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When To Follow Up After Sending Resume

Ways To Write Email Cover Letter To Follow Up After Submitting A Resume

Resume Writing Tips : How to Follow Up After Sending a Resume

After a cooling down period of two weeks past the date of sending your resume, it is best to send a casual yet professional follow up email after application to update your status. A properly written follow up email can reemphasize your chance as a fitting candidate with the soft skills used in writing the letter.

We have compiled a flawless format and instructional guidance to help you create a winning follow up email for your resume.

Scenario : Following Up After Sending An Invoice And Havent Received Payment

Email subject line: Overdue invoice for

Hi ,

Hope youre doing well.

Have you had a chance to look over the invoice I sent you ? I know this season is busy for you.

Let me know if you need me to resend it or if you have any questions about any of the line items.


Tip: Be brief but direct. Ask a question instead of pointing out the obvious that you havent received payment, for example asking to confirm theyve received it and whether or not they have questions about it. Finish with a call to action telling them what you want them to do.

How To Follow Up After Submitting A Resume

You have submitted a job application or sent your resume to a company you’d love to interview with, but you haven’t heard back. What should you do next?

While youre playing the waiting game, you have two options. You can either be patient, assuming the employer will contact you if they are interested, or you can choose to follow up with the hiring manager.

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What To Ask When/if You Call Or Write

According to Powell and Heather Krasna, a career services professional and author of Jobs That Matter: Find a Stable, Fulfilling Career in Public Service, good questions to ask on a follow-up call or e-mail might include:

  • Have any decisions been made yet?
  • Is it OK to follow up in another week if you havent heard anything yet?
  • Whats the time frame for the job-requisition process?
  • Whats the time frame for the hiring process?
  • What technical qualifications is the company seeking?

How To Follow Up After Cv Submission

FREE 5+ Sample Follow Up Emails in PDF

One of the most desired skills is the skill of following up. In almost all job task, you have to follow-up to check whether a certain task was completed if you are a supervisor, you have to follow whether the memo has reached all the intended people if you are a secretary, you have to follow whether the payment are made to the suppliers if you are a finance manager. Following up is basically the most useful aspect of any jobs.

Why do people who apply for job fail to follow up on their applications?

This is mostly caused by the big misunderstanding of the assumptions that you will appear as if you are too desperate for a job. Actually you wonât look desperate to the employer you will actually stand out as a person who gets things done.


If the job applications does not avail you with telephone number, postal address or email or rather state that you are not to contact them regarding your job application enquiry, kindly do obey the instruction.

How to follow up
What do I say in the email?

Just like any other official email, the email should have the four important parts.

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Why Its Important To Follow Up After A Job Application

After you submit your application for a job its hard to sit back and wait. Youre refreshing your inbox constantly looking for a response.

Here are some reasons why you should follow up:

  • It will calm you down. Sitting around waiting on pins and needles for them to get back to you can drive you nuts. It feels great to be proactive and touch base with the employer.

  • Follow up shows your genuine interest and excitement for the position. Companies dont just want qualified candidates. They want new employees who are passionate and motivated.

  • Showcase your value. Following up gives you another chance to show how your qualifications and experience can add value to the company thats above and beyond what you expressed in your application documents.

  • You can find out when they plan on making a decision. Wouldnt it feel great not to wonder for days on end when they will get you an update? Ask what the next steps are in the recruitment process.

  • This Is How Long You Should Wait To Follow Up After Applying For A Job

    Job hunting can be a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Checking on the status of a job application can both ease your anxiety and set you apart from the competition.

    But how long should you wait after submitting your application before following up?

    Staffing firm Accountemps surveyed more than 300 human resource managers and found that 36 percent say the best time for applicants to follow up is one to two weeks after submitting their resume. Twenty-nine percent said in less than one week, 25 percent said in two to three weeks, and 10 percent said in three weeks or more.

    But while hiring mangers may have their own take on the best time to follow up, all 300 agreed that doing so is an essential part of the process.

    “I think you have to find the fine line between appearing too eager and not interested enough,” Accountemps district president Bill Driscoll tells CNBC Make It. “With all the applications that hiring managers might get, you certainly want to get your name in there and try to get it at the top of the pile.”

    While Driscoll says a follow-up email can help your chances of being called in for an interview, he does warn candidates against following up too soon. Checking in just a few days after submitting your resume can send the impression that you’re pushy and not “respectful of a hiring manager’s schedule, as they need time to sort through applications.”

    “Drop names/locations and make the connection right away,” he tells CNBC Make It.

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    You Can Learn More About The Job By Sending A Follow

    Sending a follow-up email is a good opportunity for you to get additional information.

    You can get to know the person in charge of hiring, find out the interview timeline and maybe even schedule an interview.

    There is a lot of other valuable information that you will get from sending that follow-up email.

    So, just do it.

    How Long Should I Wait Before Following Up On My Resume

    How to Follow Up on a Resume
    • If the job posting does not have a close date it is advisable to wait about a week before following up on your resume submission.
    • If there is a closing date, wait a week after the deadline to allow the company to gothrough the resumes and schedule interviews before following up.
    • However if you have sent your resume in response to a job posting that clearly states that you should not contact the company it is wise to follow these instructions and wait for feedback.

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    Sample Follow Up On Resume Email

    Subject: Your Full Name – Receptionist Position

    Dear Mrs Green

    I submitted my resume on the DATE for the position of Receptionist advertised on

    I am enthusiastic about working at XYZ Company and I am confident that my skills and strengths are an excellent match for the job requirements. As mentioned in my resume I have over X years experience running a busy reception area holding similar responsibilities to those listed in your job posting.

    For your convenience I have attached a copy of my resume. Please let me know if I can provide any outstanding information you might need regarding my application. I can be reached at .

    Thank you for considering my application.


    How Long Should You Wait For Response After Sending A Resume

    As a rule, it takes companies from one to two weeks to respond to applications. The exact time frames will vary depending on the industry, company size, and other factors. If you apply to a small business where the processes are set up effectively, you may receive a response the next day! And if youve sent a resume to a large company that has a lot of bureaucracy, hearing back from them can take 3 weeks or more.

    Two weeks is the most common time frame for employers. 44% of job-seekers say they heard back from the companies within two weeks on average. If you didnt receive any feedback, its best to assume that the company wont be calling you for an interview. Its also important that you keep applying for jobs. Relying on the one employer can extend your job search for months which isnt an effective use of time.

    Are you a blogger looking to enhance your skills? Check out the roundup post basis and tips for writing.

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    Review The Job Description Or Posting

    If you are unsure of when and how to follow up with an employer about a job you applied for, check the original job posting. There may be information that tells you how long you can expect to wait before receiving a reply. For example, if the employer plans to respond within two weeks, then you shouldnt contact them before that two week period passes. However, if the description says you will receive a reply from within five to ten business days, and you still havent heard back after 10 days, the employer is more likely to welcome a follow-up.

    Follow The Sample Email Resume

    Follow Up Letter Template

    Use this email example to follow after submitting your resume to a job posting response.

    Subject: Your full name Receptionist position

    Dear Mrs. Green

    Im passionate about the companys work on XYZ and Im sure that my skills and strength are an excellent match for job requirements. As mentioned in my resume as I have an X-year experience running a busy reception area containing the same responsibility as those who listed your work post.

    As a reference, I have attached herewith a copy of my resume. Please let me know if I can provide any outstanding information that you may need about my application. I can reach you .

    Thank you for considering my application.


    your name

    You may need to pursue a polite follow-up email after sending your resume. Your main job search is to follow a key element. Take steps to find out the status of your work. Following your resume shows a sincere interest in the following work and a proactive approach.

    Is your resume sending the right message? Use this work-winning resume sample to find out. A well-written cover letter will get you interviewed.

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    How Often Should I Follow Up On A Job Application

    One or two communications, spaced about a week apart, is enough. Megan Spurr, Senior Group Lead Social Media Manager for Microsoft and hiring manager warns, When I see the same applicants name in my inbox , I feel like they might be a little more needy than I am looking in a candidate.

    You might feel annoying when following up but its okay to follow up on an application submitted online as long as youre respectful, polite, and considerate throughout the process. Dont spam your contact or reach out to everyone associated with the company.

    Template For A Thank You Email After An Interview

    Hi ____,

    I wanted to take a second to thank you for your time earlier today. I enjoyed our conversation about ____ , and the position sounds like an exciting opportunity. Im looking forward to hearing any updates you can share, and dont hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns whatsoever.

    Its best to pick a specific topic you discussed with the person for your email, instead of just saying you enjoyed talking about the overall job.

    Itll remind them of the conversation you had and show you were paying attention. And if you interviewed with multiple people in the company, they might compare emails. So send something slightly different to each person.

    Maybe one person told you a lot about the team structure and the daily work. So in your follow up email you could write:

    I enjoyed our conversation about the day to day work and operations of the group, and the position sounds like an exciting opportunity.

    Maybe a second person told you more about the training and how youd get started there. Your followup email to that person might include this:

    I enjoyed our conversation about the training and the process of how Id get ramped-up in this position, and it sounds like an exciting opportunity.

    In most interviews, youll talk about a lot of topics with each person you speak to. Dont get overwhelmed when following up. Just pick one and mention it. Something that stood out or seemed interesting that theyd remember discussing with you.

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    The Right Way To Follow Up After Sending In Your Resume

    Family and Cemetery Counselor at the Diocese of Bridgeport

    There are definite steps you can take that will encourage a hiring manager or recruiter to give you a call back to schedule an interview after you’ve submitted your resume. Unfortunately many people are too nervous to even attempt this strategy, so this makes it a situation where the universe favors the courageous.

    Want to view the video? Click below. Prefer text? Keep scrolling.

    Let me get this out of the way first: yes, there will be some jobs that tell you that you can not call or email them to follow up. You need to comply with that request. The only work-around is if you know someone at the company. Other than that, you’re out of luck.

    As a job seeker, you need to know that employers do not typically get a lot of followup phone calls because most people are too intimidated to make them. The fact that you even have the courage to make these calls will set you apart from the rest of the candidates, and if you play your cards right, it will boost your chances.

    Employers love people who are professionally persistent.

    Here’s an example of the situation from the employer’s/recruiter’s perspective.

    Yes, I had told him it was OK to call, but I do that with a lot of candidates I interview, and 95% of them do not follow up with me as I request. Are all of them getting job offers in the meantime? Knowing the job market as I do, I doubt it.

    Taking this burden from their mind, makes them curious about who you are.

    Is It Ok To Follow Up After Submitting A Resume

    Job Interview Tips: The Right Way to Follow Up After Sending In Your Resume

    Unless the job posting has indicated a specific timeline for the hiring process, its generally appropriate to send a follow-up email one to two weeks after youve applied. This allows employers sufficient time to review your resume, cover letter and any other materials you have included.

    Firstly, Should I call a job after applying?

    Candidates should follow up within about 48-72 hours after submitting their cover letter and resume. If you call too soon, hiring managers will tell you they will review your resume and return a call if you are chosen for an interview. If you call to late, they may tell you that the role has been filled.

    Then How do I check my resume status? Try a brief message with your name and the job title you applied for. Stay on message. If you reach the hiring manager, be brief and to the point. Let them know your name and what position you applied for, then explain why youd be a good fit for the position.

    Actually Should you email hiring manager after applying?

    Emailing recruiters and hiring managers shows greater respect for their schedule because they can process and respond to your note on their own time. For most jobs, emailing is the safest way to follow up after a job application without ruffling any feathers.

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    How And When To Follow Up On A Resume

    Jeffrey Macks

    You just submitted another resume, and now youâre wondering:

    • What else can I do to help land the interview?

    • What should I do after applying for a job online?

    • Will I look desperate if I send an email to the hiring manager?

    We’ll go through how and when to follow up after submitting your resume.

    Scenario : Following Up After Being Introduced

    Email subject line: Lets chat about

    Hi ,

    mentioned youre looking for . Id love to chat about and how I can help you .

    Here are some .

    Are you free next week to chat? Let me know what day works best for you.


    Tip: When following up in this scenario, be sure to let them know who referred you to them and what you can do for them. Focus on the value you can add and adding credibility such as your social media accounts or website portfolio. Be sure to finish by including a call to action for next steps.

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    If Youve Submitted An Application

    The Short Answer: Follow up between five and 10 business days.

    This depends on whether youve applied blindly or were referred to this position by somebody in your network.

    If you applied blindly, you are somewhat at the mercy of the company and whenand in some cases, ifthey choose to respond, says Dea. If you feel like you absolutely need to check in on your status, be prepared to wait a reasonable amount of time before sending that email.

    The standard follow-up procedure is five to seven business days, explains Susan Mozian, Muse Career Coach.

    What should you say in that follow-up message if you do choose to check in? This template can make that part easy.

    However, if someone referred you, your best bet is to check in with that person directly after seven to 10 business days. In your communication, underscore your interest and that you certainly understand things could be busy, but that you also want to know if there is anything else you can doeven if that means continuing to wait, says Dea.


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