or WPF user interface development, ideally using MVVM
  • Experience of developing web applications using .Net and JavaScript technologies
  • Build a strong understanding of common innovation discovery and production techniques such as human centered design, design thinking and lean startup
  • Experience building or using a REST API — ability to define clear & concise interfaces

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How To Write A Full Stack Developer Resume

Before you start writing, make sure you know how to write a resume in a way that best emphasizes your strengths.

As a skilled developer with both front-end and back-end experience, its important to keep your resume strong and concise. Follow some of these tips for creating a full stack developer resume to impress hiring managers.

Choose The Best Resume Format

It’s important to choose the best resume format to make a good impression on the recruiter or hiring manager reading your full-stack developer resume.

We recommend the reverse-chronological format, which means starting with your most recent employment and working your way backward. We’ve seen that not only is it the most popular format in 2022, but it’s also the preferred choice of recruiters. With the technology of tools, databases, and infrastructure constantly evolving, recruiters will be primarily interested in viewing your most recent experience, whether that comes from a paid role, an internship, or a professional project.

Once you’ve chosen a format, there are some additional steps you should take to make your resume easy-to-read for recruiters and ATS-friendly, including:

  • Keeping it to one page
  • Avoiding images and icons, which could mess up the layout
  • Preferably submitting a PDF format to avoid changes to your resume
  • Including the title of the position you’re looking for beneath your name
  • Determining whether you need a resume objective or summary

Notice the desired position’s title is placed beneath the applicant’s name

Lose the confusion around the resume objective/summary

So, on that last point: why is it important to consider whether you need a resume summary or objective?

A poor example: “Looking for a full-stack role to combine my front and back-end skills and learn from other developers. Excited to learn more and apply myself in a new role at DoorLoop.”

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Responsibilities For Senior Full

  • Understands, utilizes, and leverages core Java architecture and has experience in open source project development using Java, Spring MVC or Hibernate
  • Interest in / experience of teaching programming
  • Experience designing and developing REST based services
  • Experience in producing and consuming RESTful services
  • Experience with Grails, Groovy, Java, Spring Framework, Spring Security, Hibernate, OpenText, Nodejs, Jenkins, GitHub
  • Strong knowledge AWS, developing application using server-side JavaScript
  • Experience identifying and using business logic in application design
  • Experience creating or consuming web services
  • Excellent understanding of database modeling

Software Developer Full Stack Developerresume Examples & Samples

Full Stack Developer Salary, Skills & Resume | Full Stack Development Training | Simplilearn
  • Understands Gartners domain, business model and works with business stakeholders to achieve corporative objective and goals by contributing to the development world class marketing portal
  • Builds web applications translates requirements and designs into working software, follows coding standards, conducts code reviews, builds appropriate unit tests & integration tests and follows security and performance best practices
  • Ability to work independently or within a team, proactively, in a fast-paced Agile-SCRUM environment

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Experience For Junior Fullstack Developer Resume

  • ) Experience building APIs from scratch
  • Deep JSON experience and understanding
  • Proven history of leading complex software test automation projects from inception to successful conclusion
  • Collaborate with colleagues to ideate solutions for users, prioritizing based on business impact, and A/B test them
  • Experience working on products that impact a large user base or in an entrepreneurial startup environment
  • Experience debugging cross-browser compatibility issues
  • Experience working on a command line in a Linux environment

Experience For Senior Fullstack Developer Statuspage Resume

  • Experience with relational databases
  • Additional experiences with HTML/CSS/JS are helpful
  • Javascript, ES6/Typescript experience
  • Front-end build tools ecosystem experience
  • Java core, Java 8 features
  • Experienced in REACT framework
  • Experience in TypeScript and Immutable.js
  • Experience with the above technologies
  • Experience developing on a Cloud platform such as Amazon Web Services

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Technical Skills For Your Full Stack Developer Resume:

These sections allow you to be a bit more playful about your resume.

For example, if you list a side project thats about building a scheduling app, there are better ways than just mentioning the project specifics.

You can talk about how product development, requirement analysis, design and planning was a critical part of the project in addition to the technical details.

Doing that helps your resume stand out.

Its a small thing to add, but leaves a powerful impact.

Full Stack Developer Resume Sample Jobs

Senior Full Stack Developer Resume Example Company Name


  • Estimated $58.1K – $73.6K a yearFull-time
  • Monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize application performance using modern full-stack logging technologies.
  • Working experience of open
  • Stratford, CT 06615Estimated $70.1K – $88.8K a year
  • The ideal candidate is a developer that is comfortable solving complex business problems with code, and likes to improve things along the way.
  • Estimated $86.4K – $109K a yearFull-time
  • Work with developers and content producers to ensure websites are optimized for security, speed and accessibility.
  • Develop and Maintain React Applications.
  • Estimated $58K – $73.4K a yearFull-time
  • We offer medical benefits, paid time off, flexible schedules with full-time work-from-home.
  • Qualified candidates will have 3+ years of experience developing
  • Remote in Alexandria, VA 22314Estimated $84.4K – $107K a yearFull-time
    Easily apply
  • Youll be given the ability to shape development strategy, interact with clients, and provide creative solutions to interesting problems.
  • Estimated $98.9K – $125K a yearContract
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    Full Stack Developer Internresume Examples & Samples

    • Currently enrolled in a Bachelor or Masters degree in Computer Science, or similar degree programs, graduating in 2018
    • Experience of development in any of the following technologies and opinions on how to use them properly: C#, Java, Scala, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Erlang, F#, etc
    • Experience with Node, React and Javascript MVC frameworks
    • Experience writing and utilizing RESTful API services and performance tuning large scale applications
    • Provide technical excellence and leadership/mentorship
    • Proven record of leadership in a work setting and/or through extracurricular activities

    How To Write A Great Full Stack Web Developer Resume

    Being a full stack developer doesnt mean you should list dozens of programming languages.

    Instead, you should try to focus on showcasing that youre the right T-shaped full stack dev for the job.

    And, if you arent being careful enough, your resume might just say I copy and paste code from Stack Overflow blindly and deploy it to production.

    Your resume has to provide context-appropriate information to exactly show hiring managers that:

    • You know the programming languages and database technologies the role expects you to work on
    • That you dont cost them a century worth of refactoring once you write a module
    • Youve learned a lot and grown throughout your work experience
    • Blind Cmd + C from Stack Overflow is not the way you code
    • You’ve got great teamwork skills, and that you help others become better at their work.
    The real challenge in writing a Full Stack developers resume

    If you were to write a full stack resume a decade ago, you pretty much were covered just mentioning LAMP stack in your experience, summary and skills.

    But full stack used to be a narrow discipline, and usually implied a precise set of skills at that time. Now, what full stack consists of is way bigger than before.

    Take the simple movement of LAMP to MEAN. That simple change implies that someone should be proficient with:

    • Architecting modular front ends using Angular, Express
    • Optimizing CDN
    • Tweaking hardware layers for faster rendering
    • Writing scalable architecture on AWS
    • Security layers

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    Confused About Your Next Job

    A full-stack developer is not a back-end or front-end developer, but someone who is proficient in both. In addition to developing the front-end and back-end, he ensures the applications efficiency, reliability, and other critical features. With their versatility and time management skills, they can assist at all levels of website or application development. They are also familiar with UX/UI design, web servers, and databases.

    Front-end Development: This is the element of the website or application that the user can see or interact with. It is also known as client-side development. A website or applications visual functionality depends on this element. Some front-end development skills include HTML , CSS , JavaScript, etc.Back-end Development: This is the element of a website or application that is not visible to the client. This is also known as server-side development. As a backend developer, it is essential to make the interaction of the user with the application as smooth and trouble-free as possible. Some of the back-end development skills include Node.js, Python, SQL, etc.

    Writing A Good Stack Developer Resume Header

    Front End Developer Resume | Sample Resume of a Front End Developer | Edureka

    Honestly, a full stack resume header needs just 4 critical things that it should have:

    • GitHub, NPM or Stack Overflow links
    • Personal blog link

    While this may seem like a tiny detail, it actually helps you connect with the right employer.

    When you add a personal blog or a portfolio link, you help them learn more about you.

    Else, your resume will be scanned and evaluated in less than 6 seconds.

    Jeff Atwood of Stack Overflow once wrote that:

    If your Stack Overflow reputation is less than 125, and youre a developer, you bring shame to your family

    Thats how important this information is to a hiring manager.

    Here are a few full stack resume samples that show you the difference.

    2 .NET Full stack developer resume header samples

    If you want more ideas for stand-out resume headers, read through our guide Perfecting Your Resume Header so You Get Noticed.

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    Experience For Senior Full Stack Developer Resume

    • UI skills: Angular, JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, CSS
    • Strong JavaScript experience, 3+ years
    • SFCC / Demandware Certified Developer or prior experience with SFCC / Demandware
    • Working experience in Web services
    • Experience contributing to our community through code, documentation, mentoring, teaching, speaking, or organizing

    Full Stack Developer Resume: Personal Information

    The personal information section of your full stack developer resume should ideally contain the details of the following:

    The correct way to put down your mobile number is documented below:

    • Use the country’s ISD code as a prefix before your phone number
    • Place a plus sign before the ISD code
    • Eg: +1 623 7238

    Email Address

    • Make sure to provide only your official email address that has your real name to maintain professionalism:

    Right Example:

    • Avoid fancy names in your email address a sit make you seem like someone who is not serious with one’s career.

    Wrong Example:

    Current Location

    • If you are looking for a job in your own country, simply mention the city and state of your residence. But if you are looking for a job outside your country, just mention your city and country of residence.
    • Do not give unnecessary details like your house number, street number, and locality.
    • Every country, organization, recruiters, etc., has a different set of hiring guidelines, so make sure to go through them before giving out your personal information.

    Website Links

    • Add your professional social medial profile link such as LinkedIn or Twitter profile link in your resume
    • If you have any portfolio website, you can add it to the personal information section, such as GitHub, Kaggle, or Dribble.

    Here is a full stack developer sample resume showcasing an ideal personal information section in a resume:

    Read our Guide to composing the perfect resume contact information to better understand this section.

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    Formatting A Full Stack Developer Resume

    Reverse chronological structure: Recent experience first

    The reverse chronological structure is the most popular which almost all job seekers should be using. This format means listing out the most recent and relevant things first. It starts with the most recent timeline and you work your way backward, e.g. the latest job position comes first in your work experience section, not the oldest. Structuring your resume this way makes your career timeline more established.

    Full Stack Developer Resume Length

    Stick to 1 page.

    Most IT Specialists have found that their best shot at landing an offer is by having a one or two-page resume. This includes a collection of sections that cover relevant past experiences. Your resume should be no longer than three pages. The risk of going beyond two pages is including irrelevant content that could distract from your qualifications.

    Avoid Common Full Stack Developer Resume Format Mistakes

    1) Resumes must include as much content as possible.

    2) Uniform and labeled section headers

    When it comes to creating an ATS-optimized resume, itâs good to know how it will be read by the software. Like most human readers, the ATS will read from left to right and top to bottom.

    3) Minimal white-space

    Experience For Digital Fullstack Developer Senior Resume

    Senior Developer/Full Stack Developer Resume Example Time Warner Cable ...
    • Relevant experience
    • Prototype, test and validate novel ideas, technologies, tools and algorithms
    • Experience with PHP
    • Servlets, Java-based application servers – basic experience
    • Experience with TeamCity and Octopus Deploy
    • Experience with No SQL Storage, Elastic Search and the ELK stack
    • Experience with TeamCity, Jenkins and Octopus Deploy
    • Java 8 features is good to have
    • Java-based application servers experience

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    Responsibilities For Fullstack Developer Role Resume

    • Understanding unit testing concepts and understanding of behaviour driven tests
    • Programming server-side code for scalable and distributed systems
    • Spring framework, IOC, MVC
    • Spring framework, IOC, MVC
    • Understanding of continuous integration and deployment processes
    • Shaping the user stories
    • Working knowledge of Java or another JVM-based language such as Scala or Groovy

    How To Stand Out

    There are certain things that can make your resume pop and increase your chances of getting called for that interview. These tips will help ensure that the hiring managers eyes light up when they see your resume.

    Quantify Your Contributions

    Statistics are a great way to evince your contributions. And this is true for full-stack developers at any stage of their career. For example, if youve managed an entire department, use statistics to describe its scope and size. Or, if youre in a more junior role, you can show how you helped optimize your teams output.

    Determine the Indispensable Skills Your Resume Should Include

    You should include front-end development skills such as proficiency in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, but also back-end development skills like Java, Python, or C#.

    If you have database management systems experience , make sure to mention this too, as this is important for anyone working as a full-stack web developer.

    Highlight a Project That Best Matches the Job Description

    If you have any experience with a project thats closely related to the job youre applying for, make sure that you spotlight this. This shows that youve done your research about the company, and it demonstrates your knowledge of what the company is looking for. If a project fits well with the job description, it shows that youve taken the time to think about how you can contribute to what the company is doing.

    Tailor Your Resume for Each Job

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    Skills For Senior Full Stack Developer Resume

    • Prior experience of developing microservices with Play/Akka or Spring Boot is an asset
    • Strong IT fundamentals with a bachelors or masters in computer science, engineering or equivalent industry experience
    • Works effectively with the UX, QA and Product Management teams during all stages of application development
    • Prior experience using Babel.js
    • Strong Spring Core and SpringBoot experience


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