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Truck Driver Skills Resume

The Guide To Resume Tailoring

Canada Truck Driver Resume, Cvs Cover Letter Heavy Truck Driver Canada

Guide the recruiter to the conclusion that you are the best candidate for the truck driver job. Its actually very simple. Tailor your resume by picking relevant responsibilities from the examples below and then add your accomplishments. This way, you can position yourself in the best way to get hired.

Add Contact Info To Your Resume

A truck driver sample resume is no different from any other resume in terms of contact information and its importance. Contact information is the key line in your driver resume because if you make a mistake in it, youâll have no one to blame for a lack of response from recruiters.

Therefore, put your address, phone number, and email in your sample truck driver resume. Let your recruiters decide whichever way is best for them to reach out to you. If you hesitate about data security, do not leave your home address. Instead, mention only your city and state.

Service Tow Truck Driverresume Examples & Samples

  • Complete and submit all required documentation associated with transport including: truck condition report, drivers daily logs , fuel purchase logs and mileage logs
  • Appropriate Motor Vehicle Record
  • Knowledge of basic vehicle safety practices, inspection and maintenance including tire pressure, checking oil, fluid levels, and exterior vehicle lights
  • Knowledge of geographic areas of operation by the type of transport driven
  • Previous truck driving experience required
  • Class A CDL license required
  • 3 years of clean driving record with no ticketed accidents required
  • Ability to pass road test and written driving test required
  • Ability to read, write, and do basic math required
  • Effective communication skills required
  • 3-7 years Truck Driving or
  • Knowledge of DFW and surrounding areas roadways
  • Ability to delegate authority, responsibility to other staff personnel as deemed necessary to perform their assigned duties

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Tip #2 For Your Truck Driver Resume

When you describe your work history and professional experience its important to be specific. To get the most out of this section you need to provide details. One way a truck driver can do this is by telling the hiring manager the types of vehicles she or he has been driving in the past and for how long.

Feature Your Truck Driving Soft Skills

Truck Driver Resume Sample and Tips

Hiring managers will be interested in your hard truck driving skills but still need to be assured you have the soft skills to do the job. Attention to detail, adaptability, and problem-solving capabilities are all important for a truck driver. You also need to communicate clearly with customers, drivers, and other members of your team to be successful. Highlight at least one soft skill you have thats relevant to the position.

Example #1

Regularly solved problems and adapted to different routes based on driving conditions and road hazards

Used different routes to deliver goods

Example #2


Regularly communicated with customers, team members and dispatch, keeping all stakeholders up-to-date with relevant information, including estimated delivery times, problems with equipment and road conditions

Let customers and team know about problems on the road

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Truck Driver Equipment Usage Skills

Truck drivers need to know how to use different tools and equipment for loading, unloading, repairing and driving trucks.

  • Safe operation of equipment to lift heavy cargo
  • Uses GPS and other maps to find the most efficient routes on delivery
  • Prioritizes safety in the use of complex equipment by being well-versed in usage and research new equipment before using
  • Installation of tire chains on a large rig
  • Can back up larger trailers, like a tractor-trailer
  • Settling up axel weights to ensure they are in line with legal requirements
  • Setting up a track in different sized loading docks
  • Highly experienced in driving and maintaining different types of trucks, including lorries and pick up automobiles
  • Understands how to shift an 18-speed transmission
  • Can perform very physically demanding roles like balancing, climbing, lifting and carrying heavy objects.

Route Truck Driver Resume

Summary : Route Truck Driver with Class A CDL license with more than 7 years of transferable experience. Customer Service Skills, Management skills in a variety of settings. Upbeat, positive attitude with a history of producing quality results and satisfied customers. Computer literate.

Skills : HVAC, Driver With Class A CDL, Hazmat, Inventory Management, Route Salesman.

  • Ensured truck is loaded safely and securely.
  • Provided exceptional customer service during course of deliveries.
  • Built and maintained a professional relationship with each customer.
  • Assisted in training and evaluation of prospective new drivers.
  • Executed daily operations of deliveries to customers.
  • Trained new employs how to handle merchandise Prepared itemised delivery sheet for items of merchandise to be delivered by truck drivers.
  • Grouped and routed deliveries according to designated areas.

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What Does A Truck Driver Do

Its no exaggeration to say that without truck drivers, the global economy would collapse. We rely on transportationto put food on our tables, consumer goods on our shelves and yes, toilet paper in our bathrooms. More freight is shipped by truck than any other mode of transportation, by far. And even goods that move by air, rail or sea certainly dont get to your local supermarket that way.

Truck drivers are a rare breed, capable of spending long days and nights in total isolation, alternating between alert at the wheel or asleep in the bunk behind the front seat. Then they wake up and do it all over again spending a great deal of time away from home, week after week and year after year.

Its a job that would drive a lot of people crazy, so the people doing it are usually tough, resilient and hard-working. But its a job that isnt going away.

Truck Driver Resume Examples

Canada Long Haul Truck Driver Resume Latest Work

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that jobs for truck drives will increase from 2019 to 2029. Positions for heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers are expected to grow 2%, or by 30,600 jobs. Trucks still transport most freight in America, and companies often have trouble retaining employees due to the time spent away from home, so job prospects continue to be strong. Employment of delivery truck drivers is forecast to grow by 6%, or 60,500 jobs, mainly due to the increase in e-commerce.

You can still expect competition for trucking positions, especially at the most-desired companies, and a well-crafted resume can help you get noticed by the hiring managers. This guide has downloadable resume examples for experienced truck drivers and those just entering the industry. Theres also information on how to shape your resume to suit a specific job description and tips on writing a stand-out resume.

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Driving Ability And Work Experience

Detailing the driving experience youve had in different scenarios is a great way to begin your truck driver resume skills list.

  • Ability to independently drive in the field
  • Adheres to safe driving practices
  • Has a clean driving record
  • Can deliver loads in long shifts up to 12 hours.
  • Can efficiently load and prepare cargo for transportation
  • Follows road safety precautions and road laws throughout the entire trip
  • Maintains clean drug screening tests
  • Assists in the safe handling of loads in delivery where needed
  • Familiar with special attention to loads that require sensitivity in the delivery
  • Expertly navigates through city roads, intercity tracks, and difficult road conditions.

How To Mention Additional Experiences On Your Resume

Not every experience you list on your application has to strictly relate to truck driving. As it happens, if youre able to effectively talk about some of the other things youve gotten up to in your life – it could make a great impression on the recruiter, who may well be on his 90th truck drivers resume of the day and in need of something a little different.

You need to make every statement you write relate to the way youll be able to carry out the work required of a truck driver. Here are some of the best ways to consider mentioning additional experiences youve had on your resume:

1. Volunteering

Time spent in a voluntary capacity is an impressive thing for any recruiter to see across the entire spectrum of jobs. For truckers, its a great way to demonstrate that youre able to function in a variety of different roles, while maintaining high standards and an excellent quality of work.

When youre talking about your time spent volunteering, a good way to tie it into being a truck driver, could be to focus on how you were able to coordinate with other individuals in a larger, team-based setting. As well as reinforcing the fact that you have a strong work ethic and that youre not afraid of pulling your own weight, itll speak volumes about your communication skills as well.

2. Online Courses

3. Hobbies & Interests

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Truck Driving Skills For The Job Interview

During the job interview, the hiring manager wants to get to know you and learn about your qualifications for the job. Talk about specific truck driving skills you know and are proud of. Elaborate on the specifics, such as when you learned the skill and how it helps you on the road. For example, you could mention a time when your clear communication aided a delivery process.

Job Market Likely To Keep On Trucking

Truck Driver Resume Examples &  Writing tips 2021 (Free Guide)

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics , the employment outlook for truck drivers remains good, with a projected job growth of 6% from 2020 to 2030, which is about as fast as average as for most occupations. Trucking is key to keeping global supply chains moving, so as demand for goods rises, so will the need for truck drivers.

Trucking companies report challenges in hiring and retention because of the job stresses, and many older drivers are retiring. All of these are factors that create openings for new drivers. And while some sectors of the economy are in decline because of online buying, goods still need to get to consumers, and that largely happens by truck.

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Truck Driver Mediumresume Examples & Samples

  • Drives trucks up to 14,000 lbs to destination for pick up and delivery based on instructions or directions received and by using maps
  • Reports and receives direction via radio or cellular phone
  • Perform daily preventive maintenance adjustments to truck
  • Minimum six months general experience
  • Minimum six months specific experience which will demonstrate knowledge required to perform requirements of position
  • High school diploma or GED required. May substitute experience for education at the rate of one year of specific experience for one year of high school
  • Must be able to obtain license to use any equipment for which a current license is not held within 30 days of selection
  • Must be able to obtain and maintain a Secret Security Clearance. Must meet all Federal and State requirements
  • Must meet security clearance requirements
  • Shift work, weekends, mandatory overtime and cross-training can be required in order to meet daily/weekly workload requirements
  • In accordance with the contract, all personnel performing work require United States citizenship or acceptable proof of naturalization prior to employment
  • All Driver Positions: Type of license depends on Axle size/limit as well as location. Requirement to be determined

Truck Driverresume Examples & Samples

  • Be responsible for making daily hauls in company leased vehicle from Shreveport, LA to Monroe, LA
  • Be responsible for weekly hauls to and from the local post offices in the Shreveport-Bossier area
  • Unload and load trucks containing various print publications in bundles, carts and pallets
  • Performs all other duties and special projects as assigned

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How To Write A Resume Objective And Examples Of This

A resume objective should make it clear to the recruiter that youve read through the job listing in detail, and should be written in a dry, dispassionate voice. The more precisely you can tailor your statement to the job at hand, the better. Try to pick out a couple specific details and focus on those when writing your objective.

For example, if the job listing mentions that critical thinking is important, it would be a good idea to mention how youre able to use your own critical thinking skills on the job. Here are a couple examples of well-written truck driver resume objectives:

  • Driven, responsible individual with eight years of experience driving trucks interested in applying to the CDL Driver position at ABC Haulage Inc. Will display exceptional critical thinking and communication skills, as well as a perfectionists approach to keeping on schedule and solving problems on the go.
  • Experienced, resourceful truck driver keen to fill the role of CDL Driver in XYZ Corp. More than six years of experience in providing excellent service with a focus on customer satisfaction and ensuring that any and all problems are resolved effectively and efficiently.
  • How To Make Your Resume Stand Out

    Amazing Truck Driver Compilation – Best of Trucker Skills on Road Commentary

    There are a few ways you can make your resume stand out as a truck driver. The first of these is to be as precise as you can in as many areas as possible. You have to think about it from the recruiters point of view. They could be reviewing dozens or even hundreds of resumes for one position, which means that by the time they get to yours, theyre probably sick to death of hearing the same generalities about timely deliveries and strong work ethic. Making your resume stand out doesnt just help busy executives remember you it also helps them instinctively like you for giving them a break from the tedium of buzzword after buzzword.

    Instead, offer clear value by being specific about the traits you choose to highlight. Use numbers and percentages where possible, since the recruiters likely to remember that you kept a customer satisfaction record of 95%, but less likely to remember you at all if you simply prioritize customer satisfaction.

    Another way to stand out is to focus on any unusual or non-standard traits you can bring to the job. A defensive driving course youve taken, for example, will raise at least one or two eyebrows. Dont be shy about discussing your passions, either. The recruiter isnt a robot, after all theyre a person, and they want to hire a person for the job. You could even go so far as to describe what your typical day looks like in one of the additional details sections, which will definitely help you stand out from the crowd.

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    Include Any Professional Memberships Or Associations

    It can be beneficial to include membership details of any professional memberships or associations. For example, the Australian Trucking Association is a professional group representing anyone working nationally in the trucking industry. They focus on safety and professionalism to help the industry improve. Listing any memberships can demonstrate your commitment to the industry to your potential employer.

    Tip #1 For Your Truck Driver Resume

    Take extra care to make sure you highlight your licenses and driving records. These elements are very important and should be placed in the top third of your resume. Ideally, you can add them to your summary where youre sure theyll be noticed.

    Remember, recruiters will be looking for these specific words so make sure you dont miss out on this opportunity to stand out.

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    Common Mistakes For Truck Driver Resumes

    One of the first mistakes that many people make on their resumes is including accidental typos or grammatical errors. These can make a potential employer skip right over your resume, so be sure to proofread several times to avoid this issue. You should also be cautious of using a form resume for applying to multiple positions. If you state that your objective is to find a job as a courier, but you are applying for a commercial truck driver job, you may also get skipped over because it won’t seem like you are as interested in the specific job that is available. Be sure to list accomplishments along with duties for former employment, since this will show what you are capable of achieving in a new role. It is also smart to start with a strong leading paragraph to draw in potential hiring managers and help your resume to stand out among other candidates.

    What Is A Truck Driver

    Truck Driver Resume Sample: Objective, Skills, Job Description

    A truck driver is a licensed specialist in driving commercial, utility, farming, equipment, and government trucks. Truck drivers work to transport goods or machinery from one location to another, usually over long distances. Employers rely on truck drivers to ensure the safe delivery of cargo to the customer or desired location. They can work as independent contractors or as staff of a shipment or haulage company. During trips, truck drivers frequently communicate with the warehouse team to report their progress.

    As a truck driver, you can expect to be on the road a lot. Ensure you’re comfortable driving long hours, even at night. This is because the duties of truck drivers often take them to other provinces or territories, or sometimes over the border into the United States. Most truck drivers earn wages based on the distance they drive during a pay period .


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    How To Structure Your Truck Driver Resume

    Think of your resume as a highly organized marketing tool. Its sole purpose is to get you to a job interview. For that reason its a good idea to make sure your resume is structured in a manner that lets the recruiter immediately know your work history and skill sets.

    Thats why we always recommend the reverse-chronological resume format unless youre changing your career.

    The structure should follow this:

    • Header
    • Profile
    • Employment history and job experience
    • Any relevant additional sections

    In the following I will go through each section.


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