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How To Make Resume 1 Page

Trim Your Summary And Education Section

How To Make A One Page Resume

Cut down content in your summary and education section if you need the space to elaborate on your work experience. By keeping your education section short, you show you have the minimum requirement needed for the role while saving space for more important details. Keep the year you graduated from college on your resume only if you’re a recent graduate. Omit your high school education if you have a college degree. Your summary or objective should be one line, or you can remove it entirely if you need the space.

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Highlight Only Internships And Relevant Work Experience

While it’s great to show you’ve had a job since you were 16 and can commit to a company, unless it’s relevant, it’s not necessary. Keep the focus on relevant work experience and any internships you may have held recently or while in college. You can still show you had previous jobs and how long you were with those companies in an additional experience line under your highlighted positions. This will show you have longevity and loyalty without taking up valuable space.

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One Or Two Page Resume Which Is Better

One or two page resume, which is better? Thats a question another recruiter posted this week on LinkedIn. Despite there being a lot of responses, there was not a clear consensus.

Here are some of the comments:

  • A resume should NEVER be longer than 1 page.Knowing that, your goal should be to communicate “I am qualified for this role” in a way that can be understood within that time frame. Making someone flip or scroll to a 2nd page does not accomplish this goal. Will Rippetoe | The Interview Beast
  • Id re-frame this. The first page of your resume should clearly explain what your value prop is as a potential team mate. This gets you into the interview pipeline. Evgeny Lazarenko | Unity
  • This would not work for some public sector resumes I’ve submitted on behalf of clientsYou could not simply fit all of the mandatory experience requirements on a single page for some positions Neil Barker | Canopy Growth Corporation
  • I think 2 pages is reasonable and also allows people who have careers longer than 2-3 jobs space to share their skillset better Alexis Scott, HR Manager | Aspireship
  • A resume never hired anyone. People hire people. Relationships will trump resumes any day of the week Andrew Beach, Senior Consultant | Lee Hecht Harrison

For myself, I say:

  • If you can’t write a good 2 page resume, then you can’t write a good 1 page resume. Strong list of achievements, easy to scan skills list, and consistent formatting are all more important than 1 or 2 pages.

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What Is A Resume

A resume is a summary of your career, whether yours is just getting started or has been going on for years. Coming in at around one page in length , it showcases the jobs youve held and currently hold, the responsibilities youve taken on, the skills youve developed, and the qualities you bring to the table as an employee. Together, those things make it super easy for any hiring manager to see your qualifications and fit for a role.

For all the work you may put into writing one, hiring managers actually spend very little timemere seconds in many caseslooking at your resume. But despite this sad fact, its safe to say that creating a great resume still matters.

If you miss the mark, your resume may never be read. Even worse, you might be removed from the applicant pool by a computer before a human even knows you exist, says Muse career coach Heather Yurovsky, founder of Shatter & Shine. So you want to get it right because, as she explains, isnt the goal to spend less time looking for a job and more time in a role you love?

And although LinkedIn has plenty of benefits, a resume has one clear advantage: While your LinkedIn is usually a broader picture of your career trajectory, your resume gives you the opportunity to tailor your career story to a specific role or company .

Oh, and youve probably heard of something called a CV? Its slightly different from a resume, and usually more common with academics and job seekers outside the U.S.

Look At Rectangular Frames

How to Make a One Page Resume : Writing Tips &  Sample

You might notice, looking at your InDesign template file, that a lot of content appears to be sitting in “boxes.” Well, these are called rectangular frames. They do just what they appear to dothey “hold” content.

So, looking at our template, we’ve got a whole host of rectangular frames. They hold everything from text to shapes to “empty” placeholder frames, ready to hold images.

Let’s try that. Using the Selection tool, select a rectangular frame. We’re going to add an image to this frame.

Then go to File > Place and choose an image from your computer. In this demonstration, we’ll use this stock image from Envato Elements.

InDesign then inserts this image into the rectangular frame for us.

You can then use the Selection tool to select and move these rectangular frames.

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Build Your Single Page Resume Now

Should aresume be only one page? There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to theright resume length. It all depends on your job history and whether youreexploring a new career in a different direction.

If you doneed a one page resume, remember that its totally possible to squeeze inall the important information in your once two-page resume into a singlepage resume. You just have to get creative in your formatting and design andget selective about the information you include. The tips listed above on how tomake a one page resume should help.

Using theright resume template will make this easier for you. Envato Elementsand GraphicRiver have a wide selection of resume templates that you can easily edit onPhotoshop or MS Word.

Editorial Note: This tutorial was originally published on March 28, 2019. It’s been revised to make it current, accurate, and up to date by our staffwith special help from Brenda Barron.

Revise Sections To Fityour Needs

Thesetemplates have a section for Certificates. But feel free to revise thatsection header to Continuing Education to include seminars, licenses, or otherqualifications. If you dont have anything to list that could be considered ascontinuing education, use this section for awards or another job entry.

Just renamethe header name to the appropriate title and revise the boxes below to includethe information you would like.

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Adjust Your Line Spacing And Font Size

Recruiters want to see resumes that are easy on the eye, so the need for your resume to have good line spacing is still important. However, you can maximize the space available by adjusting your line spacing to give you a little bit more room.

If you are using MS Word to create your resume, then you can manually change the line spacing between paragraphs and different sections. The default setting is actually quite generous, so even if you change it to shrink down the line spacing by half between paragraphs and sections, you will still get a defined visual space, but you can squeeze out an extra couple of free line spaces for more information by doing this.

While going as small as an 8-point font may mean certain eye-strain for a recruiter trying to read your resume, you can safely change to 10-point font and still leave your resume perfectly readable. It would be wise to leave your name at least at a 14-point font if not larger.

Leave Off Unnecessary Information

One page resume | How many pages should my resume be? #GetHiredToday

The information recruiters are not interested in can take up valuable space. If you are about to or have graduated college, high school information is no longer relevant. It’s assumed you graduated high school since you were able to get into college, so leave off the clubs, graduation date, sports, and other achievements from your youth.

Also, it’s no longer standard to put References available upon request on your resume. Most applications ask for references before you even submit, so recruiters will already have the information. Plus, everyone knows a reference check is a part of the process, so including this line is unnecessary.

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Modern One Page Resume Template

This modern single page resume is perfect if you want to stand out from the crowd. The one pager CV format features a clean layout with the picture and name as focus.

The layout is divided in two columns with plenty of white space. You can easily display your information in this cool resume template one page design. Edit it in Photoshop and Illustrator.

Edit Text In Adobe Indesign

Next, let’s edit some of the text. Most InDesign resume templates come with some sample text that requires editing.

Thankfully, this is an easy process. Start by selecting the Type tool from your Tools panel. Then, click on the text that you’d like to edit. You’ll notice that the rectangular frame becomes visibly active. Just type or delete as you would in standard word processing software.

One thing to note here: the text will depend on the size of the rectangular frame. So, if you resize the frame, the text can occupy more or less space. Use this technique to resize columns of text, headlines, and more.

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Modern Two Column Resume

The Modern Two Column Resume is a great sample one-page resume. It’s also an example of how you can use templates to skip ahead while building a resume. This single page resume template has the placeholders you need to remind yourself of the key items to include on your resume. Again, it’s all about using these placeholders and simply substituting in your own details to customize it for your job posting.

  • five color palettes included for a variety of design options
  • one-page resume template includes Microsoft Word and Adobe Photoshop file formats
  • profile picture placeholder helps the hiring manager familiarize themselves more easily

Dont Fret About The Resume Length Too Much

FREE 9+ Sample One Page Resume Templates in MS Word

There is no harm in having two versions of your resume one single page version and one longer multiple-page version. These can be very handy to keep on file for when an employer specifically asks you to submit one or the other. A lot of employers will initially ask for a one-page resume, and then follow that up with a request for a more detailed resume for when they are creating a shortlist for the job interview.

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Should A Resume Be One Page

In most cases, your resume should be one page. If youre writing a recent graduate resume or have a limited work history, a one page resume is long enough to summarize your relevant skills, achievements, and work experience.

Hiring managers at large companies go through hundreds of resumes each day looking for qualified candidates. If your resume is too long, theres a high chance theyll skim it to save time and miss important information.

Using a one page resume makes it easier for busy hiring managers to see your qualifications and skills at a glance, giving you a better chance of receiving an interview offer.

However, while a 1 page resume is best for most candidates, the ideal resume length still depends on your level of experience and the industry youre applying to work in.

Organically Incorporate Keywords In Your Resume

Before we discuss this, let us first discuss what a keyword is in the first place.

When a recruiter posts a job on a job board, he mentions a list of skills that a job applicant is expected to have. In simple words, keywords are particular skill sets that an organization looks for in the ideal candidate.

You can identify these keywords by analyzing your target job posting.

For example, the keywords for a content manager job will most likely have the following keywords:

  • Working knowledge of SEO and SEM
  • Should be good at WordPress
  • Should have a history of successfully managing social media campaigns
  • Efficient at making ad copies
  • Good at proofreading and editing content
  • Experience at managing a team

Now that you have a rough idea of how to identify the keywords, all you have to do now is organically incorporate them in your resume.

The trick here is to avoid blatantly replicating these keywords in your resume but to incorporate only those keywords that you can justify using in your resume. This means that you should only use those keywords that you have actual expertise in.

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What Are Called One Page Resume Templates

Most of the time, a short and crisp resume is the best choice.

Your resume does not need to contain lots of depth about your past jobs and abilities. A resume and a cover letter are just a quick snapshot that opens the door for further discussions hence one page resume is the best option. In your interview, the employer may ask for more details from a job seeker.

Only send a longer document if its mentioned in the job description .

Can My Resume Be Two Pages Even If I Dont Have A Lot Of Experience

How to modify my resume to a one-page resume? – Resume Making tips | Downloadable Sample Resume

Candidates with 5-10 years of work experience can also have two-page resumes. Heres the deal – with a two-page resume, you can show a bit more of your personality and warm up the hiring manager. Jobs are not just about crunching numbers – youre, after all, going to work with other people. A culture-fit is as important for most employers, as work achievements.

This is why the second page of your resume can also be reserved to highlight your strengths, motivations, hobbies and interests. For more strategies, check our guide: How, When, and Why You Can Use a Two-Page Resume?

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Add Images In Adobe Photoshop

But what if you want to add a custom image? That’s an easy addition too.

Begin by opening up the image you’d like to add to your resume template. Remember to keep copyright and licensing in mind. If you’re looking for high quality imagery, check out Envato Elements. Go to File > Open to open up your image.

Then, copy your image by going Select > All.

With the image selected, go to Edit > Copy.

Then, go back to the resume template file and go to Edit > Paste. Photoshop will automatically paste imagery onto a new layer.

Remember, use your Move tool to position this image. Resize your imagery by going Edit > Free Transform. Then, use the resize handles to change the image’s dimensions.

Proofread Your Resume And Finish Strong

Once youve written your resume and cover letter, youre in pretty good shape to send out that first application. However, youre not quite done yet.

The most important step before sending out any resume is to read it over and make sure that there are no issues that could get your application discarded.

To help make that process easier, heres a checklist you can go through to make sure your resume is looking spotless:

The Resume Genius Resume Checklist

Is your contact information accurate?

Does your resume NOT include details like headshots or sensitive personal information?

Does your resume fit on one page ?

Is your information easy to read ?

Is the design of your resume appropriate for the position youre applying for?

Did you include all relevant sections on your resume?

Did you include quantified achievements in your work experience section?

Does your resume address the requirements stated in the job ad?

Is your resume free of typos and grammatical errors?

Is all of your information clearly formatted and professional?

Feel free to use our on-page checklist, or and begin reviewing your resume.

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How To Write Any Resume To Fit On One Page

Whether youve got 25 years of experience, a decade, or none, making a strong impression is essential, and a single page resume helps you do that.

Here are some strategies which sections to include and which to omit when creating your own resume. The next lines will act as a summary from the learnings above.

Does My Resume Need To Be Colorful

One Page Resume: 3 Examples To Show Its Impact

Every candidate is looking to stand out, and an obvious way to do it’s through using colors. But it’s a matter of personal preference. After all, your resume or CV is a reflection of yourself. There are many one page resume examples that can fit all color tastes.

If you do go the color route, make sure you limit the number of colors you use. Many colors can become busy very quickly when you use a single page resume format. Aim for a maximum of two colors to keep the focus on you and your skills.

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Should A Resume Be Onlyone Page

Theres nosimple answer to this question. The perfectresume length depends on your professional situation.

Onlyprofessionals with more than 10+ years of experience or lots of certificationsand achievements should have a two-page resume. Entry level candidates and eventhose with a few years of experience under their belt, can benefit from writinga concise single page resume.

Accordingto data from a CareerBuilder Survey of more than 5000 employees and HR professionals, 66% ofemployers say entry-level applicants should use a one page resume. But 77%claim that more experienced workers should have at least two pages in their resume.

Think ofyour resume like a movie highlights reel. Only the best action scenes areincluded to build hype and intrigue people into watching the movie.

Of course,its hard to believe how you could benefit from a one page resume when youvebeen accustomed to a two page resume. Below are several benefits of using a singlepage resume:

  • A singlepage resume stands out because most applicants send two pages or more.
  • Yourachievements and qualifications are easier to spot on a one page resume becausetheres less stuff to read.
  • Manyrecruiters, especially those hiring for entry level jobs, claim they dont readpast the first page of an application.


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