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What Is The Best Color To Use On A Resume

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Use On Design Elements

Paulo Pettigiani uses design elements like icons, logos, and small illustrations to emphasize points in his resume.

Deviate from the norm and add in design elements to your layout instead of using type only. You can use a variety of elements, like icons and shapes, as showcased above or can stick to one kind only.

Use your accent color on them and be mindful of their placement. Make sure theyre strategically placed to help possible employers navigate your info.

Best Resume Fonts In 2021

Find My Profession is your one-stop shop for all the latest career advice. Browse hundreds of articles and get ahead in your career!

Some of the best resume tips include tips on the best resume font to use.

The font you use on your resume affects the look of your entire resume.

And since the average recruiter only spends 6 seconds reviewing a resume, its never been more important to choose your resume font strategically.

Youll need to use a font that is ATS friendly and easy to read.

Not only is the font type important, but the size and color of the font are equally important.

In this article, we will share the best resume fonts, the worst resume fonts, the best font sizes, and the best font colors for 2021.

Not every resume font is created equal. When it comes to your resume font stick to the basics! This is NOT the area to show off your creativity.

-Mike Podesto

According to Quora, there are roughly 300,000 fonts in the world that fall into 60,000 font families.

Narrowing down the 9 best fonts for a resume was not an easy task.

Our team of resume experts collectively has more than 20 years of resume writing experience allowing us to present to you the tried and proven resume fonts for 2021.

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Classic Black And White

A classic black and white combination never goes out of style. This classic resume color palette says you’re a traditionalist at heart. It’s best suited if youre applying for a corporate position in a company with a long history and tradition. It can also be used if you want an elegant resume to apply for a position in a high-end jewelry or fashion company.

If you like the classic, restrained color combination, the below color swatch is a great one to use. It pulls complementary colors together from across the color wheel.

Why Do People Use Color On A Resume

Emphasize career highlights on your resume by using color ...

An applicant might add color to their resume for a variety of reasons. The most basic reason to use color is to make the resume more visually appealing, which allows it to stand out from other resumes when a hiring manager is sorting through applicants for a position. Simple use of color to denote section heads or call attention to a specific section on a resume can help to direct the reader’s eye while also making the document unique.

An applicant in a creative field can use the colors on their resume to provide a practical example of their ability to create visually-appealing pieces of content. Some applicants prefer their resume to accurately reflect them as a person and feel that adding color to their layout is the best way to do it.

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Spelling And Grammar Mistakes

Always proofread your resume before you send it out! This includes double checking your contact information. It wont do you any good if you have the perfect resume and employers who want to hire you if they keep calling the wrong number or emailing the wrong email. Double check! Thencheck again!

Similarly, dont forget about punctuation! According to the Cawley Career Education Center at Georgetown University, be consistent in your use of punctuation throughout the document. For instance, either use periods at the end of all your bullets or not. Great advice!

Colorful Modern Resume Template

This modern and simple resume comes with two resume pages with the best color for CV. You’ll also find a portfolio, and a cover letter template. Use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to customize it. Also, this template includes a Microsoft Word version. In other words, users with various skill sets can use this template with ease. Edit these cool resume formats so it fits your needs and start your job hunt now.

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Emphasize Your Contact Information

Color on a resume is great to highlight your contact information. Contact information should be readily available and accessible to hiring managers, preferably in a prominent header format and color that contrasts or complements the dominant color scheme of your resume. You want hiring managers and recruiters to know how to contact you without having to look too hard.

Putting It All Together

HOW TO FORMAT A RESUME 2021 (Step-by-step resume formatting examples!) | BEST Resume Tips 2021

Whew! Did you get all that?!?

We promised you a much deeper look into resume formats and I think weve managed to deliver just that!

Making sure you have the right resume for the right job means more than just filling in your qualifications, it means selecting the right format and ensuring that youre organizing it properlyand now, thanks to this article, you shouldnt have any problems!

And as alwaysgood luck!

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Linen Resume Paper Or Plain

Once again, the choice of resume paper material comes down to personal preference.

Plain 100% cotton resume paper is a safe choice. The texture is coarse, but the extra weight added by the higher cotton content gives your resume a nice thickness, making it pleasant to hold.

However, linen resume paper is a step above the rest. Its woven texture and added thickness give your resume a professional, premium feeling that no hiring manager can resist.

Our verdict: if you really want to make an impression, go with linen resume paper.

Why Is Resume Format So Important

As any good Interview Guys student will tell you, a resume is a document used by job seekers to quickly and easily let a hiring manager know what skills they have, what their work history is, and any accomplishments they might have.

Seems simple, right?

Well, it is, but only if you know what youre doing. The tricky part of writing your own resume is its a deceptive document.

No, not deceptive as in you use it to lie to an employer about what you can do , but deceptive in that it seems like it should be really easy to write.

Trust me, its much easier to write a bad resume than a good oneand there are a LOT of bad ones out there, which, believe it or not, is a good thing.

Wait. Its good that there are bad resumes out there? That doesnt make any sense!

Yes, and the reason is, when a recruiter or hiring manager has to slog through a mountain of bad resumes, seeing a good resume is like a breath of fresh air. It stands out!

And if you follow our guide, that breath of fresh air resume is going to be yours!

But first, we need to figure out what type of resume format you need.

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What Paper Should You Use For A Resume

The first item to consider when selecting paper for your resume is the material. Some of the options you can choose include:

  • Linen. This paper has a nice texture with a natural thickness that could help your resume stand out. Cotton paper usually has a linen texture.

  • Granite. With darker speckles distributed throughout, this paper looks unique while maintaining a professional appearance. Most granite paper is made largely from recycled materials, making it an eco-friendly choice.

  • Cotton. Cotton is the classic option because it presents as crisp and formal. The percentage of cotton in the paper makes a difference in the feel, durability and texture of the paper. The higher the percentage, the better quality and more noticeable your resume paper.

  • Parchment. Diplomas and certifications usually use parchment paper, so use this option for an official appearance. Similar to linen, parchment has some texture to it, but it’s not as noticeable.

A Quick Lesson In Color Theory

Is having a resume with color/design ok if you are not a ...

Before choosing colors for your resume, you must understand the fundamentals of color theory.

What makes some resumes stand out while others are largely ignored?


Recruiters are only human, and their brains perceive color the same way we do.

So, if you apply the right design principles and use color creatively, you can lead their eyes toward what matters. Youll enhance their interest in your profile and help them hire you.

Here are five color theory principles to apply in your resume:

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Here Are 10 Ideas For How To Use Color Effectively:

  • Use it consistently on all Web sites where you can customize the look .
  • Apply it to your Web site, blog or video blog, if you have one.
  • Use your brand color as the background for your head shot or avatar.
  • Add a stripe of color below your name and contact details on your resume.
  • Use a colored envelope to send your cover letter and resume.
  • Buy colored stationery to use for thank-you notes.
  • Wear it. If you have a signature color, incorporate it into every outfit.
  • Use it in your video bio either as a background color and/or for the intro/outro.
  • Use it on items you will bring to an interview .
  • Include it in your e-mail signature.
  • Design Elements Catch The Readers Attention

    Give your resume a creative touch and add something other than text. Graphs, charts, quotes, and text boxes work well on resume, subtly drawing the readers eye to the most essential elements on the page. You may want to use a graph to show a progressive track record in sales or profitability, add a testimonial from the previous employer, or to indicate the skill level graphically. Since these elements are unique to you, they will help your resume to get noticed.

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    What Paper Weight Should My Resume Have

    Typical copy paper is 20 pounds per ream, or per 500 pages of paper. Instead of using the standard weight, opt for 24 or 32-pound paper. 24-pound paper is more formal than 20-pound paper. It’s also cost-effective and budget-friendly, and can usually go through a home printer easily. 32-pound resume paper is heavier and opaque, and it’s less likely to tear. It’s usually more expensive than 24-pound paper, and many home printers may have trouble running this paper through. If you use 32-pound paper for your resume, consider printing it at an office supply store that has a commercial printer.

    How Long Should A Resume Be

    Top 5 Premium InDesign Resume Templates

    No matter which of the three formats you decide to go with, it should fit neatly onto one single sided page without crowding.

    Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule, and in some cases , a slightly longer resume is acceptable.

    Anything longer than that and youve moved out of the world of resumes and into the world of CVs which are acceptable, but ONLY in VERY SPECIFIC CIRCUMSTANCES.

    Keep in mind this isnt your autobiography!

    This is meant to give a hiring manager just enough information about you that they feel compelled to call you in and meet you face to face!

    To put it bluntly, the average hiring manager spends initially between 10-20 seconds on each resume which means you have 10-20 seconds to catch their eye. The last thing you want to do is give them something thats messy, confusing, or unorganized.

    Rather than spend an additional 10 seconds trying to figure out your resume, most hiring manager will just throw it awayand we dont want that!

    Ok, so what about fonts, margins, paper, etc?

    Lets start with fonts.

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    Should You Add Color To Your Resume

    by ResumeSpice Team | Oct 14, 2021 | Job Search Tips, Resume Writing

    Its not uncommon for job seekers to seek out tips and tricks to make their resume stand out. A question that applicants most often ask is, Should I add color to my resume?

    Some websites will tell you yes, that color is advisable. Then detail how to apply the pizzaz to your resume.

    Were here to tell you that color is usually not the answer, even in 2021. The team at ResumeSpice shares some of the top reasons why .

    Dj Press Kit + Colorful Resume Template

    Looking for the best resume color schemes for the entertainment industry? This new colorful CV template was created for DJs and anyone in that business.

    The resume template features a dark background and white typography. The alignment and colors used make this an attention-grabber resume. These are some of the best colors for resume 2021.

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    Best Resume Fonts To Use

    Choosing the right resume font can seem like an impossible task, especially as there are hundreds of choices available. Making sure your resume is readable is step number one.

    You want to make sure that a potential employer can easily read it regardless of if its printed out or on a computer screen. Speaking of computer screens, not everyone is on the same operating system which means a unique or quirky font on your screen might show up as code or nonsense on someone elses.

    And nobodys hiring nonsense.

    Your resume is a professional representation of who you are, and as such, should look professional.

    Many companies these days use an automated applicant tracking software to first pre-qualify candidates and the last thing you want to do is get sorted to the bottom of the pile, or worse, rejected, because the computer program didnt recognize your font or had difficulty reading it.

    Sans Serifs fonts are fonts which are clean, crisp, sleek, and most importantly, scanner-friendly! Theyre also eyeball-friendly which means a hiring manager reading it wont have any issues trying to figure out what theyre looking at or run into eye-strain.

    Stick to fonts like Arial, Verdana, Trebuchet MS, Century Gothic, Gill Sans MT , Lucida Sans and Tahoma.

    Of course, over here at The Interview Guys, well confess that were partial to Helvetica. Its a flawless blend of style and clarity.

    Try to stay between 10.5 and 12 points. Any smaller and its hard to read.

    Whats The Best Resume Paper Size

    Resume with Color

    One of the last things to consider when buying resume paper is the size of the page.

    However, theres actually nothing to consider: the standard 8.5 x 11 inches is the only acceptable resume paper size.

    The only exception is if youre printing an academic CV hard copy, in which case you should use A4 printing paper. Learn more about the differences between a CV vs resume with our detailed breakdown.

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    Combine With Black And White

    Claudia Argueta’s resume

    Another page from Claudia Argueta’s resume

    Make your life easier when working with color by assigning roles to each color in your palette early on. As a rule of thumb, start out by making one color dominant, one secondary, and one an accent. Make things easier by using black and white as a base and adding in a third color.

    When it comes to designing your resume, use white as the background, black for text, and the remaining color as an accent. If youre not sure what this may look like check out Claudia Arguetas beautiful resume above.

    Special Circumstances Can Warrant It

    Finlays research suggests some good news for job seekers who are willing to accept lower-level positions but are concerned about being perceived as overqualified. We may be entering an era in which being overqualified is no longer a liability, he says. A generation ago, a college degree became a requirement for jobs that previously required only a high school diploma. Now, we are seeing evidence of people with JDs and MBAs being hired for jobs that previously would have gone to people with undergraduate degrees.

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    I Tested Those Viral Lashify Eyelashesand I Have *thoughts*

    Not to be dramatic, but you need to see these before-and-after pics.

    So if youre anything like me and you want to know if Lashify is really worth your money, my tried-and-tested review goes out to you. Below, answers to your biggest questions, some before-and-after photos of yours truly, and more advice than you could ever need on how to apply Lashify on your own. What is Lashify?

    • Pros
    • Cons

    Avoiding Color Is More Professional

    Best Resume Format | Tips for writing an AWESOME Resume | ATS Resume Format

    Adding a touch of personality to a resume can be accomplished, but using purple or red text isnt the way to achieve it. We recommend letting your accomplishments and your achievements section demonstrate what you bring to the table.

    Those sections can help communicate your values, passions, and personality. Employers know this, which is why they look to that section to get a better idea of who you are.

    Instead of using color, draw attention to your resumes contents in other ways. For example, bold your headings. You can also capitalize your headings to make the information stand out even more:

    Also, dont underestimate the power of words. Use powerful action verbs to call attention to your accomplishments and achievements. For example, instead of saying, Gave the assistance needed to roll out new benefit plans to employees in one day without disruption, you could say, Enabled accurate day-one delivery of new benefit plans to employees without disruption. These strategies, used judiciously, are much more effective than adding colors.

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