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How To Get Free Resume Database

Bad Employees Cost A Lot Of Money

How to Search Resumes for Free

So how much does a bad employee really cost your company? Estimates range from a quarter of a million dollars to 30% of the employees salary. Every year, recruiters waste thousands and thousands of dollars on the wrong candidates for their jobs. Its imperative that your recruiting process yields the right candidate for you because choosing the wrong person can have a terrible impact on your business.

Finding the most qualified candidates is the most challenging part, and we help you with that! Remember, after identifying your prospects on our resume database, you can:

  • Review resumes
  • Establish status of job applications
  • Rate candidates
  • View history of job applications
  • Create private notes for your team members

Who Is This Cv Database For

This database is for you if, you are in an:

  • Organization, Company, Firm, MNC, Government-Owned Company, Freezone Company, Startup, SME, SOHO,
  • School, College, University, Private Coaching Class, Nursery, Kindergarten, Institute,
  • Bank, Investment Firm, Lending Institution, Financial Institution,
  • Hospital, Clinic, Nursing Home, Rehabilitation Center, Polyclinic,
  • Spa, Massage Parlor, Beauty Salon, Hair Dresser,
  • Hotel, Restaurant, Cafe, Diner, Fast Food Joint,
  • Shopping Mall, Retail Store, Amusement Park, Showroom, Department Store,
  • Engineering Firm, Architecture Firm, Construction Firm, Oil & Gas Company,
  • Legal & Law Firms,
  • Hardware Store, Grocery Store, General Trading Store, Import Export Firm,
  • Industry, Factory, Manufacturing Unit, Plant, etc.
  • …are located in any of the Middle East Countries, and are searching for that PERFECT CANDIDATE to fit a job vacancy, you can search for them HERE.


    You may ask why are these job-seeker details FREE, when others charge by the week/ month, or per batch of 25/ 50/ 100 candidates?

    PLEASE FILL UP YOUR DETAILS, if you are a job-seeker and wish to be listed here as well, then

    If you are a recruiter, and want to search for candidates, then please access the FREE Middle East CV database, and register with us as a recruiter.

    Fish Out The Wanted Recruiting Resume

    If you need to seek out the really suitable talent for a certain position in your company, use our complete talent acquisition platform to streamline this time- and cost-consuming quest. There is no need to endlessly surf the web while your business rivals are growing their revenues. Weve already taken care of your hiring activity and compiled 200M resume database via all possible public networks, such as LinkedIn, Stack Overflow, GitHub, Facebook, etc. However, such immense scales will be a no-brainer for you to handle and fish out the total fit in no time. The custom-tailored search tool that we provide will speed up your resume database search by location, skills, position, industry, and even a company name! Just fill out the needed gaps and hit the Search button. But bear in mind that the more requirements you enter the more chances to find a suitable recruiting resume.

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    Free Resume Search Sites:

    Search an unlimited amount of resumes and contact candidates for free.


    Search an unlimited amount of resumes and contact candidates for free.


    View 10 resumes for free per month.


    Get three resume views per day on the free plan.


    Search an unlimited amount of resumes and contact candidates for free.


    Search an unlimited amount of resumes and contact candidates for free.


    Employers can access a resume database with a free trial.


    Access a limited number of candidate profiles.


    TechFetch offers a 7-day free trial where employers can access up to 100 resumes.


    Employers get 10 resume views when they sign up for the 7-day free trial.


    Search an unlimited amount of resumes for free and pay to contact candidates.


    Search an unlimited amount of resumes and only pay when you want to contact employees.


    How To Use Targeted Job Posting And A Resume Database For Recruiting

    Database Administrator Resume Example With Content Sample ...

    Job boards still remain the most popular channel for jobseekers, and because 73% of these jobseekers will use job boards to find new opportunities, recruiters can take full advantage of a resume database to tap into those potential candidates who are not actively seeking employment.

    While there are 15+ free posting job sites out there, thousands more offer a combination of paid and free job posting services with a much better understanding of their resume database. Paid job postings could produce more candidates in a shorter time frame, and that can translate into making the right hire for your role.

    So which job posting boards should I choose?

    • Job boards that offer a flat rate challenge you with no guaranteed results and lots of unqualified candidates.
    • Job boards that offer a performance-based rate may offer you better results and much more value for your money.

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    Put Your Company On The Map

    Effective sourcing also means that candidates can easily find companies that are hiring. Job portals offer spaces for advertising: they usually put special banners for companies with current openings. In addition, they highlight job postings from premium accounts. On Glassdoor, candidates find both job ads and information about companies they consider applying to. You should aim to promote your company through Glassdoor to boost your employer brand. Eventually, youll encourage more candidates to consider your job opportunities.

    See how you can post to Multiple job boards with ease.

    What To Do When Theres A Potential Match

    So an employer asks to see your profile what do you do next?

    Try to open a dialogue with them. Finding out more about the role may give you the chance to tailor your resume specifically for that position. But if you dont get this opportunity, remember the profile or resume they see is one that hasnt been customised to their specific requirements so adjust your expectations accordingly.

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    Find Relevant Job Portals For Your Role

    To minimize time spent sourcing candidates through job portals, you need to look in the right places. We work remotely brings remote workers and employers closer together, whereas Mogul is the place to attract more women for tech roles. If youre offering paid internships, check out Way Up. You might find local job portals useful when you want to search in a limited geographical area. For Greek candidates, you should check out Skywalker, in Ireland, use IrishJobs. Job seekers in Australia prefer Seek and Cadremploi publishes job opportunities in France. Its best to research and test different portals, according to your specific needs. You should experiment and track your results to identify those sources that bring the most qualified candidates.

    The Odds Are Stacked Against You

    Indeed resume search techniques

    Have you registered with a few resume databases and not heard anything back? Dont be surprised.

    Most of these sites promote the number of registered people to their advertisers, employers and agencies. It is not uncommon for niche sites to have tens of thousands of resumes. Large generic sites can have hundreds of thousands, if not over a million, CVs from which employers can choose from. This hopefully gives you an idea of the low odds of an employer selecting yours.

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    Be Careful About What You Share

    When registering with an online resume database be sure to take your time during the application process. Most of the resume databases will enable you to change your privacy settings.

    Think carefully about who you want to have access to your details. Do you want to be contacted first before your details are released, or are you happy for anyone who requests your details to be able to download them straight away?

    Many of the larger sites will provide you with the option of removing identifiers. This is a good idea if you dont want your current employer to find out that you are looking to change roles! Job seekers often tell us that they only realised their profile was public when it was too late.

    Design That Leaves Much To Be Desired

    Some sites will offer you the option of using a resume builder or application form as part of the service. If you have the option, its better to upload a file of your original resume. The formatting of online resume builders and anything generated through an application form template is likely to leave a lot to be desired.

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    Find Best Indian Candidates Resumes To Recruit Speed Up Your Recruitment Process Accountant Resumes Engineers Resumes Marketing Resumes Mba Resumes At India’s First Full Fledged Job Wanted Portal

    Note from Resumes India Admin: Please Proceed to Submit Resumes! Its easy! The key is to add key words related to your work, experience, training etc in the Resume.


    • Invite Candidates
    • Advanced Search
    Companies will search the Resumes for “Keywords” and well presented Resumes are given Job Offers. Latest Job Offers, can be seen on the Right Panel.

    Job Posting And Distribution

    Database Administrator Resume Example

    Choosing the right job board for your recruiting process can be overwhelming, so we aim to make it easier for you by becoming your all-in-one recruiting platform. Are you used to managing all your recruiting tasks manually, going from job board to job board, posting your current job openings? Getting the word out there can be daunting, especially if you get a ton of job applications but few relevant to your position.

    MightyRecruiter helps you attract just the right pool of candidates to apply for your job. We get you a breadth of high-quality candidates and suggest how to make your job appealing to the right ones. Our top notch technology intelligently analyzes your job description to give you a list of extremely qualified candidates from two sources: jobseekers in our resume database and candidates who apply to your job ad from job boards.

    We rank candidates by relevance, so you can stop wasting time going through hundreds of resumes and focus on the most important prospects. In addition to job posting and distribution across leader job boards worldwide, youll also have the ability to post to social networks, promote your job and receive employee referrals.

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    Found Your Perfect Match

    Manage candidates through the full hiring process with our easy-to-use tools. If youve found a great new candidate or a silver medalist who almost filled a previous role reach out to them about your new opening. Who knows? Maybe he is the one youll recruit!

    MightyRecruiter really is your end-to-end recruiting solution that makes previously time-consuming tasks easy and effective.

    Choose us as your first option when youre hiring on a budget. You can search, filter, and contact jobseekers immediately. Just sign up for a free trial! You will have ten free views of any candidate in the system.

    Lets review what you can do with us!

    • Easily post to leading job boards and job sites
    • Promote your jobs via advertising partners
    • Search resume database of 21+ million resumes
    • Screen, rate, track, and communicate with candidates throughout hiring process
    • Machine learning algorithms rank your most relevant candidates at the top, to save you time
    • Manage employee referrals

    Access Over 15 Million Free Resumes In Hundreds Of Free Online Resume Databases Post Your Job Openings For Free At Over 100 Websites

    Are you looking for sites that offer free resumes with candidate contact information?

    Have you found one or two good free sites but wish you could find one single resource that offered links to hundreds of free resume databases?

    Are you ready to stop scouring the web looking for free resume sites, wasting time and energy, when you could be looking at millions of resumes instead? free resumes on the web, databases online, sites websites banks careers online web search jobpost candidates actively seeking employment jobseekers looking to find work We offer the solution!

    You can now have access to hundreds of free resume databases and job posting sites from one single location. You wont ever need to search for free resume or job posting sources again! Become a member now to access our list of more than 400

    * Free Resume Databases * Professional Association Sites with free resumes, great way to find niche candidates * Free Resume and Job Posting Newsgroups * Free Resume Distribution Sites that email you fresh resumes that match your needs * Free Student and Alumni Resumes on University Websites * Free Job Posting Sites Click Here to View A Demo of what we offer.

    This is an ever-growing resource. Our team continues to add new free resume and job posting sites to our lists.

    Signup today to get the following:

    • Healthcare, Doctors, Nurses and more
    • Hospitality
    • Work at Home candidates

    Membership Fees $49.99 for one-year $29.99 for 3-months

    Questions/Contact Us-

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    How To Choose The Best Resume Database For Your Needs

    There are countless resume databases on the internet, so it can be tough to find the best one for your companys recruiting needs. In general, heres what you should look for when evaluating a resume database:

    • Resume pool – how many resumes does the database have?

    • Search capabilities – can the system handle keyword and Boolean searches?

    • Result filtering and sorting options – can you easily pare down search results?

    • General ease of use – is the system user-friendly?

    • Sorting and notes features – can you organize and manage resumes within your account?

    • Candidate contact abilities – how easy is it to reach out to candidates?

    • Price – does the service provide a good value, and does it fit into your budget?

    • Customer service – how easy is it to get help when you need it?

    You may have to try several resume databases to discover which one is ideal for you. Be sure to keep notes on file to remember your experience with and impression of each website.

    Free Resume Databases For Employers: Search For Quality Candidates

    CA EDD Work Search – How To Create a Resume Fast With This Free Tool

    We all want something for free but, as the adage goes, often you get what you pay for. So, what is a recruiter with lofty goals and a meager hiring budget to do? Look for free resume databases for employers, of course!

    These often massive repositories give savvy sourcers the chance to expand their search beyond just those whove responded to their job posting, and they can also be great resources for building out a talent pipeline for future hiring.

    When it comes to evaluating the integrity of a free resume database, the first thing to look for is a created on date that will let you know when the resume was posted. This indicates whether the jobseeker was looking for work in 2017 or in 2007. Second, the free resume database should be high-volume, with thousands, if not millions, of resumes available for viewing at any given time. And, finally, finding a database that ensures relevancy matching will ensure that even rookie recruiters can find the best candidates fast!

    While many websites advertise that they offer free resume search, do be mindful that most then try to hook you into paying for the service by withholding important information or making it impossible to contact candidates. Weve come up with a list of 9 free resume databases for employers that will lighten your workloadand your wallet.

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    What Is A Resume Database And How Can It Help You

    A resume database is a searchable repository of candidate profiles. Sometimes, the professionals in the database get aggregated from other websites. Other times, candidates have to upload their profiles directly.

    It makes sense to use a resume database if you want to fill your open roles faster. Sourcing professionals from these repositories is a great way to augment your other candidate acquisition methods. By employing various recruiting strategies, youll increase your chances of finding your ideal candidates quickly.

    What Is So Unique About This Cv Database

    You will find each candidate with the 7 most important criteria, including experience, main employable skill set, highest education, and current designation.

    This will help you easily short-list the candidates that pass your basic criteria. Once you have this, you can then contact them for more details. So no need to go through tonnes of data just for shortlisting and selection.

    Short-list the ones you like and then call for their CV’s or resume’s and then make the decision. So your productivity increases and you get access to the best deserving candidates fit for the role.

    And the best part is…This is completely FREE for you. There is no charge to access this database. The data is given on this page, you just need to scroll down…

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    How To Improve Your Presence On Job Boards

  • Choose the right keywords. Keep in mind that job seekers mightnt search in every job board youre posting on. Sometimes, its easier for them to just Google the role theyre interested in. Use keywords that people are more likely to search for: A sales superstar may sound exciting, but it wont appear in a job seekers results for sales executive or sales associate.
  • Craft engaging job ads. Lets say that people who had previously subscribed to a job portal receive an email about a new job opening, but arent looking for a new job anymore. What would make them consider your opportunity? An attractive and informative job ad will. Even if theyre not interested in a new job anymore, they may share your job ad with other strong candidates.
  • Keep your information up-to-date. You dont want to mislead your candidates into thinking you have job vacancies when you actually dont. Its best to create an impact with a new job ad for each new job opportunity at your company. To help build your pipeline, craft a future opportunities job ad to encourage people to send in their resumes. You could also include what type of roles youre usually hiring for and general characteristics you want your team members to share.

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