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What Does A Resume Look Like For A Highschool Student

Having Little Work Experience Shouldn’t Deter You From Making A Work Objective Use This Section To Help Highlight The Skills That Make You Unique

High School Resume: How To Write Your First Resume (Plus Template)

Certain jobs for teens require a resume.

There’s plenty of competition for jobs for high school students, so you want to make sure you stand out from the crowd. A resume objective can help. Just like landlines and print maps, resume objectives may seem old fashionedcareer summaries are more common nowadaysbut they can come in handy in certain cases and may help your high school student resume stand out from fellow job applicants.

Should You List Your High School On Your Resume

If you are a high school student, college student, fresh graduate with no work experience, or if your high school diploma is your highest education, you should definitely add your high school education to your resume. Once you gain any other form of higher education, you should take your high school off your resume.

Extracurricular Activities: A Hidden Strength

This section of your high school student resume is optional, but potentially very worthwhile. As a high school student, you may be putting a lot of time and effort into extracurricular activitiesthat demonstrate your commitment to showing up and participating. These may be especially relevant if they illustrate an interest related to the job you are applying for.

Creating a master list of your extracurricular activities is a worthwhile exercise in its own right. It can reinforce your choices of which skills and personal attributes to highlight in other resume sections. It may also clarify the type of job you want, and lead you to consider targeting your job search to a field that fits your extracurricular interests.

Any master list be it for skills, activities or jobs can be useful for your own reference and convenience. Its a visual tool that highlights what you are looking for at a glance, then makes it easy to cherry-pick the most appropriate resume samples for your current resume version.

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What Should Go On A College Resume

Any of the sections below could appear on your resume for college applications. Pick an assortment that works for you!

  • Heading with your name, address, and e-mail
  • High school information with your graduation date, GPA , class rank, and SAT/ACT scores
  • Academic awards, publications, honors, and other achievements
  • Coursework

When Should You Submit A Resume To Colleges

Basic Resume Templates For High School Students

Some colleges and scholarship committees request or recommend that you include a high school resume with your application materials. Bring your resume to college interviews and give copies to your college counselor and teachers so that they can write you the strongest possible recommendation letter.

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First Resume Example For A Highschool Student

Its a fun and exciting time with your friends, but at the end of the study, things maybe a little stressing. Just like landlines and print maps, resume objectives may seem old fashionedcareer summaries are more common nowadaysbut they can come in handy in certain cases and may help your high school student resume stand out from fellow job applicants.

Resume Examples For High School Students , examples

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Make sure its properly hyperlinked on your PDF model so the employer can go straight to it . Add relevant social media, like Behance for designers. Facebook and Twitter are rarely useful on a high school resume, but employers usually google and discover you anyway, nowadays. Check your online presence to make sure there are not any embarrassing pics, and set profiles to private.

A highschool resume is out there in many types, so you have many selections to choose from. In the same manner, a poorly formatted resume with plenty of grammar mistakes and lies can undermine your chances of an acceptance. But, a well-formatted high school resume might help you make your case for an acceptance. Studies have shown that recruiters only spend an average of 7 seconds taking a look at each resume. This implies that overwhelming them with information and enormous blocks of textual content shall be counterproductive to your success. Bullets can be utilized to make the text straightforward to scan, but they arent necessary unless a piece has three or more gadgets.

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Free High School Resume Templates

So were all done with theory at this point.

Theres one thing left for you to do: sit down and start preparing your resume.

To help you with that, weve gathered 4 free resume templates, perfect for a high school resume.

All you have to do is pick the ones you like best & get started with your resume!

What Ought To Go On A School Resume

How To Make A Resume With No Job Experience In Highschool

A skilled career objective is tailored to the corporate, tells them your background, and summarizes your candidacy for the job. Your pastimes and passions offer the hiring managers perception into you, the human. On top of that, theyre a nice way to level out your expertise in an indirect manner.

And if youre a creative type looking to add extra persona to your resume, you may consider exploring the highschool resume template choices on websites like Canva. Here are examples of exhausting abilities you may have the flexibility to add to a high school resume. You should select which abilities to include based on the kind of job, scholarship, or college youre making use of to. Tailor your descriptions by using particular key phrases.

Highschool Resume Examples And Writing Ideas

As I talked about earlier than, dont just copy and paste your items into the resume. As an exercise, spend a few minutes every year perusing your notepad, witnessing your professional progress. If you had been asked to do something new, expand your talent set, or develop skills, you want to add these in your resume. Between senior year of highschool and college, your resume will look fully completely different. The bullet points go under the place and date.

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How Do I Use A Template To Write A High School Resume

If youre nervous about starting your first resume, you can use a resume template. These templates are here to help you structure your resume in a fast and professional way. They are particularly useful to ensure the proper placement of information on a resume.

Resume templates are easy to use. Simply choose from our library of templates. JobHero offers a variety of designs, from traditional to modern. They include customizable headers, fonts, colors and margins.

Once you choose a template and customize it, you can fill in the blanks with your information, section by section. These easy prompts will help you create your resume in no time.

Resume templates are user friendly and very helpful. Create your own high school resume today, stress-free!

Provide Detail Whenever Possible

The details are what set a resume apart from a list of extracurriculars on a standard college application. For example, when describing your involvement in the French Club make sure to include:

  • your role
  • school years/hours per week you participated
  • specific contributions
  • leadership roles
  • unique details that will make you stand out

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Write A Compelling Resume Summary Statement

A resume summary is a statement of 3-4 sentences that outlines your skills, accomplishments, and career objectives. It should sum up why youre applying for the position and how you are qualified for the role.

Its important to also adapt the statement to the job you are applying to, mentioning capabilities and achievements that qualify you for the specific tasks you will be performing.

Below you can find 2 examples of well-formulated resume summary statements:

  • Honor roll high school student with experience working with children and the elderly. Looking to help a community service organization to bring a positive change to their community.
  • Dedicated and passionate high school student looking to bring a hard-working attitude to a sales assistant position. Confident individual with excellent communication and people skills.

Proofread Your Resume Carefully

What Does A Resume Look Like For A Highschool Student ...

Resumes that are full of spelling and grammatical errors create red flags in an employers mind because they hint that your work performance might be sloppy as well. Take the time to edit and correct your resume and cover letter, following these proofreading steps. If you feel unsure about your proofreading skills, ask a friend, parent, sibling, or teacher to help you.

Read each sentence aloud to yourself. This slows you down and makes you concentrate on the words, which will bring attention to any errors.

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Use Your Resume As A Marketing Tool

A resume is one of the most important marketing tools you can use to sell yourself to colleges, impress scholarship judges, and get a part-time job or an internship during high school and/or college. You can also use your resume when asking for recommendation letters. It gives the people who are recommending you a reminder of your accomplishments.

Put your best effort into your high school resume. It is a valuable tool for all students and will make life easier whether you are applying to college, for a job or internship or trying to win a scholarship.

Scan Each Job Description And Identify The Requirements

Read through the job description for each job position you are interested in and highlight the core skills and competencies. Identify the keywords, normally there is a list of requirements and it is important to show you meet all of them.

The skills section of your resume needs to incorporate the appropriate soft skills which you must be able to demonstrate, such as: leadership skills, reliability, and communication skills. As well as the necessary hard skills such as computer skills, foreign languages, and accountancy.

Identifying the key competencies will make it easy to know what information you should add to your high school resume. This will include both soft and hard skills.

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Computer Science Student Resume: 2021 Guide With 10+ Resume Examples

What do employers look for in a computer science student resume?

A computer science student resume is generally written by CS Graduates and CS Students who are still pursuing the course.

As such, employers are inclined to look for your academic details, relevant projects, and internship experience in a computer science student resume.

But most importantly, employers look for signs of exceptionalism in your computer science skills and your technical skills.

For which you should present a list of the programming languages you know, databases you are familiar with, and software you can work with.

We will help you learn how to put this information effectively in your computer science resume.

But before we begin, here’s a summary of our Computer Science Student Resume Blog:

  • Write achievement-based internship sections and mention relevant certifications.
  • Add the details of the project that you have been a part of or led successfully.
  • Use one-liner points to communicate the details of your professional experience and past internships.
  • Provide URL links to your personal websites or profiles like Kaggle, GitHub, etc.
  • Write an impeccable computer science student resume objective for computer science student jobs & internships.
  • Organize your resume using the right resume format for computer science students.

. . . all so you can get the entry-level CS job or internship of your dreams!

High School Graduate Resume

REVEALING MY RESUME || Tips to Write a Stellar College Resume

Work experiences at high school gives your student resume an upper hand.

Not only does this leverage your income but it also demonstrates your work ability when you’re applying at a university or to a job portal.

The below given high school resume template shows how one can incorporate valuable information in their resume before you get your first job.

Your volunteer initiatives, programs, fests and extracurricular achievements show it to the recruiters your proficiency to deliver projects on time ad your prioritization skills.

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High School Student Resume Sample

  • Participate in after-school program to provide tutoring to other students
  • Assist younger students with homework
  • Follow recommended curriculum to provide core reading skills
  • Maintain cleanliness in the soup kitchen, serving line, and dining areas
  • Assist cooks with basic food preparation in the kitchen before meals
  • Serve food and bus tables
  • Have participated in concert and marching bands each year
  • Attend regular rehearsals three times a week
  • Promptly dress and prepare music and instruments for concert performances

How To Write A College Admissions Resume + Examples

Resumes are not only for job seekers, it is also a valuable tool to submit for a college admission. Your college application should include a resume highlighting your grades, past jobs, awards and leadership activities.

The main difference between a regular resume and a student resume is that the student resume emphasizes the candidates academic history, while a career-based resume summarizes skills and work experience.

To structure your resume for a college application, you should include the same sections as you would any normal resume:

  • Your name, address, and e-mail
  • Work experience
  • Community service

When listing your employment history, include part-time jobs as well as internships, or research experiences.

Do not leave any experience out. If you have volunteer experience, it will show your community service and leadership skills.

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Present Your Computer Science Internship Details Effectively

As a CS Graduate or Student, you probably don’t have the actual professional experience to boast about in your computer science resume.

This leaves you with your internship.

If you don’t have internship experience, get one.

If you have done an internship in the past, talk about it effectively in your resume for computer science student fresher jobs.

Perfecting this section can dramatically elevate your shortlist chances. Meaning: you need to perfect it at all costs.

Here are three ways to do it:

  • Frame one-liner points

Use one-line points. Not paragraphs.

They make your resume of computer science student more reader-friendly and comprehensive.

Don’t believe us?

Here are two computer science student resume examples to prove this argument.

We want you to observe them closely.


Computer Science Student Resume Example 1


Computer Science Student Resume Example 2

Framing One-Liner Points: Analysis

You can make the following observations from the two computer science student resume examples we have outlined above:

Is difficult to read and grasp the main points Easy to read and understand
Contains unnecessary words and phrases Contains only important points

As compared to a lengthy paragraph, the one-liner point makes more sense and the recruiters will easily understand your roles and responsibilities right away.


You can achieve this by implementing the STAR format at each point

Instead of saying something as basic as this:

Keeps Your Resume Organized

What Does A Resume Look Like For A Highschool Student ...

Using a high school resume template helps you keep your resume organized and ensures that you fill in the information in the appropriate places. It also helps ensure all information that should be included in your resume is there. Using a template helps you organize your thoughts and helps your resume look more professional.

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Job Outlook For High School Students

Many high school students ask themselves, “How will I get a job without experience?” Guess what: Everybody who is now working started out in a first job without having any employment history. You have to start somewhere. A little time and research can be all it takes to find a job that adds to your skills list while putting some money in your pocket!

You have already made the decision to look for work. Now, with’s collection of tools at your fingertips, we’ll walk you through everything you need in the first steps to success. It all starts with getting your foot in the door.

If you plan to work during the summer, you are lucky because of the relatively low competition. Over time, fewer teens have been choosing to enter the seasonal job market only about one in three during the summer of 2018, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics . Fewer high school students are working part-time jobs during the school year as well, so you will be in demand no matter when you want to work.

According to a Brookings Institute report on BLS statistics, only about half of high school students aged 16 to 19 had a job in 2000, down from 58% during the peak year in 1979. By 2018, the percentage had dropped and plateaued to 35%, the lowest on record

Resume Summary Example: Personality First And Foremost

Describing yourself can be tough, but don’t hold back. You have many of the qualities employers want. Here’s where your personality can shine. The 2-3 sentence resume summary is the first section, directly under your contact information. It allows you to exhibit a bit of personality while you explain the qualitiesthat will make you a great employee.

Here are some sample questions to ask yourself when writing your summary:

  • What makes me a good student, friend, teammate, family member?
  • Which of my skills or personal qualities have helped me in school ? Am I organized, creative, responsible?
  • What activities, projects and interests could I describe that translate into job skills?

Below is a high school student resume summary example you can use as a guide for creating your own version.

Resourceful and dedicated high school student with excellent analytical skills and a demonstrated commitment to providing great customer service. Strong organizational abilities with proven successes managing multiple academic projects and volunteering events. Well-rounded and professional team player dedicated to continuing academic pursuits at a collegiate level.

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