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Find My Resume On Indeed

Use The Right Search Operators And Keywords

How to Search for Resumes on Indeed | Indeed US

Indeed has advanced search features that you can use to view relevant and better jobs. Here are some search operators to speed up your job search.

  • Use quotes to find jobs that use the exact phrase. For example: marketing manager.
  • If youre looking for jobs in a specific company, mention the company name after company:. For example: company:MakeUseOf.
  • Use title: before entering the job title. For example: title: Sales Representative.
  • To exclude certain terms, use minus sign before the word. For example: -intern.

Similarly, using the right keyword will ensure that you see relevant jobs. The best way to do this is to start typing a broader term or role and view the autocomplete recommendations. The job title varies in every organization, so enter different things like your industry, skills, field, and department.

It Makes Your Job Search Public


Posting your resume on LinkedIn changes your job search from a private one to a public one. It practically screams, “I’m looking for a job!” While it helps your job search for the trusted people of your professional network to be quietly notified that you’re looking for new opportunities, it does not help to announce it to the world.

Why? Because recruiters, employers, potential clients, and quality networkers are looking for top candidates. Top candidates are, by definition, people who are in demand. A top candidate, therefore, rarely “needs” a job, although he or she is open to opportunities. By publicly screaming, “I’m looking for a job!” you are simultaneously announcing that you are not a top candidate.

Your LinkedIn profile needs to showcase your value and appeal, not your desperation.

Send Assessments To Screen For Skills And Knowledge

As candidates apply, you have the option to schedule pre-built assessments that screen for certain skills such as typing, personality fit, and more. You can send assessments to applicants once youve reviewed their resume or you can add them to your job so theyre automatically sent to anyone who applies.

These assessment results can save you time, and help you filter by qualifications that are better tested instead of asked. Learn more about how to best use Indeed Assessments to find the right fit for your role.

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Where Do I Find My Resume

The Download Resume button can be found to the right of your resume on a desktop or laptop and at the bottom of the page on your mobile device.

Can someone see if you search them on LinkedIn?

While they will be notified someone is looking at their profile, if you change your settings to be completely anonymous when viewing other peoples profiles, then they will not be able to identify you.

Does LinkedIn show how many times you view a profile?

Located about halfway down your LinkedIn homepage on the right-hand side is a boxWhos Viewed My Profilethat gives you two statistics: how many times your profile has been viewed in the last seven days and how many times you have appeared in search results in the last seven days.

My Resume Is Attached For Your Review And Consideration

How to Use Indeeds Advanced Resume Search to Find Great Candidates ...

This way of saying the phrase communicates the same premise, but it’s more suggestive. Instead of telling the recipient to find the resume, this method simply acknowledges that the resume is available and suggests that they can review and consider it if they choose to do so. This rephrasing is subtle, but the purpose is still very clear.

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Compete For Great Talent

  • Search a diverse and active talent pool

    With over 200 million resumes on Indeed, you can reach candidates for nearly any role, industry or location.

  • Zero in on the right talent

    Identify relevant talent with over 25 search filters. Reach out to candidates immediately using email.

  • Keep your pipeline organized

    Organize your pipeline into projects to align with your workflow. Easily monitor candidate responses.

  • Manage your account with agility

    Work with no long-term contracts or commitments. Manage subscriptions at the recruiter level. Keep track of account activity and performance.

  • Sign Up For A Subscription Plan

    To review resumes and contact potential candidates, you must sign up for a subscription plan. Indeed Resume offers three no-commitment subscription plans: Professional Trial, Standard, and Professional. Each tier is feature-rich to help you zero in on the right candidate by searching a diverse and active talent pool.

    Professional Trial

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    Monitor Your Application Status

    During your job search, its pretty easy to forget how many jobs you have applied to and how many of them have responded. The good news is, Indeed gives a simple way for you to track your jobs.

    On the My Jobs page, you can see the jobs that youve saved, applied for, or have been interviewed for. Using this feature, you can monitor your job statuses and organize your applications in a single place.

    How To Search For A Specific Individual

    Viewing Your Resume on Indeed

    The easiest way to search for a specific persons resume on Indeed is to use the top search feature. Type information about the individual, such as name and location. Indeed will search the text of all resumes to find ones that match this exact criteria and provide a listing of candidates.

    Provide specific information to find candidates by name and location.

    You may want to use this type of search if someone suggests you talk to a candidate, and you want to learn more about them by looking for their specific resume online. Use as detailed information as you can to find your candidate. The results will list the last or current company position, education, and assessments.

    Note: Only candidates with their resumes set to public will show on the results page.

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    How To Replace An Indeed Resume

    If you currently have an Indeed Resume that you built on our site, you can replace it by clicking “Delete my Indeed Resume” on the right side of your Resume. Please note that by deleting your Indeed Resume, your Profile section will also be deleted. When you upload a new resume, you may need to re-enter information in your Profile section.

    Once you have deleted your Indeed Resume, you can upload a new resume file by clicking “Upload your resume” and selecting the file youd like to upload from your device. If you do not have an existing file to upload and youd like to create a resume from scratch, you can go through the Indeed Resume creation process by clicking the option “Create a new resume.”

    Access Company Reviews And Salary Search Features

    Another great resource that you can access from your account is the Company reviews and Find salaries features found on the top left of the webpage.

    Using these features, you will be able to research your targeted companies and salary range of your preferred job positions.

    From the Company reviews tab, you will get all the information about a company, such as employee reviews, company culture, work-life balance, salary ranges and benefits, and available jobs. You can also Follow the company for new job postings.

    From the Find salaries tab, you will get to know the average salaries of all the jobs based on location. You will also see career advice and FAQs regarding the job title you entered.

    You can use these features to gain knowledge about your preferred companies and positions to further streamline your job search process.

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    What Are Company Pages

    Indeed Company Pages include more than 400+ million ratings and reviews. On Company Pages, candidates can see what makes your company a great place to work and hear directly from current and former employees. Just as online reviews influence nearly every purchase decision made by todays consumers, the same is true when researching prospective employers. Candidates who follow your Company Page will also get updates on new content and jobs as they become available, increasing engagement with your talent brand. Claim your Company Page today to tell your story, and encourage employees to add photos and reviews.

    Should Indeed Be Notifying Employers About Cv Changes

    Indeed Resume Search

    So, while we’ve established why the notification feature can be helpful for everyone involved, should Indeed be notifying employers about CV changes?

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    The answer gets a little complicated. As we’ve seen, these notifications aren’t intended for your current employer, rather potential employers for job roles you’ve applied for. Unfortunately, Indeed only sends out these notifications to current employers due to user error on the employer’s partand Indeed can’t help that.

    When reaching out to Indeed, the company explained that the feature isn’t designed to report on employees:

    Indeeds mission is to help people get jobs. We put jobseekers first in everything we do, and protecting their privacy is of the utmost importance. Indeed does not provide insights to an employer on their employees job search activity.

    If a jobseeker chooses to make their CV public on Indeed, then an employer can access that persons publicly available CV. When a jobseeker applies to an employers open role, an employer can leverage Indeeds hiring solutions to manage where candidates are in the employers recruiting process.

    It’s pretty clear that Indeed isn’t reporting on employees on purpose, but it can have consequences for you in your career. The onus to correctly use Indeed is certainly on employers, but perhaps both the company and Indeed can do more to prevent this accidental issue.

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    How Much Does Indeed Charge Per Click

    The cost of posting a job on Indeed starts at $0. Sponsored job postings range from $0.10 to $5 per click. The cost-per-click is for each job seeker who clicks on your post, even if they dont apply. For more information on how to post a job, and the details surrounding free and sponsored posts, just keep reading!

    Should I Upload My Resume To Job Boards


    You should be uploading your resume to online job boards as many hiring managers and recruiters search these sites for qualified candidates.

    Most job search sites allow you to upload your resume. You would typically do this when registering for an account.

    Sites like Indeed charge employers a fee to browse through their pool of resumes. They also allow you to quickly apply for jobs with one click once your resume is uploaded.

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    It’s Not The Best Way To Display Your Professional Skills


    Resumes work best when they are tailored to specific job openings or employers. Posting your resume online means you have given up the chance to best present your resume to any legitimate recruiters or employers who view it. And the substance of the resume should be worked into your LinkedIn profile anyway.

    Remember: if your LinkedIn profile is compelling, then a legitimate recruiter or employer surfing through LinkedIn will contact you. And then you can decide whether to provide your resume.

    So, in conclusion, posting your resume online gives you additional risk, but no reward.

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  • 8Bottom Line
  • Indeed Resume is the Indeed for Employers feature that allows a free search of over 25 million resumes. Using simple and advanced tools, you can search job candidates who may be a great fit for your open positions. However, to contact potential new hires directly through Indeed Resume, you must purchase a subscription .

    This ultimate guide will show you how to search for resumes on Indeed and use its sorting and filtering options to find the best candidates fast. You can also for contacting potential candidates once youve found them.

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    Consider The Format And Size Of The Attachment

    It’s essential that you send a file that is easy to open and small in size. This is especially important if the recipient needs to open the document on their mobile device. If a file is too big, then sometimes you cannot send it or the recipient has to wait a long time to open it. Certain decorative and formatting details in a resume can make the file too large, so try to design your resume to be as simple as possible. If needed, you can also use online file compression applications to shrink the size of your resume.

    Should I Apply To Jobs Using An Indeed Resume

    This is what you should know when applying to jobs with an Indeed resume.

    Okay friends.. I cannot believe how many of my clients don’t know this, and it could be preventing so many of you from putting your best foot forward.

    If you’ve designed your resume to look presentable in ANY way, or use ANY sort of resume template, no matter how basic, this is for you!

    When you sign up or log into, it always asks you to create an “Indeed Resume.”

    If you create one of these, you’ll notice that it’s EXTREMELY basic.

    You also have the choice to upload the nicely designed PDF version of your real, unique and more modern resume.

    BUT, when you go to actually apply to jobs, if it says “Apply using your Indeed resume,” it will send the employer that basic, boring version, the Indeed resume, NOT your actual PDF resume!

    And most jobs on Indeed accept that basic Indeed resume version, so Indeed applies to MOST jobs with that terrible version.

    So, Indeed is applying to MOST jobs for you with the basic, plain text resume, and NOT your nice PDF resume.

    So many of my customers create beautiful, unique resumes using my designs in order to STAND OUT from the competition, only to get lost in the crowd with a basic, boring resume when they apply on Indeed.

    So, how do you make sure the employer gets your nice, unique PDF version instead?

    Don’t create an Indeed resume, at all.

    Just apply to each job with the PDF. And while you’re at it, tailor that PDF resume to each job you apply to .


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    View Company Reviews And Salaries

    Indeed has a huge collection of company reviews that gives you an overview of the company. There are separate ratings for work-life balance, pay and benefits, job security and advancement, management, and culture, which gives you more insight into your potential employer.

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    If youre applying for a position in a multinational company, you can filter the reviews by location and language to see the relevant employees feedback. Similarly, you can view the salaries for different locations and roles to get an idea of your potential pay.

    How To Upload Your Resume In 5 Steps:

    Find My Resume In Indeed

    Step OneRegister your account by answering the questions asked on the site. Or simply sign up with your Facebook account. If you already have an account, then sign in by entering your username and password.

    Step TwoUpload your resume on the site with the recommended file formats: Word, PDF, RTF, or TXT.

    Step ThreeSave your resume using any of these formats on Indeed as well as a backup on your own computer.

    Step FourOnce the upload process has been completed, you can view and edit your resume anytime. You can also add sections later on if needed. For example, if youve recently just received a certification, you can update your Indeed Resume with this information.

    Step FiveClick on the View Resume button before sending it to any potential employer. This enables you to proofread and check for any errors. Its important to see what the final copy of your resume will look like before employers do.

    If you want to delete your resume and start from scratch, click on Remove Your Resume.

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    How To Upload Your Resume

    If you already have a resume saved on your device, click on the “Upload resume” button and select the file you would like to upload. This action will automatically populate the text fields with your information. Indeed creates your resume using a standardized format that allows you to easily apply to job postings using our platform. When you initially upload your resume, its visibility will be set to public. To change your resume visibility settings, feel free to read our article on .

    When uploading your resume, make sure that the file is text-based. We recommend uploading a file type that is either a Word document , a PDF created from a text file , or a plain .txt, .rtf, .html, or .odt file. Also, be sure that your file is no greater than 5 MB in size.


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