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How To Make Resume For Part Time Job

Make Your Demonstrating Experience A Priority:

Resume Writing Tips for Part-time jobs in Canada

When it concerns with part-time work, many of the restrictions that apply to full-time jobs do not applicable.

Many professionals, for example, remove contract employment off their resumes since some companies view it as a sign that the employee is prone to changing jobs.

Companies in part-time jobs are less concerned with such details and instead want to know if you have prior expertise with the work youll be doing.

Dont get caught up in the etiquette of what to include or exclude from your resume instead of it, concentrate on presenting as much relevant work experience as feasible.

According to Farana: Knowing ahead of time whether a position is part-time or could be part-time can really help in terms of ensuring you are only applying for jobs that fulfill that favored need so you can enjoy productive time tailoring your applications to positions at companies that already offer part-time work,

Strengthen The Education Section

Making the education section your strong point when drafting your resume is the perfect path to take, especially when you can’t count on your job experience. You may use this section to showcase your knowledge. The following points can help you structure an effective education section:

  • Include academic achievements that are relevant to your desired position.

  • If you have many years of experience, you could add a shortened version of your education, such as the schools you went to and your minors and majors.

  • If your career has just begun, your work experience could come just below the education section.

Choose A Functional Format

Although a chronological resume is the most common resume type, consider using the functional resume format when writing your first resume. Whereas chronological resumes focus on your work experience, functional resumes highlight your core resume skills:

Specifically, the skills section of a functional resume replaces the work history section of a chronological resume. To fill this section pick at least three skills relevant to the position, and then add two or three bullet points that showcase those skills in action:

Skills on a Resume for a First Job

Editing skills

  • Edited average of 47 newspaper articles a day as chief copy editor of The Brown Daily Herald
  • Reduced incidence of typos in The Brown Daily Herald by 17% compared with previous year

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When To Use A Hybrid Or Functional Canada Resume Format

The functional resume is a versatile format that focuses on your skills and qualifications instead of experience. While your employment history is still included, it is usually listed after your skills and education section. That places greater emphasis on those skill sets, showcasing your suitability for the position. As a result, this option can sometimes be used effectively by newcomers to the workplace and those who are changing careers.

A hybrid resume retains the expanded reverse chronological work experience section, but itâs no longer the bulk of the resume. Instead, the skills section is also expanded to include a summary of qualifications in addition to the technical skills or core competencies section.

It should be noted, however, that many experts advise job seekers in Canada to stick to a format closer to the reverse chronological. Regardless of the format you chose, here is the basic information a hiring manager is looking for on your resume:

  • Name and contact information

  • Skills

Use Your Cover Letter To Elaborate

Resume For Part Time Job Template

Your cover letter is a great place to elaborate on why you’re listing several concurrent part-time jobs on your resume. Always put a positive spin on the topic. Examples:

As you’ll see in my resume, I was employed in a part-time capacity with three different companies between 2014 and 2018. As a full-time student pursuing my MBA, part-time work afforded me the opportunity to structure my work schedule around my academic responsibilities.

You’ll notice my resume indicates several stints of seasonal and temporary work over the last two years. During that time period, I was caring for an ailing family member and simultaneously juggling my career, and found on-call and contract work was most appropriate for my life circumstances at the time.

If youre looking for full-time employment rather than new part-time gigs, indicate that in your cover letter as well.

While holding several part-time jobs worked well for me when my children were young, I’m now looking to re-enter the workplace in a full-time capacity.

Of course, there’s no hard-and-fast rule that you have to list every job you’ve ever had on your resume. Ultimately, your goal is to showcase your strongest professional skills and demonstrate a solid employment history.


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Write Your Resume Objective

A resume objective is a short heading statement in your resume, where you describe your professional goals and aspirations.

Fun fact – hiring managers look at your resume for 5-6 seconds max.

Yep, thats right. In most cases, the hiring manager is literally drowning in resumes. So, they have a couple of seconds to skim each one.

Well, this section is your chance to catch their attention .

A resume objective is usually 3-4 sentences max and includes information on:

  • What your field of study is
  • What your skills and experiences are
  • Why youre applying for this position and/or this company.

As with contact information, you dont need to label your resume objective with a title. Just write it underneath your contact information section.

Heres an example of what a resume objective looks like:

Recent Communications graduate looking to apply for the role of Secretary at XYZ inc. Extremely organized with good writing and multitasking skills. Practical experience in management gained through several university projects, which involved coordinating tasks between different team members and ensuring that everyone was in sync with the latest information.

Which Type Of Resume Is Best For College Students Looking For Parttime Jobs

Basically, there are three main types of job resumes. They include:

  • Chronological resume
  • Combination resume

Chronological Resume

A chronological resume is the most versatile and popular resume with job seekers and recruiters alike. This type of resume focuses more on your recent work history above all. Here, you list your positions in reverse chronological order, with the most recent positions at the top and the oldest ones at the bottom.

Furthermore, the ultimate goal is to show how your previous positions have perfectly prepared you for the role you are applying to.

Pros of a Chronological Resume
  • Easy for the recruiters to scan.
  • Sure to pass any ATS scan.
  • It highlights your experience.
Cons of a Chronological Resume
  • It requires careful and consistent formatting.
  • It exposes gaps in your career.
  • Also, it is not great for career changers.
  • Applicants seeking a job similar to their previous positions
  • Students and entry-level applicants

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Functional Resume

A functional program emphasizes the relevance of your experience. To create a functional resume, you will highlight your professional summary, your skills and a work experience section based on how close they relate to the position you are applying for.

Basically, this format is ideal for those who wish to minimize gaps in the resume or who are in transition to a new industry.

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What Is A Part

A part-time job resume might be useful for candidates looking for fewer working hours, gaining experience in a new field, looking to work alongside any form of study or focusing on family. Professionals looking to change careers may also write this resume type. Some candidates might detail why they are looking to transition from full-time to part-time work, whereas others may mention which skills they aim to develop in their part-time role.

For instance, a candidate with considerable accountancy experience may apply for a part-time customer service position in the retail sector to get more time outside of work. In this case, the accountant may highlight their ability to handle diverse payment methods, increase conversion and reach financial targets. After identifying that a role in retail involves interacting with several customers daily, they may include their strong verbal and written communication skills.

Include A Summary Statement

HOW TO MAKE YOUR FIRST PART TIME JOB RESUME IN CANADA ( with Proof!) | International Students

Resume objective statements, where you state exactly what career goals you wish to achieve, have mostly fallen out of fashion. This is largely because you want to focus on what you can do for the employer, not what the employer can do for you. A resume summary statement, on the other hand, sums up who you are professionally at the top of the page in a sentence or two and serves as the first impression you give a hiring manager to entice them to keep reading.

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Explain How You Used Your Time To Grow

If you retired more than a year ago, consider explaining how you used your time away from work to grow. Consider also including volunteer work you did or new skills you learned, even if they do not directly relate to the position you apply to. If you took continuing education classes, for example, mention that in your summary or cover letter. You can increase your chances of getting a job if you show that you spend your spare time growing and learning.

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How Is A Resume Different For A Part

Job applicants in the market for a part-time job for supplemental income generally look for jobs in which they are over-qualified for. They’re not interested in career growth from these positions, and they may not intend to keep them for a long period of time. Their resume needs to reflect these ideas.

For example, if an accountant seeks a part-time job and applies to a retail position with a resume that lists all her skills and experiencing involving accounting, she has low chances of obtaining the role. Alternatively, if the accountant reworks her resume to reflect the skills required for the position and only includes her most relevant experience, her chances increase.

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Write A Resume Summary Or Objective

You may begin your part-time job resume with a summary or career objective to explain why you’re best suited for the job. A resume’s summary and objective sections are both sections that aim to grab the employer’s attention immediately.

Add a career objective that highlights all the knowledge and skills garnered over the years. You can use this section to introduce yourself professionally, outline your key skills and what you’re looking for. Individuals answer the questions of both what and why honestly, giving hiring managers a clear picture of themselves. You may also list the quantifiable achievements to help your resume stand out. Keep objectives around three to five concise sentences.

Access Resources Tips And Advice To Prepare For Success At Every Stage Of Your Career Journey

Parttime Job Resume

Whether you’re looking for an on-campus job, applying for an internship, seeking your dream job or embarking on a career change, having a quality resume and application materials that get you noticed are key to your success. Use these resources to help craft or update your resume, cover letter and references so you can land that interview!

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List Contract Or Freelance Work

In a gig economy, you may have multiple concurrent jobs that are short-term in nature. If you make a full-time effort doing part-time work, you may find benefit in highlighting this work style, especially if youre using your resume to generate new business. Example:

Professional Landscaping Services


Providing for-hire and contract services for business and residential customers. Services include grass cutting, edging, planting, yard debris removal, pruning, fertilizing and sprinkler maintenance.

If you service business clients, you may note them by name to demonstrate your degree of professionalism.Example:

Clients include:

Include a notation that references are available upon request.

Why This Part Time Job Resume Example Works

This resume example is perfect for a part time job because it starts off with a convincing resume objective and immediately afterward displays the candidates academic background .

Additionally, because the candidate is applying for a part-time math tutoring job, they highlight using their math skills in their work experience by using phrases such as calculate and budget, and they make it known that they have great people skills .

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Essential Skills For Your Part

Customer service The ability to effectively deal with customers and provide a high level of customer service is pertinent to the majority of part-time roles. If you can, incorporate examples and results throughout your CV.

Complaint handling Complaints are part and parcel of any service role, so its important to display that youre able to handle them efficiently and leave the customer with a positive impression of the business.

Communication No matter what the role is, youre highly likely to be communicating with colleagues, customers and clients, meaning its vital to prove youve got solid communication skills.

Time management All employers want to hire people who are able to work efficiently, prioritise their time appropriately and make sure things get done, so bring in a few examples of your time management experience where appropriate especially if you are working in the gig economy.

IT Nowadays, technology is present in the majority of workplaces. If you know your way around a computer, even if its just Microsoft Office, its a valuable addition to your CV.

Industry knowledge If you hold specific skills or knowledge related to the job youre applying for, make sure to include them in your CV. For example, a bartender may be skilled in mixology, while a kitchen assistant may be knowledgeable about food preparation and safety.

How To Decide What Jobs To List On Your Resume


Here are a few things to consider before adding part-time or temporary work to your resume:

Are You Applying for a Part-Time Role? If so, it makes sense to include prior part-time and temporary roles they count as relevant experience.

Is It the Only Job You’ve Had? Particularly if you are fresh out of school or applying for entry-level jobs, part-time jobs may be your primary form of experience. And even if a part-time job as a cashier isn’t super-relevant to your desired career in marketing, there are likely valuable on-the-jobs skills you developed that you can highlight in the job description on your resume.

Does It Relate to Your Career Goals and Help Show Continuity? If the part-time work is related to your career goals, include it on your resume and describe the position fully. Even though it might not be as significant as your previous full-time employment, it still shows continuity within your career. It can sometimes be difficult to know how to handle part-time or temp roles that you took during a period of unemployment, but if they’re relevant to your industry and overall career, it makes sense to include them.

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Awesome Tips To Write Resume For Part Time Job


  • 11. Proofreading:
  • Making a regular CV may be simple for some, but making one to gain a part-time, supplementary employment is a very different matter. Certain things a resume informs hiring employers about an individuals position in what they want and why they need it.

    It can be just as challenging as full-time job applications. Even more so at times! When organizations hire part-time employees, they want flexibility, someone they can rely on, and someone who will go for their companys culture. So, dont hope for a second that your CV should be any less professional than one for an identical full-time position.

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    Whether you want to earn money on the side while studying, need money to support your other commitments, or are returning to work after a sabbatical, utilize our CV writing suggestions to attract the attention of the people who count. If youre student, check here the best highest paying part time jobs for students.

    Include Only The Most Important Information

    Consider removing some information that doesn’t relate to the position you want. Remove older positions or certifications that have expired. Look at job listings for your previous positions and make sure you use language similar to what others in the industry use. This can help modernize your job history. Consider only including references to dates or years of experience if they directly relate to the job description, such as including that you have over seven years of sales experience.

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    Include Your Contact Details

    First things first, youll need to include your contact details at the top of your part time job resume.

    Make sure to include the following contact information:

    • Phone number
    • Address
    • Professional social media profile

    Your contact details are an easy section to fill out, but make sure you only include information that you check regularly so that you can be easily contacted.

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    Match Skills To The Job Where Relevant

    Its a good idea to do some tailoring of your CV to the job description where appropriate. You should, of course, write a cover letter that goes into more detail about why youd be the perfect hire, but making some tweaks to your CV for each position will only help.

    A good way to do this is to write a master CV which lists all the responsibilities youve ever had and all your key skills. You can then tweak this as appropriate for the job youre applying for.

    Perhaps youre a student and are applying for two different jobs youve seen advertised one at a stationery shop in the students union and another in a pub near your house. Say your previous work experience was as a customer service assistant in a burger joint while you were at sixth form college. You may well want to tweak the way you describe that experience on each CV so the most transferable skills are highlighted:

    • For the stationery shop: At Tasty Burgers I diligently organised stock behind the counter and at different points on the restaurant floor
    • For the pub job: At Tasty Burgers I learnt about the essentials of food hygiene and quickly preparing food and drink for customer orders


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