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What Is A Job Category On A Resume

First Seek Opportunities Where Job Shadowing Is Common

What is a Resume?

When seeking opportunities, look in fields where job shadowing is likely to occur. This includes government agencies, large corporations, service jobs like hospitality and customer service, medical professions and more. Make a list of industries that interest you and narrow it down to companies you might want to work at.

Category Analyst Resume Examples

Category Analysts provide their expertise to companies to help develop category management strategies. These professionals are found in multiple industries and liaise between business development, sales, marketing, business analytics, and market research to develop strategic solutions that drive company profitability. Based on our collection of sample resumes, essential job requirements are business acumen, analytical skills, strategic planning, organization, change management expertise, leadership, and excellent communication and interpersonal abilities. Training in business or finance can be observed on most resume examples.

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The best examples from thousands of real-world resumes

Then Prepare Questions In Advance

Be prepared to ask questions. Depending on the job shadowing program, you may have limited time to ask questions. Be prepared by writing down what you want to know about the job, company and industry, in advance. This will ensure that you dont forget to ask the important questions when the time comes.

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Dont State That Youre Looking For A Job

An employer who finds your resume profile on FlexJobs will know youre a job seeker. Theres no need to waste valuable real estate in your profile title to state this obvious fact. Explains Reynolds, A lot of people will write something like, Experienced manager seeking a remote job. But a lot of people can say the exact same thing about themselves. A better version might be, Experienced remote manager who builds productive, goal-surpassing teams.’

Why Dont People List A Job Title

Free 58 Resume Categories Model

The most common reason people dont list their desired Job Title is they are afraid to limit their options. What if you ask for a Strategic Marketing Manager job, but there is an opening for Product Marketing Manager, or a Vice President position? Wont you be excluded or overlooked? Will they still call you?

What if the position you specify in the Job Title section is higher than the position they have an opening for? For example, you specify Director of Marketing, but the only position they have open is one level lower Marketing Manager.

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Certifications Or Continuing Education

If you have an important certification or have attended numerous seminars in your field, its vital to show that you are a continuous learner and are willing to go above-and-beyond with bettering yourself and your career goals.

The resume section heading here can be:

Certifications or Continuing Education.

How To Use Job Titles In A Resume

Its also wise to consider making small tweaks to your professional titles in the interest of including keywords for an ATS. Your indication on which keywords to include will come from the job posting.

An example for you: a job advertisement is asking for someone with five years of client service experience. You worked as a Customer Support Agent for a bank. Then, in order to make sure you appeal to the ATS and recruiters, you may wish to change your professional title to Client Service Agent.

Notice that in no way are you lying, giving yourself a promotion or a higher title. You are simply using the language that the prospective employer uses.

A resume is not a legal document, so you dont need to worry about making small adjustments to professional titles under special circumstances. You want your titles to jump off the page at recruiters, helping you get invited for an interview.

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What Are The Categories In A Resume

A resume is a structured document used to show potential employers your skills, work history and education to help them determine if you’re the right candidate for a specific job. The time you put into developing your resume is a crucial part of the job-hunting process. By constructing a resume with all the appropriate categories, you ensure you have the best possible chance for obtaining the jobs you seek.

Kicks Final Piece Of Resume Advice

What Categories Should Be Included On A Resume? (AND WHY)
  • Dont be afraid to use bold whenever you want to highlight important bits of information within the section.
  • Include key achievements subsection. Pick the biggest achievement from each job and highlight it in a subsection. You can also write it in bold. This will catch the attention of the hiring manager in an instant.
  • Keep it simple and easy to read. Dont overdo it. Pick 1-2 colors maximum, 1-2 fonts, 1-2 heading sizes.
  • Remember its not only about you. Its also about your future employer. Look at the job description again and determine what are his needs. Address these in your work experience section.

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What Do You Do Best

Shorter than a work history section, in a skills section you can efficiently list your core competencies in a way that is direct and easy to read. Showcase the skills and abilities that you bring to the job, focussing on those which distinguish you from the competition. The more useful and unique your skills are, the more you will stand out to an employer.

Prioritize Job Description Information

Next, think about prioritizing the information you provide in each description. Present details that are of the greatest interest to potential employers first. For example, consider the candidate seeking a job in interior design.

The resume might reflect a retail experience in which 75% of the candidate’s time was spent on the sales floor, and 25% was spent designing window and floor displays. Priority, determined by relevance to the employer, dictates that design of window and floor displays should be listed before sales.

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Yes You Do Run A Risk By Specifying Your Job Title

However, the risk is much greater if your Job Title section is empty. Most likely the hiring manager ignores your resume.

You have to trust the hiring manager is smart enough to know that someone who has been a Director of Marketing could probably be promoted to work as a Vice President of Marketing, or the opposite. Perhaps a Director would be willing to work as a Manager.

If the hiring manager is not smart enough and open minded enough to understand this, then perhaps you dont want to work for them anyway.

What Is A Work Experience Section

Free Functional Resume Templates Unique Resume Template ...

Employment history is a detailed summary of your past work experience. Its a detailed report of all jobs youve held in the past.

Depending on your background, you can include full-time positions, part-time jobs, temporary roles, internships or even volunteer work.

You should list key information such as names of companies, locations, job titles and positions held, dates of employment and responsibilities.

But more importantly, it should highlight your main achievements and provide specific examples.

It has many names. Some people call it employment history. Others refer to it it as work experience or work history.

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Optional: Technical Skills Listed In Separate Resume Section

All of resume sections 6-10 are optional, but I want to be super clear here that this tip in particular is optional and not required for everyone.

However, some job seekers split their skills into two sections of their resume.

They have technical skills, and all other skills.

If you are in a highly-technical field like software engineering, this may be a good way to organize everything. Heres an example of what it would look like. Notice the two separate sections and unique titles.

Match Your Master List With The Skills Needed For A Job

The skills you write on your resume should be whatever overlaps between your master list and the list of skills you created from researching jobs.

A general rule of thumb is to never include skills that arent important for the job you are applying for.

For example, if you are applying for a project manager position, there is no need to list that you know yoga or CPR.

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Take Advantage Of Multiple Resume Profiles

With FlexJobs, you have the ability to create unlimited resume profiles. Therefore, theres no need to try to build one resume profile or write one profile title that fits every position you want to apply for. Break your job search up into different types of positions, and then create a new resume profile for each. It may take a little extra time upfront, but having a more tailored, focused resume title and overall profile will make you stand out as a job seeker.

Resumes With Headlines And Profiles

How To Write Resumes- Tips for Using Categories

Every job seeker’s experience and goals are different, and it’s important to add sections to your resume that highlight what makes you the best candidate. In these resumes, you will find examples of specific sections that can help you direct a hiring manager’s attention to what you feel is most important.

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Using Job Titles In A Job Search

Depending upon where you are in your career, you may know exactly which job titles you qualify for so itll be easy enough to use job search engines such as Use your current or desired job title as a keyword , in the search bar and find a job that interests you.

For example, if you do a search using the term “editorial manager” youll get a list of editorial positions. If you click on Title and More to see a list of the following related jobs:

Resumes For Customer Service Jobs

Customer service is a key element in many jobs, and it’s important to focus on that in your resume. Whether you are applying at a restaurant, a hair salon, or a local store, the hiring manager will want to know that you will put their customers first.

Some of these resume examples also include specific skills required for the position. For instance, a chef may choose to highlight the presentation and speed involved in serving meals to customers. A stylist will want to focus on their knowledge of treatment techniques, and a retail associate may want to show off their merchandising expertise.

Be sure to include any special honors or achievements you have received. Were you the employee of the month? Did you reach a high sales goal?

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Approach : Stack The Job Titles

This strategy is good if you would like to emphasize your highest-level position and show promotions within the organization. Include the overall date range for your employer next to the company name and location, followed by a list of positions in reverse chronological order . For example:

COMPANY NAME – City, State, 2/01 to present

  • Store Manager, 8/03 to present
  • Assistant Manager, 5/02 to 8/03
  • Clerk, 2/01 to 5/02

To emphasize your promotional advancement, lead your position description with something like: Promoted to store manager to… and then describe the challenges and responsibilities that you assumed with your promotion. Be sure to include a bulleted list of achievements, which can reflect your contributions from any of your positions.

On your Monster resume, you can keep one employment listing by including your highest position in the Formal Title field, and then explaining that you held other positions in the Work Description section.

If you held numerous positions with one employer, the above list of job titles will start to take up valuable space on your resume. Summarize your early job titles using one line of text. For example:

COMPANY NAME – City, State, 2/01 to present

  • Store Manager, 8/03 to present
  • Assistant Manager, 5/02 to 8/03
  • Early Positions: Student Intern, Clerk and Retail Sales Rep, 2/01 to 5/02

How To Write A Work Experience Section If Youre An Artist

Procurement Resume Sample

Artists are, well, different. Because of that, it probably comes as a no surprise that their work experience is different too.

In short, as an artist you should say goodbye to wordy descriptions and focus almost entirely on your portfolio. But you already know that, dont you?

There are several options available and its only up to you which one will suit you the best. Polish up your social media profiles, create your own website, make sure to upload your portfolio to Behance or Dribble.

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Additional Areas: Activities/honors/affiliations/special Skills:

  • List extracurricular activities that demonstrate skills, accomplishments and leadership, teamwork, self-management, organization
  • Include computer skills and/or foreign languages
  • Personal accomplishments and
  • Unique experiences such as travel to a foreign country, study abroad.


  • Establish and manage chapter budget of $1,000 per event
  • Event planning, management, and makreting to meet University accreditation requirements

Emphasize Accomplishments Over Responsibilities

It’s important for employees to know you have the necessary experience to do the work required in the position. Still, many candidates will have this relevant experience.

To stand out, emphasize how you added value. Focus on accomplishments, rather than responsibilities.

As seen above, numbers can be your friend when it comes to highlighting your accomplishments in your resume. As well, numbers provide context. For instance, you might say, “Increased revenue by 5%, after several years of decreasing sales.”

Or, rather than saying, “Answered phone calls and dealt with customer concerns,” you can say, “Resolved customer concerns, answering approximately 10 calls per hour. Became go-to person on the team for dealing with the toughest phone calls and most challenging complaints.”

While it is important to keep descriptions short, adding details and context can help show employers why you’d be a good match for the position.

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What Are Skills Why Are Skills Important

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a skill is:

the ability to use ones knowledge effectively and readily in execution or performance

a learned power of doing something competently: a developed aptitude or ability

When it comes to job hunting, your skills are what set you apart. Every human on earth has a set of skills that is unique to them. Likewise, every professional position has a unique set of skills that is required for performing the job.

Finding the perfect alignment between these two ideas is the key goal for every hiring manager.

If a hiring manager finds someone that already possesses the skills needed for their job, they wont have to spend so much time and money on training. It also means that their new employee will be able to pull their own weight more quickly, providing a quicker return on their hiring investment.

But how do hiring managers know who has what it takes to perform well on the job?

The first and most important place hiring managers look is at your resume. On average, a hiring manager spends 6 seconds reviewing a resume and during that time they are scanning the pages to see if the skills required for the job jump out at them.

If they find what they are looking for, you get called in for an interview. If they dont quickly see what they are looking for, your resume will most likely be discarded.

As a job seeker, it is your responsibility to make sure you know what skills hiring managers are looking for.

Can I Include Job Shadowing On My Resume

How to Create a Functional Resume – Career Resume Consulting

Job shadowing can be used on your resume. In most cases, job shadowing is included at the bottom of a resume where you would normally list awards, scholarships, volunteer experience or publications. You may choose to include it within the work experience of a chronological resume format. In a functional resume, job shadowing could be included in a more prominent way if it makes sense to the job you are applying for.

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How Is The Category Rating System Used To Evaluate Federal Resumes

Category ratings for federal jobs | federal job application ratings

One of the major federal job recruitment changes is the requirement to utilize the category rating approach to refer candidates. In the past, an applicants federal resume was scored with a numerical rating a hiring manager could select from only among the top three highest-scoring applicants and could not pass over a veteran to select a non-veteran. This was known as the Rule of 3.

Under category rating, applicants federal resumes are placed into categories and do not receive a specific numeric score. Hiring managers may select anyone in the top category as long as they do not select a non-veteran if there are veterans in the same category. The purpose of category rating is to increase the number of qualified applicants while preserving Veterans Preference rights. The category rating approach gives agencies the flexibility to assess and select from among applicants in the highest quality category without regard to the Rule of 3.

  • Breadth and scope of competencies/KSAs
  • Increased levels of difficulty or complexity of competencies/KSAs
  • Successful performance on the job and
  • Level of the job

Tailor your federal resume to the job announcement to improve your chances of being called for an interview.


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