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What Are Some Good Objective Statements For A Resume

Software Engineer Resume Objective


Experienced and knowledgeable software engineer with extensive practice in technology engineering and computer science looking to obtain a position that allows for the application of design skills, customer service and support abilities and critical thinking to produce software that meets all goals and objectives outlined by the customer.

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Resume Objective Examples By Career Stage

Your resume objective should change based on where you’re at in your career. You should always focus your resume objective on your strength.

If you’re a student your strength is likely your academic background. Conversely, if you’re a manager your strength will be your experience leading your employees.

Here are some example resume objectives to help you create your own based on where you’re at in your career.

Career Objectives For Career Change

If you have landed a job, but you are trying to transition into a different industry altogether, here is how you would craft your objective:

  • Begin with a strong trait.
  • Use your current job title to your advantage .
  • Describe your previous experience to enhance your skills.
  • Mention the companys name and the position you are looking to target.
  • Describe how your skills will translate to add value to their organisation .
  • Here is an example,

    Diligent customer support representative with over 3 years experience at high-volume call center. Seeking to leverage fast-paced work ethic with top-rated customer service to help DHL grow and meet future demand as the new delivery driver.

    Lets Check the Industry-Specific Career Objectives: Examples

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    What Does A Receptionist Do

    A receptionist provides a number of services to an organization that range from greeting patrons, making and taking calls, scheduling appointments, and maintaining records, and a spectrum of other tasks that border largely on administration.

    To be a really good receptionist, you must have some skills that will place you on top of the pack.

    Your competence should easily help you stand out when a hiring manager or potential employer makes a glance on your resume.

    Looking For Career Advancement Or Change

    Resume Objective Statement
    • I am an organized and diligent paralegal with two years of experience. I am looking for a position where I can work with clients in underrepresented populations.
    • Successful marketing manager looking to break into the technology sector. Hoping to use my decade of relevant experience to market more technical avenues.
    • Experienced dog handler looking for a management position at a dog daycare facility. Aspiring to work with customers while also helping manage the yards.
    • Accomplished sales representative seeking a leadership position where I can showcase my communication and collaboration skills.
    • Lead researcher hoping to transition to a nonprofit position where I can help the polar bear population thrive despite barriers due to climate change.
    • Award-winning sushi chef seeking the chance to lead her own kitchen. Excited to show my background in traditional sushi making as well as kitchen management.

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    Resume Objective Examples And Corresponding Career Summaries For Entry

    Once youve determined that including an objective will benefit your resume, here are some entry-level resume objective examples you may want to consider. Lets say youre applying to graphic design jobs at a popular company:

    World-class design firm Company A is looking to hire an entry-level designer. Candidate must be passionate about design trends, be comfortable with Color Software Program, a creative problem solver, and eager to pitch in on multiple projects in our collaborative work environment.

    Objective: To build a long-term career in graphic design with opportunities for career growth.Summary: As a lead designer of State Universitys student newspaper, I look forward to staying on the cutting-edge of design trends as I progress throughout my career.

    Objective: To enhance my educational and professional skills in a stable and dynamic workplace.Summary: I welcome the chance to advance my formidable knowledge of Color Software Program even further at Company A, which is renowned for exceptional design.

    Objective: To solve problems in a creative and effective manner in a challenging position.Summary: I enjoy creative problem solving and getting exposure on multiple projects, and I would excel in the collaborative environment on which your company prides itself.

    Resume Objective Examples For A Teacher Resume

  • To merge my enthusiasm and talent for learning and teaching with students in order to develop professional skills and attitudes.
  • Looking to secure a job in the or as a as a responsible, dedicated professional providing support and guidance for children while creating a warm atmosphere.
  • Obtain a position as an that will utilize my strong dedication to childrens development and to their educational needs.
  • As an , I would like to utilize my lively and energetic attitude in teaching students with great enthusiasm.
  • To build a long-term career as an with opportunities for career growth and to keep up with cutting-edge teaching technologies.
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    Data Entry Resume Objective

    Administrative data entry specialist with 5+ years of experience in the accounting industry. Inputted 500+ invoices, expenses, statements, customer details, and documents daily. Spotted and corrected data errors at a 99.8% success rate. Proficient in M.S. Office, advanced Excel, G Suite, and CRM software Hubspot and Salesforce. 10-Key Typing Speed of 12,000 KPH with 100% accuracy.

    The example above is effective because of how subtle the applicant is talking about what they can do if they were to take on the role. We can see that data entry is in this candidates field of expertise and that hes a specialist with 5+ years experience.

    In terms of his resume objective, its clear he wants to put his skills to use and take on the data entry job opening role. What makes this resume objective effective is that this meaning is subtle its being shown to us with real data and personalized details .

    Sales Manager Resume Objective

    Resume Objective Statements – More Important Than You Think

    Advertising professional who sold $150K in SaaS products using an innovative launch campaign and strong leadership skills. Seeking a sales manager position where | can further apply my skills in motivating and training a team while increasing the companys bottom line.

    Like our social media marketing example from earlier, this example is very similar. We can see the person is transitioning from an advertising role into a sales role in which case, they include transferable skills to show why they would be a good sales manager.

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    Sample Lifeguard Position Objective

    If you are looking to apply for a lifeguard position, your resume objective should mention any and all certifications you have received. Here are some examples of what to include.

    • Hardworking high school senior seeking a lifeguard position. I am CPR-certified and hope to put my years of competitive swimming experience to good use.
    • Responsible high school student seeking junior lifeguard position where I can become properly certified and learn what it takes to become a senior lifeguard.

    Resume Objective Examples For A Customer Service Resume

  • Obtain a customer service position at where I can maximize my people-oriented experience, communication skills, and problem solving abilities.
  • Secure a position as a team player in a people-oriented organization where I can maximize my customer service experience to achieve corporate goals in a challenging environment.
  • Attain a position that will enable me to use my strong communication and organizational skills, customer service background, and my ability to work well with others.
  • Challenging customer relations position with that focuses on sales, retention, and resolutions.
  • Seeking to use experience and communication skills for to resolve, enhance, and transform the face of customer interaction.
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    Dental Student Resume Objective Example

    Student at the Boston University School of Dentistry looking for an opportunity to learn from more experienced oral surgeons at ABC Hospital. I have firsthand research experience with Dr. Demotta working to understand the mechanisms of dental decay in infants and I’d like to gain more practical experience alongside that.

    Tips For It Resume Objectives Statements

    Pin on resume writing
    • Statements should be concise, clear, and focusing in the job position you want to apply considering a relation to the skills you have that would contribute with the job.
    • Avoid cliché phrases try to be original on your objective.
    • You can add your objective if possible, or any other interest in the IT field.
    • Your objective statement must focus on the benefits you can give to the company youre applying.
    • If youre applying for different technology job positions, you need to rewrite the objective statement for each one of them.
    • We recommend you to include some specific words to your skills, such as: methodical, articulate, dedicated, self-directed, mediator, precise, team worker, reliable, leader and more those are keywords that help to introduce yourself as a prepared person for an IT job in your personality.

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    Marketing Career Objective Examples

    Example 1:

    Highly motivated individual and a certified digital marketer with strong SEO and SEM skills, attention to detail, and a solid online marketing background looking to obtain a position of SEO Specialist with XYZ company.

    Example 2:

    A resourceful individual with a proven track record in implementing successful marketing strategies, boosting organic traffic, and improving search rankings seeks a position of Marketing Associate at ABC company to maximize brand awareness and revenue through integrated marketing communications.

    Example 3:

    An MBA with specialization in online marketing, working knowledge of Google Analytics and Adwords, and 4 years experience in developing and managing marketing campaigns seek the role of Online Marketing Manager with ABC Inc. to provide thought leadership and implement best practices for digital marketing.

    Example 4:

    Seeking the role of Social Media Marketing Manager at XYZ Inc. to utilize my 6 years of social media, content development, and project management experience in identifying trends, engaging users and increasing brand awareness through unique and innovative marketing strategies and campaigns.

    Example 5:

    A highly creative thinker, grammar Nazi, and social media enthusiast seek the position of Social Media & Content Marketing Analyst to transform technical and digital information and processes into influencial stories.

    Example 6:

    How To Write An Objective For A Resume

    If a resume objective statement is suitable for your job search, these three tips can help you avoid common mistakes:

  • Keep it short. Dont add fluff! Just a couple of productive sentences are all you need. Make sure every word is deliberate and necessary.
  • Be clear and detailed about the job you want. State the position you are applying for and describe your goals only as they pertain to the job and industry for which youre applying.
  • Explain what you can do for them. Take your goals a step further by explaining how they match up with the companys needs, using the job posting for reference. This step sets a strong resume objective apart from a weak one.
  • If neither type of introductory statement feels right, you dont need to include one to build a strong resume. If you do have one, remember that while a resume objective statement can be useful for job seekers changing careers or switching industries, in most cases, a resume summary statement will be the best fit.

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    Textile/garment Professional Career Objective Examples

    Example 1:

    Creative fashion designer with an excellent understanding of fashion trends and techniques, manual designs, and CAD. Over 7 years of extensive experience in the fashion and textile business. Seeking a lucrative job role in a reputed fashion house where my designing and technical skills undergo a rigorous transformation.

    Example 2:

    A Merchandise Manager with 5 years of experience in handling multiple roles from purchasing quality fabrics and distribution to negotiating costs on garment manufacturerâs behalf. Looking for a similar job position with a reputed company where my adept knowledge about selecting quality print embroidery fabric brings praise-worthy results.

    Director Resume Objective Example

    Resume Objectives: Resume Objective Statements Explained

    Data-driven, meticulous marketing director with a track record of working with executive leadership to set ambitious revenue goals and leading individual teams to deliver on those goals. I focus on the individual strengths of marketers on my team to ensure these teams out-perform the sum of their individual parts.

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    Resume Objective Examples For An Entry Level Resume

  • To secure employment with a company that offers a consistently positive atmosphere to learn and implement new for the betterment of the organization.
  • To bring my strong dedication, responsibility, and motivation while utilizing my qualifications obtained through .
  • Seeking an entry-level position in sales where I can build upon my current skill set to contribute to the of the company. Determined and goal-oriented, my temporary work experience in retail coupled with excellent communication skills and a strong customer focus provides a great starting point for a career with your company.
  • Dedicated professional with Bachelors degree seeking a challenging entry-level position with that will allow the use and growth of skills, abilities, and career advancement.
  • Recent graduate with 5+ years of customer service experience looking for an entry-level position with that will foster career growth and use of interpersonal skills.
  • Resume Objectives And Summary Examples 50 Ideas

    If you are in the process of writing your resume, start with creating a good objective and career summary. In this article, we have prepared more than 50 resume objectives and summaries for some of the most popular job positions, and you can use them for free for inspiration. The resume serves the purpose of landing you the all- important first interview. It is your personal marketing collateral the resume should be designed with the idea of selling your qualifications and skills to the recruiter.

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    Heres Another Good Resume Objective For A Career Path Change:

    Objective: To leverage my 5+ years of client-facing experience, public speaking skills, and expertise in the health care industry into a public relations role with Happy Tree Educational Animations.

    Again, short, sweet and to the point. This individual outlines their past in the health care industry and manages to make their skills and experience relate to animation!

    Education Resume Objective Examples

    examples of good resumes for college students

    Teacher Resume Objective

    B.S. in Education from University XYZ with a concentration in Chemistry seeking to start my career as a teacher at XYZ High School. Passionate about teaching, both in and out of the classroom.

    Click here for a complete teacher resume example.

    Tutor Resume Objective

    Skilled Mathematics graduate looking to apply for the position of a Math tutor at XYZ School. Worked as a part-time Linear Algebra tutor during my time at University X. Strong knowledge of Advanced Linear Algebra, Calculus I-IV, Mathematical Statistics, and Trigonometry.

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    Brand Ambassador Resume Objective Examples

    Professional with experience in various aspects of customer service who is well-adept at building and engaging with a social media following. Im excited about the prospect of using these abilities to transition to a brand ambassador role.

    Outgoing and charismatic people-person with 3 years of experience as a brand ambassador. I excel at building community and building relationships with prospective customers and Im looking to utilize that skill-set for an exciting and growing brand.

    Food & Service Industry Resume Objective Examples

    Waiter / Waitress Resume Objective

    Experienced service industry worker seeking to apply for the position of a waiter at XYZ Restaurant. Past experience includes working as a bartender, busser, and line cook. Thrives in fast-paced, high-stress environment.

    Click here for a complete server resume example.

    Line Cook Resume Objective

    Recent graduate from Houston Culinary Arts School seeking a position as a line cook at Fancy Restaurant XYZ. Looking to further develop cooking skills learned at school. Previous experience working in a high-stress environment as a part-time Sandwich Maker at Fast Food Place X.

    Restaurant Manager Resume Objective

    Seasoned Server with 10+ years of hospitality industry experience looking to help Restaurant XYZ take its business to the next level. During my time as a server, helped 3+ restaurants with hiring and training new staff, as well as coming up with promotional strategies for specific foods and drinks.

    Click here for a complete bar manager resume example.

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    Match Your Objective To The Job

    The most effective objective is one that is tailored to the job you are applying for. It states what kind of career you are seeking, and what skills and experiences you have that make you ideal for that career. A resume objective might also include where you have been and where you want to go in your career.

    For example, it might state some of your past accomplishments, and then move on to the kinds of accomplishments you hope to achieve in the future .

    Ultimately, stating an objective is optional, but it can help convince employers that you know what you want and are familiar with the industry.

    Sales Career Objective Examples

    How to Get a Good Job : Writing Objectives for a Resume

    Example 1:

    Sales professional with 4+ years experience in lead generation and lead qualification, proven customer service, and communication skills to effectively fill the Sales Associate role in your company.

    Example 2:

    Seeking the position of Regional Sales Manager where 5 years of sales experience can be put to use to identify sales opportunities through sales activation, people management, relationship development, and networking to improve sales bottom line and increase company revenue.

    Example 3:

    With 7 years of experience in sales and customer relationship management in national and international markets, I am desirous of utilizing best sales practices for ABC company with the role of Sales Manager.

    Example 4:

    Collaborative and result-oriented individual with an ability to generate high-quality leads and convert them into sales desires to work at MNC Inc. as a Business Development and Sales Executive.

    Example 5:

    Desirous of the position of Senior Sales Manager at ABC Ltd. where skills and expertise can be utilized to increase profitability and annual sales volume. Possess professional sales certifications, sales qualities, and superior communication skills.

    Example 6:

    Seeking the role of Sales Manager at XXX Inc. where five years of sales experience, team leadership, customer management, negotiation, and communication skills will be useful in developing effective client relationships and sales planning to drive revenue.

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