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Administrative Assistant Resume Example

How To Write An Administrative Assistant Resume When You Have Limited Or No Experience

How To Make a Resume For an Administrative Assistant | Microsoft Word

The summary section above offers some guidance here. Use a summary to frame how your previous experience actually makes you a good candidate for an administrative assistant job. This framing will lead a recruiter to see your other experience as more relevant.

Also, try and find ways to demonstrate skills relevant to the position in past work and non-work experiences. For example, if youve managed a band, organized a fundraiser, or took a personal finance class, all of these can show youve got qualities that make for a great administrative assistant.

Overall, just be honest about your experience and why you think you can still do the job. Trying to pretend that youre something that youre not wont come across well. Lastly, administrative assistant roles cover a huge range of role types, so if you dont seem as well suited for one, try looking at a position at another company.

Choosing The Correct Cv Format And Resume Layout

If youve followed all the advice here, making sure your resume conveys the right skills and experience for an administrative assistant position, youre almost done. But there’s one more important step: choosing a resume format. The right CV format and resume template help you make a great first impression and offer a sample of your communication skills.

Example Of An Administrative Assistant Resume Sample

A sample of a perfect administrative assistant resume

Tania Williams

Profile summary

An administrative assistant with strong communication skills with 5+ years of experience in legal and construction excited to join LUCY LLC to become a key player in their dynamic work environment. In my previous position, being the main administrative assistant, managed schedules and travel plans for the CEO while overseeing the general administration functions


    Carried out the recruitment drive to hire 50+ new employees for all departments within 3 months

    Dealt with the attorneys and helped contract clients with the legal requirements

    Planned and managed an annual travel budget of $1 million for the executives

    Trained staff in the finance department for ERP entry of invoices

    Introduced an internal communication platform and managed the transition to reduce the email communication lead time by 25%

    Carried out monthly procurement of stationery for all store locations and managed an annual budget of $100,000

    Managed client inquiries and helped increase customer satisfaction by 15%

    Provided administrative support for the operational management in the finance and marketing departments

    Managed the client database and updated CRM weekly


Bachelorâs degree in HR management, 2014-2017Columbia University, NY

Diploma in Advanced Communication 2018-2019Institute of Communication Science, NY

    Public speaking

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The Structure Of The Administrative Assistant Resume

There are three main structures for writing your resume: they are the functional, reverse chronological, and hybrid. For an administrative assistant where the latest experience and expertise matter the most, we recommend the reverse chronological approach.

In reverse chronological order, we list down the most recent information first.

This structure gives hiring managers quick access to the latest information about you.

Sr Administrative Assistant Resume

20+ Free Administrative Assistant Resume Samples

Objective : Friendly and enthusiastic with 6 years of specialization in Administrative Assistance and Marketing. Able to learn new tasks quickly and proficient in growing key customer relationships. Represent establishment with friendly, professional demeanor at all times.

Skills : Microsoft Office, Excel And Power Point

Description :

  • Serves as the primary time keeper for a large organization, maintains records of time and attendance, and reconciles time and attendance reports and corrects discrepancies.
  • Prepares correspondence, reports and other documents in final format using correct punctuation, capitalization, spelling, grammar and style.
  • Maintained office files, records and logs showing the status of actions and correspondence.
  • Ensured that files include all required documents and that all documents are signed.
  • Performs files maintenance assuming responsibility for the accuracy of the filing develops and maintains electronic record keeping and tracking logs for calendars, correspondence, projects, etc.
  • Planned, coordinated and executed events – oversaw the planning and execution of logistics and operations for private meetings, conferences, and special events.
  • Oversaw building maintenance tasks on daily basis while monitoring the allotted area and communicating if any repairs are needed.

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Highlight Your Skills And Experience

When youre writing an administrative assistant resume example, employers will be looking for evidence of certain skills and experience. Be sure to highlight these key qualifications throughout your resume, including in your professional summary and skills section. Some skills and experience that employers will be looking for include:

  • Strong computer skills: As an administrative assistant, youll be expected to use a variety of computer programs on a daily basis. Be sure to highlight your proficiency in any relevant software, such as Microsoft Office or Google Suite.

  • Excellent written and verbal communication: Youll need to be able to communicate effectively both in writing and in person. Be sure to highlight any previous experience you have with writing emails, reports, or other business documents.

  • Great organizational skills: Administrative assistants are often tasked with keeping things organized, so its important to highlight your ability to stay organized even when things are hectic.

How To Properly List Your Education In An Administrative Assistant Resume

Use a consistent format when presenting your educational credentials.

Our recommendations are in the following bullet points:

    State your degree type and the major

Eg: Bachelorâs degree in human resource management

    Indicate the year of graduation and the year of commencement
    The university or institution and its location

Eg: Columbia University, NY

    Achievements, honors, or awards
    Explain what you learned, if relevant
    If your grade point average is above 3.0, you can also mention that

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How To Target Your Resume For Each Application

If it wasnt clear by now, probably the single most effective thing you can do for your administrative assistant resume is to target it to each job. Employers can tell when youre using a generic resume for every role, especially ones as varied as administrative assistants.

Sending that general resume sends a message that you dont care enough to do some research and spend the time. Considering how diligent administrative assistants need to be, thats not sending the right message.

On the other hand, if your resume has all the skills asked for, phrased just the way they are in the job ad, and an objective or summary that clearly states why youre ideal for this specific role youre sending the message that youre ready to excel in the role.

How To Write Your Resume With Examples

How To Quantify Your Resume As An Administrative Assistant

This step-by-step guide will teach you everything about writing an effective administrative assistant resume. With the help of our resume-writing tips and practical examples, youll be able to craft an interview-ready resume in no time.

1. Spruce up your Career Objective.

You can use two strategies for your resumes opening statement: the career objective or the summary statement. We recommend using the summary statement since its focus is on showing how a candidate can fulfill the employers specific needs for the role. On the other hand, the career objective is an appropriate strategy for entry-level professionals, career changers or individuals reentering the workforce.

Lets say you just got your associate degree, and youre looking for a full-time administrative assistant position. Your career objective should establish your goal in this role, contextualize the skills you developed through your education, and draw attention to relevant coursework or internships.

Compare the following poor example of a career objective with the good example further below.

Poor example:

Im seeking a full-time job as an administrative assistant, and Im very eager to work for your office. I believe that I would benefit from the fast-paced environment to polish my skills.

This failed career objective tells us nothing about the candidates skills and only focuses on what they can gain.

Good example:

Make the most of your summary statement by personalizing it with these writing tips:

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Skills For Administrative Assistant Resumes

Heres a resume skills list.

Dont copy it to your resume for administrative assistant jobs.

Employers can smell that from three blocks away.

Instead, pick the few skills in the job ad.

Why does the first of those administrative assistant resume samples work?

It doesnt say, Ive got administrative assistant skills.

It proves it.

Expert Hint: Send a cover letter. In it, show you understand the hiring managers needs. Shell read your resume for administrative assistant jobs with interest.

What Are The Main Skills Sought For In An Administrative Assistant Resume

The following are the relevant skills recruiters generally look for in an administrative assistant resume.

Soft Skills: Hard to measure

  • Verbal communication and phone etiquettes
  • Strong written communication skills with email etiquettes
  • Time management

Hard Skills and IT skills: Easy to measure

  • Fast and accurate typing
  • Calendar management
  • Basic technical skills such as setting up projectors, photocopying, scanning, and managing media files
  • Database management

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Add Contact Info To Your Resume

One element invariably included in all resumes examples for administrative assistant is a contact info section. In order to recruit you, employers and hiring managers will need to have your relevant and accurate contact details.

Thatâs clear. But how to include contact info in your administrative assistant resume? Here are a few handy tips:

  • Place it close to the top of the page.
  • Add a full name, phone number, and email address.
  • Make sure your email address looks professional.
  • Add your physical address.
  • Include relevant links
  • Carefully check the data for accuracy.

Include Action Verbs In Your Administrative Assistant Resume

Administrative Assistant Sample Resume

Theres nothing employers love more than an employee who delivers results. The best way to show that youre capable of getting work done is by highlighting accomplishments on your resume with strong action verbs.

Avoid using cliched phrases that hiring managers see all the time. For example, instead of being responsible for setting up meetings, you scheduled meetings and coordinated travel arrangements. By using action-oriented language, you show employers exactly what you can achieve.

Use some of these impactful action verbs on your administrative assistant resume:


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What Makes A Great Professional Summary

On average, a hiring manager is going to take about six seconds screening each resume before moving on. Its unlikely that, in those six seconds, they will be drawn to all the most important pieces of information in your resume. Enter a professional summary – a place for you to highlight those key pieces of information front and center so you don’t have to rely on a recruiter to tease them out. Here, Leet suggests creating a snapshot for the person reviewing your resume, a glimpse of what is to come, a guide that details what they can look for as they keep reading.

A professional summary is typically two to four lines, depending on your years of experience. If youve been a personal assistant for someone well-known in your industry for fifteen or more years, you should go for four lines. If you are new to the industry or just havent had experience in an executive office yet, youre looking for two or three lines. Most importantly, you want to accurately capture your capabilities and experiences in a concise way. To that end, each line should include four phrases, each separated by bullets.

If you have a third line in your professional summary, use this space to highlight achievements. Reference the content of your resume for verbs. Identify accomplishments others applying to this position may not have. Perhaps youve designed surveys, edited memos, produced reports, or organized events. Again, be sure that you can prove these experiences later on in your resume.

How To Make A Administrative Assistant Resume Examples In 2022

A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

Are you looking for a job as an administrative assistant? If yes, then you should start preparing your resume now. An administrative assistant resume example is essential to get hired.

An administrative assistant is responsible for managing the office operations. They are also responsible for handling the day-to-day activities of the company. The duties include organizing files, answering calls, scheduling meetings, etc.

A good administrative assistant resume example is important because it shows employers that you are organized and efficient. It also helps them see that you are capable of multitasking.

To assist you in creating a legal, receptional, or medical administrative assistant resume example, the WPS Office website provides you with a variety of free templates you can download to assist you in creating your resume. Find out how WPS Office can help you create an effective administrative assistant resume example?

Step by Step Guide to write and administrative assistant resume example

When it comes to applying for an administrative assistant position, your resume is key. This document is what will sell you to employers as the best candidate for the job, so its important to make sure its well-written and error-free.

To help you create a strong resume, weve put together a step-by-step guide on how to write an administrative assistant resume example that will land you the job you want.

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Key Sections For An Administrative Assistant Resume

A Tailored Resume Summary

In a competitive field like Administrative Assistant, hiring managers sometimes review hundreds of applications for a single position. Writing a resume that stands out is difficult, so solve that problem by including a compelling introduction for your resume. Begin your resume with a resume objective, which is a 2â3 sentence paragraph about your job-relevant skills and career goals.

Administrative Assistant with 4 years of experience in Email , HTML . Ability to work efficiently and effectively on a team to achieve departmental and organization goals. Proven ability to analyze and solve business issues. Also provided data analysis and reporting to senior management.

Administrative Assistant with 5 years of experience in Email, Customer Service, and Data Entry. Proven experience in managing complex projects, scheduling meetings, and working with customer service teams to resolve issues. Passionate about the arts and experience in running arts and culture events. Applying for a position in an organization involved in the arts.

Administrative assistant with more than 4 years of experience in presentations and word processing. Expertise in creating high-quality written work and presentations within tight deadlines. Capable of composing high-quality written work within tight deadlines. Skilled in planning, organizing, and prioritizing work.

Your Relevant Professional Experience

Administrative Assistant Resume Examples For 2022

How to Create an Administrative Assistant Resume

A business is only as valuable as the people who keep it organized. As an administrative assistant, you hold the keys to the castle.

You have exceptional organizational skills, can communicate with nearly anyone, and know how to handle multiple high-priority tasks simultaneously. How can you effectively build your resume with these skill sets in mind? That’s where we come in.

We’ve reviewed many administrative assistant resumes that have worked for people to land jobs at great companies and have learned what works and what doesn’t.

We’ve distilled those findings into five effective administrative assistant resume samples for all experience levels. We’ll also provide detailed tips for your resume objective and resume skills sections to help you land your next job in 2022.

Why this resume works

  • Your resume should demonstrate the impact you had in previous work through metrics. Numbers speak louder than words on your administrative assistant resume, so whenever you can, try to quantify the impact of your work experience .
  • If you include a resume objective, it should demonstrate a clear summary of your skills while also expressing what you’re seeking in your next role.
  • Build employer confidence by showing a clear progression of responsibilities and ownership over projects in your work experience bullet points.

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How To Write A Professional Administrative Assistant Summary

Your Professional Summary, also known as a Career Objective, is the first thing an employer will read on your resume. It is essentially an appetizer to get them ready for whats to come.

Since hiring managers are on a tight schedule and dont have a lot of time to spend looking at each resume, you need to make sure you draw them in within the first few words.

Your Professional Summary should give the reader a broad overview of your past work experience, your areas of specialty, and what you are looking for in a position moving forward.

Start your professional summary with your title, such as Senior Administrative Assistant, followed by your years of experience.

Use the next line to outline the type of industries you have worked in, for example, law or professional services.

Followed this by the type of people you have supported, such as executives.

For the third line, add what responsibilities you are most proficient with, making sure to include the key responsibilities that are in the job descriptions you are applying for.

Administrative Assistant Career Objectives:

4 Years of Experience

Administrative Assistant with 4 years working for a staffing & recruiting company. Extensive experience supporting sales, recruiting, and managerial personnel. Known by peers and supervisors for the ability to accommodate office visitors, schedule and facilitate meetings, and inventory and order office supplies.

10 Years of Experience

Showcase Your Work History

Your work history consists of your most recent jobs organized in reverse chronological order. You start with your current or most recent role and work your way backward.

Every work history entry needs to include the job title, name of workplace, location, and dates of employment. Follow each entry with three to four bullet points describing your most impressive tasks and accomplishments.

Lets compare these poor and good examples of a work history to better understand how to write this section correctly.

Poor example:

Administrative Assistant

  • Managed over 350 external contacts for the CEO and kept track of periodic communication records with VIP clients.
  • Produced more than 25 rigorous office files daily and created quarterly state of the company presentations for over 100 executive and staff members.
  • Monitored complex calendar management of 10 executives focusing on the proper allocation of executive availability.

This work history entry is much more comprehensive than the previous one. By including specific examples of job duties and backing them up with numbers, the work history accurately conveys the candidate is an efficient professional.

If you want to fortify your work history, even more, follow these tips:

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