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How To List Nanny Experience On A Professional Resume

Add Contact Info To Your Resume

Westside Nannies Professional Childcare Resume

Adding contact info into a nanny job description resume may sound quite simple. But, in fact, many people make some common mistakes here. First of all, they choose the wrong placement for it. Some applicants even put it into their nanny description for resume. We recommend keeping your contact details as a separate section and placing it closer to the top of the page.

The must-have details include a full name, job title, updated phone number, and a professional email address. To make this section more complete, you can share links to social media. Most likely, the hiring manager will check your online presence. Thus, ensure that your social media is clean. After all, how to be a nanny if your social media is full of unprofessional and inappropriate data?

Make Headway: A Career Snapshot

This work can be as versatile or demanding as it needs to be. Extremely proficient and experienced nannies are more a requirement, but first-timers can also get a job. As a nanny, your responsibilities and working scenarios may be diverse, but the crux of the matter is that you have to take care of the child or children and their safety. The criteria for every nanny job can be different for families. There can be various types of nanny requirements like college-educated, career childcare staff, summer caretakers, and first-timers. As a nanny, you can work part-time with training, or full-time, live-in aides.

Write A Nanny Resume Objective Or Summary

Youve got very little time.

You need to show the parents youre the one, right away.

That way theyll actually read your resume for nanny jobs.

How to do it?

With a well-written nanny resume profile .

  • 12 adjectives
  • Job title
  • Years of experience
  • How youll help
  • Best few achievements
  • These nanny resume examples show how:

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    There’s A Lot To Look After When It Comes To Writing Your Resume These Tips Can Lend You A Hand

    To be a successful candidate for nanny jobs, your resume will require a bit of nurturing, says resume expert Kim Isaacs. For pointers on rearing your resume with some TLC, view the sample resume for a nanny that Isaacs created below, or download the nanny resume template in Word.

    Jobs for nannies and other child care workers are projected to grow by 7% from 2016 through 2026, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics . Unsurprisingly, you’ll find the highest level of employment for this job in the following populous states: California, Texas, New York, Florida, and Pennsylvania and in the following metropolitan areas: New York City, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Atlanta, and Chicago.

    The median wage for a nanny is $14,29 per hour, according to Monster data.

    Additionally, you can search for nanny jobs on Monster.

    Dos And Donts Of The Successful Nanny Resume

    Nanny Resume &  Writing Guide

    The best nanny resumes, like most other resumes, can be counted on to include certain characteristics, so below are some resume tips on what to do and what to avoid when crafting the perfect resume.

    • Use present tense for current work
    • Use past tense for previous work
    • Include fact and details that convey the scope of responsibilities
    • Borrow words and phrases from job descriptions if appropriate


    • Talk about religion, politics, ethnicity, sexuality, or disability unless the job description explicitly states that this information is relevant. Now, if you led the Pride Parade, served as secretary for the Black Student Alliance, or ran your churchs daycare, that can be included as evidence of organization skills, leadership, or community engagement.
    • Be passive. Passive tense or phrasing that puts you in a passive role does not do you any favors. For example, rather than saying, Helped manager with Spring Fling, consider Coordinated meal and venue services for Spring Fling, a 500-person event that raised $100,000 for cancer research.
    • Be redundant. Say it once, and say it well.
    • Use empty or self-evident phrases such as, managed time wisely or handled other duties as assigned. Instead, lean toward the facts. For example, did you manage budgets? If so, what was the budget and how long did you manage it?
    • Overemphasize or underemphasize scope and nature of former or current job responsibilities


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    Start Your Nanny Resume With A Resume Summary

    A resume summary is a short introduction at the top of your resume that gives families a reason to continue reading through your application.

    The candidate in the sample above has written a successful nanny resume summary because they:

    • describe how long theyve been a nanny and what theyre proficient in
    • mention the positive experiences from their previous clients
    • tell the age range of the children theyve cared for

    Nanny Duties And Responsibilities

    While a nanny’s specific responsibilities can vary greatly from day to day, most share several core duties:

    Maintain a Safe and Positive Environment The primary duty of a nanny is to help families and children by maintaining a safe, positive, and nurturing environment. Most nannies begin working with families when their child is a newborn, so nannies ensure that children develop socially, emotionally, and behaviorally by creating a safe, supportive environment through activities, positive encouragement, and establishment of rules and expectations.

    Bathe and Dress Children Nannies also assist with everyday tasks around the house, such as bathing and dressing children. For newborns and infants, this tends to involve a special tub or insert, while for older children bath time may involve more playing and a greater degree of independence. Nannies also decide on outfits and dress children based on the day’s activities and weather, making sure they’re not too hot or cold.

    Prepare and Serve Meals to Children In most cases, nannies also prepare and serve meals to children throughout the day. For infants and newborns, this can include heating bottles, while for older children this can involve providing baby food or fully cooked meals throughout the day. While preparing meals, nannies keep an eye on temperature and ingredients to keep children safe.

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    Everything You Need To Write Your Full Time Nanny Resume

    Now that youâve seen an example of a job winning Full Time Nanny resume, here are some tips to help you write your own. You should always begin with a summary section. Remember to use basic formatting with clear section headings and a traditional layout. Finally, be sure to include top skills throughout your resume. Weâve included several examples common for Full Time Nanny below.

    Letâs start with your resume summary section.

    What Skills Can You Include When Listing Nannying Experience On A Resume

    Nanny Resume – Five Tips to Help You Stand Out – Nanny Tips

    When listing nannying experience in the experience section, there are many different skills you can highlight. Typical tasks include childcare, cooking, cleaning, and task management, however being a nanny means you might complete several more tasks than can fit in one section.

    Choose the tasks which are most relevant to your desired job, as you want to tailor each experience to fit each new employers needs. Lets look at a list of some skills which might come from a nannying job:

    • Childcare

    Many of these skills are self-taught skills!

    Including these skills as a part of the experience in the experience section is a great way to make a nannying experience relevant, even if the desired job is outside of the childcare industry.

    If you have many other relevant jobs which you feel are a better representation of your skillset for a desired job, you may choose to leave the nannying job out of the experience section.

    You may still wish to include certain skills gained from this job, however, so you may list this experience in the skills section.

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    What Is A Nanny Resume & Why Do You Need It

    Your resume for nanny is most likely the first mode of communication between you and the recruiters.

    Most of the recruiters use the ATS to pick the most suitable applicant as it is quite convenient and saves their time.

    Only those resumes that contain the keywords used by the recruiters to describe the targeted job profile is picked by the ATS as it filters through the resumes.

    Use the appropriate keywords that are relevant to the specific job that you are applying for and raise your chances of ranking high on the ATS.

    Doing so can give you a higher chance of being shortlisted by the recruiters.

    Our experts at Hiration are here top help you pick the most relevant and effective keywords that can help raise your chances of landing the job of your dreams.

    Make sure to read our tips of dos and don’ts while writing a resume to create the perfect ATS friendly resume.

    In case of an existing resume, you can get it professionally reviewed by Hirations Resume Review Service which is free of cost.

    Add A References Section To Your Resume

    If you’ve got a resume that’s already a full page or more, you’ll most likely want to make a separate “References” page and staple it to your resume. That will help to save room instead of listing out contact details for multiple people after your Experience, Education, and Skills sections. If your completed resume is looking a bit sparse and you’ve got room to list them, your employer will likely appreciate having your references immediately available at the bottom of your resume.

    Having a References section will be especially important if you’re applying for another job in the childcare or education industries. Pick your best references and expect your future employer to follow up with all of them.

    List the names of your references, their relationship to you, and their phone number and/or email address.


    Tip: It’s best to ask permission before using someone as a reference on your resume. Not only is it common courtesy, but it will make them aware you’ve used them and expect the call. That way they can prepare themselves and won’t be caught off-guard when they’re contacted.

    See our complete guide to babysitting references for more help with this part of your resume.

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    Nanny Resume: Profile Title

    Profile titles can directly reflect the level of your professional status. It helps the recruiters to recognize your current or recent job profile.

    It is an important feature on your resume as it is easier for the recruiters to give you the most suitable shortlist according to your profile title.

    The following factors are recognized by the recruiters through your profile title:

    • Your current designation.
    • Your functional industry.
    • Your level of seniority in your line of work.

    Your profile title should be the second-largest text in your resume after your resume header. Always use 14-16 font size to write your profile title.

    Avoid exaggerating your profile title as it will pass off as intentionally cheating the recruiter that may tamper your chance of achieving the targeted job.

    You can refer to the profile title section of our nanny resume sample given below to know what this section ideally looks like.

    Nanny Skills And Qualifications

    Nanny Resume Sample
    • Childcare skills – nannies should be very familiar with childcare basics such as feeding, bathing, and dressing children, as well as managing behavior and teaching skills and manners
    • First aid skills – first aid skills are also helpful in this role, as nannies may need to treat injuries or take care of children when they are sick. Nannies also may need to administer medication
    • Patience and compassion – nannies should possess a great deal of patience and compassion, especially when dealing with children who are throwing tantrums or behaving badly
    • Punctuality and reliability – because nannies often need to bring children to appointments and activities and work with parents’ schedules, they should be reliable and punctual
    • Attention to detail – nannies should be highly attentive to make sure that the children in their care remain safe at all times, monitor behavior and activities, and provide information to parents
    • Organization skills – nannies also need to be very organized, since they may be in charge of determining a child’s entire day and coming up with schedules and activities to encourage social and behavioral growth

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    Nanny Job Description For A Resume

    Mike & Elissa Pearson


    • Collaborated with parents to plan daily outings, educational activities, and healthy meals. Saved parents 40 hours per week in childcare needs.
    • Communicated with parents and educators about childrens needs. Assisted with solving long-term temper-tantrum problem in 5-year-old.
    • Used interpersonal skills to help resolve an issue with preschool teacher over inconsistencies in discipline approaches.

    See that?

    A little head-scratching goes a long way. Switching careers can be easy if you spend the time to brainstorm transferable achievements.

    Expert Tip: If you find yourself stretching the truth, dont. Look elsewhere in your life . Find proof youve got the skills to do the new job.

    Double your impact with a matching resume and cover letter combo. Use our cover letter builder and make your application documents pop out.

    Want to try a different look? Theres 18 more. A single click will give your document a total makeover. Pick a cover letter template here.

    Resume Layout And Formatting: Efficiency And Organization

    Your resume allows a bit more creativity than is typical because of your career path. Your design should still be clean and professional. The best resumes are the ones that get bring you closer to your dream job. To do that, it has to pass the ATS through the strategic use of keywords, and then make an agency or parent think, Wow! I want to meet this person! Neither of those will happen if your resume contains formatting errors or an overly busy layout.

    Your goal is to get your resume read and that means keeping it simple. Big blocks of type or cute fonts present a barrier to easy reading. A touch of color is fine, but more is distracting. Even though you may be applying to work with a small child, stay away from primary colors, they are too bright for eyes that are scanning dozens of resumes. Here are some tips and hacks to help you:

    • Agencies will be looking for your contact information, your last job, and your skills first, so make sure they are prominently placed.
    • Do not put any information into headers or footers because ATS programs may not see them when they scan.
    • Always save your completed resume as a PDF file. Formatting errors may be introduced when a file is opened in different word processing software or in different versions of the same software. Use the builder tool or another dedicated resume software to avoid that problem.
    • Have a friend proofread your resume before you send it.

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    What To Highlight In A Nanny Resume

    There are a few vital details parents/families need to know about you to ensure that you are the right fit for their kids.

    Nannies and babysitters are often confused as being the same positions. Although both roles are in childcare, a nanny is a daily job with fixed hours where a babysitter works part-time hired to watch the children for a set period.

    A nanny is a childcare provider first and foremost, but is also responsible for housekeeping duties like cooking, cleaning and doing laundry. The purpose of being a Nanny is to contribute, oversee, and assist with the intellectual, physical, and emotional needs of children from infants up to young adults.

    First, indicate your type of Nanny experience. Nannies can be broadly categorized into the following job titles:

    1) Full-Time, Live-Out Nannies

    They do not reside on the premises, but usually, work five days a week . Job duties are only related to childcare .

    2) Live-in Nannies

    Live-in nannies typically occupy their own furnished room in the family home and are offered meals, access to transportation, cellphone, computer, and healthcare as part of their remuneration. They have the same responsibilities as live out nannies but with the added housekeeping component. They work six days a week with one day off and also during most school holidays, taking a vacation outside of school holiday periods.

    3) Part-Time or Summer Nannies

    4) Shared Nannies

    5) College Nannies

    6) Au Pairs

    Leisure Pursuit: To Establish Relationships

    3 Reasons You Need a Nanny Resume

    In general, a structured resume should not stress this section too much, but you should express your ambitions for the position of a nanny to get acquainted with the family for the right match. Here you are trying to demonstrate how you can enhance the life of a child, so writing about those leisure activities like photography, baking, or playing any outdoor games can give you the edge to stand apart from the rest. It presents you as a versatile person who can teach something new.

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    How To Add Babysitting To Your Resume

    8 August 2020First Published 15 January 2019

    Maybe you’re ready to apply for your first job that actually relates to what you’ve been studying at university? Or perhaps you just need a resume to apply for more babysitting jobs to make yourself look more professional and increase your chances of getting hired? Either way, how do you add babysitting experience to your resume?

    Add an experience section to your resume, then list all of your babysitting work as a single job titled ‘Babysitting’. Give a combined start and end date, then list the key duties you performed over this time. Finally, list any skills or qualifications you have such as CPR and First Aid certification.

    Babysitting is a less traditional job and is often seen as an entry-level position but many of the skills transfer easily over to other jobs you might want in the future – whether in the childcare or education industry, or elsewhere. In this article, you’ll learn exactly how to add babysitting experience to your resume in a way that will impress future employers.


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