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What Skills To Put On Teacher Resume

Find Or Create A Visually Appealing Template


If youve done a bit of research, then you probably know that your Times New Roman resume from 2010 is a little ancient . You dont have to be a graphic designer, but you should consider making your outdated resume more organized, appealing, and modern if you want to stand out in 2020. Luckily, there is no shortage of resume templates. If you want to make it even easier on yourself, find a resume template designed with teachers in mind. If youd like to take on the challenge of designing your own teacher resume, here are a few tips:

  • Use a clean, professional font for your text. If youd like to add a title or accent font, a decorative one should be fine.
  • Add boxes to organize and separate information
  • Use purposeful bolding or italics
  • If you want, add a small dose of color

Skills To Include On Your Teaching Assistant Resume

Preparing application materials for a job position requires an individual to have the necessary skills that would be expected of a candidate. Identifying the right skills to apply to your resume, cover letter and during an in-person job interview can make the difference in whether or not you are offered the position. This article will define what teaching assistants do, necessary skills for the profession, how to improve and apply them in the appropriate setting and the best way to incorporate your teaching assistant skills into your application materials.

Example : Teaching Skills With Other Professional Experience

Billie Smith

Project Manager, Now Branding, Philadelphia, PA


  • Coordinate all project responsibilities and deadlines with marketing team members.

  • Use background in educational studies to facilitate quarterly professional development training sessions by presenting and planning instructional material.

  • Communicate with clients and sales team to identify needs and determine project scope and timeline.


  • Analyzed client campaigns for increased website traffic.

  • Negotiated marketing contracts with clients.

  • Composed thought leader blog posts for company website.

Sales Representative, Johnson Marketing Associates, Lancaster, PA


  • Met with prospective clients to discuss marketing needs.

  • Organized sales strategy with team members.

  • Attended networking functions to foster professional connections.


Bachelor of Arts degree in Education

Kutztown University, 2000-2004

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How To Make Your Teaching Work Experience Stand Out

The best way to prove your worth as a teacher is with your previous work experience.

Sure, the recruiter will want to see that you have lots of subject knowledge, but nothing builds confidence more than your professional experience.

Follow this layout in your experience section:

  • Kept pass rates above 80% from 2017-2020
  • Improved attendance by 12% in the first school year
  • Graded classroom papers for 12 classes of 30+ pupils

As you may notice, the above example focuses on the candidates best achievements.

So, instead of saying:

Taught children for three years

Go for:

Kept pass rates above 80% from 2017-2020

The second statement goes into specific details that show youre a great teacher.

Pro Tip:

Use the job description to help you. Look to see if there is anything in the job description that matches your work history. If there is, include it in this section.

The Process Of Asking For References

Special Education Teacher Resume [Example and Writing Tips]

Since you should include between 3 and 5 references, you should plan to ask 6 or 7 colleagues to make sure that you still have enough references for your resume should someone reject your ask.

The best people to ask are supervisors, administrators, or other teachers. Of course, the higher the position, the more impactful the reference. If you are nervous about asking someone for a reference, go into the conversation prepared.

Speak passionately about the desired position and why you believe you would make an excellent fit. Not only is this a great way to help convince them of your case, but it is also tremendous practice for when you land an interview.

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Teaching Assistant Skills In The Workplace

Once you receive a teaching assistant position, you should work hard to maintain and build upon your skills to create a productive environment for your students and coworker.

  • Promote effective communication with co-workers. Maintaining a healthy co-worker relationship could have a positive effect on your students and their learning experience. By participating in open communication with your co-worker, you can work better as a team to achieve classroom goals.

  • Practice patience methods. Use stressful moments in the classroom to put your patience methods to use. You can practice patience when students act out, fail to listen to instructions or in other chaotic classroom situations. Over time you should be able to figure out the methods that work best for you to remain calm and composed.

  • Create a cleanup initiative with students. You can demonstrate the importance of good organizational habits by involving your students in an incentive-driven cleanup activity. This can help maintain classroom organization while teaching students how to clean up after themselves.

Match Your Cover Letter With Your Resume

Oh no, more writing!?

We feel your pain, but its for great reason.

Cover letters still play a vital role in the application process.

This guide has taught you how to build the best teacher resume possible, but even that may not be enough to secure your dream position.

Even better, the recruiter will know that you want this position at this school.

Just like with the resume, the cover letter needs to be structured correctly. Heres how to do that:

And heres what goes in each section:

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Highlight Hard Skills In Your Experience Section

While simply listing hard skills on your resume is good enough for many jobs, its not the only way to showcase your abilities. If you really want to highlight your expertise in a certain area, the most effective way to do it is by providing real-life examples of how your hard skills helped you achieve certain accomplishments.

To do this, include bullet points in your resumes work experience section that demonstrate how you utilized your hard skills to accomplish key goals for your previous employer.

Heres an example of how one candidate effectively used their experience section to demonstrate their hard programming skills:

Developed and optimized programs performance using ASP.NET, C#.NET, and MS SQL, which streamlined processes, saving $170k costs

Student Teacher I Resume

RESUME TIPS for TEACHERS WANTING TO LEAVE THE CLASSROOM: what to write, add & delete on your resume!

Summary : 11 years of experience as a Student Teacher is seeking a challenging position as a Lead Teacher calling for a caring, creative team player with the ability to engage students and foster a stimulating classroom environment favorable to learning.

Skills : Mental Health, Teaching, Classroom Management, Youth Work, MS Office Suite, Autocad, Adobe, And CRM.

Description :

Description :

  • Introduced due process and civil war social studies units for fifth-grade abilities in both special and regular education. Developed and organized multiple, engaging lessons and bulletin boards for each unit.
  • Developed and lead two reading RTI book studies over the course of several weeks. Implemented discussion and diversified activities to engage students in the reading.
  • Integrated technology into lessons to foster student engagement and learning.
  • Used the Ed Athena video tool as well as filmed my lessons to reflect on my own teaching and receive feedback from other professionals.
  • Observed various classroom management systems as well as collaborated with clinical educators to implement co-teaching strategies.
  • Facilitated an IEP meeting as well as participated in parent-teacher conferences and daily communication with parents.

Description :

Description :

Description :

Description :

Description :

Description :

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How To Format A Teacher Resume

Before you can educate the recruiter on your skills and experiences, you need to choose the most suitable resume format for teaching.

You see, even the best applicant needs a resume format that is easy to read and follow.

With reverse-chronological being the most common resume format, we recommend this format for teachers. It highlights your most recent work experience first, and then works back through your history and skills.

You could also try the two following formats:

  • Functional Resume – This format focuses on your skills, which makes it the best format for teachers that are highly-skilled, but have little in the way of classroom experience.
  • Combination Resume – This format mixes both Functional and Reverse-Chronological formats, which means it focuses on both your teaching skills AND teaching experience.

Stick to a one-page teacher resume. This shows that youre able to information brief and precise. Feel free to check out our one-page resume templates for inspiration.

Skills A Teacher Should List On A Resume

Examples of teaching skills needed to be successful in todays classrooms include: leadership, communication, multitasking, patience, and reflectiveness.

When adding these skills to a teacher resume, you can list these in two categories: soft skills and hard skills. Weve listed which type of skill each is below.

Be sure your teaching resume highlights some of the skills listed below, and discuss how they will benefit the students in your classroom.

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Craft Compelling Bullet Points

Bullet points are the most effective way to clearly and concisely detail your work experience. But just because theyre brief doesnt mean they need to be boring! Punch up simple bullet points by including compelling verbs and key details. So something simple like, wrote lesson plans becomes designed comprehensive, student-driven American history lesson plans, spanning the Revolutionary and Civil Wars.

You can use this simple formula to write your own:

Final Points On Writing A Teaching Resume

Elementary Teacher Resume Skills Of Elementary Teacher ...

As your first impression to potential employers, your resume is essential towards getting you in the room for an interview.

Make sure to keep in style with standard resume rules, which means keep your resume to one page long, include bullet points, and let the professional experience and skills sections take up the bulk of your resume.

When writing your skills and experience, use clear, concise, strong language to emphasize your leadership and educator abilities.

If you’re unsure of what resume style you should go with, you can browse plenty of examples on the internet to get a feel of what works for you and what doesn’t.

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Tailor Your Skills To The Company/position

As you may have read in our other blog articles, it is always very important to tailor your job interview to the company and position you are interviewing with/for (for a more in depth look at our Tailoring Method article. This includes your resume and the skills you include on your resume as well!

As we mentioned before, the company will have a specific set of skills that they will require the successful candidate to have in order to do the job to their standard.

So as you might have guessed, it is absolutely essential that these skills make an appearance on your resume.

You need to spend some more time researching the company, and this means going through all of their various web properties including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


Because they will leave clues about the types of people they hire, which will give you a better idea of the skills that you need to include in your resume. This especially applies to soft skills.

Ask yourself this. Do I have a similar skill-set to the types of employees they hire?

If the answer is yes, great!

If the answer is no read on!

And as we said before, REALLY dig into the job description to make sure you have a strong understanding of the skills that are required for the job, and make darn sure you put those skills in the skill section of your resume.

Work Experience In Resume For Teaching Job

The second most important aspect is the work experience. How you list your achievements says a lot about what you know about the field and is the first opportunity for you to make an impression on the recruiters.

We collected some crucial things to keep in mind while listing the work experience for a teacher resume and made this ultimate guide for you. This is what you need to do:

  • List the jobs using the reverse chronology
  • While writing about the work experience, mention the job title, name of the company, and the start and end date of your term with them in the heading
  • Describe your KRAs, responsibilities, achievements, and learnings from each job in 4-6 points
  • Highlight relevant skills and accomplishments
  • Use the STAR method to explain and justify achievements
  • Use active power verbs to add impact to your resume.
  • Sample work experience for teacher resume

    ABC Public School, Primary School Teacher Mathematics

    Qualifications & Responsibilities

    • Educated primary class students about new and challenging mathematical concepts
    • Held workshops to make learning practical and fun, that raised the participation level, and in turn, resulted in better average grade for the class
    • Volunteered to be a substitute teacher for additional subjects like English & Geography

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    First Aid And Cpr Certified

    Employers need to be made aware of any relevant certifications you have. As a teaching assistant, you might have students with health conditions such as asthma, food allergies or epilepsy for example. First aid and CPR certification is a valuable skill for a teaching assistant as it displays your preparedness to react in a situation where a student may become ill or sustain an injury.

    Ability To Work Under Pressure

    Resume Writing Tips : How to Write a Resume for a Teaching Job

    The ability to work under pressure helps professionals work well in stressful environments. Teachers may work in stressful environments, such as being responsible for the safety of large numbers or students or managing classrooms with different types of students with unique needs. Developing this skill may prepare teachers to work well under pressure in other careers without missing deadlines or compromising the integrity of their work.

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    Good Skills To Put On A Resume

    When somebody says the word skills to you, what immediately comes to mind?

    For most people, the answer is things I am good at.

    Typing. Woodworking. Public speaking Cartwheels.

    Yes, all of the things listed above can be considered skills, but when it comes to the job hunt, you have to be selective as to which of these to include on your resume. Why?

    Because the company you are interviewing with AND the job you are interviewing for both require a very specific set of skills in order for you to get the job done effectively.

    Filling up the skills section of your resume with a bunch of skills that have absolutely nothing to do with the job you are applying for is basically just a waste of space.

    This is why it is important that you understand how to choose the correct skills to include in your resume for 2021.

    Third Include Teacher Skills With Your Experience

    The experience section on your resume is a great section to include your skills in each description. For example, if you were recently a third-grade teacher, you should give a brief description of your responsibilities in that position. This could include a particular learning strategy you implemented in this role. Make sure youre incorporating your skills seamlessly throughout various bullet points.

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    How To Highlight Transferable Teaching Skills

    When applying for jobs, it’s essential to highlight your qualifications and skills, particularly as they relate to the role you’re pursuing. If you’re looking to transition from teaching into a different role, it’s crucial for you to know how to align your experience with the requirements and responsibilities of the new position. This may help the hiring manager understand why you’re a good candidate for the job, and your unique skill set may distinguish you from other applicants.

    Some ways to highlight your transferable skills as a teacher throughout the job-seeking process include:

    High School Teacher Resume

    Skills to List On Teacher Resume Of Teacher Resume Samples ...

    Why this resume works

    • The “Education” section of your high school math teacher resume should list clearly and separately the different degrees you’ve earned. No need to list high school education on your resume unless you don’t have any time spent in college.
    • Focus your high school teacher resume on your accomplishments instead of your responsibilities.
    • For example, instead of saying “Prepared students for standardized exams” say “Helped improve standardizes testing performance by 3%”.
  • For each of the skills you mention on your resume you should be able to show an example of when you demonstrated that skill in practice.
  • For example, if you mention “Conviction” then you should be able to demonstrate a time when you had conviction in the face of adversity.
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    Why Employers Want To See Teacher Skills On Your Resume

    Employers want to see teacher skills on your resume because it shows them how you qualify for the role youre applying for. Before making a hiring decision, its important for them to consider what contributions you can make to their school or institution. Having your skills listed on your resume allows them to see not only what you know, but also lets them see how you compare with other candidates vying for the same position.

    Transferable Teaching Skills In The Workplace

    While exact ways to use transferable skills may vary, here are some examples of ways to show them in the workplace:

    • Presenting new information to others

    • Mediating a disagreement between colleagues

    • Collaborating with other professionals on the same project

    • Changing the approach to a project based on feedback

    • Building relationships with colleagues or clients

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