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Where Do You Upload Resume On Linkedin

How Do I Upload My Resume To Linkedin 2021

How to Upload Resume on LinkedIn (2020 LATEST VERSION) | LinkedIn Resume Upload

Here are the steps to upload your resume to Linkedin in 2021.

  • Click on the add featured link of the âFeaturedâ section.
  • From the dropbox menu, click on the âMediaâ upload button.
  • Select your Resume file to upload.
  • Add the title and description and click on the Save button.
  • Your Resume would upload in the featured section.

How To Upload A Resume In Linkedin Profile

1. Go to the and log in to your account, if necessary.

2. Click the Me tab in the top toolbar underneath your profile photo.

3. Choose View Profile from the drop-down menu that appears.

4. Scroll down to the Featured section and click the Add featured link if you haven’t uploaded anything to the section. If you have, click the plus + icon at the top-right of the box, to the left of the pencil icon.

If you don’t see the Featured section, it might be disabled. In that case, scroll up to the top of your profile and select Add Section, then Featured, followed by Media. You can then skip to step #6 in this guide.

5. Otherwise, if you do have the Featured section and have clicked Add featured or the plus + icon, in the drop-down that appears, select Media.

6. In the file upload window that appears, locate the resume document you want to upload. Click it and select Open.

7. A preview of the document will appear, as will boxes to give your resume a Title and Description. Only the Title is required.

8. Once you’ve filled out the title and description, click Save.

Lack Of Customizing For Different Jobs

Every job is different and when I apply for different jobs, I tweak my resume accordingly to ensure that recruiter feels I am the right fit for the job.

Because you cannot control which recruiter will be viewing your profile and resume, you might miss out on fantastic opportunities with your dream company if the recruiter downloads an outdated or ânon-customizedâ resume.

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Upload Your Resume Via Job Application Settings

The first method of uploading your resume is via LinkedIn’s Job Application Settings. LinkedIn allows you to upload multiple resumes so you can automatically add them to any job you’re applying for via the LinkedIn platform.

First, click here to go to page.

Next, look for the Manage Your Resumes section. You’ll see a button labeled Upload Resume. Click that to upload any and all resumes to LinkedIn’s system :

Now your resume will be saved and ready for any jobs that you apply to using LinkedIn!

As I mentioned, you can upload a maximum of four resumes which is a good idea if you’re applying for different job titles or roles in different industries.

How To Add A Resume To Linkedin

How to Upload Resume to LinkedIn in 2021

April 8, 2020 | By Lauren McAdams| Reviewed by Howard Davies, CPRW

Not sure how to add your resume to LinkedIn, or even if you should?

After providing two suggestions for anyone interested in uploading their resume to this powerful career platform, well show you how to add your own resume to your LinkedIn profile so you can attract more recruiters and energize your job hunt.

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How Do I Add A Resume When Applying For A Job On Linkedin

1. Find a job that interests you using the .

2. Click on the job description and select the Easy Apply button.

3. Fill in all the required fields.

4. Under Resume, select Upload resume and upload your file. You can also choose one of your previously added resumes.

5. Click Submit application when ready.

Note: only some job postings will have the Easy Apply option.

Situations Where You Should Upload Your Resume To Linkedin

The most common reason to upload your resume to LinkedIn is when you’re using the platform to apply for jobs. As you saw above, LinkedIn makes it easy to store several versions of your resume directly on their platform.

If you’re using LinkedIn to search for and apply for jobs, that feature makes things a lot more efficient! Instead of having to find and upload the most recent copy of your resume for every job, you can just leverage the versions you have stored on the platform!

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How To Upload Your Resume To Linkedin: Linkedin Post

Making a LinkedIn post of your resume is one option to let your network know youre in the market for a job while also getting feedback.

Heres how to share your resume as a LinkedIn post:

  • This can be found in the oval box in the top-center part of your LinkedIn feed.

  • The icon looks like a document and is third from the left at the bottom of the Create a post screen.

  • Choose where to upload the file from. You can upload directly from your computer, from Dropbox, or from Google Drive. We recommend using a PDF file.

  • Select Done. At the bottom right of the screen.

  • People can now download this file from the post. Its not usually the best method, but it can be a lowkey way of putting out a feeler to all of your connections.

    How To Add Your Resume To Linkedin

    How To Upload Your Resume To LinkedIn – Quick and Easy

    Not sure how to add your resume to LinkedIn? Follow our steps below to correctly upload a resume to the worlds largest professional networking website.

    There are two ways to add your resume to LinkedIn after the platforms latest 2020 redesign:

  • Add your resume to your profile as featured media.
  • Upload a resume every time you apply for a job using LinkedIns Easy Apply function.
  • You can also if you keep your profile up to date, which is handy if you need a resume fast.

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    How To Upload Resume On Linkedin

    1. Open LinkedIn and select the Me profile icon in the top right corner.

    2. Select View profile and click on More.

    3. Select Build a resume from the dropdown menu.

    4. To add your resume, select Upload resume.

    Note: You can also directly upload and manage your resume from the Job Application Settings page.

    Should I Upload My Resume To Linkedin

    Before uploading your resume to LinkedIn, you should think about what kind of impact that could have on your job search and your privacy.

    While it is an option, uploading your resume to your profile may not be the best decision and you should think carefully before you do.

    Your LinkedIn profile is a public space all of your connections will have access to that information. But the information posted on LinkedIn versus your usual resume has one huge difference: contact information.

    On your resume, you may have your address, phone number, and other personal information. Do you want that readily accessible to anyone who is a connection of yours on LinkedIn?

    For many profiles, if someone has your profile link, they can read everything posted on your profile. Dont make it easy for your identity to get stolen.

    If you upload your resume to your profile, you might come across as desperately looking for a job, which just fuels the question, if they are such a good candidate, why are they so desperate?

    Your resume should be specific for each job, tweaked to perfection so that recruiters know you are specifically qualified for that particular position. If you put it on your profile, then you dont allow room for tailoring the resume to job applications.

    In other words, it can appear lazy to upload your resume to LinkedIn, especially if you do this instead of building a LinkedIn profile.

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    Remove Personal Information From Your Resume

    Your resume likely contains certain bits of information you dont want broadcast across the internet. While such information might be useful for a recruiter or hiring manager, LinkedIn is a public platform. Your personal details could fall into unwanted hands if youre not careful.

    Specifically, if you put your address on your resume, anyone who landed on your page and viewed your resume could see where you live.

    Other information you should consider removing from your resume header or contact section includes your:

  • phone number
  • graduation date
  • How To Download Your Linkedin Profile As A Resume

    How to upload your resume to LinkedIn and allow prospective employers ...

    Just like it allows you to upload your resume online, LinkedIn also lets you download your profile on the platform as a resume.

    All LinkedIn profiles feature a Save as PDF tab that will take your LinkedIn profile and save it on your device as a PDF.

    This PDF will contain everything youve listed on LinkedIn, including your education, work experience, and skills.

    To download your LinkedIn profile as a resume, the first thing you need to do is open LinkedIn in a web browser on your computer.

    After selecting the profile icon at the top, click View Profile.

    On the profile page, right below the profile picture, click More and select Save to PDF.

    In a few seconds, your download will begin and the PDF will show all the information included in your profile.

    Now, if you want to add, update, or omit certain elements from the profile before saving it, you can use LinkedIns resume tool to do so. Once youre pleased with the result, you can hit Save.

    However, the real question here is, is using a LinkedIn profile as a resume a good idea?

    The answer is no.

    The LinkedIn resume is simply not that effective for several reasons:

    Want to use a tried-and-tested resume template instead? Check out the Novorésumé resume builder!

    Its super easy to use and comes with 16 tried-and-tested templates. And the best part? Our resumes look super slick!

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    Bonus: How To Write A Powerful Curriculum Vitae

    In this bonus part, we will see how to optimize your chances of being replied by a recruiter at the first glance of your resume.

    If you follow this part in addition to the previous ones, you can expect to find opportunities much faster than you might think.

    First, you need to distinguish and improve the content and style of your resume. In 2021 and even more in the future, graphic design will become an important part of selecting a resume. It is the reflection of your profile.

    Regarding the content, here is our best advices

    • Add a photo of you with your best smile.
    • Make sure to clearly state the title of the position you are looking for at the top of your resume.
    • Describe your personal profile in a few catchy lines under your name. It should make people thirsty to read the rest of your resume.
    • Fill in your educational background as clearly as possible, and add the logos of organizations.
    • Talk about your past professional experiences and the tasks you have already performed, mentioning the skills you have acquired.
    • Fill in as many certifications obtained to boost the authority of your resume .
    • Focus your resume on your skills and qualities and make sure that they match those required in your target position.

    About the design

    And there you have it, thanks to this article, you now know how to add resume to LinkedIn to reach your professional goals!

    Furthermore, follow the complete guide on prospecting for your business here!

    Option : Upload Your Cv To Your Profile

    A CV uploaded directly to your profile is not used when you apply for jobs from LinkedIn, but it can be seen and downloaded by everyone who views your page. To add your CV this way:

  • Log on and select the option to view your profile.

  • Expand the ‘Features’ menu and choose ‘Media’ at the bottom.

  • Select your CV file to upload from the window that pops up.

  • Hit the ‘Save’ button.

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    Upload A Resume To Linkedin Using Easy Apply

    The best way to add your resume to LinkedIn is to upload a targeted resume each time you apply for a job using LinkedIns Easy Apply function.

    Follow these steps to upload your resume to LinkedIn during the job application process:

    Step 1: Search for a job using the .

    Step 2: Find a job listing with an Easy Apply icon. Click on the job for more information.

    Step 3: Click the Easy Apply button and complete the required fields.

    Step 4: Select Upload Resume to add a resume file.

    Step 5: Click Submit Application.

    LinkedIn will store your four most recent resumes, which allows you to update your resumes and target different jobs. You can find your saved resumes under , and easily change them.

    If you want to get your resume off LinkedIn, you can remove it by clicking delete on the application settings page or featured media page, depending on where you uploaded it.

    Answer Questions That The Employer Will Ask

    How to Upload Your Resume to LinkedIn

    As you add your resume to LinkedIn, it is important to read it through the lens of a future employer. Consider the questions that they will ask themselves as they assess whether you show the appropriate skills and experience for their open position. You can gather this information by reading through descriptions for your desired job and reflecting on previous interview questions that you have encountered within the field. Be sure that your resume addresses the qualifications needed to obtain the position you desire in order to get called for an interview.

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    Upload Your Resume Via Linkedin’s Easy Apply

    Using the Job Application Settings method can make things easy, but you might want to go a bit deeper with the personalization of your resume as it relates to the roles you’re applying for.

    Personally, I recommend creating a unique resume for each role that you apply for. You can use a tool like to scan your existing resume, compare it to the job description, and see where you need to improve:

    If you want to upload a custom resume for each role, this method is going to be the best option for you . Here’s how it works:

    First, find the job you want to apply for on LinkedIn.

    Next, click the Easy Apply button . We’ll use this Key Account Manager role at LinkedIn as an example:

    On the first screen, you’ll need to fill out your contact information and your location.

    When you click Next, you’ll see the resume screen where you’ll be able to upload your custom resume for this specific role. The same rules around file type and size apply here:

    Once your resume upload is complete, finish the form and hit Submit Application! Your application will be sent to the company with the custom resume that you created just for this role.

    How To Upload Your Resume To Linkedin

    If you want to display your resume on your LinkedIn profile, here are step-by-step instructions on how to upload your resume to LinkedIn.

    LinkedIn is the number-one online networking tool for professionals and job seekers. With that in mind, it might make sense to upload a resume to LinkedIn. But thats not really how LinkedIn is meant to be used.

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    Apply Simply With Easy Apply

    LinkedIn posts millions of jobs on its site . When you find a job you want to apply for, LinkedIn’s Easy Apply option will come in handy. Note that if the job posting only has an âApplyâ option, you’ll visit an external site to fill out an application directly with the company. Here’s how to add your resume to a job posted on LinkedIn when the Easy Apply option is available:

    1. Pull up the job listing for which youâd like to apply.

    2. If Easy Apply is an option that the job poster has allowed, youâll click the blue button that says âEasy Apply.â

    3. A window will pop up that asks for some information. Make sure you’ve filled this out correctly, then click “Next.”

    4. Use the “Upload Resume” button to find your resume file from your computer or device, upload it, and click next.

    5. There will be a few additional prompt slides asking you for a bit more information.

    6. The last prompt gives you a chance to review your application. Make sure all information is correct, then click “Submit Application.”

    Save Different Resumes To Linkedin For Job Applications

    How To Upload Your Resume to LinkedIn in 2020 [Easy, with Pictures] ð

    Its time-consuming to upload a different resume every time you apply to a new job.

    Luckily, LinkedIn allows you to store different resume versions. This way, you can easily select and send to an employer whenever you apply to jobs on the platform.

    First, go to Me on the LinkedIn toolbar and then to Settings & Privacy.

    Next, click on Job seeking preferences. Select Change under Job application settings.

    From here, simply upload different versions of your resume. LinkedIn will save up to four versions of your resume for easy access when youre applying for jobs.

    When to upload: Youre actively applying for a variety of jobs on LinkedIn, each requiring a tailored resume. For example, say that youre applying for marketing and sales jobs.

    You have one resume targeted at Sales Rep positions while another is designed for Marketing Manager positions. Upload both resume options and use when applying to sales and marketing jobs.

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    How Do You Update Your Resume On Linkedin

    To update your resume on LinkedIn, simply follow the same procedure as when you first uploaded it.

    For Job Application Settings:

  • Go to the Jobs tab in the navigation bar.
  • Go to your profile page.
  • Choose Media in the drop-down menu labeled Featured.
  • Find the file on your computer and click Open.
  • Find The Following Steps To Upload A Resume To Your Linkedin Profile On The Desktop:

  • Click on the profile page
  • On the profile page, click on the More icon which is next to the Add profile section which is the top profile editing area.
  • Select resume to upload or create using your LinkedIn profile
  • You can upload multiple resumes and at the same time, you can and delete. After the upload recruiters will be able to download the same
  • Additionally, you can download your Linkedin profile as a PDF document

    A complete Linkedin profile can bring you great job opportunities. I believe the above information has helped you. To help others, like share and write your comments or feedback below.

    Watch the below video for step-by-step details:

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