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What To Put On A Resume For Waitress

Resume Summary Example : Show Off That Sparkling Personality


Just like a waitress, the summary of your waitress resume is an expert multitasker. Its the best place to catch an employers interest and convince the reader to keep reading. The best resume summary recipe includes a sprinkle of your strongest attributes, a dash of previous experience and a taste of your most impressive accomplishments.

An impressive summary should highlight your strongest personal and professional characteristics, along with key facts. How many years of experience do you have? Were you a top earner at your last restaurant? What skills did you master? Maybe its bartending, maybe its upselling the menu. Whatever your greatest strength is as a waitress, now is the time to mention it. If you have formal training or certifications, give hiring managers a taste for that, too. They can read the details later.

How To Describe Previous Server Experience On A Resume

There are several approaches you can use to highlight your serving experience on your resume. For instance, you might start with your most recent job first and provide details about the skills you developed and the positive effects you had in your past role.

You can refer to the following steps to help you include server experience on your resume:

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Example Waiter/waitress Job Description

Maggios Ristorante is seeking an energetic, enthusiastic server candidate with knowledge of Italian cuisine and wine to join our front of house team. We focus on locally-sourced, sustainable food, and work directly with nearby farms to support a daily-changing menu.


  • Provide warm, professional, and knowledgeable service to all guests. Make suggestions and answer questions regarding food, beverages, and service
  • Practice salesmanship to enhance the dining experience without allowing guests to over order
  • Take and process guests food and beverage orders using Upserve POS system
  • Ensure all food and beverages are served promptly
  • Observe restaurant diners to ensure that guests are satisfied: immediately recognize and respond to any guest needs and/or requests
  • Correctly present the guest check and process payment for all food and beverages sold
  • Practice teamwork by assisting fellow employees as needed
  • Correctly complete all closing, sidework and checkout duties in a timely manner


  • At least 2 years experience working in fine dining restaurants
  • A warm and outgoing personality and a passion for our industry
  • Excellent people skills and the ability to remain calm under pressure
  • A good understanding of Italian cuisine and wine
  • The desire and ability to work well with others
  • Experience with Upserve POS system a plus

According to this job description, the following skills are the most important:

Waitress, Carmichaels Italian Steakhouse, New York City, NY

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Sixth Describe Your Hard Skills

You might also consider including your hard skills like handling money transactions, running a cash register or using point-of-service order input software to take and communicate customer orders. You might also include how you keep your serving sections organized or other examples of your hard skills.

Summary For A Server Resume

Waitress Resume Sample

Instead of a resume objective, which used to be par-for-the-course, resumes now need to include a resume summary. Summaries, which go at the top of your resume with your contact information, give your potential employers a quick and memorable overview of your traits, skills, and experience.

Good Example for a Server Resume Summary

Positive and friendly Restaurant Server with experience working in a fast-paced food preparation environment. People skills proven by success as a bartender with the highest tip percentage of the bars staff.


Server seeking waitressing position with Millson Diner. Active church choir participant as well as B.A. student in Music.

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What Are The Restaurant Industry

Working in a restaurant is not as easy as going to a restaurant and having a meal, because the knowledge of the restaurant procedures is more important to become a professional waiter. Therefore do not forget to mention at least 5 hard / technical / industry-specific skills in your resume.

Here are some restaurant industry-specific skills of a waiter.

  • Cash register
  • Knowledge of service types:- American service, Silver service, Russian service, English service



Write A Great Waiter Or Waitress Job Description And Restaurant Skills Sections

Think of your resume as a many-course meal, each course being a particular resume section.

In that case, youve just come to the main dish

The waiter or waitress work history section.

Heres how to describe previous work experience on a resume for waiter jobs:

  • Go in reverse-chronological order, listing your current or most recent job position first.
  • Add your job title, the date range you worked there, the name of the place, and its location.
  • Next, add job responsibilities you had to your waitress resume description. Document them strategically in a way that is relevant to the current waitress job duties.
  • Whenever possible, include a key win or accomplishment with numbers to showcase your talent in the waitress job description for resumes.

Now, here are waiter or waitress resume examples of job descriptions:

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Quantify Serving Experiences And Achievements

Specific numbers and skills are a good way to demonstrate your value as a waiter or waitress to potential employers. Restaurants often evaluate waitstaff on things such as how many patrons they serve, how much revenue they bring in to the restaurant, and whether they are already familiar with the technology the restaurant uses. Its a good idea to keep track of this information, so you can include it on your resume when you apply for future jobs. Serving is often a fast-paced, demanding job, and managers will often seek employers who can perform well under pressure.

Example #1


Provided prompt, accurate food and beverage service to an average of 80 guests across 8 tables per shift, with increased volume on weekends and holidays

Served food and drinks to customers in a high-volume restaurant

Example #2


Utilized cross-selling techniques to increase sales of appetizers and desserts by 15% during a three-month period

Encouraged customers to order additional items to increase sales

What Are Good Skills To Put On A Resume For A Waitress

Waitress Resume

Skills to include on waiter/waitress resume include:

  • Point-of-sale systems.

Secondly, What are the qualities of a good waitress?

10 Must Have Qualities to be a Great Waiter

  • Patience. If you want to be a great waiter you want to start by being a patient person.
  • Accommodating.
  • Stamina and Ability to Work for Long Hours.
  • Ability to Hide Your Moods.

Also What are the skills of a server? Examples of Server Skills

  • Be an Excellent Communicator. A good communicator listens even more than they talk.
  • Have Good Time Management Skills. A server must have good time management.
  • Attention to Detail.

In fact How do I make my server sound good on resume?

How to Make Waitressing Sound Good on a Resume

  • Spice up your resume summary.
  • Mention your waitressing skills.
  • Change your job experience section.
  • Group your waitressing jobs.
  • Put testimonials on your resume.
  • Tailor your resume to your future job.
  • Should you put waitressing on your resume?
  • Other formatting tips for your resume.
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    What Should You Consider When You Add A Photo To Your Resume

    The waiter is a direct relation with the customer in the restaurant. Therefore, a pleasant and professional look of a waiter will draw the customers to the restaurant again. Also, the recruiters who hire the waiters are usually seeking an attractive person as their waiter.

    This is not about your look or skin color. An attractive smile is the best answer. So, if you add a photo to your resume, do not forget to add a professional-looking photograph with an attractive smile. Then the recruiters will be impressed.

    But if you think that adding a photo to your resume will affect you badly, it is better to choose a photo-free resume layout. But, whatever your mind says, if the job advertisement requests a photo from you, you should add a photo in your resume.


    Spice Up Your Resume Summary

    Your resume summary is a brief paragraph where you summarize your past job experience, skills, and what you want for your next job.

    It’s almost like an elevator pitch for your career. Simply put, it’s a way for you to sell yourself.

    If you want to continue waitressing, write a summary focusing on your serving experience:

    Summary:I have over 6 years of experience working in upscale restaurants, helping maintain high serving standards. Experience with POS systems and increasing restaurant profits through careful customer suggestions. Looking forward to helping your establishment become more successful.

    If you want to pivot your career into something else, focus on your soft skills while downplaying your serving experience:

    Summary:I have over 6 years of customer service experience, dealing with customers on a day-to-day basis, handling money, and working in a dynamic and fast-paced environment. Looking forward to transferring my skills to your business and help you be more successful.

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    What Job Details Should Be Included In A Server Resume

    As a waitress or a waiter, there are several types of details that you can include in your work experience section of your resume. The type of job descriptions you include in your resume should reflect your experience working in the hospitality industry. For instance, you might include examples of your customer service skills, how you have helped past restaurants create repeat business or other professional accomplishments that show employers your competency as a server. You can also include examples of your job responsibilities and the tasks you may perform, both regular duties and additional tasks.

    What To Include In The Work Experience Section Of A Waiter

    Server &  Waitress Resume Sample

    The above image shows you what is the most important information in the work experience section. Check whether you have compressed all information that the above image represented in your work experience section.

    When you provide a set of complete information with the job title, employment duration, restaurant name, location, and 3-6 bullet points of your career achievements, the recruiters will be able to understand your scope in the restaurant industry easily.

    Example from an Expert

    Glorious Palace Hotel and Restaurant, Florida

    • Entered more than 500 orders into the POS system of the restaurant.
    • Handled both bar and restaurant sections in an efficient manner.
    • Delivered more than 100 room service orders on time.


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    What Qualifications Do You Need To Be A Waitress

    Although you dont need formal qualifications to be a waitress, the following could help:

    • An understanding of various cuisines and a personal interest in food preparation.
    • Professional certifications, such as an NVQ in Hospitality Supervision.
    • An excellent memory for orders and special dietary requirements.
    • The ability to multi-task.

    Is An Education Section Important To A Waiter / Waitress

    Why not? Though a high school diploma is the minimum educational qualification to be a waiter, you should mention it in the education section. Because being an educated waiter is as important as being a skillful and experienced waiter.

    At the same time, If you have followed a course or training which covers the fundamentals of restaurant management you can mention that qualification in the resume. That will be an added advantage for your eligibility to be a waiter.

    As the above image represents you should mention the type of diploma, course duration, high school name, and location as proof of your educational background.

    If you have done any task that can prove your talent and uniqueness in your high school, you can mention them in bullet points. For example Cleaned and assisted to clean the classroom every day, Engaged with more than 500 students and 50 teachers in a friendly manner, awarded as the most popular student of the year in 2005 etc.

    Example from an Expert

    High School Diploma 2014/Jan to 2016/JanTownsend Harris High School, New York


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    How To Arrange The Resume Header Of A Waiter

    Full name is not needed:- It is better to mention only your first and last name. But do not mention a shortened form of your name or your nicknames in your resume header.

    Add a descriptive job title:- First, check the job position mentioned in the job advertisement. It may be a Waiter / Waitress, Food & Beverage Waiter / Waitress, Server, Restaurant Server, etc. Then add the exact same title as your job title. That will really impress the recruiters.

    Do not list all contact numbers:- Mention only one contact number which is very personal to you.

    Why a professional Email:- If you add an email address with fancy words the recruiters will create a bad image of you. So, use the same professional email to send the resume and mention it in the resume.

    Social media URLs:- There should be a purpose to mention social media URLs in your resume. Do not mention them just because others mention them. If you can reveal that you are a social worker, friendly and active person, your talent in sports or other matching fields for a waiter, exactly mention them. If not, leave them.


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    Fourth Highlight Your Customer Service Skills

    How to Write A Resume | Server & Retail Experience

    In each role you performed, you might consider highlighting how you applied your customer service skills. For instance, if a customer received a meal they did not order and you helped solve the conflict, highlight your customer service skills to describe how effective you are at conflict resolution. Since working as a server can rely heavily on your customer service skills, you might think about including these details in your resume.

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    Fifth Include Your Accomplishments For The Business

    If you have any accomplishments in your past serving experience, you might consider including them in your resume. For instance, if you created and helped launch a fundraising event, a new product menu or a new type of food service like take-out or delivery, you can include details of these accomplishments in your work history. Employers typically like to see that potential hires value their companys values and overall mission.

    Common Key Skills And Action Verbs For Waiter/waitress Resumes

    In order to more efficiently review applications and identify the strongest job candidates, many employers now use applicant tracking systems, or ATS, software. These programs scan resumes for relevant keywords, making it easier for employers to identify the applicants who fit their needs. Using keywords relevant to your serving skills and experiences in your resume will increase your chances of getting recognized as a strong candidate. Below, we listed some of the most in-demand skills and proficiencies that you should be sure to highlight in your resume.

    Key Skills & Proficiencies
    Ability to work under pressure
    Basic math Cash and credit card handling skills
    Communication skills
    Knowledge of food and beverages Multitasking

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    Second List Your Serving Experiences In Chronological Order

    Include only the jobs you have performed as a server. As an example, if youre applying to a five-star restaurant you may want to omit your work experience if it is unrelated to the requirements of working in an upscale environment. Instead, you might include your job experiences that are relevant to working with restaurant staff, customers and the hospitality industry.

    Showcase Your Commitment To Providing Excellent Customer Service

    Waitress Resume Examples &  Writing Guide [+Skills Template]

    Being a waiter or waitress is all about being of service to restaurant patrons. As a waiter or waitress, you are doing more than taking orders and delivering food and drinks. You are helping customers have a pleasant, memorable experience. A key way of doing that is by providing attentive, thoughtful, friendly service. Restaurants want to know that the servers they hire will be reliable ambassadors who interact well with customers, even in stressful situations, so be sure to highlight your customer service skills on your resume, even if they were not specifically honed in the context of a restaurant.

    Example #1

    Anticipated customers needs by promptly refilling drinks, providing extra napkins, and clearing away empty plates.

    Checked in during meal to see if customers needed anything

    Example #2


    Memorize ingredients for menu items so I can clearly answer questions for guests who have allergies or dietary restrictions

    Ask kitchen staff and report back to customers if they have questions about menu items

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    Top Skills For A Food Server Resume

    Food servers interact with customers at restaurants to meet their dining needs and give them fast, accurate food service. To perform well and advance professionally, they need strong customer service, communication and other skills. These can take time and practice to develop. In this article, we will describe the skills a server needs, how to improve them and highlight them in a resume.

    How To Put Responsibilities On A Waitress Resume

    Using eye-tracking technology, online job platform The Ladders was able to determine that recruiters spend only 6 seconds scanning a resume. Based on the heat map created by the technology, it was revealed that most of the 6 seconds were used on the work experience section. This is why it is important to give the Duties and Responsibilities section serious thought.

    Even though the responsibilities are generally the same from one restaurant to the next, do your best to differentiate the tasks you managed per the previous employer.

    Heres an example of a generic Waiter and Waitress Duties and Responsibilities section that you should avoid using:

    Example of a poorly written resume

  • Greeted customers.
  • Brought customers to their table.
  • Provided menus.
  • Served food orders.
  • Cleaned tables.

    The responsibilities are short and to the point. However, there is nothing to pique the interest of the recruiter. Nothing that says, I am the best candidate for the job.

    The first thing you have to do is to review the job post. Find out what the restaurant requires of its waiters and waitresses.

    Lets look at the following job post:

    For Immediate Hiring: Waiters and Waitresses

  • At least 1-year work experience in a casual dining restaurant
  • Bilingual can converse in the Hispanic language
  • Familiar with popular Mexican cuisine
  • Knowledgeable in pairing beer and spirits with Mexican cuisine
  • Rosaritas is a Mexican restaurant that uses the concept of a 60s diner to present its menu.
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