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How To Add Babysitting To Resume

Add A Resume Objective Or Summary

HOW TO GET A BABYSITTING JOB // tips, advice, resumes, and more!

A resume objective or resume summary represents the first section of your resume below your contact information. Typically, this section consists of two to three sentences. A resume objective briefly describes your professional babysitting goals, and you may use it if you have less professional experience. A resume summary provides a brief description of your professional experience, skills and achievements. This summary can help showcase your unique qualifications to potential employers or clients. Whichever section you choose, use it to capture your readers’ attention and convince them to continue reading your resume to learn more.

You can begin your summary by describing your strongest personal traits and relevant experience. For example, you may say, “Responsible babysitter with three years of experience caring for children ages 5 to 10.” If you are creating an objective, you may reference your goal as it relates to the specific job. For example, “Enthusiastic babysitter with three years experience caring for young children, seeking to support childcare needs of the Brolin family.” The rest of this section can outline your most significant or relevant skills and accomplishments.

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Here’s What To Include What To Leave Off And How To Format It Along With A List Of Common Resume Mistakes To Avoid

The goal of your babysitter resume is, of course, to make it easier for parents to hire you. No matter how many babysitting gigs youve had in the past, your resume is often the first thing that prospective employers see when deciding whether to hire you for their babysitting job. This is your opportunity to highlight the great work experience youve had, as well as any relevant skills youve developed that would tell a prospective family why youre the right candidate for their needs.

Heres what to include on a babysitter resume, what to leave off and how to format it, along with a sample resume template and a list of common resume mistakes to avoid.

After Youve Written Your Sitter Resume

Once youve finalized your babysitter resume, be sure to keep it updated as you acquire more work experience or relevant training. Its a good idea to revisit your resume several times a year and before applying to any new babysitting jobs.

Keep in mind that some families may expect you to provide additional documentation beyond your resume. Although these arent always asked for, you should be prepared to provide parents with the following:

  • Cover letter. A cover letter isnt typically required, but it can be a great extra step to show your interest in the job and to personalize your skills in the context of the specific job for which youre applying. The letter should be concise and include a roundup of your qualifications and skills. Its a good supplemental reminder of who you are and what babysitting services you can provide.
  • Professional photo. You may also want to include a headshot photo on your resume or cover letter. This helps families have a visual reminder of whos who if they are interviewing many candidates.

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Emphasize Your Housekeeping Skills

Babysitters also play a domestic role by ensuring everything runs smoothly in the house during their visits. Knowing how to maintain cleanliness while keeping the kids entertained is critical for a successful babysitter.

Showcase your housekeeping skills in your cover letter to convince parents that youll make an excellent addition to their home. Provide an example that also highlights your creativity. For example, talk about how you created a game to get the kids excited about helping out with chores at your previous job.

Identify All Your Skills Related To Babysitting

19 Babysitter Resume Examples &  Writing Guide

Make a master list of all the skills you use while babysitting. Consider duties you regularly perform, qualities you demonstrate and any other skills necessary to your role as a babysitter. On this list, also include the number and ages of children you babysit. Once you have your full list, highlight the ones that best match the job you’re applying for. Keep your list for future reference.

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What Does A Babysitter Do

It used to be that any teenage cousin or neighbor was a perfectly acceptable babysitter for the monthly date night. Now, working parents need help at almost all hours of the day and theyre looking for experienced and professional sitters who can handle meals, chauffeuring kids to and from practices, and even teaching basic preschool lessons. Babysitters traditionally work within families homes on an as-needed basis, but nannieswork in similar positions, usually with just one family and over a longer period of time. Babysitting is also related to other social work, which includes caregivingand childcare in hotels, business or daycare centers.

Objective Or Summary Statement

In one to two sentences, explain the experience and skills you have that make you an ideal candidate for the babysitting position you are applying for.

Remember to include relevant skills, knowledge or abilities you have that make you a strong applicant. Including descriptive words that accurately convey your capabilities can help you capitalize on the limited space offered in this section, and capture the attention of the employer or parent doing the hiring.

If you dont have previous experience working as a babysitter or working at all you can briefly reference your work ethic, education or volunteer experience instead. It is important to remember that information included in your objective or summary should be supported, where possible, throughout your resume.

  • To obtain the babysitter position at ABC Daycare where I can apply my 5 years of experience as a certified elementary teacher, organizational skills and fun-loving nature to assist children.
  • Mature and dependable student with volunteer experience working as a summer camp leader, seeking a nanny or in-home babysitting position with a neighborhood family.

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Common Babysitter Resume Mistakes To Avoid

Your resume is likely going to be your first introduction to a prospective employer and will determine your chances of landing that coveted initial interview. Its also probable that your resume will be used as a deciding factor between final candidates after interviews, so give your sitter resume the same professional treatment as you would any other job resume.

When it comes to building the very best resume, here are some common mistakes to avoid:

What’s An Objective Statement On A Resume And What Should Mine Be For A Babysitting Job


An objective statement on a resume briefly explains your goals and intentions to a prospective employer at a glance. It lets you explain yourself and what you’re all about in just 1-3 sentences.

It’s important to have a good objective statement, whether you’re looking for a babysitting job or any other type of job. Recruiters only spend an average of about 6 seconds looking at resumes the first time through, so it’s important to sell yourself right from the start!

If you’re a babysitter applying for a job, your objective statement might be something like:

“To obtain a part-time babysitting position with the Smith Family”

“A babysitter with 4+ years experience seeking a summer position with a family and the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of their children.”

“Seeking babysitting position to gain experience with children, as preparation for a future career as an elementary school teacher.”

Instead of an objective statement, you may instead choose to include a professional summary that highlights your qualifications and strengths, like:

“Highly adaptable and dependable babysitter. Excellent record of both parent and child satisfaction. Available all days evenings and some weekends for flexible scheduling and availability. Capable of quickly and creatively responding to challenging childcare situations.”

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Babysitter Profile Summary Resume Example: Easy As 1 2 3

Your profile summaryis like that knock on the door the first time you babysit for a new family. You only have a few minutes to make a good first impression and reassure the parents . Not only can they trust you youre going to have fun together! Thats exactly the role of your profile summary on your resume. Before you set foot in the door of the house or daycare center, a parent or employer wants to evaluate that you can not only care for kids but make them feel safe and comfortable. They do this by reading your summary a short paragraph that captures your personality, experience and skills.

Flexibility might be a lucrative asset according to a study by, half of parents say they would pay at least $3 extra per hour for last minute help before or after school.

If youre a nanny or a caretaker in a daycare center, you may find it useful to quantify how many years youve been working in these roles. As a part-time babysitter, the number of hours spent watching children might give a more accurate picture of your experience. Questions you may want to answer in the summary:

  • What ages of children do you have experience with or are you most comfortable babysitting?
  • Can you handle additional tasks like after-school pick-up and meals?
  • What type of schedule are you available for?
  • How would you describe your personality when it comes to working with children?

Examples Of What Your Bulleted Points Should Look Like:

  • Cared for two boys aged 4 and 6 during evenings and occasionally overnight.
  • Consistently ensured children were fed, bathed, and put to bed before parents returned home.
  • Organized and cleaned the property as needed.
  • Assisted children with school homework, assigned reading, and other activities. Helped contribute toward student achieving honors award two years in a row.
  • Coordinated play dates with other childcare providers and families as per a parent-approved list.
  • Ensured proper hygiene and safety.
  • Discussed progress and limitations with the employer when necessary.
  • Prepared and provided healthy meals, snacks, and beverages to children.
  • Provided comfort and support to distraught or injured children.
  • Safely transported children to and from school, as well as parks and playgrounds.

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Employment History Resume Example: Reassure And Befriend

Previous experience gives a family a reason to trust you and let you into the most personal spheres of their life. Not only are the previous families youve worked for your proof that youre a capable babysitter, they are also your best source of new work. If youre well-liked by one family, chances are your name will come up when their friends are looking for a weekend sitter, too.

Describe your past employment using bullet points that state what you did at each job. If youre having trouble describing these details, try the STAR method: this stands for Situation, Task, Action and Result. What situations were you placed in? What tasks did you face? What action/approach did you take to achieve the best result?Remember to stay brief in your descriptions, however.

Thats why its important to keep positive relationships with families youve worked for they serve as references and they help you fill out your employment history section. Here are some areas to consider when breaking down your previous role as a babysitter, nanny or childcare worker:

How To Present Your Skills In Babysitter Or Nanny Resume

Babysitter Resume Example &  Writing Guide

The babysitter skills are one of the most important sections in a babysitter resume because they present professional skills and are the central part of it. Remember, here you have to write your skills in one column or you can divide the skills into groups like personal skills, interpersonal skills, etc.

You can use such skills for nanny resume as in the list below:

  • CPR and First Aid certified
  • diaper changing
  • confident
  • …and so on and so forth

As you can see, these were some skills you can write in your babysitting resume skills section. These were the main ones, so when you would like to use them, dont write all of them, just the skills you have. Dont write too much and dont write any lies. The babysitter resume skills are best presented in a bulleted list because no one would like to read all the skills you have with commas between them in a long sentence.

So, think about all the skills you have and present them in a bulleted list in the resume for babysitters.

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Tips For Writing A Babysitter Resume

You can use the following tips to develop a babysitting resume that attracts potential employers’ attention.

You can use the following template as guidance for organizing and formatting your babysitting resume:

Professional summary/objective


Professional experience

at , |


Focus More On These Soft Skills And Babysitting

Resume examples babysitting skills. Leadership roles year one high school: For example, the skills most important for a commercial truck driver will differ from those of a marketing manager. How to list babysitter skills on a resume.

The first step to listing your babysitter skills on your resume is to determine all of the skills you actually possess. Key skills the main goal of writing a resume is to make the recruiters recognize your skills and achievements to evaluate you accordingly for the targeted job. After we reviewed 114,000 resume examples and job offers it appeared that an average experience for a babysitter job required by employers is 3.6 years.

Just focus on the top few. Before you apply to any job, take time to review the skills that are most. President year two high school:

Start with the best babysitter resume format Your nanny resume skills section can intrigue the recruiters in just a glance if it is curated professionally. Use the following steps to list your babysitter skills on your resume in the most effective and professional way:

Its important to write a good resume to impress your potential bosses and hopefully you can be hired. The competence section of your resume gives you the opportunity to show the recruiter that you possess the right skills and qualities for the babysitter position. Below, weve provided babysitting resume examples for new babysitters as well as for individuals with years of experience.

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Writing Your Introductory Statement

As you can see, the first part of the sample resume after the contact details is a short paragraph describing the applicants skills, abilities, and experience. It is designed to sell the applicant as the ideal candidate. Its placed right at the beginning of the resume so that the reader becomes hooked and wants to continue reading.

Normally this is called a Career Objective or Resume Objective, and if you wish to make childcare your career, you are more than welcome to call it that. However, if youre simply interested in earning some extra cash from babysitting, you can call it a Personal Statement or an Introduction. It doesnt matter the key thing to remember here is how to craft your resume objective so that it captures your readers interest and lands you more interviews.

Lets take a look at why the Career Objective in the sample resume above is excellent. Pay attention to the bolded parts with superscript numbers, which are explained below.

Responsible1 babysitter with experience2 caring for children during weekends, evenings, and summer and winter breaks. Skilled in creating fun, engaging, and educational activities3, while demonstrating priority in childrens safety4 and well-being. Trusted by parents5, with mutual loving affection for all cared children.

  • Responsibility is the most critical aspect of being a good babysitter. By putting it at the very beginning, the applicant has already put the parent or guardian at ease and piqued their interest.
  • Writing The Professional Experience Section

    How To Make a Resume For a Babysitter Position | Resume Example Nanny

    Lets take a look at what makes this applicants Professional Experience section especially strong.

    1: Wide variety of experience

    The bullet points in this resume emphasize everything from playing games, to bathing, cleaning, and feeding, and even creating games that help to improve a childs speech impediment. Babysitting involves far more than simply watching children it requires housekeeping, actively participating, tutoring, teaching, and playing. Make sure your resume covers as many aspects of childcare as possible.

    2: Lists childrens ages

    Taking care of young children is much different than taking care of older children by giving the reader this information, you increase the clarity of your resume, and your credibility.

    Take a look at these bullet point examples and youll notice a common theme. Pay attention to the bolding:

    • Cared for a boy and a girl aged 5 and 8 during parents absence in the evenings
    • Created innovative and educational games that improved 5-year-olds speech impediment
    • Looked after a girl aged 6 during weekends and summer and winter breaks

    The candidate wrote out the ages of the children they took care of because it gives the guardian/parent a better idea of their capabilities. Taking care of young children is much different than taking care of older children by giving the reader a rundown of your accomplishments, you increase the clarity of your resume, and your credibility.

    3: Each bullet point begins with action verbs

    • Cared

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    Detail Your Educational Background

    Babysitting employers may not list specific educational requirements, but you should still include this section to demonstrate your qualifications and abilities. Beyond information about your high school or college education, you can list relevant babysitting courses or certifications you have taken, such as first aid or advanced childcare. Formal training or certifications demonstrate your expertise and can help assure parents. It can also help set you apart from other candidates.

    The formatting may vary depending on your level of educational attainment. If you are a current or recent high school student, you may list the school’s name, your graduation date and significant activities or achievements, such as Honor Society membership. If you have a high GPA , you can also include that information to demonstrate a strong work ethic or sense of responsibility. Current or recent college students can include similar information. You no longer need to include your graduation date once you have several years out of college unless you have little professional experience.


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