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Resume Skills Employers Will Actually Read

How To Write A Resume With Little or No Work Experience – Resume Template

As you carefully craft a resume thats tailored for the specific role youre applying for, know that the way you report your skills for a job can determine how far you advance in the hiring process. If you want your resume to show you have what it takes to justify an interview, you need to show off your job skills.

The skills on your resume can differentiate you from the competition so you can land the position you want. And if a hiring panel does decide to offer you the job, your resume skills section can easily influence the salary figure they settle on.

So, where do you start? Click on the links below to skip to the resume writing tips that interest you most. Or start from the top and read through to the end for a comprehensive review of the job skills for a resume any professional should consider.

Include An Education Section

An will be especially valuable if you have limited work experience or if you are transferring to a new industry. You can include information such as:

  • Relevant coursework

  • Grade point average

  • Participation in clubs or organizations

  • Leadership positions held

  • Awards, achievements or certifications

When writing your education section, you should include the name of the institution, dates of attendance and your degree or area of study. If you are applying to mid- or higher-level positions, you might remove all but the name of your school and dates of attendance to make room for more relevant professional experience on your resume.

If you have certifications or licenses that are relevant to the job description, you can include them in this section as well. To save space, you can leave off any credentials that are not directly related to the requirements of this job.


Consider Including Volunteer Work Or Other Experience

Anything youve done thats not work experienceyour side gig, volunteer work, special projectscan be hosted under clearly-labeled sections . Depending on how robust your work experience is, these things may be worth including, particularly if theyve helped you level up your skill set or better align you with your dream job. Plus, they make you look that much more well-rounded, passionate, and hardworking.

If youre a recent grad, you might also build out a section for on-campus activities, such as clubs, organizations, or leadership experience. This can be a great supplement if youre lacking in the jobs department. You can frame these just as you would professional jobsincluding your title, the organizations name, and bullets describing what your role was and what you accomplished.

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Work Experience Description Example

This example is for a senior sales position. Use it as a guide when applying the steps outlined above to create an effective job description section on your resume:

Related Experience:

Sales Manager, Green Oaks Apartment Complex, San Antonio, TexasSeptember 2016Present

My role involves coordinating all sales representatives, developing sales strategies and making sure the organization meets its quarterly and annual sales goals.

  • Increased sales by an average of 12% each year by continually developing ways of reaching new potential customers

  • Reduced employee turnover by 23% by implementing new training techniques and creating a motivating bonus structure

Sales Representative, Green Oaks Apartment Complex, San Antonio, TexasJune 2009September 2016

My role was to conduct the sales process according to the organizations strategies and procedures. This implied advertising the properties that were up for sale, presenting them to potential customers and finalizing the sales process.

  • Reached 96% of quarterly sales targets throughout my employment with constant promotion and professional property presentations

  • Trained a total of 36 junior sales representatives, with 21 of them still currently employed by the organization

  • Boosted sales by 9% by editing and revising work procedures with management

As a junior sales representative, my role was to promote the residential project through all available channels, such as calling potential customers and advertising online.

Project Management Executive Professional Summary Example:

500+ Good Resume Examples That Get Jobs in 2021 (Free)

15+ years of initiating and delivering sustained results and effective change for Fortune 500 firms across a wide range of industries including enterprise software, digital marketing, advertising technology, e-commerce and government. Major experience lies in strategizing and leading cross-functional teams to bring about fundamental change and improvement in strategy, process, and profitability both as a leader and expert consultant.

Why this resume summary is good:

Project Manager is one of those job titles thats REALLY broad. You can find project managers earning $50K, and others earning $250K. The client I wrote this for was at the Director level, and had worked for some of the biggest and best tech companies in her city. So this resume profile section shows her level and experience, and the wide array of areas she has responsibility for in her current work. You can borrow or use some of the phrasing here to show that youve been responsible for many important areas in your past work.

By: Biron Clark, Founder of CareerSidekick.com.

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Career Or Industry Change:

Dedicated and experienced accounting professional with proven success managing finances for mid-size commercial organizations. Seeking an opportunity to use my decade of experience to serve the state government.

Accomplished leader in marketing communications seeking a new career path with a nonprofit organization. Looking for an opportunity to apply my passion for philanthropy and professional experience to drive positive change in my community.

Accomplished human resources professional seeking to leverage extensive knowledge of employee relations, business and positive communication in a customer-focused position that works directly with clients and ensures a positive experience.

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Whats The Best Resume Format

There is no such thing as the best resume format. The type of resume you choose should be based on your work history, work experience, skills, and qualifications. Here are examples of the formats you can use, and who should use them:

  • Chronological resumes best for mid-level professionals with consistent work history, or inexperienced job seekers who are able to swap out work experience with relevant coursework, volunteer work, or internships.
  • Functional resumes best for career changers, or people who have gaps in their work history.
  • Combination resumes best for experienced professionals who have a wide range of skills and qualifications for jobs in their industry.
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    How Do I Adjust These Resume Examples To My Needs

    When copying a resume sample for your job application, all you need to do is pay attention to the contact, work experience, and education details. If you have different skills than those included in the resume example, be sure to replace them and list your skills on your resume the right way. The more complex your job history is, the more you’ll need to adjust the resume sample. While you can keep most of the information from our ready resume examples, we encourage you to read our guide on all resume sections, so that you can be sure all parts of your resume have the right information presented in the right way.

    Resume Examples And Templates

    How to Write a Resume Summary – Plus 5 Strong Examples | Indeed Career Tips

    When it comes to writing a resume, one size does not fit all. The template you should use depends upon factors including your industry, your level of experience, and whether you are considering a career change. Reviewing these resume examples and templates will give you a better idea of which format would work most effectively for you.

    Here are resume templates to use as a starting point for creating your resume. Add your information to the template, then edit it to personalize it for each position you apply for.

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    How Do I Write A Resume That Works

    The first step is to develop a good resume objective.

    Your resume objective

    Each of the free resume samples provide examples of well written objectives and profile statements that you can individualize. A profile statement makes optimal use of the initial 20-30 seconds you have to persuade the reader to continue with your resume.

    The first few lines should capture the reader’s attention and make him or her want to learn more about you.

    Your objective or profile statement

    Your profile statement focuses on how you can meet a potential employer’s needs. Consider the requirements for the job and highlight how you can meet these.

    Find out what the key requirements are by reviewing relevant job postings, job descriptions and company information.

    Go here to find comprehensive Sample Job Descriptions that can help you.

    Your core information

    This is presented in a straightforward style that is easy to use and easy to read. The content of your resume should be organized in a focused, factual way that highlights your skills and strengths.

    A technical writing style that uses bullet points helps the reader to concentrate on important facts quickly and effortlessly.

    Your qualifications and education

    Make sure your qualification and education details support the credentials you presented in the profile statement. This is where you provide the evidence of what you can do.

    The length of your resume

    Your resume presentation

    Proofread and recheck so that there are absolutely no errors.

    Showcase Your Relevant Skills

    Writing a strong resume skills section will set you apart in your job search and increase your chances of landing an interview. However, if youre like most no-experience job-seekers, your technical skills may be limited.

    In this case, use your resume to highlight the soft skills youve acquired throughout your life. Soft skills are applicable for nearly any industry, and are valued by employers.

    Here are some examples of soft skills:

    • Critical thinking
    • Positive attitude
    • Assertiveness

    Additionally, listing foreign language skills on your resume is a great way to stand out from other applicants and fill out your skills section.

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    Curriculum Vitae Examples And Templates

    Curriculum vitae are structured much differently than standard resumes. The resumes submitted for most industries are qualifications-based they emphasize the skills one can bring to an employer. CVs, however, are more credential-based, providing detailed listings of ones education and training, publications, presentations, and professional memberships.

    Curriculum Vitae ExamplesCVs are used in the United States when applying for international, academic, medical, or research positions, and when seeking fellowships or grants. A curriculum vitae includes your name, contact information, education, skills, and experience. A CV also includes all research and teaching experience, publications, awards, grants and fellowships, and professional associations and licenses.

    Include Your Relevant Non

    Resume Examples &  Guides for Any Job [50+ Examples]

    Job hunting can feel like an uphill task when you dont have work experience. How are you supposed to write an entire one-page resume with no experience?

    Fortunately, many recruiters are looking for more than just formal work experience. Other things you can put on your resume to help you land work include relevant skills, life experiences , and your educational background. A combination of these elements can help you demonstrate how youre still an excellent fit for the job.

    While these experiences and skills arent tied to your work experience , they still help you demonstrate what you have to offer a company if hired. Some professional abilities you may have honed in your life include:

    • Managing or directing
    • Research

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    List Your Skills In A Separate Skills Section

    If you want to support your professional experience with skills that are required by or relevant to the employer, you could include a separate skills section that highlights keywords from the job description. If you have extensive professional experience, your job history section should be highlighted as the first thing employers see. You can list additional skills in a separate section at or near the bottom of your resume.

    Here is an example skills section for a payroll specialist:

    Relevant skills: Mastery of Quicken and Quickbooks, employee benefits administration, new hire onboarding, multistate payroll, employee relations.

    Why Are These The Best Resume Formats

    These three resume formats are some of the best options because theyre easy to read and the most likely to be processed through an ATS without critical errors.

    Recruiters often have to review many resumes for a single open role. They can read a resume in a standard format more easily and thoroughly because they know where to find the information theyre looking for. For example, if a role requires a specific skill, a recruiter will look for it in your skills section listed either above or below your work experience. They have a limited amount of time to spend reviewing each resume, so they may move on and assume you dont possess the qualification if it takes too long to find the right information.

    Also, most applicant tracking systems will perform a more accurate review of your resume if the format is simple, straightforward and follows a few basic rules. The three resume formats discussed in this article mostly adhere to these best practices, though some ATS may have difficulties scanning a functional resume, and can help ensure that your resume is successfully processed through an ATS review.

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    How To Start Writing A Cv Read The Job Offer Carefully

    In every official recruitment process, or at least the vast majority, the candidate is required to send a CV. Based on the information contained therein, the employer or HR specialist checks whether the candidate meets the specified requirements, and if so, the person is invited to an interview. After this stage of the recruitment process, a decision is taken to recruit the candidate. The sectors and jobs are different and therefore the requirements for candidates vary. Why do I mention this and why is it so important? I wanted to remind you that there is no single template, no single universal document, no CV template designed and adapted for all jobs. The CV is the answer to a specific job offer. Remember to adjust your CV to the chosen job offer.

    How to do that? Compare the required competences to your skills. If the requirements and your competences coincide, that means only one thing, you are the right person for the job. Use similar vocabulary, phrases from the job offer while writing your CV, it will make you well understood and appreciated as their perfect candidate. Your CV should be consistent. Your experience, skills and interests must be compatible with each other. What else can you do? Even if there is no direct request in the job offer, consider writing a cover letter. Attach a cover letter to your CV template (we have ready-to-use templates, general examples for selected positions.

    The Right Cv Format Professional Cv Template

    Resume Writing: 4 Tips on How to Write a Standout Resume | Indeed Career Tips

    Most CV templates can be divided into three main categories. Classic, modern and creative templates.

    Classic CV / Resume, this form of document will work in almost every industry. Simplicity, minimalism and clarity are the most important advantages of this type of documents. The classic CV will prove itself in technical professions and it is also a good choice for employees from the financial and insurance sector.

    Modern templates are a good choice for all those who want to show that they are up to date with new trends. A modern CV / Resume is an ideal choice for all IT professions . It is also a good option for managers, traders, analysts.

    Creative templates will prove effective for creative positions such as computer graphics, advertising and marketing specialist, designer, photographer, copywriter.

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    Startup And Finance Management Consultant Career Summary Example:

    Experienced strategist, entrepreneur and startup enthusiast with a passion for building businesses and challenging the status quo. 8+ year track-record of defining new business strategies, launching new ventures, and delivering operational impact, both as a co-founder and management consultant.

    Why this resume summary example is good:

    This summary was for a highly-talented management consultant looking to break out of finance, and into trendier tech companies like Uber. His track record and educational background were great, so the goal of this summary section was to stand out and show hes more than just the typical consultant with a finance background. So we emphasized his passion for startups, his ability to think outside the box and challenge the status quo. Thats something that companies like Uber and other disruptive tech companies look for.

    By: Biron Clark, Founder of CareerSidekick.com.

    Now you have 10 professional resume summary statements and explanations of why theyre effective. Next, Ill share tips for how to write your own in case youre still unsure how to begin based on these examples above.

    Begin With A Clear Resume Objective

    Starting your resume with a detailed resume objective helps you introduce yourself briefly to a hiring manager by telling them your career goals and why youre passionate about the position.

    In 24 sentences, your resume objective should:

    • state your skills
    • detail your education or training
    • identify the role youre applying for

    Additionally, the relevant experience can be something you accomplished at school or elsewhere in your life as long as it relates in some way to the job.

    When writing the objective for your first job resume, consider the companys needs. Dont just write about what you want from working there. Instead, show the hiring manager how your goals align with theirs.

    This is an example of a high school students resume objective for their first job:

    Resume for first job objective

    High school honors student with 2+ years of volunteer experience. Aiming to use acquired interpersonal and problem solving abilities to effectively fill your retail position at Cotton On. A quick learner looking to fulfill the company mission and grow in the role as fast as possible.

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