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What To Put On Your Cover Letter For Resume

What Is The Purpose Of A Cover Letter For A Cv

How to Write a Cover Letter

A lot of people dont bother sending a cover letter because they believe a CV is sufficient. Others regurgitate their CV, rendering the letter redundant. A well-written cover letter highlights your skills and experience and expands on your CV rather than duplicating it. In general, 3-5 paragraphs on a single A4 page is long enough for a cover letter.

Now, lets look at two cover letter samples one is for a typical job, the other is for an internship.

Why Is A Cover Letter Important

A cover letter is more than just a personal introduction. It’s a means of showing more value to the company and explaining how well you fit in with the organization. A cover letter acts as a first impression and gives you a chance to stand out as a strong candidate. It also makes a great place to further explain some of your skills and experience or share a story in which you utilized them.

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How To Mention Relocation On Your Resume And Cover Letter

ZipJob Team

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The search for a new job can be an emotional roller-coaster for job seekers. While it can be exciting to move on to the next stage of your life and career, there are often unexpected challenges and anxieties. Thatâs especially true when youâre planning to relocate and land a new job at the same time!

The good news is that being from another state doesnât need to put you at a disadvantage in a long distance job search. You just need to mention relocation on your resume in a way that helps you compete with local candidates seeking the same job. Here are some of the best strategies to help you manage any out-of-state job search, and minimize the concerns employers may have about dealing with relocation issues.

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Tips For The Perfect Cover Letter

With employers often receiving lots of applications for each vacancy, you need to ensure that your cover letter makes a lasting impression for the right reasons. Here are some tips to increase your chances of success:

  • Tailor to the organisation – You should rewrite your cover letter every time you apply for a position in order to target the company. Sending out a generic letter for all applications rarely yields positive results and recruiters can spot your lack of time and effort from a mile away.
  • Format – Presentation is important so you’ll need to format your cover letter properly. Make sure the document is as uncluttered as possible, use the same font and size as you use in your CV and if you’re sending it through the post or handing it in use good quality plain white paper to print it on.
  • Identify your USPs – They’re your unique selling points. Be positive about what you have to offer and clearly outline how your skills and experience meet those requested in the job description. Demonstrate why you’re the perfect candidate.
  • Include examples – Back up the claims in your cover letter with real evidence or examples that show how and when you’ve used your skills and experience.

To make sure you dont trip up read about the 5 things to avoid when writing a cover letter.

Make The Most Of Cover Letter Bullet Points

Cover Letter or Resume First Inspirational 8 Cover Letter ...

The cover letter bullet point is an incredibly powerful literary device in any piece of persuasive sales text. When you are selling your achievements to a potential employer , there is no better way to bring across the quantifiable aspects of your application when considering how to write a cover letter.

When a hiring manager sees bullet points on a cover letter, they expect to read impressive numbers and percentages. It might arguably be the part of the letter that sticks in their mind the longest. Here are some examples from varying roles:

  • On shelf availability averaged 99.2% and shrinkage kept under 0.5% .
  • Lead analyst on $850m M& A of US/Saudi natural resources acquisition.
  • Annual sales uplift of 120%, driven by a + 50% customer increase and +30% ATV.

After reading your bullet points, the employer should be nodding inwardly and imagining what you might be able to achieve with them.

Quantify with numbers and offer a context

There is nothing more impactful than backing up your claims with quantifiable data and numbers, but there is another important consideration here. When you are sharing numbers, it is crucial to give some context in terms of percentage growth or industry comparisons.

$1.2m might sound impressive to one company but paltry to another. Share the numbers but offer a context where possible. On an obvious note, only share where you made a material difference to the result.

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Cover Letter No Experience But Willing To Learn

Writing about your willingness to learn is always a great idea when writing a cover letter with no experience. It generally works better for entry-level positions where hiring managers are accustomed to teaching motivated beginners. However, if applying to a more serious role, you may want to consider offering clear examples of times when you proved your ability to learn quickly and on the job. Youll need to prove your value over candidates who already have some experience by highlighting personality traits that make you stand out.

Heres a cover letter template that allows you to mention your willingness to learn:

Cover Letter Sample For A Resume

The Balance / Alex Dos Diaz

Do you need to write a cover letter for a job? You may feel as though the document is unnecessary since you are already providing a resume with plenty of information.

Not so! A cover letter serves an important purpose: it presents the case for why you should be hired and distinguishes you from other candidates. Your cover letter is where you can show your passion for the position and the company, and highlight your most relevant qualifications. A well-written cover letter will supplement your resume by focusing on why you’re a well-qualified candidate for the job.

Many employers require cover letters as part of the job application process. However, even when an employer does not explicitly ask for a cover letter, you should send one. A Robert Half survey reports that 58% of employers prefer to receive a cover letter and find them to be valuable.

A strong cover letter can make your application stand out from the crowd.

Review these tips for writing and sending a cover letter. Then, use the cover letter sample below as a guide for when you write your own cover letter.

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Be Sure To Include A Subject In The Email Message

The subject line is one of the most important parts of the email messages you send to apply for jobs. If you don’t include one, your message may not even get opened.

Your email message must include a subject line, and it should explain to the reader who you are and what job you are applying for. Be specific, so the recipient knows what he or she is receiving. Employers often hire for many positions at the same time, so include both your name and the job title.

Add a subject to the email message before you start writing it. That way, you won’t forget to include it afterward.

Here’s what to write:

Subject: Your Name – Job Title

If the employer requests additional information, like a job ID number, be sure to include that too.

Dont Apologize For Your Missing Experience

How To Write a Cover Letter: Top 3 Tips, Format & Examples | Indeed Career Tips

When you dont meet all of the job requirements, its tempting to use lines like, Despite my limited experience as a manager or While I may not have direct experience in marketing But why apologize? Instead of drawing attention to your weaknesses, emphasize the strengths and transferable skills you do have.

Heres what that might look like: Im excited to translate my experience in to a position thats more .

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Follow With A Second Paragraph

Your second paragraph should be a brief overview of your background as is relevant to the position. Here, you should include key achievements, skills and specialties that make you particularly suited to perform well in the position. Focus on one or two and provide specific details about your success including measurable impacts you made.

Pay close attention to keywords listed in the job description and include those that you identify with in the body of your cover letter. You should only include information about your most recent one or two professional experiences.

Example:As the Director of Human Resources at Wes Morgan Philips, I was a key senior leader in the organization and was responsible for improving the efficiency and performance of the company’s 540 employees. Before that, I worked in human resources, equal employment opportunity and diversity for Jenkins Technology Solutions, Inc. At Jenkins Technology Solutions Inc., I developed an employee retention plan that involved the creation of a wellness program, an internal training program and a promotions selection process, which led to a 50% reduction in the overall employee turnover rate.

Your Name And Contact Information In A Header

The hiring manager needs to have your contact information. Without these details, they have no way of inviting you for an interview.

The most eye-catching way of adding your contact information to your cover letter is by creating a large cover letter header, which includes your name in the largest cover letter font. Heres an example of a clear, informative cover letter header:

Even if youve included your contact details on your resume, repeat them in your cover letter in case the hiring manager doesnt have your resume on hand when they decide youre the candidate they want to interview.

In 2021, adding your home address is unnecessary because recruiters contact candidates by either email or phone.

And dont be afraid to use a bit of color in your cover letter header it draws attention to your document.

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Cover Letter Format For An Email

  • Subject line Use a professional subject line that clearly states the position titles and your name.
  • Salutation Begin your cover letter email by politely addressing the hiring manager by name
  • The Intro paragraph Introduce yourself and express your interest in the position.
  • The Hard Sell paragraph Prove how qualified you are. Reference the job posting.
  • The Action paragraph Thank the hiring manager and express interest in an interview.
  • Sign-off Sincerely, is standard for cover letters, but Best wishes, Cordially, and Best regards are also acceptable for email cover letters.
  • Contact information Provide your contact information at the bottom of your email.
  • Theres no need to include the date or the hiring managers contact information.

    Heres an example of a cover letter in email form:

    Once youve properly formatted your cover letter, you should double-check for spelling and typos . Then send it off. Good luck on the job hunt!

    Throw In Numbers And Examples

    Writing Effective Cover Letters

    If you want to know how to write a cover letter that stands out, show how you’ve had a measurable impact on an organization. Did you bring in new clients, make a process more efficient, spearhead some campaigns? Provide specific numbers, percentages to show growth, or a range or estimate to quantify results.

    Offering examples can also help you illustrate what youve achieved or elaborate on the specifics. Show, dont tell, whenever possible when you describe what youve done and what you can bring to your next position.

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    Tips For Writing A Cover Letter

    Take care not to simply repeat your resume in your cover letter. Whereas a resume provides all the necessary information, such as your education, skills and work experience, a cover letter should provide some detail about your specific career story to demonstrate your unique personality and work style. A cover letter also gives you the opportunity to provide an employer with information that you could not add in your resume, such as gaps in your job history.

    Additional Advice For Job Searching

    During the coronavirus pandemic, there has been a huge shift toward remote work and working from home. While this means that there are more remote opportunities, many employers still plan to bring new hires into the office at some point.

    It should be obvious from the job description whether the position is remote, fully remote, or temporarily remote. If it isn’t, you need to get that clarification during the interview! When you’re not interviewing in person, it may be tempting to say you’re local when you aren’t.


    These lies have a way of coming out. For example, your new potential employer may need to mail you onboarding materials or notify you that you’re expected to be in the office next week. Always be upfront about where you’re located. Focus on the value you can add, regardless of your location.

    If you aren’t willing to relocate for this position, you need to be assured before getting hired that this position will remain remote indefinitely.

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    The Purpose Of A Cover Letter

    A common misconception is that a cover letter is simply a reiteration of the information on your resume. However, the structure and purpose of each document is different. While your resume is a polished summary of what youre offering, your cover letter is a professional letter that introduces your application and reasons for applying for the job, linking the relevant skills and experience on your resume to the job requirements and organisation.

    An effective cover letter demonstrates to a potential employer:

    1. A strong interest in the role and the organisation

    Employers want to hire candidates who are genuinely interested in their job, not just any job. Do your research and explain why the organisation appeals to you.

    2. How you meet the selection criteria

    Focus on the skills and attributes the employer has mentioned in the job advertisement. In your responses to selection criteria, offer short examples of how you have developed or utilised your skills for a positive outcome.

    3. Excellent written communication skills

    A cover letter should be written using professional language and structured paragraphs. Proofread your letter for spelling and grammatical errors.

    Hot Tip: Don’t Use One Generic Cover Letter For All Your Applications

    How to Write the Perfect Resume Cover Letter

    Once you have taken the time to write your first cover letter, it might be tempting to recycle its use for all future job applications – don’t do it!

    While you might save time in the short term, having a tailored cover letter vs a generic one might be the difference between getting your dream job or losing it because of your oversight.

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    How To Mention Relocation On A Cover Letter

    The cover letter is where you would discuss your relocation in more detail. Take a look at the example below for more tips. You’ll see that this type of statement would typically be placed near the end of your cover letter. That allows you to focus the main body of the letter on your potential employer’s needs. It also enables you to establish yourself as the best candidate before the issue of relocation is mentioned.

    I hope to have the opportunity to meet with you to discuss my qualifications and your companyâs needs at your earliest convenience. While my family currently lives in Minneapolis, we are already in the process of moving to to provide better educational opportunities for our children. I am confident that the timing of the move can be beneficial for your company as well, and believe that there is much that I can contribute to its success.

    I am prepared to travel to meet with you for an interview at any time â at my own expense, of course. Our move is already underway, so travel and/or relocation costs are not a concern. Thank you again for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Review Examples And Templates

    For help writing your cover letter, read samples like the one below, as well as cover letter templates. Remember to tailor any example or template to fit your own experiences and the job for which you are applying.

    Want more tips? Review the top 10 cover letter writing tips for more details on how to craft a successful cover letter. Its smart to familiarize yourself with what it takes to write an effective cover letter before you get started writing. That way, you can spend less time on editing and more time on getting it right from the start.

    You can also use a cover letter sample, like the one below, for inspiration.

    Be sure to tailor any samples you use to match your own background and the job for which you are applying.

    As a reminder, always rework your cover letter to fit each specific position that you apply for. In addition to tweaking the content, dont forget to update the salutation, the job title, and the company name.

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    Its A Relevant Question For People Searching For A New Jobbut The Answer Isnt So Simple

    With a growing number of companies requiring employees to be vaccinated, it might make sense to put your status on your résumé. It also feels like sharing personal information thats not yet needed. When do you share your status with a potential employer?

    The sooner the better, finds a survey of 1,250 hiring managers by ResumeBuilder. Nearly two-thirds of companies are mandating COVID-19 vaccines for employees and a third of hiring managers would automatically eliminate résumés that dont include vaccine status.

    Employers dont seem to be requesting candidates put this information on résumés, says Carolyn Kleiman, career coaching counselor and professional résumé writer for ResumeBuilder. But if Im an active job seeker whos fully vaccinated and I am applying for a job where I know the employer has mandated vaccines for employees, I would be more apt to put Fully vaccinated against COVID-19 on my résumé. If an employer is using that keyword as a screening tool, it could help me get my résumé read a little bit further.


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