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How To Write A Resume For A Sorority

Greek Life Provides Networking Perks

How to format your Sorority Recruitment Resume | Sorority Recruitment 101

Take advantage of national Greek alumni networks during your job search by including your fraternity or sorority on your resume. If the hiring manager is also a Greek organization member, that connection could help you land an interview.

Another way to capitalize on the alumni network is to have your fraternity or sorority on your resume when you hand them out at Greek alumni events. By proudly displaying your affiliation on your resume, youll leave a stronger impression on the alumni contacts you connect with, possibly sparking conversations that lead to future job opportunities.

Incorporate Fraternity Into Your Volunteering Or Activities Section

If you want to show your affiliation without dedicating excessive space about your Greek Life experience, adding an entry to your volunteering or activities section would be a decent idea.

However, it would be best if you only utilized this option under the following conditions:

  • You did not have notable positions in your sorority or fraternity.
  • You dont want hiring managers to pay too much attention to your fraternity or sorority life.
  • You should consider adding your sorority experience into your resume, even if you dont plan to devote an entire section to it. However, ensure that everything you mention is pertinent to the job you are applying for and that it adds value to your overall resume.

    Benefits Of Fraternity Or Sorority Listings On A Resume

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    Are there benefits of including Greek Life into your resume? Most certainly. To begin with, Greek Life provides leadership opportunities as well as transferable skills. In Greek organizations, leadership positions exist, such as the president of the organization or recruitment chair. This process requires soft skills that can be transferred to a job, so you should include them at the top of your resume as examples of your accomplishments and evidence of your leadership skills.

    Apart from these skills, you can emphasize skills such as teamwork, problem-solving, attention to detail, creativity, and interpersonal skills. Many types of jobs require these soft skills. Thanks to your experience in organizing events and managing organizations, you are well-positioned to convince the hiring manager why you are an excellent candidate.

    Several of your activities can become bullet points that illustrate your skills, especially when they are supported by achievements.

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    Greek Life also highlights your community involvement. Developing philanthropic skills is another important aspect of Greek Life. Many chapters emphasize their commitment to philanthropy through charity work as a central component of their mission. When you are preparing your resume, consider how you contributed to your fraternity or sororitys charitable activities.

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    Emphasize The Specific Skills You’ve Built

    Sorority membership prepares you for real world challenges in many ways. By being active, you develop applicable soft skills that are valued in many industries. Here are some examples of skills you may include in a social resume after university:


    As a sorority member, you work on various social or campus projects with a team of girls. The ability to interact effectively with others, mind person’s cultural background and work towards a common goal is important for modern employers.

    Leadership and supervising others

    If you were a Chair, participated in a local Chapter or took charge of projects where you managed other students, be detailed about it. Being a leader in college teaches such skills as a sense of balance, responsibility, empowering others and develops entrepreneural thinking. All of these will undoubtedly matter when you enter the workforce.

    Academic excellence

    Many sororities have GPA requirements. You have to maintain a certain grade to continue being a member. On the filp side, sororities also offer academic assistance in the form of study groups, leadership development opportunities or tutoring help that you can mention.

    Organizational skills

    To handle tasks and projects you have in a sorority, you probably have developed strong planning and time management skills. The ability to manage your own workload, organize the work of others and prioritize tasks is valued high in all entry-level professional positions.

    Greek Life Can Be A Conversation Starter

    Sorority Resume Template &  Free Examples (and a Builder!)

    While having your fraternity or sorority on your resume isnt an interview-granting guarantee, its a great way to break the ice during an interview. Acknowledging your Greek experience is an easy way for you to show another side of yourself.

    Your skills and experiences arent the only measures for whether youre a good fit for a company. Company culture is important, too. If the company culture values friendliness, socializing, or community, presenting your personable nature through your Greek experience could show your employer that you would fit right in.

    Nervous about your interview? Prepare yourself with these common job interview questions and answers.

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    Example Of A Resume With Sorority Membership Included

    Here is an example of what a resume that includes sorority participation might look like:

    Jennifer Smith

    • Led group of 80 members

    • Managed housing facilities, including five buildings and two major renovations

    • Mentored board of eight other executive officers and provided support for their duties as needed

    Treasurer, 2019-2020

    • Managed annual budget of $35,000 using Microsoft Excel

    • Collected and organized funds and documentation for all income and expenses

    • With vice president, set the budget for events, housing, food and charitable giving

    Social Events Chair, 2018-2019

    • Responsible for planning and executing 20 social events of between 50 and 500 attendees

    • Earned college-wide recognition for community engagement during the âChildren’s Fairâ social outreach festival, which over 3,000 members of the public attended and raised over $10,000 for charity

    Remember That Your Sorority Experience Is Valuable

    Members of sororities or fraternities enjoy multiple advantages they wouldn’t get otherwise. For example, 85% of Fortune 500 C-level managers are fraternity members. Your sorority is a perfect place not only to enrich your student life with the new impressions, but also to build marketable skills, establish lifelong frienships and professional connections.

    Always list your sorority resume information. It is important for most employers, so you should never keep it out. It is especially important if you haven’t had a paid job yet. Sorority typically provide a breadth of activities that you could list on a resume so that the employer could evaluate your hard and soft skills.

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    What Are Sororities And Fraternities

    Sororities and fraternities, also known as Greek organizations, are social organizations found on college and university campuses. There are multiple types of fraternities and sororities, some of which have membership divided by gender. Types of fraternities and sororities include:

    • Social

    • Honorary or academic

    • Service

    Although the membership requirements and overall aims of the different fraternities and sororities may vary, they all offer opportunities for networking. Many people choose to remain involved with their Greek organizations as alumni, and membership is often available for a lifetime. Fraternities and sororities also have some focus on community service.

    Highlight What You Want To Showcase

    What to Include on a Sorority Resume

    Making your position pop is not as difficult as it may seem. Consider keeping your resume short and concise as most hiring managers skim your CV within 5 to 10 seconds.

    It would be best to draw their attention by highlighting critical points to ensure they pay attention to your resume.

    No, adding fancy words will not do the trick. Instead, consider underlining, bolding, or other fonts to make particular areas stand out.

    Pandering rarely works and often takes you out of contention. Therefore, steer clear from using gimmicks and use simple yet straightforward tools to stand out.

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    Build Your Bullet Points

    There is a formula for creating detailed, compelling bullet points. The content of each bullet point should contain the following:

    What did you do?: What were your duties, responsibilities, and/or projects?

    How did you do it?: Specific tools, resources, or technology

    Elaborate with details: How often? How many? What was the purpose? Who else was involved?

    What were the results?: What did you accomplish or improve? Did you meet or exceed a goal? Did you create something new?

    How To Create Your Social Resume

    There are many ways to personalize your resume. The way I recommend creating a social resume for my clients is through Canva. It is a FREE graphic design website.

    How to create your social resume on Canva

    Step #1. Go

    Step #2. Click Sign up in the upper, right corner

    Step #3. Create your account

    Step #4. Click Create a design in the upper, right corner

    Step #5. Search resume

    Step #6. Customize your resume

    There are several different templates to use. You can choose to use one of the templates, or you can design your own. You can change the colors, font, add elements, and more. It is super easy to use! Have fun with it!

    Step #7. When you are done creating your resume, download it.

    To download your resume Click the downward arrow in the top, right section. Then, click download. Now, you can print it out or send it via email to all the women who are writing your recommendation letters. If you are sending your recommendation letter via email, you will want to save your social resume as a PDF. When you save it as a PDF, it ensures it will look the same way you designed it to look elements will not move on the page.

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    Extracurricular Activities & Community Involvement

    Activities and engagements outside the high school or college have their weigh in a sorority resume. Good examples of extracurriculars are leadership in projects, athletic participation, internships or creative activities. Volunteer activities, involvement in religious organizations or participating in events in your community also count. This shows your potential for group work, leadership and soft skills.

    Get Ready For Panhellenic Recruitment

    Sorority Resume Template &  Free Examples (and a Builder!)
  • Prepare your resume.
  • Your resume should look like a professional resume with one exception: Include a picture of yourself. It does NOT need ribbons, glitter, or other embellishments! You also dont need to spend a lot of money to get this donethe resume is just to convey information and will most likely be electronically scanned, so no need to worry about fancy paper or envelopes.
  • Locate sorority alumnae who can fill out Reference Forms/Recommendation forms for you
  • GLRAPA can help! Go to our Masterfile page to submit your information. Alumnae chapters use that information to help you with Reference/Recommendation forms.
  • You DONT need multiple Reference Forms for each chapter!
  • Keep track of who youve asked to write referencesdont forget to send them a thank you note!
  • Register for Recruitment at your school
  • Look for the Greek Life or Panhellenic Page on your school website. Chapters will most likely have their own websites or social media linked so you can get an idea of the activities each chapter does.
  • Apply for the Greater Little Rock Alumnae Panhellenic Scholarship! Go to our Scholarship page to download and complete the application.
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    What Is A Social Resume

    While GPA is extremely important during sorority recruitment, chapters want to know what makes you you!

    To do this, sorority houses tap into their vast alumnae network. An alumna will write a formal recommendation on behalf of a PNM. The alumnae use official forms available to alumnae on the sororitys website or from Panhellenic at your college. This form, once completed, is then sent to the sorority house.

    Sorority Resume: What To Include

    Sororities and fraternities are important components of student life. Over 70% of students who are sorority members graduate, compared to 50% of students who don’t belong to a sorority or fraternity. Joining one of them as a student gives you a breadth of experience, and also lets you build skills that are assets for future employers. In today’s article, our skilled resume consultant will explain how to compose a resume for sorority recruitment and how to present your Greek life to employers if you’ve already graduated.

    Need a powerful social resume for a sorority or a job? Our website helps every student or graduate get accepted in a sorority or to land a full-time job. We have 100+ resume writers and consultants who can present your academic experience in the best light. Your writer will portray on your knowledge, strengths, and potential to recruitment professionals. Not sure if we can help? Send us your resume for a free initial review and consultation.

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    Greek Affiliations Will Not Hurt Your Resume

    In many cases, joining a sorority or fraternity can be excellent for your long-term goals. More than 60 percent of individuals with Greek affiliations end up as highly successful entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, politicians, attorneys, and other renowned industry leaders.

    Whats more, numerous Greek organizations have alumni chapters allowing members to get in touch with older sorority and frat members. These opportunities can help you land an excellent, high-paying job.

    Adding Greek affiliations on your resume will benefit you if you do it correctly. Shying away from it could make you miss out on several opportunities, which is the last thing any job applicant wants.

    It Highlights Your Ability To Manage Time


    Being a sorority or fraternity member requires excellent time management skills. Between volunteering, philanthropy, social event, and tons of other activities, paying attention to Greek life can be quite difficult.

    Companies with fast-paced environments, in particular, will see you as a desirable candidate as they need people who can handle multiple tasks with excellent efficiency.

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    Chapters Will Use Your Social Resume During Recruitment Week As A Tool To Get To Know You During Party Rounds

    Houses will use your social resume during recruitment week to pair you with sisters who have your common interest!

    Example: My daughter was on a crew team.she was a rower. When she walked into the Delta Gamma house at the University of Kentucky, one of the sisters she was introduced to during party rounds was a ..rower! Surprised? We werent. She knew the weight her social resume carried.

    Include Accurate Contact Info

    A sorority resume should start with name, phone number and other contact details. Double-check your contact info for accuracy. If you make an error in personal information, the sorority might not be able to contact you. Unlike the professional resume, you have to add date of birth in your sorority recruitment application.

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    Ways Of Incorporating Fraternity Or Sorority On Your Resume

    Including your sorority or fraternity membership on a resume can sound confusing. Figuring out how to put a fraternity on your resume can also be time-consuming. This is why we wanted to give you some examples of how to put your sorority on your resume and how to add fraternity to resume. In the following example, you can see how a resume for sorority can look like:

    Leslie Sanders

    Greek Life Demonstrates Leadership And Other Transferable Skills

    Sorority Resume Template Google Docs

    Similar to clubs and other extracurricular activities, Greek organizations have leadership positions, such as president or recruitment chair. If youre someone who currently holds ones of these positions, youve probably planned parties or rushes for your fraternity or sorority.

    Organizing these experiences requires soft skills that are transferable to a job, so you should list them on your resume as examples of your accomplishments, as well as evidence of your leadership skills.

    As a leader of your fraternity or sorority, you may have honed transferable abilities like:

    These soft skills are invaluable for many types of jobs. With the experience youve gained from coordinating Greek events and running an organization, youll easily convince the hiring manager why youre a viable candidate.

    Even if you werent in a direct leadership position in your fraternity or sorority, you may have had experiences that nonetheless required leadership or other transferable skills.

    For instance:

    • Did you volunteer at a fundraiser held by your sorority?
    • Did you secure supplies or equipment needed for a party?
    • Did you situate or mentor new members to your fraternity?

    You can spin these activities into bullet points that demonstrate your skills, especially if you quantify them with achievements. By quantify, we mean that instead of simply writing that you raised money volunteering, you can highlight the exact dollar amount raised.

    Heres an example:

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    Resume Content: Essential Categories

    • Name , address, phone #, email, and web address .
    • Make sure your email address and your phones voicemail greeting are professional.


    • Name of school, degree earned or seeking , major and minor, expected graduation date , and GPA .
    • List highest degree first. Include study abroad. High school information should be omitted after sophomore year at the latest.


    • Job title, company name, location , dates of experience, bullet points describing your actions, skills, and accomplishments.
    • May include any type of experience: paid and unpaid positions, internships, military service, volunteer, leadership – anything youve done thats relevant to the position youre seeking.

    Best Sorority Resume Template For Free

    Before starting your work on writing your resume, you must find and review some samples of resumes and sorority resume template samples. This will help you to make your existence viewable in the vision of the company. The samples of resumes and the template of resumes will provide the applicants with the idea of writing a resume that can be more beneficial for the job seekers.

    If you want to write a resume or if there happens to be a condition where you have to rewrite your resume then you can take the help of sorority resume template. The reviewing of resume templates and their samples is always useful in writing a good-quality resume.

    It will provide you with an idea of making your resume good enough to be considered by the companies. From this process, you can gain knowledge of how your resume format should look like so that it is considered by the company.

    You can either follow a resume template or you can just use it by adding your information to the sorority resume template. After adding your personal information to the Resume Template samples you can now edit that resume template according to your academic qualifications and professional experiences. Fill in all the necessary information about yourself so that it can represent your skill and abilities in the best possible manner.

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