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How To Write Address On Resume

What Not To Include On A Resume: Mistakes To Avoid

Resume Writing Tips : How to Address Employment Gaps in a Resume

Now weve looked at what should be included in a resume and how to write those sections to grab attention.

Were not done yet though there are a few things that you should leave off of your resume if you want to get interviews and you may not have been warned about these. So lets cover that next

What Should Not Be Included In My Contact Information

Weâve covered what should be included in your contact information.

Now we will discuss what you should avoid!

The number-one, most important thing to remove from your resume is incorrect contact info.

You may have created your resume several years ago and continuously updated it as you grew your professional experience.

Chances are, some of your original contact information has changed!

Changes to contact info can result from:

  • Moving to a new address
  • Changing emails
  • Changing phone numbers

It is of the utmost importance to double-check your contact information every single time you update your resume.

Not only is incorrect information unprofessional, but it can potentially inhibit an employer from getting in touch with you!

Other information to exclude are:

  • More than one phone number, email, or address
  • Your date of birth
  • A fax number
  • A photo of yourself â note: this point depends on your location. In Europe, including a photo of yourself is more standard.

Consider How Youre Applying For Jobs

When youre deciding whether or not to include your mailing address on your resume, you should consider how youre going about applying for jobs.

If youre sending a personalized version of your resume directly to a hiring managers trustworthy email address or submitting it on the companys website, it might be worth including your address so that youve covered all of your bases.

On the other hand, if youre going to be handing out multiple copies at a job fair, you might not want to include your whole address in case a copy of your resume gets lost in the shuffle and ends up in someone elses hands. This also goes for publicly posting your resume on third-party sites like LinkedIn, because its easy for anyone to find your information.

If youre applying for a position that doesnt list the companys name or asks you to send your resume to a personal email address, play it safe and leave off your address in this case as well.

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How To Write Phone Number On Resume

Most employers contact people regarding the next steps through email. If not interested, many companies take no action. However, recruiters may text or call, especially if they need to fill an urgent position.

Therefore, this logic answers the question of should I put my phone number on my resume. If you have multiple phone numbers, use the one you most frequently check. Make sure your phone can receive texts and voicemails.

Formatting comes down to a style choice. Make sure you include your area code. Your phone numbers may look like these:


S To Writing Your Resume

Address on a Resume: Should You Put It and How to Write It?
  • First, take notes on your work experience both paid and unpaid, full time and part-time. Write down your responsibilities, job title, and company information. Include everything!
  • Take notes on your education. Include degree or certificates, major or course emphasis, school names, and courses relevant to career objectives.
  • Take notes on other accomplishments. Include membership in organizations, military service, and any other special accomplishments.
  • From the notes, choose which skills are transferable to the job you are applying for these are the most important points for your resume.
  • Begin resume by writing your full name, address, telephone number, fax, and email at the top of the resume.
  • Write an objective. The objective is a short sentence describing what type of work you hope to obtain.
  • Begin work experience with your most recent job. Include the company specifics and your responsibilities focus on the skills you have identified as transferable.
  • Continue to list all of your work experience job by job progressing backward in time. Remember to focus on skills that are transferable.
  • Summarize your education, including important facts that are applicable to the job you are applying for.
  • Include other relevant information such as languages spoken, computer programming knowledge, etc. under the heading ‘Additional Skills.’ Be ready to speak about your skills in the interview.
  • Finish with the phrase: References: Available upon request.
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    Q: How Should I Write My Name Address And Social Media On My Resume

    Is there a right way to add your name and address on a resume? And if so, how should I format them? Tamara D.

    When you’re writing a resume, it’s important to include all of your pertinent contact information at the top so employers and recruiters can easily locate it. While this resume tip may seem obvious, a TopResume study found that one in four people either forget to include all of the necessary details or fail to format them in a way that can be detected by the software employers use to organize and manage their inbound applications.

    Below is everything you need to know about including contact information on a resume and formatting it for success.

    How To Format The Companys Address

    Before you reach the salutation, you have to make sure that the header with the recipients contact information is formatted correctly.

    It might not be the deciding point of whether youll secure an interview or not, but it will cost you points if its off.

    So, the first thing you want to do is add your name and surname on the upper left side of the cover letter. Underneath, you should write your professional title , your email, and your phone number.

    Now, after youve also added the date, you should leave one more space and add the recipients contact information and, most importantly, the companys address.

    It should look something like this on your cover letter:

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    Should I Put My Address On My Resume

    Traditionally, writing the address on the resume was necessary as employers

    responded to your job application through physical mail. Nowadays, with communication fully moved online, that’s not the case anymore.

    Mind you, the fact that putting your address on a resume isnt always necessary doesnt mean that you should never put an address on a resume. Its actually a good idea to do this when:

    • The job offer asks you to put your address on a resume.
    • The employer is looking for local candidates specifically.
    • Youre sending your application via traditional post.

    The question is

    Why would employers want to see your home address on a resume in this day and age?

    First off, if the job offer asks for your address it may mean that it is a piece of information the ATS the company uses requires. As simple as this. Plus, chances are the employer keeps a database where the applicants address may come in handy for future recruitment processes.

    Second, if the employer doesnt offer remote work and wants to be sure that only candidates from a specific area apply, they may also ask you to include your address on a resume. This will allow them to quickly filter out the applicants who do not meet this crucial requirement.

    Finally, if you prefer to go old-school and send your application via snail mail, the convention is to put your address on a resume. This way the employer will be able to send you their reply via traditional post as well.

    That being said

    Why Should You Still Include Your Location On Your Resume

    How to write a Simple/Basic RESUME – Step 3/7 – Contact Information

    Even if youre not listing your full address on a resume, adding your location helps recruiters and hiring managers make decisions about their workforce says Muse career coach Matthew Ford. So if your location makes you a better potential hire, you should share that information. For example, some jobs have long hours and are centered around your presence in the office, Ford says, so showing you live in the area might signal, rightly or not, that youd be more available to make this work than someone who lives much farther away.

    Local candidates are the safest candidates, Liou says. Companies always want to identify local talent first because theres no need to wait for them to relocate or to pay a relocation package. Youre also less likely to leave if you dont have a long or difficult commute: One survey found that 23% of workers have quit a job due to a bad commute.

    As such, many recruiters will start to narrow down the pool of applicants who applied for a job by searching within a few miles of the offices city or zip code in the applicant tracking system , Liou says. ATSs are the programs many recruiters and companies use to keep track of applicants and to search submitted resumes for certain keywords or attributes, such as your geographic location.

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    When Not To Use Your Address On Your Resume

    In addition to situations where your informations security might be a concern, there are a few other scenarios where sharing your address might not be a good idea.

  • Knowing its a long commute. Some employers may cut your application if they see you have a long commute.

    If you are used to this lifestyle and the job youre applying for is no farther away than your last one, you might save yourself from being rejected during the initial screening by not including your address, or at least not your full one.

    Dont lie, but at least give yourself the chance to explain that it isnt an issue by leaving out your address on your resume.

  • Avoiding location bias. Its an unfortunate truth that if you live in a less-than-desirable location, this can sometimes hurt your applications first impression. While employers know they arent allowed to discriminate based on other factors, they can discard your application based on your perceived socioeconomic status.

    It isnt right, but it does happen, so if youre at all worried about this, leave your address off or give only generalities such as, The Chicago Metro Area, until youre asked for more specifics. This will give you the opportunity to get farther into the process and show your true qualifications before any location-based prejudices kick in.

  • Where You Live Matters To Potential Employers And Could Make

    “Should I put my address on my resume?” is a question many job seekers ask when preparing their resume for a job search. While you’ve no doubt heard people emphasize the importance of “location, location, location” in any number of situations, the answer here is not so straightforward, with both pros and cons associated with including this personal information. Weigh these considerations before deciding whether or not to put your address on a professional resume.

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    How To Address An Email Cover Letter

    If youre sending your job application through email, chances are youll need to format your cover letter in the body of the email, or as an attachment along with your resume.

    First and foremost when youre addressing a cover letter in an email is the subject line, which should be between 6-10 words long.

    Considering that hiring managers receive countless emails daily, you want to make sure that yours is a job application immediately. And the way to do that is straight through the subject line, which should indicate exactly the position youre applying for and your name so that its easier to find through the recruiters swarmed mailbox.

    Here what we mean by that:


    • Subject Line: John Doe – Software Development Job Application
    • Subject Line:John Doe – Job Application for Marketing Manager Position
    • Subject Line:John Doe – Stock Manager Job Application

    Afterward, if youre including your cover letter in the body of the email , begin by using a salutation, add space, and start your letter.

    If someone referred you for the position, make sure to mention that in the subject line of your email as well as in your opening paragraph.

    So, lets see how all the above plays out in practice:


    Subject Line:John Doe – Carl Jacobs Referral for Software Developer

    Dear Dr. Leonard,

    I was very glad that Mr. Jacobs, a long-time partner at your firm who also happens to be my mentor from college, referred me for the Software Developer position.

    Some Older Employers May Expect To See It

    Name Address

    One reason you might want to include an address on your resume is simply that some employers will want to see it listed somewhere in your application.

    Many older hiring managers prefer to immediately know where the candidate theyre looking at resides, even if they dont need this information for practical reasons.

    In some rare cases, if you dont put an address on your resume it could be seen as a red flag by hiring managers, and leave them questioning why you left it off. So if youre applying to an older, more traditional company, its safer to include an address on your resume.

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    Ways To Include Your Address On Your Resume

    Here are a few ways you can choose to include your address in your resumes contact info section:

    Full address. The comprehensive option, only to be used when you fully trust the recipient and believe that your precise location is relevant information for your application. Most folks shouldnt use this, but heres an example of a resume header with a full address:

    Why Shouldnt You Include Your Full Street Address On Your Resume

    The best practice in the U.S. is to omit your full address from your resume, says Muse career coach Emily Liou, former recruiter and founder of Cultivitae. Since the job application process no longer involves sending and receiving things by mail, theres little reason companies need to know your full address before hiring you. Even if its a job that requires a background check , that will be done later in the hiring process, long after the step where youd submit a resume.

    There are a few reasons to leave your full address off a resume:

    There are a few exceptions where it may make sense to include your full street address on your resume. If youre applying to jobs outside of the U.S. and Canada, your full address is often a requirement, Liou says. Some federal government jobs will also require a mailing address on your resume . And for some jobsa local delivery job, a community advocate, or a school crossing guard, for exampleliving in the neighborhood might work in your favor, Girson says.

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    How To Address A Cover Letter To A Recruiter

    As we already mentioned, the way you address your cover letter is important because it is the very first thing recruiters see upon opening your cover letter.

    A well-formulated cover letter address means that you care enough to research the company and that you show attention to detail.

    As such, you should always put some research into who youre addressing your cover letter to and do so in a formal way.

    And yes, the formal part is important too. The recruiter isnt your best friend – you want to maintain a sense of professionalism.

    If this is how you address the recruiter in your cover letter:

    Incorrect Examples

    • Whats up Hiring Manager
    • Hi there Hiring Team

    Then you say goodbye to the job.

    Now, youre probably wondering, how can I find out whom to address my cover letter to?

    Thats what were about to teach you:

    What Else Should Go In A Resume Contact Information

    How to Write a Resume

    Here are some more tips to keep in mind for the heading of your resume: the contact information section:

    • Ensure your LinkedIn profile is up to date if youâre adding it. When you do add the URL, make sure you shorten it. The instructions for this are here in our post on

    • You donât need to include labels such as âAddressâ or âPhone.â Itâs clear to the hiring manager which is which.

    In addition to not needing labels for your contact methods, you should never, ever include icons, emojis, or other images on your resume. These little pictures are included on many resume templates but do not perform well in those ATS scans we mentioned above.

    To make sure your resume parses correctly, you can try out our free resume review service and learn what an employer sees.

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    How To Write An Address Correctly

    Whether youre sending a letter or double-checking your resume, knowing how to write an address the correct way is important. Each situation has a specific address format that is appropriate, and writing it correctly can mean the difference between having your letter or package reach its destination or get lost in the mail. A few simple rules can help you write any address.

    What Is An Address

    An address provides the information necessary to locate a building, plot of land or structure. This collection of information is generally used in a specific format and contains things like political boundaries, street names, building numbers, organization names and postal codes as geographical references. Though an address is used regularly for a myriad of reasons, it is most commonly used to guide the routing of mail.

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    Template For How To Address A Cover Letter

    Here is a brief template you can use when crafting a new cover letter or adding to an existing one:

    • Dear Sierra,
    • Ms. Cleo Thet,

    Regardless of whether you can find the name of the hiring manager or not, you can still include a professional greeting when addressing your cover letter. While the way you address your cover letter will not likely convince someone to hire you, a greeting with dated or unprofessional language can easily discourage a hiring manager from taking your application seriously. You can use only a first name or add a salutation and honorific depending on your preference.


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