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What’s The Best Objective To Put On A Resume

Resume Objective Examples And Writing Tips

How To Boost a Good Objective for Resume

Some job seekers choose to include a resume objective in their resumes. A resume objective states your career goals. It can be as simple as stating your desired job title, or it can show where you have been and where you hope to go in your career. When should you use an objective, and when can you exclude it from your resume?

Some people say that objectives are no longer necessary in a resumeat best, they are unnecessary, and at worst, they are outdated. However, a resume objective that focuses on your skills and abilities can actually enhance your resume by convincing employers that you know what you want to do and that you have the skills needed for the job.

Real Estate Career Objective Examples

Example 1:

An organized and passionate real estate player. Deals in sale and leasing of commercial and residential properties in Delhi-NCR. A significant contribution to the growth of the company in the last 4 years by increasing revenue to 10% year on year basis with recurrent sales and leasing properties to corporate giants.

Example 2:

Working with a reputed real estate firm and looking after customer base of over 100 clients. Preparing important sales and clientsâ related reports on a daily and monthly basis for senior management and playing an active role in developing customer retention strategy. Looking for a similar role with enhanced responsibilities with a reputed firm.

So, enhance your resume by adding a career objective to it.

You may also have a look at some useful resume keywords to grab the attention of the recruiters.

Media/journalist Career Objective Examples

Example 1:

Looking for a News Reporter position with a reputed media house where gathering and reporting information on several matters within strict deadlines are primary job responsibilities. Dedicated and energetic professional with 3 years of experience, open to working in a 24/7 environment.

Example 2:

A self-motivated copy editor with 8 years of experience in handling marketing materials, including website, brochures, press releases, magazine, etc. Areas of expertise include writing and proof-reading materials before final submission to the printing house.

Example 3:

A Mass Communication graduate with 2 years of full-time experience working as a journalist for a local daily newspaper and covering spontaneous and anticipated news for online and print media. Looking for a challenging role in a growth-conducive environment where hard work receives rewards and recognition.

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Textile/garment Professional Career Objective Examples

Example 1:

Creative fashion designer with an excellent understanding of fashion trends and techniques, manual designs, and CAD. Over 7 years of extensive experience in the fashion and textile business. Seeking a lucrative job role in a reputed fashion house where my designing and technical skills undergo a rigorous transformation.

Example 2:

A Merchandise Manager with 5 years of experience in handling multiple roles from purchasing quality fabrics and distribution to negotiating costs on garment manufacturerâs behalf. Looking for a similar job position with a reputed company where my adept knowledge about selecting quality print embroidery fabric brings praise-worthy results.

Sales Career Objective Examples

How To Make A Resume Career Objective

Example 1:

Sales professional with 4+ years experience in lead generation and lead qualification, proven customer service, and communication skills to effectively fill the Sales Associate role in your company.

Example 2:

Seeking the position of Regional Sales Manager where 5 years of sales experience can be put to use to identify sales opportunities through sales activation, people management, relationship development, and networking to improve sales bottom line and increase company revenue.

Example 3:

With 7 years of experience in sales and customer relationship management in national and international markets, I am desirous of utilizing best sales practices for ABC company with the role of Sales Manager.

Example 4:

Collaborative and result-oriented individual with an ability to generate high-quality leads and convert them into sales desires to work at MNC Inc. as a Business Development and Sales Executive.

Example 5:

Desirous of the position of Senior Sales Manager at ABC Ltd. where skills and expertise can be utilized to increase profitability and annual sales volume. Possess professional sales certifications, sales qualities, and superior communication skills.

Example 6:

Seeking the role of Sales Manager at XXX Inc. where five years of sales experience, team leadership, customer management, negotiation, and communication skills will be useful in developing effective client relationships and sales planning to drive revenue.

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Sales Representative Resume Objective

A results-driven sales representative with 5 years of experience in B2B sales and a proven track record of closing multi-million deals in healthcare and finance markets is eager to join the ABC company, adhering to its highest standards for personal and team excellence.

In this sales representative objective statement example, we know the applicant is knowledgeable in the field. Theyre not amateurand theyre looking to develop their skills by adhering to its highest standards for personal and team excellence. Its clear what they want to accomplish and get out of by taking on the job opening.

Architecture/interior Designing Career Objective Examples

Example 1:

Creative Interior Designer with 6 years of experience in Space Planning and Project Management is looking for a respectable position with a Real Estate firm. Hold expertise in AutoCAD for creating aesthetic quality residential and commercial designs within clientsâ budget.

Example 2:

Innovative and result-driven creative Designer with remarkable experience in designing AutoCAD floor plans, elevations, and ceiling plans is looking for similar roles and responsibilities in a challenging environment of the hospitality industry.

Example 3:

Registered and professional architect with over 10 years of experience of managing design and administrative elements. Skilled at crafting high-quality scaled drawings and hold proficiency in Adobe Photoshop, AutoCAD, and SketchUp. A good team player with an ability to multitask.

Example 4:

Seeking a position of Junior Architect to assist clients with the preparation and submission of construction and zoning documents. Possess hands-on experience in developing electronic drawing documents for large-scale residential and commercial projects.

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Examples Of Career Objectives For Resumes

  • An associate of retail that is hardworking , proficient in POS technology and inventory management .
  • As a Sales Associate at Chiller Outfitters , you wish to increase sales and boost customer loyalty .
  • Obtaining a management commendation for excellent customer communication while volunteering at Goodwill as a cashier and restocker.

Career Change Resume Objective Examples

How to Write a Resume Objective vs. Resume Summary Statement | 40 Professional Samples

Experienced and accomplished digital marketer with a track record of working with customers to understand and execute on their goals. Looking for a software engineering role where I can leverage my Python skills and ability to understand business objectives to build scaleable web apps.

As a teacher my best days happened when students were able to accomplish long-standing goals they set for themselves. I want to use my communication skills and my ability to quickly learn new concepts to deliver that same enlightening experience for prospects as a salesperson at SignRight.

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Adding Absolutely No Value

Mistake number five is probably the worstand the easiest to fall into Mistake number five is writing a statement that basically fills space but doesnt tell the hiring manager anything about the value you bring to the table. This can also be confused with the too vague statement

EXAMPLE: To obtain a position within my chosen field where I can utilize my skills as a hard-working, well-educated employee in exchange for a steady market-fair paycheck.

Congratulations. Youre educated and youre hard working and you want to make money. So what? So are 90% of the people youre going up against. Why are YOU the ideal candidate? What makes the hiring manager want to bring YOU in over everyone else? See what we mean?


How are you going to fulfill the needs of the company?

When writing your resume objective, you should always have the intention of answering this question.

Management Career Objective Examples

Example 1:

With a Management degree from AB University and an internship experience at a renowned MNC, I have developed solid leadership and management skills Seeking a management position to bring forth innovative ideas, analytical approach along with superior product knowledge and organizational abilities.

Example 2:

Result-oriented, intelligent, organized, and motivated individual is seeking an available management position with ABC company in an effort to utilize years of experience to fulfill the company’s strategic requirements.

Example 3:

Seeking a Managerial position with ABC company a highly motivated and organized individual who will use 6+ years of management experience and skilled leadership to maintain productivity and quality of service.

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Career Objectives For Career Change

If you have landed a job, but you are trying to transition into a different industry altogether, here is how you would craft your objective:

  • Begin with a strong trait.
  • Use your current job title to your advantage .
  • Describe your previous experience to enhance your skills.
  • Mention the companys name and the position you are looking to target.
  • Describe how your skills will translate to add value to their organisation .
  • Here is an example,

    Diligent customer support representative with over 3 years experience at high-volume call center. Seeking to leverage fast-paced work ethic with top-rated customer service to help DHL grow and meet future demand as the new delivery driver.

    Lets Check the Industry-Specific Career Objectives: Examples

    How To Write A Convincing Resume Objective

    Resume Objective Examples &  Writing Guide

    Resume objectives get a bad rep because theyre hard to write and even harder to write well. At their worst, theyre overly generic and say nothing new about the applicant. When done right, though, they can really help your resume stand out.

    The resume objective is structured in three main parts: Who you are What you offer to the company How youll help the company accomplish its goals.

    Doesnt sound too hard now, does it? To make this even easier, you can just follow our tried-and-tested resume objective template:

    Resume Objective Template

    . Looking to apply my at , to help .

    In practice, it looks something like this:

    CPA-certified forensic accountant with demonstrated experience in financial record examination. Looking to apply my 3 years of experience at Deloitte, to help the team of XYZ improve their activity-based accounting techniques in the role of a managerial accountant.

    If you follow the formatting, youre already 90% ready with your resume objective. Now, all you have to do is ensure that your resume objective is in sync with the following 5 pro tips, and were done!

    TIP 1: Make sure to tailor your resume objective to the specific position or organization you are applying to. After all, a vague Engineer looking for an Engineering job doesnt impress anyone.

    TIP 4: If you want to reach a career goal , make sure that its something related to the company youre applying to.


    Job Description:

    Bad Example

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    Here Is A Good Sample For Someone Who Is In The Middle Of A Career Change:

    This is a good example because it hits on everything we discussed above. Its specific. We know exactly who this person is , what company theyre applying to , both how they benefit the company and what value they bring and best of all, its short and to the point.

    In just a few words this individual has taken what might seem like a totally unrelated field and shown how the skills and experiences they have directly translate to the job theyre applying for. Brilliant!

    Use Relevant Qualifications Skills And Job Titles

    Do you have any relevant job titles, skills, or qualifications that are useful?

    Anything helpful that justifies how youre going to do your job properly should be mentioned. Include what you can on your resume with anything professionally relevant from the past.

    With your resume objective section, rather than only talking about what you hope to accomplish , you should outline the relevant skills youre confident in, and integrate it with how its going to help you achieve your goal through the new role youre applying for.

    If a skill is irrelevant to the job, skip out on it unless you can put it in a way that makes sense.

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    How To Write A Resume Objective For An Internship

    A resume objective for an internship is different from a traditional one in that it focuses more on your academic achievements. You can include your academic performance, projects, and skills you gained throughout your studies.

    Example: As a recent 4.0 GPA English Literature graduate, I hope to put my research skills to use and further improve my linguistic and literary knowledge. I am seeking an internship at XYZ library, where I can apply my knowledge and strong organizational and computer skills.

    Bpo/ites Career Objective Examples

    How to Write a Resume Summary – Plus 5 Strong Examples | Indeed Career Tips

    Example 1:

    Project Manager with 6 years of experience in handling multiple projects in the BFSI domain right from quality training to operations division. Possess a knack of applying analytical and problem-solving skills to meet clientsâ varied demands within strict deadlines. Ensures timely completion of identified goals.

    Example 2:

    Highly responsible Training Manager focused on developing and conducting unique training sessions for a better understanding of telecom companyâs products and processes. Handled team of 25 trainers and conducted various leadership and motivational training materials for organizing company-wide training workshops.

    Example 3:

    An accomplished Team Leader with 3 years of experience in designing and managing Customer Service strategies & ensuring timely resolution of customersâ queries. Helped call centers in retaining the existing customers & increasing revenues by X% with a remarkable FCR ratio.

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    How To Write A Resume Objective Statement

    A good resume objective should present you as the ideal candidate in every way. Before sending in your application, make sure your resume is relevant to the job and company. Also, remember to keep it concise and straight to the point. To achieve this, ensure that the resume objective ticks the following boxes.

  • Its relevant to the position

    Your objective statement should highlight your goals. For example, mentioning you want to own a restaurant when applying for a bartender position is not relevant. Instead, focus on the progress and goals you want to achieve within the company.

  • Its specific and concise

    You should be as specific as possible in your resume objective. Because it is the first thing a hiring manager will see, you need to make a good impression. The more specific it is, the better are your chances of getting invited for an interview.

  • Its value-driven

    While stating your career goals is essential, dont forget to highlight the value you can add to the company. Your resume objective should explain what makes you a good fit and what you can offer. To achieve this, tie your experience back to how the company could benefit from it.

  • It contains relevant keywords

    Like the rest of your resume, your objective statement should include keywords. This will help your resume pass the applicant tracking system and reach the hiring manager. It will also emphasize your expertise in the industry and the qualifications for the job.

  • How To Write A Great Resume Objective

    Consider your resume objective the introduction to your resume. Your resume objective may be the first thing your potential future employer ever reads about you, so you want to make sure its both powerful and to-the-point.

    Keep these items in mind when writing a resume objective statement:

    1. Keep it concise. In most cases, a recruiter or hiring manager is sifting through several resumes at a time to determine which applicants have the skills and experience necessary to move on to the next step in the hiring process. By making your resume objective short and strong, you will be more successful in holding their attention. Try removing filler words, such as a, the and like, to help keep the reader focused on the most important parts of your resume.

    2. Tailor it to the position. Instead of writing a general objective statement, adapt it specifically to the job youre applying for. Start by reading the job description and highlighting skills or requirements that align with your strongest attributes or experiences. When you include an objective thats specific to the job role, the recruiter is more likely to dig deeper and learn more details about your professional experience.

    3. Lead with your strongest attributes. Consider strengths that are not only relevant to the job role, but also attributes youre proud to share. For example, Organized and driven, Dedicated and experienced, Motivated team player or Accomplished leader.

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    Youre Making A New Career Change Or Youre New To The Job Market

    When youre breaking into a new job market and making a significant change in your career job position, a resume objective can help you stand out. Use it to your advantage by lining up your past skills to your professional goals clearly and easily for recruiters to understand.

    The right approach is to be specific, concise and to bring up your skills and intentions. How can you help the company close the gap between them and their goals?Are your intentions similar to their mission and values?

    Lets take a closer look.

    Imagine youre a social media marketer whos now looking to get into a sales-related role.

    Both of these roles are inversely proportionaltheyre indirectly related to each other. So, in this situation, you want to talk about how the skills youve developed as a social media marketer will help the company get closer to accomplishing its goals by having you as part of the sales team.

    Bring up your objectives, relevant qualifications, and previous achievements. All these details play a role in influencing what the prospective employer thinks about you.

    In the case of social media marketing into a sales role, heres an example of a generic resume objective example:

    Proven track record of successful case studies working with several in-house marketing teams. Now seeking to deliver a higher rate of sales figures.

    Take advantage of buzzwords toothese will trigger interest and spark curiosity in the reader.


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