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What Should My Objective Be On My Resume

New Graduate Entering The Job Market For The First Time

Objective Statement: Should it be on your resume? If so, when?
  • ‘I am a highly driven, recent business school graduate seeking a full-time position in finance where I can offer my knowledge of market analytics to help improve your organisation’s profitability’.

  • ‘I am a motivated team player and aspiring fashion buyer seeking to grow my knowledge of the couture industry and use my proven communication skills as a junior retail associate for your women’s formal wear boutique’.

Teacher Resume Objective Example

Committed, compassionate educator with experience working in schools with student populations who are historically under-served. I have a firm commitment to building community as evidenced by my background as a student government leader. I believe fostering these community relationships enables more effective learning in the classroom and I want to continue that mission at ABC middle school.

Example Objective On Resume For Real Estate

Personable teller with 2 years experience at small, local bank. Obtained highest client satisfaction grade in 2018. Seeking to aid growth of the Benson Homes real estate management crew as the new property consultant.

Expert Hint: Choose the right skills for your objective and on the rest of your resume. The job ad could say they need someone proficient with Microsoft Excel, but add that to your career objective ONLY if its the most impressive thing you can put there.

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Resume Objective For Remote Roles

With flexible working becoming increasingly commonplace, there is no shame in stating that you are looking for a remote role, so the resume objective is the perfect place to state your case for a remote role.

Cost-obsessed procurement consultant, having saved over $90m in indirect and direct spend for 4 employers across twenty countries, now looking for a remote role to support a global purchasing team. Having been on the ground for eight years, brings unique cultural understanding and commercial acumen.

Tips To Help You Write A High

Resume Objective Examples &  Writing Guide

Here are four key considerations to keep in mind that can help you to craft a strong resume objective:

  • Tailor your objective to the specific role that youre applying to . Just like a cover letter, a resume objective should never be duplicated for separate job applications. In order to maximize your chances of catching a hiring managers eye, its essential to customize your resume objective to the position that youre coveting. Make sure you call attention to the specific skills, accomplishments, and areas of your experience that qualify you for that role.

  • Implement keywords and phrases . Every job posting will include particular keywords and phrases that are directly relevant to the job in question. For example, if the job posting for the aforementioned copywriter position states that itd be ideally suited for an individual whos self motivated, then that presents a great opportunity to mention in your resume objective that you are, in fact, self-motivated.

  • Keep it short and sweet . Your resume objective does not need to be a comprehensive and detailed outline of your suitability for a role. Thats what a cover letter is for. In fact, your resume objective should not exceed one or two sentences.

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    What Can I Put On My Resume Instead Of An Objective

    The traditional resume summary centres more around achievements, experience, personality and cultural fit with the role. If you are a marketing manager who is moving to a marketing manager role , it makes sense to focus on the hard-hitting facts about your marketing experience rather than wasting a sentence around how you just want to keep on keeping on. That will not leave a powerful first impression.

    We have written a couple of guides around creating the perfect resume summary and also some tips on crafting impactful personal statements. They are well worth a read in our resume examples section.

    Scenario : You Are Relocating And Applying For A Job In Your New Location

    Whenever you are relocating, it is important to make note of this on your resume.

    A resume objective can be the perfect place to do so.

    Here are two more resume objective examples for applicants who are relocating:

    Example 1: Current Head Chef of a fine-dining establishment who is relocating to Atlanta in June. Seeking employment at a high-end restaurant and bringing more than 10 years of experience operating and managing a kitchen staff of over 30 members.

    Example 2: Attentive and highly organized administrator relocating to Portland, Oregon in December. Seeking employment as a personal administrator to a CEO. I am bringing 10+ years of experience creating and managing schedules, making travel arrangements, and bookkeeping.

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    Finance Resume Objective Example

    Relentless, ambitious, analytically minded finance leader with a background in leveraging data to quantify the risk of private equity investments. Through an intelligent management of risk I’ve been able to drive an ROI of 60% on investments in our portfolio. I’d like to contribute that skillset to deliver similar value to ABC Corp.

    Resume Objective Examples For An Accounting Resume

    What Should I Write As My Career Objective In My Resume?
  • To expand upon my existing corporate finance skill set in both analytic and transaction execution, generating increasingly responsible positions in treasury.
  • To secure an accounting position where I will be able to contribute my skills, knowledge, and experience to a company that will enable me to develop my career.
  • Seeking a position at a leading organization as a financial analyst and to continue my education in the financial field by obtaining the CFA designation.
  • Detail-oriented accountant determined to obtain a position at which will allow utilization of developed and skills as well as a thorough understanding of .
  • Motivated individual seeking to obtain accountant position at which will benefit from strong , , and abilities.
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    How To Include A Resume Objective On Your Resume

    Your resume objective should always follow right after your name and contact information at the top of your resume. Even so, your resume should still be no longer than one page for most jobs. Most importantly, keep in mind that you should be writing a new resume objective for each position. That way, your achievements, and goals will clearly align with the job and company youre applying to.

    Looking For Career Advancement Or Change

    • I am an organized and diligent paralegal with two years of experience. I am looking for a position where I can work with clients in underrepresented populations.
    • Successful marketing manager looking to break into the technology sector. Hoping to use my decade of relevant experience to market more technical avenues.
    • Experienced dog handler looking for a management position at a dog daycare facility. Aspiring to work with customers while also helping manage the yards.
    • Accomplished sales representative seeking a leadership position where I can showcase my communication and collaboration skills.
    • Lead researcher hoping to transition to a nonprofit position where I can help the polar bear population thrive despite barriers due to climate change.
    • Award-winning sushi chef seeking the chance to lead her own kitchen. Excited to show my background in traditional sushi making as well as kitchen management.

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    What Do I Include In My Resume Objective

    In terms of what to include in a resume objective, you want to keep it as short and simple as possible.

    The following four pieces of information should generally be included:

    • The job title you are seeking
    • 2-4 key skills that you possess
    • A brief summary of your career goals
    • What you can bring to the company or hope to achieve at the company

    Dental Student Resume Objective Example

    Rate my resume and give feedback (employee, applying, references ...

    Student at the Boston University School of Dentistry looking for an opportunity to learn from more experienced oral surgeons at ABC Hospital. I have firsthand research experience with Dr. Demotta working to understand the mechanisms of dental decay in infants and I’d like to gain more practical experience alongside that.

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    Using The Same Objective For Every Job Application

    EXAMPLE: To obtain a job within my chosen field that will challenge me and allow me to use my education, skills and past experiences in a way that is mutually beneficial to both myself and my employer and allow for future growth and advancement.

    Your goal is to be the ideal candidate and that means making sure youre exactly what the hiring manager is looking forand unless youre applying to a cookie cutter factory in a cookie cutter job town where every job every employer is listing is exactly the same then I guarantee you 100% that your statement will NOT be a one size fits all statement.


    Finally What About Someone With A Ton Of Experience Looking To Target Their Resume To A Specific Position

    Objective for Resume: To obtain the position of ONLINE ESL INSTRUCTOR with where I can apply my education, fifteen years of teaching experience and native linguistic skills and provide clients with a high quality language instruction experience.

    Wow. Talk about dead on! This statement is everything a good resume objective statement needs to be! Direct, targeted, specifically tailored to fit the position and concise!

    Heres a tip. After you have carefully studied the examples we gave you above, you can find more resume objective examples from our friends over at Resume Genius. Head over there to check them out, but dont forget to use all of the strategies weve taught you in this article when you start writing yours!

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    +1 Sample Resume Objective Examples To Get Inspired From

    Okay, thats what youre here for right? Get some inspiration for your objective statement. Well, youre in the right place. Our resume writer did these, and he put a lot of thought into each of the following.

    Hes also doing resume reviews, so if you want to be a hundred percent sure that your objective statement is good, you can find him over at our Career Counseling hub.

    Software Engineer Resume Objective Examples

    Should I use an Objective or a Professional Summary on my resume?

    Graduate of computer science with experience working across the full-stack of software development. Ive built a few projects by myself and Im looking for a role where I can grow and learn from other experienced team members.

    I have 3+ years of experience and Im looking to leverage my Django expertise to work on challenging problems as a Senior Software Engineer.

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    Assistant Manager Resume Objective

    Highly-motivated college graduate with experience in sales and customer service. Strong leadership and communication skills. Coming with a Business Administration degree and knowledgeable enough in management. Seeking an assistant store manager position at Macys.

    This is a good example for those who are recent graduates and lack work experience. To make up for it, the candidate correlates their career goals in employment with the companys best interest to show how they can benefit.

    Also, theyve kept their skills specifically tailored for the role as an assistant manager and implicated the student mentality where theyre motivated and willing to learn.

    Management Career Objective Examples

    Example 1:

    After completing a degree in management from AB University and gaining experience as an intern at a renowned company, I have developed solid leadership and management skills I seek a management position to bring forth innovative ideas, analytical perspectives, as well as superior product knowledge and organizational skills.

    Example 2:

    As a team player, I am intelligent, driven, organized and, motivated to achieve success in the companys strategic goals. I am looking for an available leadership position with ABC company.

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    Executive Assistant Resume Objective

    Looking to work in a fast-paced and challenging executive assistant role that allows for the application of strong organizational, support, coordination, scheduling and communication skills.

    To obtain a position as an executive assistant to provide outstanding support to executive-level professionals by coordinating schedules, meeting deadlines, working effectively as part of the team, managing communications and overcoming all challenges.

    Sales Resume Objective Example

    32 Fresh Should I Put My Address On My Resume in 2020

    As an accomplished sales person who has generated over $2M in sales for businesses I worked with I know firsthand the importance of empathy and attentiveness required to close a deal. Looking for a sales role where I can continue to foster and grow those traits to grow within an accomplished sales organization.

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    How Do You Write A Strong Resume Objective

    Many people dismiss the resume objective as unnecessary due to it often being poorly written.

    When you are including a resume objective statement, you need to take the time to ensure it sounds good a serves an apparent purpose.

    Consider the following big 3 Câs when writing your resume objective:â

    • âClarity: Your resume objective should not be vague in any way. Clearly state your desired job title and goals.â
    • Conciseness: Resume objectives are not meant to be very long. Stick to 1-2 simple sentences when writing your objective.â
    • Customization: Always customize your objective statement for the job at hand. A generalized statement wonât do you much good and ultimately just wastes precious space.

    What Should Be On A Professional Resume

    A résumé, at its most basic level, presents an overview of a candidates work history and credentials. However, the fundamental purpose of a CV extends beyond merely listing your professional accomplishments. Instead, it should demonstrate how your prior experiences have made you uniquely and wholly suited to the position youre looking for.

    Focus on topics that emphasize your most spectacular and relevant accomplishments while writing a professional resume:

    • Relevant professional accomplishments for the position youre looking for.
    • Degrees and specialized training are examples of educational achievements. Any appropriate accolades and awards should be highlighted.
    • Professional certifications in the field in which youre applying.
    • Success indicators, milestones, and metrics can track your progress.
    • Specific software expertise and specialized work skills are additional areas of proficiency and fluency.

    Also, if its relevant to the position, note any security clearance you may have obtained. You should also keep track of your military history, including how long you served and what rank you attained.

    Employers seek people who stand out from the crowd, whether youre applying for a position as a manager or vice president. Consider what you have that sets you apart from other candidates for the same position. When developing your CV and preparing for the interview, pay special attention to these distinguishing personal characteristics and accomplishments.

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    Good Resume Objectives Vs Bad Ones

    But, thats not all. A truly effective objective skimps on the fluff, goes heavy on the numbers, and is super-specific.

    Here are two resume objective samples:

    The Pros And Cons Using Resume Objectives

    Objective VS. Summary! What should I use for my resume?

    As we mentioned briefly above, including a resume objective at the top of your resume is optional. Hence why, when deciding whether to include an objective statement, you have to weigh the pros and cons of your specific case.

    If you think the hiring manager will benefit from reading your career goals and aspirations, then include a resume objective. But lets go through the full list of pros and cons.

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    Relate It To Your Resume

    Your objective statement should represent the rest of your resume. Use the objective statement to complement the skills and experiences you outline in further detail in your work history, skills and other sections.

    Example: Certified Project Manager with six years of experience working for a variety of software as a service companies. Advanced skills in client management, organization, problem-solving and creative thinking. Interested in a senior project management role where I can use my leadership skills to guide a diverse team of professionals to create an effective product.

    Account Manager Resume Objective Example

    Friendly, personable account manager with a unique ability to quickly build and maintain deep relationships with potential customers. Through these relationships I build an understanding of a prospect’s needs which enables me to surface the most relevant software to help businesses and customers alike succeed.

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    Is A Resume Objective Necessary

    These days, resume objectives are rarely recommended by career experts and professionals. It can be helpful to include one if you are radically shifting careers or tailoring your resume to the job listing since the objective statement presents a natural opportunity to include exact keywords and job titles. But as a general rule of thumb, if the job description does not explicitly state that an objective statement should be included, its unnecessary.

    Here are a couple of reasons the traditional resume objective has fallen out of favor in recent years:

    If You Have Relevant Work Experience

    Should I include an objective on my resume? Is an objective necessary?

    If you have two or more years of work experience related to the job you want, write your resume objective using this structure:

    • First sentence: # years of relevant work experience, plus 2-4 examples of your main job duties during those years
    • Second sentence: Your degree and qualifications
    • Third sentence: How your skills, qualities, and qualifications make you a strong candidate for the job

    Resume objective example

    Heres an example of a professional customer service resume objective:

    Customer Service Representative with 6+ years of experience of telephone and face-to-face sales, hotel bookings and account administration. Possess a BA in Communications and a SalesForce certification. Aiming to use my proven customer service, sales, and communication skills to effectively fill the managerial role in your company.

    This career objective successfully makes the argument that the candidate would succeed in a managerial role by showcasing their relevant experience and skills right at the top of their resume.

    Additionally, the candidate mentions their proven skills because they plan to elaborate further in their work experience section. Its okay to make such claims about yourself if you can back them up elsewhere on your application .

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