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How To Mention Work Experience In Resume Examples

Add It To Your Work History Descriptions

How to Write a Work Experience Section for Your Resume in 2022 [Resume Examples Included]

Another way to include your remote work history is to mention it as you detail your previous job responsibilities. Just as you’d mention what you did in your previous roles, add a sentence that states you performed this responsibility off-site. Here is an example of what you can write:

Answered customer calls, questions and concerns from my home office with high-speed internet access.

When You Are Including Your Work Experience

Some job listings require that you’ve attained a specific number of working experience. This is what hiring managers focus on when going through your resume. For this reason, clearly indicate the month and year of service to show how long you’ve worked in a relevant role. Some companies, with the advancement in technology, have devised ways where a scanner goes through applications capturing dates. The aim here is to make the recruitment process easy, especially where a job description insists on the need for professional working experience.

If you don’t include the dates, the tracking system cannot pass on your application to the next stage of the recruitment process. If you have worked for a number of years, you don’t need to include all of them, as it might make your resume look cluttered. You may need to consider only 10 to 12 years of experience that is more relevant to the role in which you are applying. Just ensure to state the month and year of employment in your job responsibilities section.

Use A Practical Resume Format

Some people prefer to focus on their relevant skills rather than stating the exact number of years they’ve worked. If you feel you have considerably less amount of experience and don’t want to include exact dates of employment, you may choose a practical resume format that draws more attention to your skills than the experience you’ve had. You can have a special section that summarizes your relevant skills, stating clearly how you can use the skills to improve your performance in the role.

List the most appropriate skills at the top of the resume to catch the attention of the hiring manager. If you have any technical skills, ensure you bring them out clearly. You may then state your professional experience and ensure you concentrate more on your duties and how you used your skills to carry out duties successfully. If you learned any skills during your previous role, include the information on your resume and show how the skills may be beneficial to your next role.

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How Far Back Should Your Employment History Go

My advice here is the same advice I give for how back to go with your story when they ask, tell me about yourself in an interview.

If youve been working for less than 8-10 years, Id go back to the beginning of your professional work history, and try to tailor everything to be relevant for the jobs youre pursuing now.

You might be thinking theres nothing in common between your prior professional experience and the jobs you want now, but theres usually an angle you can find!

Heres an example of how you may have relevant experience in your background even if youre an entry level job seeker or applying to a totally new type of position:

When I was in college, I worked in customer service at Whole Foods Market. Not too glamorous, right?

But I became a supervisor, and youd be amazed how many interviewers asked me about this job, even after 4-5 years had passed .

So dont assume something isnt relevant. If you showed advancement/growth, leadership, or other impressive traits, employers will love it. Its your job to make the bullet points impressive and show them how its relevant.

Now, on the other hand, if youve worked more than 10 years, and/or if you are a Manager/Director, etc., consider starting your resume work history at the point you became a manager.

Choose Accomplishments To Include

Work Experience on a Resume

Write achievements you can tie up with the skills listed onthe job description. Jill Gugino Pante M.Ed, Director of Alfred Lerner CollegeCareer Center at the University of Delaware also suggests:

Look at the company website and social media sites toget a feel of their values, mission, and goals. For example, if a companyvalues impeccable customer service, some of your bullet points should includeexamples of when you exceeded customer expectations.

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Work Experience On A Resume: What To Avoid

Always assume that your reader in this case, the hiring manager doesnt need anything explained. You also have very little room to ramble on your resume.

Free up some space by not including:

  • What the organization does: your resume is about you. The hiring manager doesnt need to hear about the company.
  • The basic requirements of your position: this is implied in your job title and will shine through your result-focused bullet points.
  • Filler words: For the most part, save space by cutting out words like I and the.
  • Anything irrelevant: If you have smaller responsibilities in a position that do not relate to the new job, leave them out. Every bullet point and every word takes up precious real estate on your resume – make them count.

If you are a recent graduate with little or no work experience, you can consider adding your GPAor cum laudeon your resume. As you acquire work experience over the years, you should replace your GPA or cum laude with relevant work experience.

How Far Back Should My Experience Section Go

Keeping your focus on relevant experience means you probably wont need to include all of your past jobsand thats a good thing. Recruiters and hiring managers are going to be most interested in your most relevant and recent experience. They also love a concise, single-page resume thats easy to scan . So its OK to keep your resume short and sweet.

As a general rule, you dont need to include more than 10 to 15 years of experience on your resume . Check out this guide for a detailed breakdown on how far back your resume should go depending on where you are in your career and any special situations.

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How To Discover Skills The Company Values

You need to use the job description to customize your resume skills and work history sections. But dont stop there. Research the employer to gain insight into the workplace culture and company values. You may discover additional qualities that would be prized by the employer.

If you know someone who works at the company, or has in the past, reach out to ask about the workplace culture and what the employer considers important in its workers. Also check websites such as Glassdoor and Fairygodboss for company reviews by employees and former employees.

The companys website can tell you a lot, too. Reading the About Us page is typically a good place to begin.

For instance, in a section called Living our values, IBM includes the following:

  • Dedication to every clients success
  • Innovation that matters for our company and for the world
  • Trust and responsibility in all relationships

If you were applying for a job at IBM, you would want to consider what soft skills you possess that fit this framework customer service, attentiveness, initiative and loyalty and weave them into your resume.

Here at Robert Half, we focus on and promote our four LEAD principles. They are:

  • Leadership by Example
  • An Openness to New Ideas
  • Dedication to Excellence

If youre applying for a job at Robert Half, you might highlight skills that speak to your leadership, drive and diligence, as well as your confidence and ability to collaborate.

Begin Each Bullet Point With Action Verbs

How To Write A Resume With Little or No Work Experience – Resume Template

Begin your bullet points with descriptive resume action verbs that clearly show hiring managers how you handled work at previous companies. Using action verbs ensures the hiring manager sees you as an effective employee who can get work done.

Here are some examples of action verbs being used to effectively describe a job seekers work experience:

  • Organized a work safety initiative that saved the company money on workers comp
  • Developed new communications protocols that improved connectivity between the company and clients
  • Optimized product delivery logistics that accelerated order fulfilment for customers

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Match Your Master List With The Computer Skills Required For Each Position

The computer skills you include on your resume should be the items that overlap between your master list and the list of computer skills needed.

A general rule of thumb is to never include skills that arent relevant to the job you are applying for. For example, if you are applying for a landscaping position, there is no need to include that you know computer programming.

What Is A Resume Work Experience Section

The work experience section of your resume should contain information about your professional history including previous titles, employers, dates of tenure, responsibilities, skills learned and accomplishments. Depending on your background, you can include full-time positions, part-time jobs, temporary roles, internships and even volunteer work if you do not have extensive paid work experience.


  • c. Description of role and achievement

  • Education

  • Optional

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    Formatting Your Previous Work Experience To Impress Employers

    The best resume format for job seekers is the reverse chronological format, which means you should begin your experience with your most recent role on top and then work backward through your professional career.

    For each position, include the job title, dates, and company name, and then describe your professional experience and achievements in that role. You can either use a brief paragraph to describe the role and then bullets, or use only bullets. However, you should not use only paragraph format when writing your work experience section.

    This is a mistake that many job seekers make, and it leads to their resume being skimmed over by recruiters and hiring managers. Bullets do a better job of catching attention and getting an employer to closely read your experience section.

    If you held multiple jobs in a company over time, list each job with its own dates and relevant experience. Its a huge mistake to not show each specific job title under a company, because this shows that you were promoted and advanced.

    As a final step, as you write your previous work descriptions and bullet points, glance at the job description to ensure youre covering the important skills that employers seem to want for the job youre pursuing.

    This is known as tailoring a resume.

    Translate Your Past Experience

    How to Make a Resume for a Job: Writing Guide [30 ...

    Once you see a job you like, start to focus on what is listed under both the qualifications and job description headings. Take a look to see if any of the items listed as part of the job description are things you have already written down under your past experience. More likely than not, there wont be a lot of similarities right away. Thats why the next step is to read through the job descriptions again and see if they are possibly similar to your past experience, but just worded differently.

    This is where most of the work will come in. What youll eventually want to do is describe your past experience in such a way that matches what the company is describing.

    Now let me clarify I am not telling you to make up experience you do not have. What I am telling you to do is if youve had experience in a field that an employer desires, make sure you explain that experience in language they understand.

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    Process Engineer Job Descriptions Responsibilities And Duty Examples

    A Process Engineer Stage may:

    • Develop, configure and optimize plant manufacturing processes from inception through to, pilot, start-up launch and commercialization
    • Assess and evaluate processings, taking measurements of specific variable metrics to interpret data and make assumptions about process efficiency and effectivity
    • Design, run test and upgrade or enhance systems and processes
    • Design and develop specific procedures and methodologies to improve manufacturing processes and realign purchasing methodologies with the need of the organization
    • Develop best practices, routines, and innovative solutions to boost production rates and output quality
    • Conduct process simulations

    How To Show Remote Work Experience On Your Resume

    With the pandemic forcing the layoffs and furloughs of millions of people to date, many qualified and dedicated professionals are on the hunt for a new job. While some grocery stores and big box chains are hiring, you may decide to pursue a work-from-home job until the economy returns to normal. Or, you may decide that its the best permanent fit for you moving forward.

    Either way, the ability to work remotely is a skill in and of itself. Showcasing a track record of success and remote work skills boosts employment prospects for work-from-home employment opportunities. Of course, not everyone has worked a remote job before. But, that doesnt mean you wont be a productive and successful remote employee. You just have to know what skills companies want for remote jobs and how to point them out to potential employers.

    So, how do you properly show your remote work experience on a resume? Here are some tips to help you showcase this information.

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    Resume Work Experience Example #1

    You can use bold text like the example above to highlight key accomplishments on your resume. You can also use bullets, checkmarks, and other simple graphics to make sure your best work is noticed.

    This resume work history also has a separate section for Select Accomplishments. This is a unique way to put all of your best accomplishments from each role in one place thats likely to get noticed and read by hiring managers.

    Contributed by: Kyle Elliott, MPA, CHES, Career Coach at

    Search Job Listings For Job Descriptions

    How to write a good resume? | Work Experience, Internships & Education Section (2020)

    With your past experience written out, you can now start looking for jobs. Although these tips work best if you are seeking employment in a field youve had some experience in, you can certainly look into entry level positions if you have some transferable skills.

    When searching for jobs, dont limit yourself to a specific job title. Its important to realize that different companies may call very similar positions different things. For example, one company may call someone working with customers a customer service representative. Another company may instead call that very same role a customer support specialist. Now most good job search engines will bring up both results eventually but its always a good idea to double check.

    One other way to make sure youre seeing all of the jobs you are qualified for is to search for key skills rather than a job title. Listing specific credentials or certifications you may hold that are crucial to your job can help you find jobs looking for your skills.

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    How To Create Your Prole

    To choose what to highlight in your summary, research positions of interest and write a list of the common requirements and qualications.

    Assess your skills and credentials. How does your background and experience align with the qualications outlined in the job description? Select skills, experiences, special knowledge, and accomplishments that you want to highlight in your prole selection.

    Next draft a few phrases that summarize your Skills/Experience/Accomplishments/Knowledge/Education

    • Experience in
    • Proven track record for
    • Key skills include

    Now write a sentence describing your professional role, which you can use as the opening line in your prole. For example:

    • Accomplished Marketing Executive with over 10 year experience in
    • Fully knowledgeable in
    • Experience managing professional sta including

    Finally, put all of the sentences together and edit for a clean, concise, and compelling prole statement.

    Figure Out The Computer Skills Required For The Job

    When applying for a new position, you must first identify the computer skills needed. To figure this out, go through each job description and highlight each thing that relates to a technology, software, or application.

    Then create a list with the computer skills described, making sure to write each skill using the same wording that is used in the job description.

    Data Analytics

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    Work Experience Example For A Resume

    Here is an example of a well-written job experience section for a resume:

    Work Experience

    Processed cash, check, and credit transactions, maintaining 98% accuracy to minimize end-of-day balancing errors Balanced check payments, identifying and resolving discrepancies immediately Accurately prepared and sent bank deposits semiweekly

    Work Experience Section Example

    Onsite Coordinator Resume Samples

    Automotive Technician, Icahn Automotive, Rotorua, New Zealand

    • Repaired various cars and trucks. Troubleshot and diagnosed vehicles. Repaired or replaced defective parts. Ensured that everything was in compliance with the companys high standards and clients needs.
    • Awarded Employee of the Month for increasing customer satisfaction with provided services from 87% to 95% within one year.

    Executives can use more than one page on their resume to present their extensive work experience. But that doesnt mean that you should let your resume become a 700-page long autobiography.

    If somethings recent it also means its more relevant. Thats why you should describe more recent jobs in greater detail. Older ones will do with a brief description, allowing you to save some valuable space for more important details to put on your resume.

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    How Should I Format The Experience Section Of My Resume

    Every experience section should start with a clear section heading. You might simply call it Experience or Work Experience or Relevant Experience. Or maybe youd prefer to highlight your specific role or industry with a header like Accounting Experience or Entertainment Industry Experience. The key is to make it easy to spot for anyone who may be quickly scanning your resume.

    In some cases, you may want to showcase experience from a previous career or otherwise include experience thats not directly related to the job youre applying for. To do this, you can simply create another section with a header like Additional Experience or Additional Professional Experience. You can also pull out a section such as Volunteer Experience if it doesnt make sense to include volunteer roles under your main experience section or if you prefer to list them separately

    For most job seekers using a chronological or combination resume format, you should list your past jobs within your experience section in reverse chronological order. For each item you listfull-time jobs or other types of experienceinclude the following:

    • Position details: List your job title, company name, location, and employment dates for every position on your resume. Heres one way it might look:

    Graphic Designer | Evergreen Industries | San Francisco, CA | May 2018 April 2020

    UX Designer | Caterpillar Collective | Kansas City, MO | July 2019 PresentAssociate UX Designer | March 2018 July 2019


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