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What Are Good Extracurricular Activities To Put On A Resume

List Of Hobbies And Interests To Put On A Resume Or Cv

How Co-curricular Activities boost your resume II Resume Building

Should you put hobbies on resumes? This guide will show you a top 10 list of hobbies & interests to put on a resume and how to add them to your resume right.

Adding a list of hobbies and interests to a resume

not a good idea, right?

Some say: If youre bored, youre boring.

A well-written hobbies and interests section will prove youre not a couch potato flicking through endless satellite TV channels in your spare time.

So if you think listing pastimes and passions on a resume is a waste of time , in a moment you will see why this resume section is not the one to cut.

In this guide:

  • Should you put hobbies on resumes? What about a list of interests for resumes?
  • How to add a list of hobbies and interests to a resume to grab the recruiters attention.
  • A top 10 list of hobbies and interests to include in a resume for that extra oomph.

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Highlight Them In Your Work Experience Section

If your extracurricular activities are extremely relevant to the type of work youre aiming for, consider using them as examples of work experience on your resume. For instance, if you volunteered a lot in college and are writing a social work resume, outline that experience in your experience section.

Heres what that might look like on your resume :

When Should You List Extracurricular Activities On A Resume

It can be difficult to communicate your qualifications for an entry-level position when you are first entering the workforce. A good way to supplement a lack of experience is by mentioning your involvement in extracurricular activities that highlight some of your best qualities and provide relevant, transferable skills. Though incorporating extracurricular activities is most useful for those who lack professional experience, it can be a powerful addition to any resume.


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Put Them In An Achievement Section

If the extracurricular activity you want to include on your resume involves a specific accomplishment or set of achievements, create an achievement section.

Depending on how relevant those accomplishments are to the job you want, you can place this section anywhere on your resume. However, we recommend placing this section at the bottom, to act as a nice final selling point of you as a candidate.

Whatever Youre Passionate About

Extra Curricular Activities Examples for Resume Elegant ...

The most important thing about college clubs is to do what you love, even if it doesnt relate to your career. Education is the most important part of college, but its also supposed to be the best time of your life, so you deserve to have some fun! Do what makes you happy, and youll be motivated to do well in your studies too.

At the end of the day, Gist says that joining an organization youre interested in is more important than what you think will look good on a resume. Sometimes campus activities are a great way to figure out what you want to do, she saysor even what you dont want to do.

Ultimately, dont be afraid to try something outside of your comfort zone, meet people with different interests and do something you wouldnt normally doyou might find out that its actually what you love. And theres no doubt youll learn important skills along the way that will help you no matter what path you decide to pursue.

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Include Relevant And Appropriate Experiences

It’s important to be as specific as possible about your interests to avoid making it seem like you are simply filling your resume. For example, instead of simply listing “traveling” as an interest, you could say something like, “‘ve traveled to 10 countries.” This will pique an employer’s interest and likely start a conversation.

In addition to ensuring that the experiences you list are relevant, you should also make sure that they are appropriate. For example, you should avoid listing your involvement in political groups. However, religious and minority groups are an exception.

What Is Not An Extracurricular Activity

Examples: Playing video games at home alone or with friends does not count as an extracurricular activity. Starting a gaming club at school and organizing a gaming tournament for charity do count as an extracurricular activity.

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Best Extracurricular Activities On A Resume

Here are some examples of extracurricular activities that will be most effective on a resume:

  • Student government: Your involvement in student government will demonstrate that you likely have developed skills in people management, communication and leadership.

  • Clubs: If you are part of a club that is relevant to your field of study, it will emphasize your passion and interest in joining that industry. However, seemingly irrelevant clubs can still provide you with valuable skills that will be beneficial to mention.

  • Sports teams and creative ensembles: Being a part of a team, such as an athletic team or an ensemble, like drama, choir or band, requires talent or creativity, dedication and the ability to work well with others.

  • Volunteer activities: Aside from showcasing your humility and commitment to your community, volunteer activities also develop communication, management and leadership skills.

  • Professional societies or programs: Mentioning your membership in a professional society or program will demonstrate your ambition and interest in a specific industry.

  • Hobbies and interests: You can also include noteworthy or relevant hobbies to showcase a little bit of your personality. Just make sure that anything you add to your resume enhances your candidacy and highlights your ability to effectively fill the position.

Just Because You Joined 342 Clubs At School Doesnt Mean You Should List Them All On Your Resume

Extra Curricular Activities and Hobbies in your Resume/CV (Curriculum Vitae)|by BITDR

These are the extracurricular activities hiring managers like to see.

As a college student preparing for your first real job interview, you might be wondering about extracurricular activities for a resume? Do they have any place on there? Or should you leave them off? Or should you pick only a few? Lots of questions. The fact is, activities that range from intramural sports to the school paper to charity work have all helped you develop marketable transferable skills. You’ll be able to pull stories from these experiences to help demonstrate to employers what you can do.

We’ll show you how to list extracurricular activities on a resume and how to select the proper ones.

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What Are The Responsibilities Of A Dance Teacher


  • Ability to teach using various dance styles and methodologies from beginner to advanced level.
  • Develop dance curriculums and prepare lesson plans.
  • Ability to communicate with a diverse group of teachers and students.
  • Engage, encourage, and motivate students to reach their goals.

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Where To Put Extracurricular Activities On Your Resume

Even if you lack professional experience, you have likely taken part in extracurricular activities that have helped you develop valuable skills and qualities. When relevant and appropriate for the industry or position you are applying for, you can list these activities on your resume to emphasize your employability.

In this article, we discuss what extracurricular activities are, when and how you should include them on a resume, the best extracurricular activities to add to a resume and some examples.

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What Are The Skills Of A Dance Teacher

They have excellent communication, organization, and leadership skills, which enable them to manage a classroom, organize a curriculum, and convey difficult concepts to their students. Dance teachers who run their own studios are businesspeople as well as teachers, and must possess administrative and business skills.

Go Outside Of School Activities To Demonstrate True Passion

Sample Cv Extra Curricular Activities

Phyllis Miller, Miller Mosaic

âIn my book âHow To Succeed in High School and Prep For College,â I stress going outside of school activities to demonstrate true passion for the activities in which a student engages. It is one thing to take part in your school’s theatrical performances, it is another to demonstrate initiative by getting a summer internship with a local professional theatrical company.In addition, activities that show long-term commitment are preferable to a smorgasbord of activities only dipped into briefly. Students should choose one or two activities and demonstrate commitment to these throughout several years, rather than jumping to new activities each school year.And, of course, participating in activities that help others — and using social media to get additional people supporting these activities — can be very compelling.

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In Professional Experience Section

When you lack work or internship experience, it can be beneficial to list your extracurricular activities similarly.

Professional experience

Volunteer | Happy Tails Animal Rescue Center | Philadelphia, PAMay 2017 – September 2017

  • Assisted in the organization and running of a community fundraising event that had over 200 people in attendance. We were able to raise $2,000 over the course of just a few hours.

  • Provided routine maintenance and care for all animals living at the shelter, including cleaning cages, facilitating playtime and grooming

  • Developed a schedule and list of responsibilities to help guide all volunteers

Top Extracurricular Activities For A Resume

Many schools and colleges encourage their students to participate in extracurricular activities. These activities are not only enjoyable but they help you develop valuable skills and qualities like leadership skills. In fact, listing these activities on your resume can benefit you during your job search. In this article, we outline some good examples of extracurricular activities for a resume and discuss when and how to include them on a resume.

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Organize Your Extracurricular Activities Intentionally

The amount of space that you dedicate to extracurricular activities is dependent on the amount of experience you have in other areas. For example, if you have completed several internships, then you should focus on those opportunities and only include some of your more notable activities.

However, if you lack any work or internship experience, you will want to detail how your extracurricular activities have prepared you for the position you are applying for. In this situation, you should treat them like work experiences by adding a list of bullet points that detail the skills that you developed and your accomplishments.

When deciding on a format, your focus should be on creating a resume that looks and feels organized, clean and professional. If you do have some work or internship experience, you can place your extracurricular activities under your education or achievement section, depending on which is more relatable.

Education section

If an extracurricular activity was done through your school and has provided you with awards or certifications that are relevant to the position you are applying for, you can draw attention to them by listing them with your education information.

Achievement section

You can emphasize your achievements by describing your extracurricular activities in a way that is similar to how you would talk about your professional experience. Whenever possible, use action verbs and quantify all accomplishments.


Are Extracurriculars Important

High School Extracurricular Activities

While extracurriculars land on the middle rung of the importance ladder and cannot substitute for good grades and solid test scores, several studies indicate that students who participate in extracurriculars have better attendance, achieve higher SAT scores, and have higher GPAs than students who opt out of after-

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Run A School Newspaper

Caleb Backe, Maple Holisticsâ

The ideal hobby to take up in middle school or high school to impress colleges is running a school newspaper. Unlike other hobbies, such as a sport or debate club, working for or ideally running the school paper gives a student the opportunity to build valuable academic skills while demonstrating value in a number of areas.Not only is becoming editor of a paper prestigious, it helps build writing skills, promotes teamwork and leadership, and gives the student a platform to showcase content that displays writing ability and even valuable messaging. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Blogging / Video Production

If you maintain a personal blog, podcast, or YouTube channel, mentioning it on your resume is a great way to show-off your creativity, organizational skills, and technical skills. Blogging and vlogging are especially relevant to jobs in marketing or advertising. However, only mention these interests if your media is work appropriate.

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When To Add Extracurriculars To Your Resume

Next, consider the specific skills required to succeed in these extracurricular activities, and how they relate to the listed skill requirements in a job post. Some general skills most extracurricular activities teach are teamwork, organization, time management, and work ethic, which match many requirements of job listings. You can also focus on specific skills such as handling equipment, design, or performance, which may give you an advantage in jobs requiring these skills in applicants.

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How Do Dance Teachers Make Resumes

Extra Curricular Activities for Resume Activities Resume ...

Job Objective Seeking the position as a Dance Teacher in a school with the means to grow and where my teaching skills can be used to their fullest. Highlights of Qualifications: Hands-on experience and professional training in vocals and dance movement. Exceptional knowledge in choreography and instructional potential.

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Extracurricular Activities To Include On Your Resume

In addition to taking classes and studying for tests, many students choose to make time in their schedules for extracurricular activities. Most schools offer a variety of sports, clubs and organizations that students can join. If you participated in extracurricular activities in school, it may be beneficial for you to include them on your professional resume. In this article, we discuss when you should include these kinds of activities on your resume and which types of extracurriculars are the most beneficial.

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Icipate In Competitions That Give You Exposure To Industry Leaders

Zach Rinkins,

âThere are thousands of on and off campus competitions geared toward showcasing the best and brightest collegiate minds in the country. These contests cater to virtually all academic majors and interests. Nearly every professional organization has annual competitions. Awards, Honors & Prizes is the most comprehensive single directory of awards and their donors. Use this resource to explore more opportunities. Participating in these competitions gives you exposure to industry leaders, develops your credibility, demonstrates your competitive drive, and gives you an opportunity to size up your peers across the country.

Example Explaining A Role As A Lead Editor Of A University Newsletter

How To Showcase Your Extracurricular Activities? | skillActz | Personality Development Training

Here is an example of how to structure a description of an extracurricular lead editor role at a tertiary institution on your resume:

Lead editorHenkell University Newsletter, spring 2020âfall 2021Commissioned stories among a team of 12 article writers, led the layout of the newsletter, arranged and budgeted printing, and edited written content for publication.

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How To List Your Extracurriculars On A Resume

Regardless of where you choose to list your extracurriculars, you should generally include the name of the organization, your role within it , and the dates you participated. Particularly when you want to use your extracurriculars to demonstrate your skills and experiences, you should also include major responsibilities, accomplishments, or any awards won in the form of bullet points.

How would this look in practice? In your experience section or within a dedicated section, an extracurricular activity entry can be listed just like a job or internship. In this example, the person wants to demonstrate leadership and management skills as well as their ability to adapt to changing circumstances:

Vice President, Young Educators of America at Duke University | Fall 2019Spring 2020Chapter Secretary, Fall 2018Spring 2019Member, Fall 2016Spring 2018

  • Ran twice-weekly tutoring program with an average of 30 tutors and 80 local high school students, advertising program at three area schools, booking rooms, matching students with tutors for appropriate subjects ahead of time, overseeing sessions, managing conflicts, and collecting feedback on tutor performance
  • Pivoted program to operate entirely online during COVID-19 pandemic, adjusting tutoring practices for remote sessions and increasing session availability to help students struggling with remote learning

Member, Lehigh University Jazz Ensemble | 20172020

Consider Tutoring Younger Students

âI recommend that middle and high school students consider tutoring younger students in reading, mathematics, science, music, etc. This experience will be especially beneficial for future teachers, but many individuals enjoy tutoring as a way to give back to the community. Additionally, you could help out with a sports team for younger or physically challenged children. Such volunteer work will also prepare students to deal with a wide range of people in any future jobs.Visit residents of nursing homes and retirement homes. Many of these people are very lonely and appreciate visits by younger individuals.

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