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How To Write A Digital Marketing Resume

Digital Marketing Resume Summary Example

How To Make A Digital Marketing Resume – Sample Resume For Freshers

“Senior Digital Marketer with 5+ years of experience leading marketing campaigns and developing online strategies. Curated content calendar for Nikes social media platforms and grew the organic following on all channels by 120%. Implemented a campaign that led to a 45% increase in website traffic and 32% in sales.”

If you’d like to see more resume marketing resume example and learn a bit about what makes them good, check out our .

How To Write A Digital Marketer Resume

Digital marketing is a constantly growing industry, with more online platforms and programs appearing each day. Working in this field can be an exciting and fulfilling job that allows for creativity and critical thinking on the job. You might thrive in a career as a digital marketer if you enjoy being creative and understand business and market research. This article discusses how to write a resume as a digital marketer and provides a resume template and example.

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Creating The Perfect Digital Marketing Resume Header

The perfect digital marketing resume header contains your name and contact details. This section is the first thing a hiring manager will read, so include your:

  • Name
  • Contact number
  • Email address

Other things you might want to include are a LinkedIn profile or a link to a portfolio that demonstrates your work in the digital marketing space.

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Digital Marketing Resume Writing Guide:

1. Personal Information

Your personal background is obviously very important to employers. It will usually be one of the first things they see in your resume and if you are not careful can end up being a whole lot longer than you would like it to be. So, what kind of background should you provide? The stem should begin with: I am

2. Education and Work Experience

In this section, you will include information about your education, work experience and add links where relevant. You can begin with: I have a . You will need to explain which degree you have completed, when and where it was completed, what you studied in the degree and what you did whilst studying etc. You will also need to include information on any professional qualifications you hold.

3. Skills and Qualifications

This section will describe the skills that are relevant for the job required of your Science Subject Specialist profile. Which will be:

a) Technical skills/knowledge and expertiseThis section will show your technical skills and knowledge, prior to including everything you have learned in your subject specialist profile.

The skills and expertise required by the senior manager role include the following:-

You may need to work on a section of your resume that is relevant to you, but you are likely not going to use the skills section. Its up to you how detailed this section is. You may also need to add a new section, such as Other Skills or Proficiencies or Competencies.

5. Skills Summary

Digital Marketing Specialist Resume Samples

Digital Marketer Resume Sample

Digital Marketing specialists job role is similar to that of a marketing professional, these specialists have to create brand awareness, promote companys product and services and coerce prospects to conversions. Digital marketing Specialist Resume sample describes the following job responsibilities for the digital marketing specialists developing online , making online promotions, mailing campaigns, performing customer research online and discovering ways to reach potential customers using various web technologies.

To become a digital marketing specialist a person must possess some key skills such as the flair for marketing, ability to manage time, creative thinking and good presentation skill. Apart from these skills, a digital marketing specialist should be up to date with current digital marketing developments too. An ideal resume portrays a Graduation or Degree in fields like Marketing or digital media or its relevant field.

  • Digital Marketing Specialist
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    How To Become A Digital Marketer

    There are several different avenues that people pursue to become digital marketers. These include:

  • Getting a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Advertising, or Communication. Additionally, you can study for a Master’s degree in Marketing.

  • Master Digital Marketing Skills like SEO, Data Analytics, Content Writing and use them to gain work experience.

  • Take marketing boot camps, certificates, or courses.

  • Apply for entry-level or intern positions at digital marketing companies

  • Revise According To Different Job Listings

    Edit your resume based on the job posting for each position you apply for. Because there are many opportunities for work in different areas of digital marketing, it can be beneficial to revise the information that you include on your resume so that your skills and experience most closely match those listed in a job posting. This might involve adding skills you see in a job posting that you have to your list in the “Skills” section of your resume or changing which aspects of your previous work experience to highlight.

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    Digital Marketing Resume Header

    You already know the importance of marketing, so when it comes to your resume header, this is where you should display relevant information prominently. It should be located at the top of your digital marketing resume. Our resume samples and templates show you how this can and should look.

    The font you use for your name should be larger than that of the rest of the resume, and you should also include the job title of the role you’re seeking.

    Include a phone number in case employers wish to contact you directly.

    Additionally, you may choose whether you list your location and social media links. You have the option to include your location , but it may be important to alert employers to your availability for an in-person interview. If you have a LinkedIn profile or other professional sites, list the URLs in your contact header. This is a good way to showcase your skills and experience to employers.

    Education Qualifications And Technical Skills

    Digital Marketing Resume / CV – That Gets You The Job!

    Your education, qualifications and any relevant technical skills should be listed in detail at the bottom, as in the example below.

    Important aspects from this section should be repeated in your profile to ensure they are noticed by recruiters.

    For experienced candidates, your profile will be focused around your work experience, but for junior candidates your profile will be more focused on your education and qualifications.

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    Describe Impact Not Features

    One of the oldest copywriting tricks in the book is FAB .

    The same goes for your resume.

    When writing your resume copy, summarizing your experience, or formulating your objective, don’t simply rely on what you’ve done. Instead of creating a list of duties under each role, outline your accomplishments . These provide a clearer picture of who they’re hiring if they choose you.

    For example, instead of “Monitored SEO campaigns,” the following makes a much stronger statement: “Increased organic traffic by 56% in one quarter.”

    As a result, the hiring manager is challenged to wonder, “What would life look like if we benefited from this impact?”

    List Three Recent Workplaces

    The next step is to write the Work Experience section. I recommend you focus on the three last workplaces to keep it nice and brief. But feel free to add more if youve worked at some amazing companies!

    Every work experience section needs to demonstrate one thing: you delivered good results. Simply listing your key responsibilities and duties doesnt say a lot to recruiters, so focus on tangible results.

    Here are some examples for content marketers:

    Instead of: Was responsible for creating and implementing the content map

    Write: Created and delivered a 100-article content map

    Some more:

    Instead of: Implemented a new SEO content strategy to boost website traffic and sales

    Write: Implemented a new SEO content strategy that increased website visits by 20% in 9 months while increasing the conversion rate by 30%

    Keep the bullet list of achievements to a maximum of five points for each company. This way, youll make yourself choose the most important and relevant achievements and keep the section brief but informative.

    If youve had several jobs and your digital marketing CV ends up being more than two pages long, have it read by a professional resume writer or editor. Theyll check your writing and shorten your resume without sacrificing the value for recruiters.

    A question that often comes up in the Work Experience section is:

    Even if youre just starting your career in digital marketing, you may have more experience than you think. For example, you can mention:

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    Resume Layout And Design: First And Lasting Impression

    Digital marketing specialists are used to ensuring their work always looks as good as it reads, even if someone else takes care of the design and formatting. Again in a fashion appropriate for the target audience hiring staff your goal as a workforce hopeful is a clean, reader-friendly resume layout and design.

    There are no hard and fast rules for choosing font style and size, text formats and even possible touches of color in graphic elements. Just be mindful of the design principles for adequate margins, line spacing and white space for proportion and balance to offset the text-heavy sections.

    Your instincts and talents may be reliable for creating a stylish-looking resume that does justice to the content quality: eye-catching but impeccably neat, polished and gimmick-free. But if you dont have the time or inclination to do so from scratch, offers an easier way with our online resume builder tool. Check out our collection of field-tested resume templatesin a range of style categories. Choose one you like, click to select, and start entering your own replacement text. Youre relieved from fussing over the most tedious aspects of design and formatting, while still able to add your own stamp of originality.

    Choose A Marketing Resume Template

    Digital Marketing Resume Sample for Experienced

    Designing your own resume can be tedious, unless youre a designer! If you dont have the time or know-how to make one from scratch, choose from the vast array of template options available. Well share a few places where you can find good templates later on in this guide.

    Keep the following in mind when choosing a template:

    • Readability: Avoid overly aesthetic designs with illegible text. Design matters, but it would be pointless to submit a pretty resume that recruiters cant read.
    • Design: We definitely recommend a pop of color on your resume, but keep it minimal. A two-column design might also make it easier to fit more information on your resume.
    • Formatting: A 2018 Jobscan study showed that over 98% of Fortune 500 companies use an Applicant Tracking System . These bot-like applications look out for keywords in resumes and are often unable to read images, charts, and other visuals. If your potential employer is one of such companies, then overly stylized resumes like infographic-style resumes, for example, may miss the mark.

    In a nutshell: Aim to keep the layout and design of your marketing resume simple, clear, legible, and scannable for both humans and software!

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    Digital Marketing Cv Education Example

    In scenarios where an employer requires you to have formal education, the typical educational requirement for digital marketing specialists is a bachelors degree in marketing, communications or graphic design. Google AdWords or some other specialty certifications may be needed also, and perhaps a masters degree for manager or director positions.

    Generally, you will list the relevant degrees earned from colleges you attended in reverse chronological order, from highest to lowest levels. If you have space left on your 1-page resume, be sure to mention scholastic awards or other special achievements and honors.

    Any diplomas, certifications and internships relevant to your training and professional development also belong in this CV section. Dont overlook anything that sets you apart as a continuous learner to keep pace in the ever-evolving digital marketing sector.

    There are instances when you might consider reversing the order of your resume work history and education sections. It might make sense if you are short on digital marketing experience , your educational background is particularly impressive or relevant, or you are a freelancer starting out or branching out in a sideline career.

    Make A Key Skills Section

    Digital marketing is a big field, so you might be tempted to write a mile-long list of skills. To keep this section focused and concise, lets choose the best ones.

    By the best ones, I mean the skills required for the job youre applying for. Carefully read the job description and list the skills you do have. For this reason, you may have to tailor your resume to each application.

    In general, the top skills to include in a digital marketer resume are:

    • Content Management System

    Each skill above has subsections. For example, blog post writing and SEO content optimization are subareas of Content Marketing. Add relevant sub-skills accordingly. They will give the recruiter the context they need to assess your suitability for the job.

    And dont forget to include soft skills that are important in marketing and other fields. These include curiosity, creativity, listening, and problem-solving.

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    Write A Cover Letter That Complements Your Digital Marketer Resume

    Whether it is your first job search, or you are applying for a senior marketing position, the cover letter is a must. It allows you to specify your area of expertise an area that is in line with what the recruiter is looking for. Such a document can specify your ability to evolve in a particular sector of activity, for which you do not necessarily have experience.

    Such a cover letter is not designed to recall the training you have followed but to explain the projects you have carried out as a digital marketer.

    Finally, the cover letter allows you to give elements related to the achievement of your objectives and to inspire confidence in you by your future employer.

    Digital Marketing Cv Summary Example

    How To Make a Resume For Digital Marketing Managers (2022) | Resume Example

    Your CV summary sometimes called the requires the same audience-directed angle and persuasive tone to portray yourself in a positive light. You are the brand and the buyer needs are those of the employer you seek to impress.

    For marketing professionals, adopting the face, voice and personality of an organization or brand should be second nature. In doing so, your message resonates with the target audience by focusing on what customers need and portraying that in a positive light.

    This compact space on your CV has a very big and important part to play. Its where your personal and professional essence can shine through if you make the most of every limited word without selling yourself short. You have just two or three almost-complete sentences to hit the high notes, concisely but convincingly. Skip the I subject and launch straight into active, results-oriented verbs. Use language thats clear, descriptive and fluid, but not flowery. Express enthusiasm, confidence and energy in a tone thats earnest and authentic, never pretentious.

    Trendwatcher hints

    Expert advice on 2021 digital marketing trends yield ideas for crafting your resume summary from a problem-solver perspective.

  • Remote working and hybrid events are here to stay.
  • E-commerce will become your best bet.
  • Content consumption will become even simpler.
  • Befriending AI is becoming essential.
  • Sustainability will remain in high demand.
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    Why Choose The Creation Of A Digital Marketing Resume From Online Mediums

    Building a high-quality perspective for job act digital marketing can be tiresome. Sometimes even after spending a lot of time and energy e a handwritten CV cannot be as appealing as a digital marketing resume maid online. Some of the Exclusive advantages of choosing a proper digital marketing resume-making site that helps to secure your dream career.

    • Save time and resources creating an efficient resume according to your criteria
    • Preparing an impactful resume with the knowledge of applicant tracking software.
    • Help in making beautiful mentions of your hard skills in your digital marketing.
    • Provides the mention of your it skills with appropriate effect
    • Use different kinds of templates to make your digital marketing resume look more appealing
    • Proper formatting of your details on your digital marketing resume.
    • Help to quantify the existing set of qualifications by providing real-life examples.
    • Make your digital marketing resume more persuasive to the recruiter
    • Help to follow different digital marketing samples to choose your style for a CV write-up.
    • Give a tang of uniqueness that makes you stand above the competition.
    • An easy safe and convenient method of digital marketing resume creation

    Stand Out From The Crowd With A Resume That Highlights Your Ability To Connect To Your Audience Via Digital Platforms

    If your daily conversations include the abbreviations PPC, SEO, KPI, and A/B, chances are you work in digital marketing. Most marketing jobs include using online strategies to build and engage an audience, so how do you write a digital marketing resume to highlight your particular experience and expertise with social media, influencers, and email campaigns?

    Trade the traditional digital marketing resume objective for the more modern qualifications summary. Located beneath your contact info, this super-short paragraph lets the reader know what you could bring to their table.

    One key to making your resume stand out is to present the right digital marketing skills. For example, rather than saying you have experience in advertising, use terms that are specific to digital marketing, such as experience in PPC advertising. It might sound like jargon to outsiders, but the right keywords stand out to automated screening software and hiring managers alike. After you qualify your expertise using the right words, quantify your achievements by citing the tools you used and the results of specific campaigns in terms of metrics.

    These strategies will work whether your’e writing an entry-level digital marketing resume or one for senior-level positions. The end goal is the same: Show employers what makes you so good at this job.

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    How To Build A Digital Marketing Resume As A Fresher

    • It is very much common to feel incompetent with your digital marketing resume as a fresher. Here are some of the best tricks that can twist the fortune in your favor. Here are some tips for freshers to write a brilliant digital marketing resume through the best techniques adopted in most of the ideal digital marketing samples.
    • The freshers should always focus more on writing a bold career objective depicting their passion for the job offered.
    • Highlight your education qualification along with the Institutions name for being more impactful.
    • Give trustworthy set up hard skills and soft skills required for the digital marketing job.
    • Try to include extracurricular activities that are relevant to digital marketing job practices.
    • Highlight and mention interest and hobbies that corresponds to your job application
    • There is one such for guidance on how to mention a freshers skills


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