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How To Search Resumes On Indeed

What Is An Indeed Resume Subscription

How to Search for Resumes on Indeed | Indeed US

A paid subscription gives access to set up Resume Alerts, contact job seekers, utilize Resumes organization and efficiency tools and communicate with job seekers who reply that they are interested in your open position. There are two types of subscriptions: the Standard Subscription and the Professional Subscription

Should I Upload My Resume To Job Boards


You should be uploading your resume to online job boards as many hiring managers and recruiters search these sites for qualified candidates.

Most job search sites allow you to upload your resume. You would typically do this when registering for an account.

Sites like Indeed charge employers a fee to browse through their pool of resumes. They also allow you to quickly apply for jobs with one click once your resume is uploaded.

Find Indeed Jobs Near You

There are two ways you can find jobs near you using

  • Using the location filters and Indeed advanced search options to specify your location and search radius.
  • Directly typing in Indeed jobs near me or Indeed jobs , such as Indeed Jobs Houston, on Google.
  • To get the best search results, use the advanced filters directly on the Indeed dashboard.

    Typing in Indeed jobs near me or Indeed Jobs Houston may not offer you the best search experience.

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    Customize Your Cover Letter And Resume For Each Job

    No, one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to landing jobs. To make sure you stand out, customize your cover letter and resume to match the job description. The job description mentions the qualities of the ideal candidate, so make sure to include them in your cover letter.

    Another thing to remember here is that most companies use Applicant Tracking Systems to filter out applications before a recruiter reviews them.

    How Do You Respond To A Negative Employee

    How to Use Indeeds Advanced Resume Search to Find Great ...

    The Right Way to Respond to Negative Employee FeedbackDont take it personally. This should be the first commandment when you receive negative feedback. Dont let it spoil your day. Let the comments sink in before responding. Ask the right questions. Take action. Dont wait for feedback, ask for it. Conclusion.

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    Use The Right File Extensions

    In most cases, candidates use file extensions like .doc, .txt or .pdf when naming their files. A PDF file is always a safe bet for a resume because PDF files retain the original document’s formatting. Check the job description to see if they prefer differently formatted resumes or cover letters so you can follow their specifications and increase your chance of making the shortlist for interviews.

    Create A Free Employer Account On Indeed

    Although anyone can search for resumes on Indeed, youll need an Indeed account to see candidate names and contact the candidates you like.

    Its free to create an employer account, and as part of sign up, you can also claim a $50 credit for posting a job.

    A best practice is to create a specific business email address to use for hiring so that candidate emails dont fill up your regular email account. Consider something like

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    Indeed Tutorial For Your Profile Login And Resume Upload

    The Indeed mobile app is a comprehensive job-search app.

    The mobile app offers an extensive job database from thousands of companies and allows you the user to create a profile and apply for jobs directly from your phone.

    Anyone serious about landing a job stands to benefit from at least exploring the Indeed app.

    So, why dont we learn a little more about what this tool has to offer?

    Like LinkUps mobile app, the Indeed mobile app is available for the iPhone, iPad, and Android. Load up the Indeed app and the first thing you will see is a window similar to the left picture.

    Why Cant I See My Review On Indeed

    Indeed resume search techniques

    If you wrote a review that did not become public, or was removed after being posted, it is possible that it did not conform to our guidelines, as listed below. When writing your review, please consider the following guidelines: Focus on the company and your individual experience while employed there.

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    Take Assessments To Stand Out

    Recruits receive hundreds of applications for a single job opening. So, a good way to stand out from the crowd is to take skill assessments on Indeed. The assessments take 4-15 minutes to complete and cover both hard and soft skills.

    Sometimes recruiters invite applicants to take these assessments. But even if you havent been invited, you can still go to the Assessment section on the Profile page to take them for free. The choice of whether to display these results to recruiters or not is entirely up to you.

    Include Relevant Certifications Or Licences

    If the job you’re applying for lists a required certification or licence, add your relevant qualifications in your resume headline. This is important because, with large numbers of applications to consider, hiring managers may focus their attention on relevant qualifications at the top of the page. If your headline states your relevant certifications or licences, the hiring manager may be more likely to stop scanning through resumes and begin reading yours.

    Suppose you’re applying for a personal trainer position and it requires someone with a Certificate III and IV in Fitness. It can work to your advantage to highlight your qualifications in your headline. You may write, Experienced Personal Trainer with Certificates III and IV in Fitness.

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    Are Sponsored Jobs On Indeed Real

    Sponsoring jobs on Indeed is one way to make your opportunities stand out. These are jobs that are promoted by employers, and they remain high in the search results. Sponsored Jobs are based on a pay for performance model. Employers set a monthly budget and only pay when a candidate clicks to view your job

    How To Search For Qualified Candidates On Indeed Resume

    Free Online Resume Builder

    Posting your job on Indeed is a great way to have your open position appear in the search results of active job seekers. But you dont have to wait for candidates to find you. With Indeed Resume, you can search millions of resumes for the particular skills and experience youre looking for and contact candidates whose qualifications appeal to you.

    With Resume, you can use a simple What and Where fields to search for candidates with certain certifications, language fluency, and titles. You can even search for people who have worked at particular companies.

    Try these tools to maximize your Indeed Resume searches:

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    How To Edit Your Resume On Indeed

    Click on the Edit Resume button, which will lead you to the following window to your left:

    Here, you can input your personal information into the listed fields to create a resume that can be used and accessed anytime you want.

    Main features of the Indeed mobile app:

    • Search jobs via location e.g. indeed jobs dayton ohio
    • Creating Indeed profile to use when submitting your resume
    • Easy Indeed resume submission

    Public Vs Private Resumes

    Once your resume is on Indeed, you can choose to make it Public or Private. There are benefits to both options. When you make your resume public, it is visible to anyone. Visitors to a public resume page can forward, save, or download the resume as a PDF or email you through a secure contact form. Your street address is visible only to you, and your phone number and email address are only visible when you apply for a job.

    One benefit of a public resume is that hiring managers can find you and reach out to you if they think you might be right for a job. This is a good option if you are unemployed, and do not care who sees that you are job searching.

    When you make your resume private, employers cannot find your resume, so they cannot contact you if they think you might be right for a job. They can only see your resume when you attach it when applying for a job. This is a good idea if you are employed, and you do not want your boss to be able to find you and see that you are job searching.

    Whether or not you make your resume private, you can still download a copy of your resume for your records.

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    Add Specific Preferred And Required Qualifications To Your Job

    Filtering for the necessary qualifications up front will save you time with the wrong candidates as they apply.

    Think of the skills that your applicant needs to know right when they arrive on the job, these are skills we recommend putting as required. These skills could be a certain number of years of experience, proficiency in a certain tool, or communication skills required to work with certain teams.

    Adding specific qualifications, even if they are preferred and not required, will let candidates know what is expected of them in advancing through to the next step.

    How Do You Attract New Employees

    How To Zap Resumes On Indeed Using ZapInfo

    How to Recruit Employees for Small Business

  • Find out what the going rate is for the position and match it.
  • Offer an employee benefit program.
  • Make lifestyle part of your employee recruitment offer.
  • Emphasize the benefits your small business offers.
  • Be creative with perks.
  • Offer employees some way to move upwards.
  • Create an employee incentive program.
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    Contact Candidates Through Indeed Email

    So youve found the perfect candidate, but now comes the tricky part. How do you reach out to them?

    Indeed offers resume search packages that start at $100 per month if you want to reach out to candidates youve found through Indeed or obtain their contact information. To contact them, click the button on the right-hand side of the screen. You will be asked to complete your registration if you havent already created an account, and provide payment information based on the subscription you choose. For example, the standard subscription allows up to 30 contacts per month for $100, or you could upgrade to the premium subscription to contact up to 100 job seekers for $250 per month.

    A recruiting message is like a cold sales email. Since the person hasnt applied to your company, theyre considered a passive candidate. You want to grab their attention quickly, and offer a simple way to follow up. So personalize your email. Like a sales email, its easy for candidates to pass it off as spam, or think its an ingenuine mass email. Instead, point out specific areas of their resume that sparked your interest, and describe the job in a way that may catch their attention. See our example below.

    Sample Email Message to a Passive Candidate

    Heres a sample email recruiting message template, that you can copy or download:

    How To Improve Your Presence On Job Boards

  • Choose the right keywords. Keep in mind that job seekers mightnt search in every job board youre posting on. Sometimes, its easier for them to just Google the role theyre interested in. Use keywords that people are more likely to search for: A sales superstar may sound exciting, but it wont appear in a job seekers results for sales executive or sales associate.
  • Craft engaging job ads. Lets say that people who had previously subscribed to a job portal receive an email about a new job opening, but arent looking for a new job anymore. What would make them consider your opportunity? An attractive and informative job ad will. Even if theyre not interested in a new job anymore, they may share your job ad with other strong candidates.
  • Keep your information up-to-date. You dont want to mislead your candidates into thinking you have job vacancies when you actually dont. Its best to create an impact with a new job ad for each new job opportunity at your company. To help build your pipeline, craft a future opportunities job ad to encourage people to send in their resumes. You could also include what type of roles youre usually hiring for and general characteristics you want your team members to share.
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    Include A Resume Headline Summary And Additional Sections

    To make you resume comprehensive, attractive, and more search-friendly, you should make the most use of the headline and resume summary options on your Indeed resume.

    Add your current job position or the position you are currently targeting as your resume headline. Try to avoid any fancy terms, like guru or ninja, as they might emit an unprofessional vibe.

    Keep in mind that your resume headline will display just below your name and above your contact information.

    As for your Indeed resume summary, the standard resume summary writing rules apply to it.

    A resume summary is a high-level summary of your career so far. If you can’t cut and paste from your current resume, try to create a short paragraph containing four to five sentences as your resume summary.

    The summary should describe your career highlights – your core skills, strengths, and noteworthy professional achievements.

    Moreover, you should also make the maximum use of the additional sections, like Certifications / Licenses, Additional Information, and Add Sections options on your Indeed resume.

    You will find those options at the bottom of your Indeed resume:

    Adding this information will not only enrich your resume but also increase the likelihood of appearing on more searches.

    Complete Guide: How To Name A Resume File And Cover Letter

    Indeed Resume Sign In Examples 52 Picture

    A resume is often the first impression you give to a prospective employer, and it’s vital to make that impression a good one. The file name you give to your resume and cover letter is essential because it can encourage a hiring manager to open your document and organize it more easily. Understanding how to name your resume and cover letter can improve your application process. In this article, we discuss how to name a resume file so they best represent you to employers, and share helpful tips to consider during your job search.

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    Include Years Of Relevant Experience

    If you’re a professional or subject expert with over five years of experience in your field, it’s beneficial to add this information to your resume headline. For example, you might write, Licensed Mechanical Engineer with 8 Years Oil Industry Experience.

    If you’re a recent graduate or new to a job market, use your resume headline to highlight other experiences that can help make you an attractive candidate. This could be relevant volunteering experience or experience you gained during an internship or work placement. For example, you can say, Enthusiastic Secondary Education Graduate with 5 Years of Volunteering Experience.

    Can You Search Resumes On Indeed

    When you use Indeed resume, you dont have to wait for candidates to come to you. You can use the what and where fields to narrow the search results for candidates. You can even search for people who have worked at specific companies, those with certain certifications, titles, or language fluency.

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    Use Indeeds Robust Filtering Options To Narrow Down Results

    To narrow down our results to a manageable number, we used Indeeds filtering tools. The filter options are listed in the left-hand column after you make a search.

    The first two filtering options are by distance and last updated date:

    Indeed filters and sorting criteria

    • Distance Within how many miles of your city do you want to search for applicants? The last thing you want is to get excited about a candidate who winds up having an unrealistic commute to your office .
    • Shows resumes that have been updated in the last day, week, month, or all resumes regardless of how old they are.

    The remainder of the search criteria focus on filtering for job specific information:

    Criteria Used to Filter Our Resume Search

    To narrow down digital marketing resumes for Fit Small Business, we made several adjustments:

  • We set the distance to 5 miles. New York City is a big place and our candidates will likely need to be within the 5 boroughs to be within commuting distance.
  • We left last updated to within last month so wed likely get job seekers who are still available.
  • We looked only for those who want full time work.
  • We wanted them to have at least 3 years of experience.
  • We wanted only those with a bachelors degree.
  • Indeed search results showing filtering criteria used

    We wanted to see only the most relevant resumes first, so we left the Sort by option on relevance, which is the default. At the top of the left hand column, you can choose to sort candidates in one of two ways:

    What The Public And Private Options Mean On Indeed:

    How to Write a Resume with Indeed

    Public Resume:

    “Your resume will be visible to anyone, in accordance with our terms. Your phone number and email address are only provided to employers you apply or respond to. Your street address is visible only to you.”

    Private Resume:

    “Your resume is not visible. Employers cannot find your resume, but you can attach it when you apply to a job.”

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    Filter Candidates By Qualifications

    As candidates apply to your position, you can easily filter for those that only meet your desired criteria.

    Our quick filters enable you to narrow down your candidate list by applicant qualification questions and assessment results. Within the Candidates tab you can take action quickly by adding statuses to each applicant and add personal notes that will be saved if the candidate applies to your future positions.

    Who Are The Biggest Employers For This Type Of Talent In My Location

    Where are most of the passive candidates with the skills Im looking for? We can use Indeeds CV database to determine who the biggest employers of people with the skills were looking for are. For example, you can see that when I run a general search for Pharmaceutical Research in Dublin on, the top employers of candidates with this background is University College Dublin, followed closely by Trinity College Dublin.

    Having a good understanding of this is important because if the employers you identify have a big team of people with those skills, theres a higher chance of you being able to poach out their talent. And if these companies are attracting so much of this talent to their organisation, it would be beneficial for you to do some research into how they attract that talent e.g. incentives, benefits, application process etc. Using this information, you will also be able to better inform your Hiring Manager as to where you might target to find people with these skills.

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