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How To Email Recruiter Resume

When You Want To Let Your Friends Know You’re Looking

How To Send An Email To A Recruiter Or Company For Employment Or A Position Advertised

Select five close friends to email, people who are connectors or work in the industry or type of job you’re considering. Let them know you’re looking for opportunities, suggests Aujla in his book “50 Ways to Get a Job.” The email will enhance your job prospects through leads and introductions. It will also kickstart your job hunt and expand the types of opportunities you might consider for yourself.

Dear ,

I’m looking for my next gig at the intersection of and . I haven’t left my job yet, but I’m ready to wrap up my time at doing . Would love to chat with you and fill you in on what I’m thinking about and hear the latest from you.Here is my LinkedIn profile .

It would be great to catch up.


How To Write An Email To A Recruiter

This complete guide about how to write an email to a recruiter includes sample email templates for various scenarios:

A very important part of our professional careers is getting hired for the positions that we desire. To do that, the initial step is to contact recruiters by writing emails that will elicit the response that we are looking for.

The format in which we write such emails is crucial as it decides whether the recruiter will revert back or not. In this tutorial, we have included examples/templates of email to recruiters in different situations. Following these templates can get you hired and give your career a trajectory that you want.

What You Will Learn:

Make Sure You Have The Right Person

Before you can start thinking about how to approach recruiters or hiring managers on LinkedIn, make sure you have the right person in mind. The best way to search for recruiters is to type your industry and the word recruiter, recruiter. You can also narrow your LinkedIn search results by region to find local recruiters in your area. Just don’t forget to make sure the recruiter or hiring manager is still active and hasn’t moved on to a different job or field.

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Tips On Responding To Recruiter Emails

Finding a job isnt easy. Whether youre scouring online job boards or sending your resume and cover letter around locally, its hard to stand out.

Remember that each recruiter email is a job opportunity, hopefully for a new job that suits your qualifications better than your current one. Remember these tips when youre on the job-hunt and fielding recruiter emails.

  • Make your first impression count. Your first impression may have been the resume and cover letter you submitted to get the recruiter interested in you, but this response is your first chance to set up a positive interaction with an interviewer.

    Theyll get to know you better when youre interviewing, but this email response is your first communication with the company.

  • Respond quickly. In the interest of first impressions, its good to respond quickly to all recruiter emails . Youll seem enthusiastic about the opportunity, not desperate.

  • Working directly with a recruiter is an advantage. When finding a job, the hard part is getting in contact with the right people. Once you have this line of communication open, its your chance to stand out as a candidate. Learning how to communicate with recruiters and hiring managers effectively will open the door to more job offers.

  • Avoid slang, emojis, and errors. Keep your email professional. Avoid slang terms and offputting greetings like hey. Also, proofread your email before responding to ensure there are no typos or errors.

  • The Application Follow Up Email To A Recruiter Or Hiring Manager

    How to Email a Resume to Recruiter : Sample &  Writing Tips

    Recruiters are some of the most visible professionals on the web today and following up with them via email or on social media after applying for a job opening, can also be an effective way to improve the likelihood that you will receive a response from the company. I like to engage recruiters on multiple channels to help ensure they will at least open the message. You can send them a tweet telling a recruiter you just shot them an email and are awaiting their response or a quick note on LinkedIn paraphrasing your email.

    When sending any kind of email, I suggest using an email extension tool like an essay writing service or the above mentioned YesWare to update you on when your message is opened. This helps ensure that your email is getting to the right person and in a timely way.

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    How To Vet A Recruiter

    The challenge is finding a good recruiter that has a strong connection with the company youre applying for. Competence will vary greatly from recruiter to recruiter, even within the same company. The best thing you can do is to ask them to tell you about a few recent hires they made, and/or the hires they made for the specific company youd like to apply for. Ask them how long it took to find the person for that job. Many times, youll find out that theyve never hired someone for that company! Thats obviously a red flag since it means they still have to learn about the company youre applying for.

    But if they have successfully recruited for that company, they should be able to tell you a lot about their culture, people, roles, salaries, etc. in a lot of detail. You should be receiving a lot of information about their business that isnt available with a simple google search. If they cant go into this much detail, then that tells you their relationship is thin with that company .

    Here are a few key questions you can ask each recruiter to weed out the good from the bad:

  • Have you met the hiring manager? Can you tell me about them, what is their personality like? What is their interview style and what are they really looking for?
  • What is your relationship like with the hiring manager?
  • Have you ever had anyone interview there before or made any successful placements? Can you describe the interview process? What are the names of the interviewers and what are their roles?
  • How To Respond To Generalized Recruiter Messages

    Youve signed up for newsletters and email lists for job sites and suddenly you are receiving recruiter messages that look like theyve been sent out to a thousand candidates. You are probably asking yourself, Are these real job opportunities? And if so, are they worth pursuing?

    Sometimes these types of emails can be spam, but a quick Google search or LinkedIn search will give you a lot of answers about the legitimacy of the company thats contacting you. If the company seems real and has some reviews on Zippia or another company review site, then you can probably assume that the job position is real.

    Sometimes the recruiter isnt for a specific company, but a few companies. Look up the recruiter on LinkedIn first to see if they have a profile. You can also ask follow-up questions about them if you decide to respond.

    The next step is how to respond.

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    If Youre Not Sure But Youd Like To Learn More

    Being contacted by a recruiter might prompt you to think about your career in a new light. Even if youre satisfied in your current role, this could be the time to find a position that fits you even better. You can use this message from a recruiter to start a conversation about what your ideal job might look like.

    Dear ,

    Thank you for reaching out about this opportunity. Im grateful to be considered.

    Currently, I enjoy the the work Im doing for . However, this sounds like a great role, and Im interested to learn more. Would it be possible for us to talk next week? Im available for a phone conversation on .

    Looking forward to it,

    How To Email A Recruiter: Examples Tips Templates

    WAIT! Don’t Send Your Resume To A Recruiter! (until you get more info)

    If youre sending an email to a recruiter, there are some things to know if you want them to respond .

    So after working for almost 5 years as a recruiter, Im going to share how to email a recruiter with email samples, examples of what not to do, and more.

    What well cover:

    • How to cold email a recruiter
    • How to email a recruiter for a job posting you saw online
    • How to email your resume to a recruiter
    • How to respond to a recruiter email after they contacted you
    • How to end an email to a recruiter for best results

    All with proven email templates so you can hit send worry-free.

    Lets get started

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    How To Email A Resume To An Employer

    Every job listing today does come with instructions and the employers expect you to follow all the instructions to the letter.

    In fact, some hold the belief that the recruiters start judging your personality and resume based on your ability to keep to all the instructions included in the job listing.

    Therefore, no matter how excited you are to be sending out your resume, patiently watch out for the instructions and follow them to the letter. You should also be very mindful of what to say while emailing your resume.

    A lot of people practically accompany their resume submission with totally wrong information and as a consequence, their resume does not get opened at all and gets dumped in the trash.

    Like every other random email you send daily, you should have an email resume subject as itll increase your chances of being read by over fifty percent according to a recent study.

    Your email subject should be appropriate for the occasion and should look something like this: Proficient Content Writer seeks a Content Executive position.

    A title such as this: Content Writing resume for application on the other hand looks like something cooked up by an unserious fellow, sounds generic and therefore the recruiter will most definitely not open the email not to talk of looking at it twice.

    How To Respond To A Recruiter If You Want The Job

    When an opportunity to pursue a great job lands in your inbox, its time to celebrate. Youve written a compelling resume or profile, and employers have noticed.

    In your response, you should convey your enthusiasm for the job and highlight some of your qualifications. The template below may require some extra customizations on your part so that the response is specific to the job opportunity.

    Dear ,

    Thank you for reaching out about this opportunityit sounds like a great job and aligns with where Id like to take my career. Im eager to learn more.

    As you many have seen on my resume, I have in this field. Ive been consistently committed to . In my current role at , I recently .

    Could we schedule some time to discuss this opportunity in more detail? Id welcome the opportunity to learn more about the role and share how my skills and experiences would benefit .

    Im available to talk by phone on . I look forward to speaking with you.


    Here is an example response to illustrate how this template might be used:

    Re: Rina from ABC Health has sent you a message about your resume

    Dear Rina,

    Thank you for reaching out about this opportunityit sounds like a great job and aligns with where Id like to take my career. Im eager to learn more.

    Could we schedule some time to discuss this opportunity in more detail? Id welcome the chance to learn more about the role and share how my skills and experiences would benefit ABC Health.

    Best,Michelle Morello

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    Subject Line For Resume Email

    The second step to submitting a resume online is to have a powerful resume email subject line.

    The recruiter has a lot of applications that they have to go through daily. To make your resume email stand out, you must include a subject line that catches their attention.

    Your subject line for the resume email should make the recruiter want to read the rest of the email.

    The subject should contain the job role you are applying for. It is awe-inspiring if you can include your highest achievement in the subject line, but don’t try to force it.

    If you are not applying for any post but only dropping your mail for future prospects, you can mention the field instead of the job profile.

    Quick Tip: If anyone has recommended you, it is best if you mention it in your subject line.

    The recruiter may notice it, and you get preference over other candidates!

    A perfect example of a powerful resume email subject line could be:

    Senior Management Professional Seeking AVP Role at ABC Ltd.

    You can make the subject line of your resume email more powerful by including power verbs. Have a look at some of the best power verbs for resumes.

    Keep It Short And Simple

    Sample Email To Recruiter

    Remember that brevity is important when writing your subject line. Most of the text in the subject line gets cut off so ensure the first few words capture attention.

    Hubspot recommends keeping the subject line under 50 characters. That way, while scanning the inbox, your receiver pretty much knows what the email is about. Itâs fine to go over this a bit, but ensure you get the important details in the first few words.

    You shouldnât put anything in the subject line that sounds like youâre trying to sell something. Avoid soft skill phrases like âdedicatedâ or âpassionate.â This is a major turnoff for hiring managersâ¦and will likely earn your email a one way trip to the trash folder.

    You should also be direct. Never leave the hiring manager to wonder what the email is about. If youâre following up on an interview or job application, state it directly.

    Subject line examples:

    • âFollowing up on the accounting position â John Doeâ

    • âFollowing up on the interview â Tom Nashâ

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    Why Is The Subject Line Important

    When applying for a job online by email, consider how many others are submitting a resume for the same job. Especially in the case of part-time or full-time remote positions, people making a career change and those willing to relocate may also apply. That increases the email traffic coming into the hiring managers inbox.

    To ensure the employer opens, reads, and replies to your email in a positive manner, the subject line for a resume email application is a key component. If you are sending an unsolicited email with your resume attached, the subject line needs to intrigue and interest the recipient so you can get to the next step in the application process, an interview.

    When submitting a resume via email for an advertised position, the subject line should be professional and informative for the person receiving it. Both types of emails should inspire the reader to click through and review your resume.

    Is There Any Other Case When You Could Email A Recruiter

    There are several other situations where its appropriate to write to a recruiter. Plus, even if any email should be tailored to its specific purpose, the following 5 golden rules should always be kept in mind.

    • Write only when you have a precise question or if you need clarification.
    • Go straight to the point without adding any unnecessary detail.
    • Remember to use a formal style.
    • Never email a recruiter to complain about a rejection.
    • Lastly, as we already mentioned several times, keep it short and sweet.

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    Carefully Edit And Proofread Your Documents

    Make sure you use spellcheck and check your grammar and capitalization. Employers expect the same level of professionalism in emails as they do in paper correspondence. Be sure to proofread your subject line, the body of your email, and any attachments.

    Many email programs have built-in spellcheckers you can use. Alternatively, write your cover letter message using a word processing program, spell-and-grammar-check it, and paste it into the email message. There are free online proofreading programs, like Grammarly, you can use to check your documents.

    No matter how you write it, be sure not to rely solely on spellcheckers, which can miss many grammar and spelling mistakes. Reread your message yourself and consider having a friend look at it as well.

    Always Make Sure You Add Some Customization To The Email

    How to write a mail to Recruiter?

    Never cut & paste a generic email that youre sending to every company. Thats not going to impress the hiring manager or get you a job offer.

    Youll be much better off if you mention their specific job title, company name, or both. And talk about why you though to apply for the job and why its worth their time to talk to you! .

    Youll also notice that the job applicant email above contains your LinkedIn profile.

    If you dont have any information on your LinkedIn profile yet, Id highly suggest filling it out! Hiring managers often look you up even if you dont provide it.

    Choose a clear subject line, too, like Senior Support Technician Application. This will boost the chances that your email gets opened.

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    When You Need A Reference

    To get a reference that will help land you the job, Sethi suggests you give the person from whom you’re requesting the reference the right ingredients to not only articulate why you’re a good fit for the position but also get excited to give you that reference.

    Make sure to share why you’re interested in the new company. Even if someone knows your work intimately, don’t hesitate to give specific talking points.

    Dear ,

    The hiring manager for might be calling you to do a reference check. If they do, they’ll probably contact you in the next few days wanting to chat about our relationship and my use of .

    I’m applying for at because .

    Here’s a few achievements from my career :


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