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How To Write A Resume Cover Letter For Internship

Include A Call To Action

How to Write a Cover Letter

A call to action, such as asking to review your resume or access your portfolio, towards the end of your cover letter can encourage the internship coordinator to contact you with questions or invite you to an interview. You may also include a brief overview of your schedule and when you’ll be available to further discuss your qualifications.

Example Of A First Paragraph

Please accept my application for the summer analyst position recently posted on MonsterTRAK.

Always be clear, concise, and specific in your communications. This provides the employer with the exact information they need to direct your letter to the appropriate person or department. If you have a mutual contact that referred you, you should put that in the first paragraph.

Introduce Yourself To The Internship Coordinator

A personalized address on your cover letter shows you conducted research about the identity of the internship coordinator, and your content is specific and personal. You may choose to send your cover letter to the Congress representative with whom you’d be working as a congressional intern. Additionally, you can discuss what encouraged you to apply for the position. Mention how completing the internship could benefit your career.

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How To Write The Email That Will Contain The Cover Letter For An Internship

The email to accompany your cover letter for an internship should include the following:

  • Subject
  • Formal greeting of politeness
  • Target position in the company
  • Duration of the internship and desired start date
  • Key competencies in line with the description of the internship offer
  • Sentence indicating that you have attached your cover letter and resume
  • Closing greeting

Tone Of Voice And Accuracy

Short Cover Cover Letter Sample For Job Application In Word Format ...

Tone of voice is key for an internship cover letter to hit home. Now, you may not be into marketing and brands, but it pays to research how the company talks to its employees and the general public. Look at the organization’s website, social media page and even the management’s blogs/pages. Determine how formal, friendly or humorous the style of speech is speech, what are the corporate values and what personality types influence the company. Tailor the tone of your letter accordingly.

Accuracy lies with two important factors:

  • Adhering to the internship job listing and application requirements. This is your holy writ when it comes to a cover letter. Analyze the requirements, the general idea, the needs of the company. Look at your cover letter and listing side by side and make sure they correspond textually and in spirit.
  • Staying concise. A busy person, like a hiring manager, will become overwhelmed if you are too vague or try to describe your life story. What you want is to provide enough sparse emotional triggers and interesting facts so they want to find out more.

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What Is An Internship Resume

An internship resume is one that focuses primarily on your skills, education, and other strengths since you may not have extensive work experience to show yet. It can be challenging to create one as you might feel like you don’t have enough to include in a resume. However, writing your internship resume is an opportunity to reflect on your strengths and what makes you unique.

Even if you don’t have the work experience, you likely have other unique experiences that have helped you develop important skills that would make you a great addition to a company’s team. Use this opportunity to think about your achievements so far, including your education, volunteer experience, extracurricular activities or any area of your life where you might have shown exceptional skill, achievement or creative thinking.

Template For A Congressional Internship Cover Letter

Use the following template to structure your congressional internship cover letter:


Dear. Ms. Richardson:

I am writing to you regarding my sincere interest in the summer congressional internship at Congressional Representative Shelia Guidry’s office. As a sophomore political science major at Southwestern Cincinnati University, I am passionate about public policy and implementing change to benefit our country. I first learned of this role from one of my professors, Mr. Antwon Green, and I am eager for an opportunity to gain more professional experience within the legal sector.

Last summer, I served as a volunteer at Mayor Marjorie Jackson’s office in Cincinnati, Ohio, where I assisted with her reelection campaign. I conducted comprehensive research about the history of Cincinnati’s legislation and how the mayor has improved unemployment rates during her tenure. I employed analytical thinking and problem-solving techniques to meet tight deadlines, and I transcribed the mayor’s public speeches with precision and accuracy.

Thank you for your time and consideration in reviewing my resume. Working with Congressional Representative Guidry would allow me to become a better leader and prepare me for a career in legislation. I look forward to hearing from you in the future.


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Cover Letter For Your First Job / Recent Graduate

When you are applying for your very first job, your cover letter with no experience will likely carry a heavy focus on your educational achievements and extra-curricular experiences at school, college or university.

Focus on your willingness to learn, explain how this first job will be a stepping-stone to the rest of your career, and demonstrate that you have an aptitude for hard work. Talk about how you have overcome obstacles and learned from your mistakes in the past there are sure to be plenty of them in those first few wobbly months in a new job.

Resumes Cvs Cover Letters

How To Write a Cover Letter: Top 3 Tips, Format & Examples | Indeed Career Tips

A resume is a brief, informative document summarizing your abilities, education, and experience. It should highlight your strongest assets and differentiate you from other candidates.

Used most frequently in academic settings, a CV is also a summary of your experience and abilities, but a CV will include more credentials relevant to academia and research, such as publications, presentations, and references.Your cover letter is a way to introduce yourself to organizations in a narrative form that will accompany your resume. Use your cover letter to describe your qualifications as well as your interest in both the job and organization so the employer will want to interview you. Since the primary purpose of a resume and cover letter is to market you, always keep the organizations hiring needs in mind.

  • See the employer events calendar for industry-specific resume reviews.
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    How Long Should A Cover Letter For An Internship Be

    Ideally, a cover letter is between half a page and a full page long. As a general rule, limit the length of your cover letter to four to five paragraphs. You may write concise summaries of your expertise, experience and credentials. In certain cases, employers may offer particular instructions for your cover letter in the job ad. They may set a word restriction for your cover letter and a writing prompt or questions for you to address. Make a good first impression by adhering to whatever guidelines they provide you, such as the cover letter length or word count.

    Cover Letters For Internships

    Internships are an excellent way to increase your experience in a specific field. Not only that, but they allow you to determine whether or not a career path is the right fit for you. During an internship, youll get hands-on experience, work alongside mentors in your field, and learn what it takes to work in a specific job setting.

    When applying to an internship, part of the process will often include submitting a cover letter with your resume. Professionally written cover letters for internships will help you stand out from other applicants. Often, however, when applying for internships, most people wont have had a lot of experience writing cover letters or other professional documents, which can make the process seem a bit overwhelming.

    This guide will walk you through what you should include in your cover letter, along with examples and writing tips to help you put together a compelling introduction.

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    Importance Of An Internship Cover Letter And Resume

    An internship cover letter and resume can make you stand out among other applicants. They allow you to showcase your academic achievements, relevant experience, and demonstrate your skills. No matter what your career direction, crafting a resume and cover letter that keeps your audience in mind can help you to secure an internship opportunity.

    Internship cover letters are an opportunity to outline your talent and experience, and link your core strengths to how you can help a business achieve their goals.

    If you dont have any professional experience to mention, you can discuss any projects, extracurriculars, or courses that you are currently participating in. Otherwise, you should feel free to mention any working experience you have, and discuss in your letter how you believe that experience makes you a good candidate for the internship.

    Include Key Information In The Intro

    5 best examples of writing a good cover letter templates

    Your cover letter should include a short introduction that immediately identifies the specific internship position you are applying for and the key background information relevant to the position. Ideally, you should keep your introduction to only a few sentences, making sure not to exceed four.

    Much like a thesis statement in a school paper, the introduction of your cover letter helps the reader understand your purpose for writing and the qualifications that make you ideal for the position.


    Dear Ms. Angelou,

    I am writing to apply for the editorial assistant internship position at Little House publishing. An avid reader since I first played cracked open Grimmâs Fairytales as a five-year-old, I have made storytelling my personal and professional calling. As an English major at The Ohio State University, I have been an editor of our schoolâs literary magazine for three years, brought two theater productions to life as a dramaturg, and taught reading and writing to countless middle schoolers.

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    Wrapping Up Your Letter Of Recommendation

    A resume isnt always enough to make an impression. Including a cover letter in your internship application is the first step to setting yourself apart from other applicants. Study and apply the six steps for writing a professional internship cover letter and use one of these samples or templates to customize it. Your resume gives the highlights of your time in college while your cover letter tells the story of how those experiences will serve you as an intern with your future employer. Use it to your advantage to land the first role in your career as you navigate college and beyond.

    Editor’s note: This post was originally published in April 2018 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

    Originally published Jun 1, 2021 6:00:00 AM, updated June 01 2021


    The Structure Of The Cover Letter For An Internship

    In terms of structure, the internship cover letter is similar to a classic model, although the content is different.

    Here are the elements that should be included in a cover letter for an internship:

    • The header
    • The name of the company
    • Contact information for the person who is responsible for recruiting
    • The postal address of the company


    Example of a cover letter for an internship : Application for a 6 month internship as a sales assistant at E. Leclerc.

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    Your Work And Volunteer Experiences

    While you wont have years of work experience to prove your worthiness for the job, an employer will be expecting that you have taken advantage of any volunteer, research, or other hands-on experiences offered through your college or in your

    community that provide a foundation for the internship position. For example, a biomedical research company will want to see that you have participated in lab research, inside or outside your coursework.

    What Is A Cv

    Cover Letter for Internship: How to Write Examples

    We have an idea about a cover letter, but what exactly is a CV?

    A curriculum vitae is a detailed history of your professional and academic achievements. In the US, it is used in academia. While globally, it is used to get a job and is often used interchangeably with a resume.

    Allow us a moment to share the meaning of the beautiful Latin word curriculum vitae. It translates to the story of your life. Then what is the difference between the story that a cv tells and the story of a cover letter?

    While the cv narrates your in-depth professional and academic story, a cover letter tells the story of why you are applying to a particular job briefly.

    Both cv and cover letter are your soldiers. They unite to fight for you so that you can bag that coveted job that you have been daydreaming about. When a cv and cover letter are tailored together, you can easily hit a bulls eye.

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    Best Format For An Internship Cover Letter

    The cover letter structure for any intern position will usually be the same or similar, regardless of profession or position. Cover letters should include these key components:

    • The cover letter header
    • The signature.

    For an in-depth look at writing each of these sections, as well as free example sentences – make sure to check out our overall guide to cover letters.

    Dear Ms. Hanson,As a Bright intern, I will bring a fearless creativity and youthful perspective to your team.I have long sought out any opportunity to get involved in the media industry and joining Bright Media would offer the opportunity to learn from the best minds in the PR business. My college course in English Literature and Creative Writing is far from an academic exercise – writing is my passion. My words need to make a difference in the world. A Bright internship would be an ideal opportunity to do exactly that.Amongst other challenges, you expect your interns to analyse press coverage, manage your clients social media campaigns and write compelling press releases. Your need them to possess a sharp analytical mind, a savvy approach to maximising social reach and a spellbinding way with words.My extensive college work experience over the past two years is an ideal fit:

    • Edited the weekly college newspaper with a readership of over 8,000 students.
    • Grew social media presence of family business by 1200% – to over 23,000 followers.
    • Wrote 12+ articles in a previous in-house PR internship for Marner.

    Consider Using A Bulleted List To Highlight Your Technical Skills

    To make it more scannable, you might consider including a bullet point list of your relevant skills in the body of your cover letter. This technique can help readers catch important skills that you possess that could help you stand out from the applicant pool.


    âThroughout my education and extracurriculars, I have honed many skills relevant to the internship, including:

    • Python

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    Ability To Communicate Effectively

    The cover letter is your first opportunity to let the employer see your communication style and how clearly and concisely you can get your point across to the reader.

    Communication is a vital part of any job or internship as you take direction and share progress and reflections with your supervisor, and employers want to know that you already possess this skill. You can convey effective communication by clearly addressing components of the job posting and asking someone to proofread your letter to ensure that you have clearly explained your experience and preparation for the position.

    Keep The Tone Conversational

    Executive Resume Cover Letter Samples

    Your writing should be professional without feeling robotic. Consider the following two sentences:

    I am writing this cover letter to apply for the internship at your company.

    Im writing to express my interest in Example Companys summer internship.

    Notice how the first line feels somewhat sterile. The lack of contractions and plain language remove all of the personality from the sentence. On the other hand, the second line feels warm and engaging while remaining business-like. Thats the tone youre striving to achieve.

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    How To Show Enthusiasm In Your Internship Cover Letter Without Sounding Fake

    Showing your enthusiasm is great, and you want the company to know you are interested in the job. Also, take the time to develop a custom cover letter for each employer and let them know why youre the best person for the internship job. Just repeating your love for the company and showing desperation to get the job is not the correct way to proceed.

    Your enthusiasm will come through in a more convincing and positive manner if you show them why they should hire you because you are the top qualified candidate for the job.

    The needs of the company are more important than anything you want from them. Hone in on the skills needed that are listed in the job description and tell them you are a good match for the required skills they are looking for, as well as their unique company culture. That will be most appealing to them.

    Refrain from complaining about previous employers or your unsuccessful job searches. That indicates that you could be difficult with managers. You must always be yourself, and never try to alter your personality in writing. For an example, see the internship cover letter sample.

    Emphasize Your Personal Value

    Hiring managers are looking for people who can help them solve problems. Drawing on the research you did earlier, show that you know what the company does and some of the challenges it faces. These dont need to be specific but you might mention how the industry has been affected by the pandemic. For example, you might write, A lot of healthcare companies are overwhelmed with the need to provide high quality care while protecting the health and safety of their staff. Then talk about how your experience has equipped you to meet those needs perhaps explain how you solved a similar problem in the past or share a relevant accomplishment. You want to provide evidence of the things that set you apart.

    Lees points out that there are two skills that are relevant to almost any job right now: adaptability and the ability to learn quickly. If you have brief examples that demonstrate these skills include those. For example, if you supported your team in the shift to remote work, describe how you did that and what capabilities you drew on.

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