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Phlebotomy Resume No Experience

A Striking Work Experience Section For Senior Phlebotomists

How to Build a Resume With No Phlebotomy Experience

Lead Mobile PhlebotomistDenver, ColoradoMarch 2016 October 2020

  • Standardized the clinics method of storing blood specimens in a fast-moving vehicle that resulted in fewer errors by 65%
  • Trained a team of fifteen junior mobile phlebotomists to transport samples between long distances safely
  • Promoted to Lead Mobile Phlebotomist after only 17 months of stellar performance, much earlier than the 24-month promotion threshold
  • Verified accuracy of specimen labels and tracked testing progress
  • Developed relationships with clients and their families
  • Prepared mobile laboratories by sterilizing equipment
  • Conducted lab tests, recorded results, and communicated them appropriately to stakeholders
  • Consistently earned a quality assurance score of 97%


This phlebotomist resume sample can give you ideas if you come short.

How To Prepare A Resume Format For Freshers Or A Resume For Phlebotomists With No Experience

Several pieces of advice can help those struggling on an entry-level phlebotomist resume.

  • Adopt the functional resume format to highlight existing skills.
  • Use a career objective statement to show dedication.
  • Focus more on educational qualifications, research, laboratory, interns the candidate has been working on.
  • How To Layout A Phlebotomist Resume

    Content usually outweighs structure, but a trained eye reviewing hundreds of profiles a day will hone in on a well-crafted and mindfully laid out resume.

    Before you start writing, read these tips to help improve your layout:

    Set a limit of one to two pages. Compressing your entire work history is a skill that may require much revising, so be patient.

    Maintain consistency to show thoughtfulness and attention to detail.

    Keep the spacing between headings, paragraphs, sentences, and words uniform. Margins on all sides should be no more than one inch.

    Make details stand out by positioning them at the top of a list instead of underlining them or using loud, distracting colors.

    Choose one professional typeface for the entire document.

    Lastly, mark the sections of your resume well with bold headers after deciding on the best format.

    For a visual anchor, look at any phlebotomy resume from this page.

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    How To Get A Phlebotomy Job With No Prior Experience

    The qualifications you need to get a phlebotomy job with no experience include training and patient care skills. There are several ways to start on this career path one option is to enroll in a phlebotomy program at a vocational school. You can also pursue certification or a degree in medical assisting, which usually includes phlebotomy training. You can seek professional accreditation from the American Society for Clinical Pathology or the National Phlebotomy Association. Certification requires classroom and clinical practice. Some states do not require a degree or certification, but you must complete on-the-job training.

    Certified Phlebotomist Resume Samples

    Resume For Phlebotomist With No Experience

    Certified Phlebotomists are professionals who draw blood samples from patients and pass it on to the laboratory for checking health issues like bacteria, disease and cholesterol and so on. Essential job duties listed on Certified Phlebotomist Resume include assembling and setting up medical instruments, positioning and preparing patient for blood drawing, monitoring patient reaction, providing patient care and support, labelling samples for testing and processing, maintaining a clean and sterile laboratory, ensuring donor confidentiality, verifying donor identity, monitoring vital signs and heart rate, monitoring equipment operations, educating patients on immediate care and transporting blood samples in a safe and sterile way for testing purpose.

    The requirements and skills that are expected for this job post include proven work experience, strong computer skills, ability to adhere to strict safety regulations and norms, knowledge of aseptic and sterilization techniques, and strict medical knowledge of proper handling and disposal policies. Employers dont expect any qualification as such, however, relevant clinical experience and classroom training will be resourceful for executing the job description.

  • Certified Phlebotomist
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    How To Write A Resume For Phlebotomy With No Experience

    Now that weve covered, how to add phlebotomy experience to your resume.

    Lets talk about how to fill in the gaps if you havent worked as a phlebotomist just yet.

    The best way is to take some time to take on volunteering phlebotomy jobs.

    Youll be able to find these at your local blood bank, clinic, vaccination center, or at organizations such as The Red Cross.

    By adding this type of experience, you can show how you have transferableskills that apply to the job youre applying for.

    What are transferable skills?

    Also known as portable skills, these are qualities that carry over between different jobs and functions.

    What If I Have No Experience

    For aspiring phlebotomists with minimal or no experience, do not fret. Internships and externships are great substitutes, as long as they are relevant to phlebotomy. For instance, an externship in a doctors office or an administrative internship would be applicable. Your first job, perhaps serving as a host at a restaurant, would not be necessary to include.

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    How To Find A Phlebotomy Job

    To become a phlebotomist, people must have the necessary training. A high school diploma and national and state phlebotomy certifications are prerequisites for all phlebotomy positions. Once you have completed your phlebotomy resume, it is time to search for jobs on phlebotomy job portals and career sites and connect with potential employers.

    What Not To Include In Your Resume

    How To Get A Phlebotomist Job | With NO EXPERIENCE

    Now that you know the different sections to include and how to put them together, its important to know what to avoid in creating a good resume. Unfortunately, there are a lot of little traps that can end up being big red flags for employers. Just a few of these mistakes can move your resume to the bottom of the pile for someone who might be hiring.

    Avoid these pitfalls when youre setting up your resume:

    • Dont use language in the first person. Saying things like I or me can be considered unprofessional and may make your resume look sloppy.
    • Simple is better. Some people can fall into the trap of using big, complicated words. When an employer has dozens of resumes to look at, they dont want things to be over-complicated. Choose words and phrases that are clear, concise, and to the point.
    • Dont focus on using medical terms and other industry language/jargon. This wont get you any extra points. While using the right language for the position you want is essential, its easy to overdo it. Again, keep things as simple as possible with your language.
    • Never lie or exaggerate about any of the experiences listed on your resume. This includes past jobs, certifications, and education. Many employers will do a background check before they consider hiring you. If something doesnt line up with your resume, itll be regarded as a huge red flag, and you likely wont get the job.

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    Polish Your Phlebotomist Resume And Avoid Grammar And Spelling Mistakes

    Phlebotomy requires some major attention to detail. Youll be dealing with blood samples and test results regularly, so you need to show youre cut for the job. Start by writing a flawless resume.

    Typos and poor grammar will make you look unprofessional to any hiring manager and can imply youll be careless on the job. A spelling mistake on your resume may get you automatically disqualified from the job-seeking race.

    Phlebotomist Resume: Professional Experience

    The professional experience section of your phlebotomy resume is the most vital section of your resume.

    It needs to be done to perfection as it is the most important section of your phlebotomy resume.

    Here are 3 ways in which you can enhance the effectiveness of this section of your phlebotomy resume:

    • Frame one-liner points
    • Use the STAR format
    • Use bucketing & bolding

    Our phlebotomy resume samples showcase the ideal format for writing the professional experience section of a resume:

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    Phlebotomist Resume: Personal Information

    It might not seem uber important but this just might be the most vital part of your resume.

    Even seemingly the most insignificant mistake can cost you a job as you will never hear back from the recruiter.

    Include the following information in the personal information section of your phlebotomy resume:

    Align these horizontally in the personal information section of your phlebotomy resume:

    First Draft Of Phlebotomist Resume

    25 Entry Level Phlebotomist Resume in 2020

    The following sections need to be drafted as part of the second stage of building your phlebotomy resumes:

    You have now reached the final stage of writing your phlebotomy resume. As part of this, you need to compose both the key skills and the Summary/Objective section of your resume. Find more details below:

    • Composing the key skills section: Ideally, you should start drafting this section second to last while building your phlebotomy resume. As you would have already listed your phlebotomy skills for resume, now all you need to do is pick them and include them in this section.
    • Composing the summary or objective section: Write a phlebotomist resume professional summary if you have over 3 years of work experience. Freshers or phlebotomists who have been in the workforce for less than 3 years should write a phlebotomist resume objective instead.

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    How A Juniors Work Experience Section Should Look

    Model your professional resume on this phlebotomist resume sample if you have little to a few years of experience:

    Phlebotomist IChicago, IllinoisJuly 2020-February 2021

    • Conducted approximately 65 patient intakes a day and sole resource entrusted to enter patient information into the digital case tracking system.
    • One of seven junior phlebotomists officially commended for excellent processing of lab work and performance of dermal puncture techniques.
    • Trained in capillary puncture blood collection
    • Taught interns to follow infection control protocol

    Phlebotomy InternMarch 2020 to June 2020

    • Maintained patient records accurately
    • Collated blood draw orders from patients doctors
    • Fostered professional relationships with third-party healthcare providers for seamless and timely exchange of patient information
    • Communicated with patients and family members regarding phlebotomy processes using understandable language
    • Processing and managing approximately 25 cases a day

    Where Can I Get A Free Resume Template

    Here we introduce one of the greatest tools in the 21st century: Online Resume Builder!

    • CakeResume offers free phlebotomist resume templates along with numerous tips and tricks, blogs, and writing to help a candidate achieve their greatest potential. Users can also utilize Cakeresumes specialized feature — template snippets — to customer their own resume!
    • Alternative: Microsoft Word, Google doc, or equivalent word editors also serve the same role. However, the same journey would be more detrimental and nerve-cracking for freshers and those unfamiliar with resume-writing!

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    How To Write Phlebotomist Resume Skills

    The most important responsibility of a phlebotomist is to draw blood from the veins of patients and transport these samples to the laboratory for correct analysis of the samples.

    Your responsibility lies right from drawing blood to providing the reports to patients or their family members.

    You will have to collect blood using a technique known as Venipuncture where a needle is inserted into the veins or skin.

    You have to collect blood from many patients, so you should be ready to provide accurate blood sampling under immense pressure.

    Phlebotomists are also responsible for sanitizing and keeping the equipment in good stead.

    As a phlebotomy professional, you will be asked to carry out patient data entry and label the blood samples.

    When you are taking blood make sure that there is no direct blood contact.

    Direct contact can enhance the possibilities of infectious diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis.

    There are many skills a successful phlebotomist should possess and furnish in the resume.

    Some of these skills are mentioned below:

    Choosing A Winning Phlebotomist Title

    How to get a phlebotomist job WITHOUT NO EXPERIENCE/ NO TRAINING 2021 INDEED GUARANTEED ðð©¸ð

    Unique titles are becoming the norm, but there is a proper time and place.

    What does your research into the company tell you about their culture?

    Look at how they market themselves. Does the company sound serious or casual? Are they authoritative or friendly? Refined or relaxed?

    Get them interested by crafting a unique title that emanates confidence and competence while keeping their culture in mind.

    Here is an example:

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    How To Write The Perfect Phlebotomy Resume

    Home » Jobs » How to Write the Perfect Phlebotomy Resume

    You have just graduated from your phlebotomy training, you know perfectly well how to draw blood and tube colors are not causing you a headache anymore. You are so ready for your first job as a phelbotomist! Or maybe you are not looking for your first job, but for a better one, more suitable to your dreams and needs. This is when you need a good, outstanding and professional resume. Increase your chances to find a good job with the best phlebotomy resume.

    If you need a phlebotomy resume we have 10 for free here

    Creating a resume can be a complicated task since one size does not fit all. To apply for a position as a phlebotomist, you need to have a resume that gives employers an insight on how they will not regret hiring you.

    A phlebotomy resume must be constructed carefully and provide information of the experience you have, if any, as well as your qualifications. If you are unsure of what to include so that your resume is the best out of the bunch, these following tips will help create the perfect phlebotomy resume:

    What Are Phlebotomy Skills

    Phlebotomy skills are skills you need to succeed in a medical laboratory environment. Specifically, it deals with collecting blood samples from patients, donors, and test-takers.

    Having deft fingers and a knowledge of human anatomy would help, particularly the placement of veins and capillaries.

    You must also have excellent interpersonal and customer service skills to help patients through the sometimes traumatizing process of drawing blood samples.

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    Resume Skills For Phlebotomy

    If youre a phlebotomist, you need to be able to find veins and draw blood without causing patients unnecessary pain.

    It doesnt matter why youre drawing the blood. It could be for tests, for transfusions, for research, or because the patient is donating blood. If a patient has a bad reaction during or while you are drawing blood, you need to be able to deal with the issue.

    Apart from having the skill, dexterity, and hand-eye coordination to draw blood efficiently, you also need to be a caring person with enormous soft skills.

    The hard skills, like drawing blood , can be taught. But soft skills, like compassion, good communication, and being a good listener are qualities that should be natural to a phlebotomist.

    You need to have a positive attitude and work well under pressure. Observation skills are also critical because you are the one who is one-to-one with patients, and who will notice if they are responding badly to treatment.

    You need to be responsible, and to have a team player mentality. You also need to be exceptionally well organized because admin work is usually part of the deal.

    MedCerts, which offers career services including medical and healthcare programs, hits the nail on the head when they say that the best phlebotomists need the perfect combination of hard and soft skills to make them successful.

    Phlebotomy Resume Summary Example

    Phlebotomy Skills for Resume Luxury Phlebotomy Resume No Experience ...

    Youre able to calm patients, label blood samples, carry out treatment procedures, all while keeping a smile on your face.

    The only problem?

    The HR department at your dream clinic doesnt know that yet.

    The best solution?

    A phlebotomy resume summary has to stands out.

    Heres one of our phlebotomist resume summary examples that gets everything right.


    Methodical phlebotomist with 3+ years of experience in blood sample testing, storage, and collection. Maintained 99.9% accuracy while validating patient credentials in admission and treatment procedures. Saved $200 per month by implementing a new inventory system. Seeking to leverage experience in health history analysis, blood sample collection, and strong knowledge in all essential phlebotomy practices to secure a demanding position at the World Vision Clinic.

    This example does an amazing job at taking up the credentials of the candidate and shows the hiring manager why they NEED to take them seriously.

    It features impressive numbers, well-thought-out goals, and plenty of medical buzzwords to get lead phlebotomists excited.

    Now lets look at one that doesnt quite hit the mark, so you know what not to do.


    Phlebotomist experienced in venipuncture and blood collection. Lots of knowledge in phlebotomy and treatment procedures. Responsible for many phlebotomist duties in past role. Confirmed patient credentials at busy hospital hours. Looking for a new phlebotomy position to further my career.

    Spot the difference?

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    Whats The Perfect Format For A Phlebotomy Resume

    There is no one perfect format to follow for your resume when youre putting it together. You can go in the order weve listed out in this article or try something different.

    But, there are a few concrete things to keep in mind when youre considering formatting:

  • Always make sure your objective statement or summary of qualifications is at or near the top. The idea is that this will be the first thing an employer reads to get a better idea of who you are. Make it easy to find right away.
  • Any time you list work experience or education, start with the most recent examples first.
  • Highlight the best things about yourself and your career closer to the top of the resume, if possible. Remember, HR professionals probably have a lot of resumes to look at if theyre hiring. Theyre more likely to read the top half of your resume. If you can showcase the best parts of your work and education there, you can pique their interest.
  • If you have no work experience, consider putting your education/training before your work history. This is a subtle way to highlight the experience you do have first.
  • Make your resume fit each job youre applying for. Sending out twenty of the same resumes to different hospitals, etc., is unproductive. You can quickly make quick changes to your document to fit the job description and title the facility is looking for. Doing things like this will let that employer know youre interested in their position, not just any position.

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