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How To List Contract Work On Resume Example

Head Of Contract Management Mmearesume Examples & Samples

How Should I Show My Contract, Freelance, Temporary Work On My Resume?
  • Contract management: lead the contract planning, amendment, and management in both the pre and post signing phases to ensure that the contract is up to date, reflects the current business being conducted and moves towards the wanted position with the customer. Manage CCLM process
  • Relationship management: establish and maintain a quality relationship with various stakeholders both internally and externally
  • KAM Support: The KAM is accountable for the contract and delegates the responsibility to the contract manager, who executes under the KAM’s guidance and ensures the KAM team is aware of the current status of the contract and any of it’s issues and risks
  • Project management: provide the planning, status reporting and correction action for all contract negotiations
  • Drive implementation of E2E Contract Management in MEA
  • Risk management: Ensure the quality of the contract is aligned with statutory, policy and best practice thereby achieving continuous improvement
  • Process & competence development: Ensure a common process
  • Minimum 10 years of experience in contract management with leading role and commercial/sales operations working directly with customers
  • Sound knowledge and understanding of the telecommunications and IT industry in the region and of Ericsson’s operational process
  • Experience of driving large complex change programs

Take The Final Shot With Your Portfolio

If you have many successful projects worth showing to a potential employer, it is better to create a portfolio. There are tons of ways to build a portfolio online with dedicated builders, so be sure to do this to improve the impression of you. Whats more, you should tidy it up before applying for a position. Make it as logical as your resume and show your skills development from one project to another.

Q: How Can I Make My Temp Jobs Look Good On A Resume

For the last 8 years, all of my jobs were temp or contract work through an employment agency. How do I put “achievements” on my resume when all my work looks like just a “do-er?” Gayle

Knowing how to put temporary work on your resume and make it look impressive to hiring managers can be the difference between landing the job and getting stuck in the resume black hole. It may seem impossible to list your temporary jobs in a way that paints you as an achiever versus a doer, but there are things you can do with this work experience to demonstrate your value to a potential employer.

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Director Global Client Contract Managementresume Examples & Samples

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience, MBA preferred. Typically requires 12+ years’ experience in a customer support role in financial services, payment card, software or information services
  • Must be a self-starter with proven abilities in organizational, conceptual, and logical problem solving
  • Customer focus with proven ability to establish and maintain productive working relationships with cross-functional staff, leaders and management at all levels
  • Ability to set priorities and manage customer expectations, and work both as part of a team and independently
  • Demonstrate ability to work in a complex organization to determine business and customer needs, exercise independent and sound business judgements in providing the best solution to meet those needs
  • Excellent verbal, written, presentation, interpersonal and negotiation skills. Ability to clearly communicate in front of senior management
  • Previous contract writing experience a plus
  • Strong understanding of Visa products and services preferred
  • Fluent professional business English, both written and verbal, required. Russian is a plus

How Do I List Contract Work On My Resume

Contract Work Resume Examples

As a contract worker, you have opportunities to gain a variety of experience in your field. These jobs showcase your ability to learn systems quickly and hone a variety of skills. When you have long-term contract work, employers typically view it as having a full-time job. As a result, listing contract work on your resume highlights the wealth of experience you gained working in a variety of environments. Here are some tips on how to list contract work on your resume.

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Bonus Tip: Use Your Contract Work To Your Advantage

Think about the advantages you have as an independent contractor. For instance, temporary workers often wear many hats and can adjust quickly to a new work environment. Address the strengths you have gained from your experiences in your cover letter. The cover letter might also be a good place to explain why you want to settle at their company.

Head Of Risk & Contract Management & Integrityresume Examples & Samples

  • Manage Contract Management & Integrity team
  • Provide legal advice to the management of the local business unit Power Grids High Voltage Products
  • Deputy Integrity Officer for the local business unit Power Grids High Voltage Products
  • Coordinate with Country Trade Compliance Officer in matters related to customs, export control and origin, make sure directives are effectively implemented
  • Provide legal and commercial advice and support to Sales, Procurement and Project Management teams in regards to contractual, commercial and tax questions
  • Provide support in regards to risk and claim management
  • Participate in risk analysis process and support the business in its preparation
  • Analyze, comment and prepare contracts as well participate in contract negotiations with customers and suppliers
  • Coordinate and adhere to strategy and directions with the BU Global Risk and Contract Management function, on matters such as contract management, risk management, and carry out training activities on a regular basis on contract management

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Explain Why You’re Going Into Regular Employment

If you want to get out of contracting then you need to have a plausible explanation why.

You don’t want your prospects to think you’re just desperate for any job. Or that you will go back into contracting once you have better options.

Explain you’re looking for career stability and want to invest your time in a long-term project where you can have a higher impact.

Contract Management Internresume Examples & Samples

How to Write a Technical Writer Resume [Examples and Format]
  • Assist with the development of new document categories and fields for electronic and physical retention work with the Transmission Analysts to determine departmental records needs provide assistance in preparing documents for scanning
  • Collect, sort, prepare and scan documents label and enter documents into the enterprise content management system prepare files and forward documents for recycling and/or shredding
  • Provide post-scanning quality assurance to ensure batches are complete, accurate, and of a high quality
  • Ensure documents are archived and properly located comply with companys records retention policy maintain confidentiality
  • Track contract process in project management software and Microsoft Excel
  • Develop and implement project management plan
  • Develop naming conventions and standardization for documents
  • Develop metrics to track completion of work
  • None required

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How To Best Describe Contract Work On A Resume

Many industries use contract workers on a regular basis. Publishing, computer systems development and accounting are a few examples of arenas in which contract work is the norm. As a result, recruiters are familiar with contract terms and agreements and have no problem assessing your capabilities through your previous temporary assignments. No matter which type of industry youre applying to, however, you want to describe your contract work clearly on your resume.

Senior It Contract Managementresume Examples & Samples

  • Responsible for planning, development, execution and management of Technology Category sourcing plans/activities required to support: Datacenter management, IT Hardware and Software procurement, End User Computing, Cloud Computing, SaaS, PaaS, Telecom , Implementation and support services
  • Performs spend analysis for various categories and identifies sourcing opportunities. Develops and executes category plans using strategic sourcing methodologies
  • Manages key vendor relationships and activities in assigned spend categories
  • Builds and maintains strong working relationships with internal customers and key suppliers. Leads cross-enterprise sourcing activities. Questions conventional thinking and norms and provides alternatives that can improve outcomes. Provides category expertise to BUs to influence sourcing strategies, supplier selections and sourcing decisions. Drives change management to achieve category management objectives
  • Drives cost savings and risk mitigation in sourcing related activities
  • Leads commercial negotiations to obtain optimal outcomes and works with Contracts Team and Legal to review and finalize contracts. Gain consensus on acceptable risk levels and contract language with all stakeholders including Legal, Risk, Business Unit leadership and others

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Start With Your Cover Letter

Now you know how to mention contract work on a resume. But it is worth remembering that a resume is not the first document that an employer receives. Your self-presentation still starts with a cover letter. Given that this paper does not have strict content requirements use it as an effective way to clear up any potential misunderstandings and allay the employers concerns we talked about earlier. It is especially crucial when switching to a regular job and attracting the HR manager and the company owners attention.

In this case, your cover letter may help you clarify the reasons for your choice. Try to do it correctly. For example, if you say that you are looking for stability and calmness, this is not the best option. It is better to say that you are looking for the perfect place to grow or want to work in a well-coordinated team and create value for a company that appreciates your talents and knowledge. Whats more, your cover letter is an excellent chance to answer the following questions:

  • Why do you fit a particular position perfectly?
  • How can you be useful if there is a short-term contract offer?
  • Why did you decide to land a temporary or regular job?
  • Why do you want to work with this particular company?
  • Why are you interested in working on a specific project?
  • What skills do you have to do well in your new regular or contract job?

Freelance Web Developer Resume Sample

Contract Resume Example Officeteam

Web Developer , Miami, FL | October 2018 – Present

Worked within teams of creative freelancers to build the backbone of professionally designed websites from the ground up, including coding websites , designing UX wireframes, and fixing sites bugs.

  • Collaborating with 3+ agencies, developed websites for clients in the e-commerce, portfolio and blogging industries.
  • Validated completed sites, including testing and debugging of code.
  • Responsible for quality assurance of finished websites, including validating web forms and links.

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Need More Clarification On Your Resume

Your contract work is an important addition to your resume. You can use it to fill in employment gaps, or if its your main source of income, show your experience.

Organizing and quantifying your contract work experience on your resume can be overwhelming. Remember to show consistency and ability to adapt to new situations based on your experiences and explain your desire to transition to full-time in your cover letter so that the employer doesnt see you as a potential quitter.

If youre still looking for opportunities for improvement on your resume and potentially utilizing a staffing agency, reach out to Hire Integrated today for help in your job search.

How Strong Is A Verbal Agreement In Court

Most business professionals are wary of entering into contracts orally because they can difficult to enforce in the face of the law.

If an oral contract is brought in front of a court of law, there is increased risk of one party lying about the initial terms of the agreement. This is problematic for the court, as there’s no unbiased way to conclude the case often, this will result in the case being disregarded. Moreover, it can be difficult to outline contract defects if it’s not in writing.

That being said, there are plenty of situations where enforceable contracts do not need to be written or spoken, they’re simply implied. For instance, when you buy milk from a store, you give something in exchange for something else and enter into an implied contract, in this case – money is exchanged for goods.

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Limited Temp Work Experience

The following sample will show you how to format your work history section if you have just one to two examples of temporary work on your resume:

Northfield Law Group â Northfield, IL

Receptionist â July 2020-October 2020

  • Handled confidential information related to cases for over 35 clients.

  • Provide excellent interpersonal service when greeting clients and answering calls.

  • Scheduled and confirmed over 50 appointments per month and coordinated catering and other services as needed.

Farrer Law Services â Chicago, IL

Administrative Assistant â January 2020-June 2020

  • Reviewed over 40 documents each month to support a legal review project and performed redactions to ensure the confidentiality of information.

  • Performed and managed data entry related to motions, trials and arbitration.

  • Handled over 25 client calls and inquiries per day.

Consider A Functional Layout

How To Get Freelance Clients | Freelance Resume Part 1

Youâre probably familiar with the traditional, chronological layout of a typical resume, i.e. one that lists your work experience from most recent and works its way backward. However, if youâve been freelancing for a while this may not be the best way to showcase your skills and experience.

For example, consider if youâve been freelancing for five years now, and before that you only held positions for six months at a time. You would be right in saying that it doesnât seem fair to give these positions an equal amount of attention on your resume.

Instead, consider a functional layout for your resume. What is a functional resume? Itâs a resume that focuses more on your achievements, organizing and grouping your work based on common themes and skills rather than by chronological positions. It can help you highlight your freelance work in a key way.

If you decide not to use a functional layout, think of other ways to highlight your skills and experience. Consider including a larger skills section, or list the services you provide. Then, when writing your job description for your freelance work, be sure to keep your in mind to ensure you cover all the most important details of your work.

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The Best Ways To Represent Contract Work On A Resume

If youre a freelance or independent professional, listing every client youve worked for can clutter your resume and confuse employers. This is especially true if youve held several short-term contract jobs with overlapping dates. Instead of listing every job in chronological order, present your experience in a way that showcases your skills, achievements and career progression.

Mention The Outstaffing Agencies Youve Worked With

There is nothing bad about revealing the names of the outstaffing agencies you have worked with. However, in this case, you should mention the agencys name as your employer, not the name of your real customer, especially if your contract obliged you not to discuss the details of your previous jobs.

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Contract Management Associate Managerresume Examples & Samples

  • Take ownership of all contract management responsibilities of one major portfolio/tower within a large account, or take sole ownership of one or more medium size contracts
  • Identifies contract management issues and proposes solutions for approval
  • Education: College degree required advanced degree in business, contract management, law or engineering preferred
  • Membership in the International Association for Contract and Commercial Management is a plus
  • 8-10 years experience in the contract management/procurement/legal/finance field
  • Strong commercial/ contracting acumen and can provide good judgement between Business requirements and risk mitigation
  • Strong written and oral communication skills in both English and Chinese

An Example Of How To List Contract Work On A Resume

Independent Contractor Resume Samples

The following example can help you learn how to list contract jobs on your resume. In this example, we have included the name of a staffing agency and the reputable companies where the contract work was performed. If your contract work was independently secured, then you can omit the staffing agency name and simply focus on different listings for each job:

Ultimate Staffing, Anytown, Anystate

My partnership with Ultimate Staffing provided consistent access to quality project opportunities within the greater Anytown area. They helped introduce me to the following companies and projects:

Software Development Gamesman, Inc

– Designed game interface for online game

– Developed beta test strategy for project rollout

– Project-based contract, ended upon project completion

Software Engineer & Consulting Dynamic Programs

– Designed $40 million CSM software

– Software cut company customer service waste by 38%

– Project was completed two months early and under-budget

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Document The Skills You Used

Think about the specific skills that you utilized in each position, and how to convey that information when you list contract work. Review the job postingâs requirements to identify job-related keywords and focus on skills that fulfill those needs. This can help you illustrate your skills in a way that is both relevant and timely.

List Each Company You Worked With

Dont be afraid to list each client youve worked with, including any staffing agencies you worked for. A hiring manager can then see the scope of your freelance experiences, the range of clients youve helped, and the knowledge gained. You can list more than one project per client if youve worked with them on multiple projects.

Signify you were a contract worker by listing contractor after the company name. Include a short description of the work you did, focusing on quantifiable results when possible.

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Tips For Your Contract Work Resume Listings

Here are some general tips to help you list contract work on your resume:

  • Quantify your experience**.** The more numbers you can add, the better. This can include fewer costs, increased customer satisfaction, more revenue or even individual role details such as calls answered, clients handled per day and so on.

  • Show your skills. Identify the skills your employer seeks and showcase how you applied them to benefit your past employers. The work examples you give serve as proof that you can be a valuable employee.

  • Be creative. Find creative ways to showcase your achievements and dedication to your work.


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