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How Do You Make A Resume With No Work Experience

Be Extra Attentive To Formatting

How to Make a Resume with No Work Experience in Microsoft Word (2020)

When you are using a functional or hybrid resume format, it may be immediately noticeable to employers that you have chosen against using the standard reverse-chronological format.

As such, you need to be extra careful with your formatting and design in order to ensure your resume looks clean and is easy to follow.

How To Add A Volunteer Or Extracurricular Experience

Informal jobs like babysitting, yard work or student tasks arent the only ways you can demonstrate formal work experience. Extracurricular activities such as volunteer work, social activism and after-school activities can demonstrate your responsibility and formal engagements.

Volunteer work

Lighting Technician, Monroe High School Drama ClubNew York City, NY 001232018 2019

A Good Resume Is A Consistent Resume

Consistency is important for creating an impressive resume. This means all similar items on the page need to be aligned and formatted the same way. For example, if you decide to write your dates out in long-form and italicized, they need to be long-form and in italics every place there is a date on your resume. If you decide to put your school name in bold, every school name needs to be in bold.

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Writing Samples Or Photos

Unless you are applying for a job as a journalist or at a publishing agency, there is no reason to submit a writing sample other than your cover letter and resume.

Additionally, submitting a photo of yourself can hinder your ability to get asked back for an interview or hired. Why?

For one, employers do not want to be accused of hiring you based on your looks. This can be seen as discriminatory and result in legal consequences for the company.

Also, a photo takes up real estate on your resume that you could use to highlight your relevant experience and expertise or even prevent your resume from getting past the applicant tracking system.

Resume With No Experience Examples

How to Write a Resume with No Experience &  Get the First Job

Writing a good resume for job is never easy, especially when itâs your first job and you have no experience to share. Yet, there is still a chance to make your no experience resume shine.

Later on, we will guide you through all steps, explain how to structure and format your document, and tell what hard skills and soft skills to include.

But before we tell you how to write a resume if you have no prior experience, letâs take a look at a sample resume to see what it should include.

Candidate Name

Job Title

Contact Info

Self-driven recent graduate with a degree in marketing, seeking to leverage proven leadership skills and thorough social media knowledge to facilitate marketing excellence at XYZ. Led the school council for two years and particularly succeeded in the social media marketing coursework.


  • key skills
  • additional sections

You should include these sections in the same order. And, if you are wondering how to fill out a resume, continue reading, and we will guide you through every step.

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Sell Your Skills Not Your Experience

Take a lesson from former Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson: Don’t make up experience you don’t have. Instead of being embarrassed by your empty resume, keep in mind that everyone starts somewhere.

“My mom reminded me that everyone starts somewhere,” says Navy wife Stephanie. Stephanie married her sailor straight out of high school. By 19, she was pregnant. “It made sense to stay home with him once he was born,” she said of her son. “When he started school, I needed to go to work. And I had nothing on my resume. No job ever.”

The good news is this: Stephanie is happily employed today at a Hampton Roads hotel. She works the front desk and is being tracked for management. “They hired me because I had all the skills they needed even if I had no experience,” she says.

What does a skill-based resume look like? has a very helpful example resume that lists skills in its own section near the top of the resume.

If you have fewer marketable skills than these, think in broader terms. You are probably proficient at various software products that would be useful in an office environment. Maybe you have strong social media skills, have taken on leadership roles in volunteer or extracurricular organizations, or perhaps you have great people skills.

No one expects you to have a professional history to match these when you are straight out of school, but they do expect you to tell them what skills you offer and how you have honed them.

Volunteer Work And Activities

Lastly, create a section for volunteer activities. This could be formal or informal volunteering, such as serving food at a local homeless shelter or helping your neighbor rake leaves. For each volunteer activity, include who you volunteered with, what your role was, the dates and hours you volunteered and a brief description.

Example of how to list volunteer work and activities in a resume:Coral Springs Soup Kitchen, Coral Springs, Florida 25 Hours Meal Prep and ServingPrepares, serves, and cleans up after meal service at a local homeless shelter on a bi-weekly basis.

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How To Write A Resume With No Work Experience In 2021

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Thrown into the job world with little to none work experience and no idea how to start a resume. We’re here to help.

With more and more people on the job hunt each year, entering the work force with minimal to no experience on your resume can be a daunting and frustrating task.

However, no need to worry, all is not lost for applicants lacking in relevant work experience.

We’ve all been there.

This guide is here to help you learn how to shift the focus of your resume onto your skills, unpaid experiences, and education in order to frame your lack of experience in a more appealing manner.

  • What Resume Format is Best for Someone with No Experience?
  • Adding Transferable Skills to Resume
  • Including Unpaid Experience on Resume
  • Listing Education on a Resume As a Student
  • Finally, Getting Jobs with a No-Experience Resume
  • Create A Clear Education Section

    How To Write A Resume With Little or No Work Experience – Resume Template

    Having a clear education section is essential for your resume, especially if youre a recent college graduate or have minimal work experience.

    If you lack professional experience but have a good track record in school , your education section should be highly detailed to highlight all of your education-related accomplishments.

    On the other hand, if you possess more than a few years of professional experience, then its appropriate to keep your education section short and sweet.

    Additionally, if youre a student or recent graduate, list your education section above the experience section of your resume. This way, you emphasize your most marketable qualifications at the top of the page.

    Here are the main points to include in a standard education section:

    • The names of your university, community college, or technical school
    • Location of the schools
    • Date of graduation
    • Degree
    • GPA

    Additionally, include relevant coursework on your resume if youre a recent graduate and dont have much work experience yet.

    Here are two examples demonstrating how to format your education section:

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    Write A Killer Cover Letter

    Every job application should include a cover letter. Every single one. Even a job application for a position in the checkout line at the grocery store can include a cover letter. Why? Because it is the only introduction you might have to your future employer.

    “I wrote a cover letter to get a job at Claire’s,” says Kathi, a Coast Guard wife living in Tampa who moved to be with her husband and had no local job connections. “No job experience, no connections. It was brutal,” she remembers.

    Kathi had worked seasonally at her local mall in high school, but because she was a varsity athlete, she did not have time to hold down a real job in addition to school. “I had a little experience, but my supervisors had all gotten new jobs and I didn’t have their contact info,” she says. “So I worked for a few weeks but had no references.”

    Kathi was worried that would mean she would have no one to speak on her behalf, so she took the opportunity to speak for herself. “I thought cover letters would be for bigger jobs, but my boss said she gets cover letters all the time. She said that it’s a good way to learn about someone.”

    Most employers share Kathi’s boss’s approach. A cover letter is a reasonable expectation from any recent graduate or someone who lacks the professional history a stand-out resume might have.

    Better yet: Do write your cover letter specifically for every position. The personalization comes through and shows you take the position seriously.

    Focus On Your Education And Skills

    In lieu of a work experience section, it’s best to expand and focus on an education section on your resume to highlight the skills you’ve developed. What can you do well that this job requires? What will be useful to the hiring company? What have you done in school and what have you studied that has prepared you for assuming this job? This is generally a little easier if you’re a college graduate with specialized education, but even a high school graduate can talk about their electives and relevant coursework, why they wanted to take them, and what they learned from the class.

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    Include A Summary Statement

    Resume objective statements, where you state exactly what career goals you wish to achieve, have mostly fallen out of fashion. This is largely because you want to focus on what you can do for the employer, not what the employer can do for you. A resume summary statement, on the other hand, sums up who you are professionally at the top of the page in a sentence or two and serves as the first impression you give a hiring manager to entice them to keep reading.

    Not Sure If You Have The Skills You Need To Land The Job You Want

    FREE What to Include in a Resume If You Lack Experience [ With Samples ]

    Try emphasizing your transferable skills, like critical thinking, problem solving, and teamwork. Or try taking some coursework in essential skills in your fieldâdata analysis, IT, UX design, and digital marketing skills are all in demand across many industries.

    You can also look out for entry-level jobs, which typically have fewer skill requirements than other jobs.

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    How To Format A Resume With No Work Experience

    While most employers seem to prefer resumes with the traditional chronological format, a functional format may be more appropriate if you have little or no work experience. The functional resume format differs from the chronological format by focusing on skills and achievements as opposed to a timeline of employment.

    Whether you choose a functional format or a hybrid format that blends a functional and chronological resume layout, the fonts you choose can help your resume stand out. Times New Roman is a common font for resumes, but you can also choose other fonts such as Calibri and Cambria. The key is to use a font that is familiar and works equally well in print and digitally.

    That said, creating a resume with no experience that gets the attention it deserves involves more than choosing a resume format and font. Using bold fonts, italics or underlining for your headings, like you see in many online articles, attracts attention to key points. Creating clear and descriptive headings to highlight sections of your resume helps potential employers find the information they need.

    Even how you save and title your resume can make or break your chances for that first interview. Instead of titling your resume as Joe Smith’s Resume, use a title relevant to the job, like Joe Smith/Produce Manager/Jones Grocery Store. Unless you are proficient with a word processing program’s formatting options, save your resume as a PDF it keeps your layout intact.

    Never Include These Certain Elements

    While there are many elements you should consider adding to your resume, there are a few things you should never include on your resume because they waste space, don’t tell the employer anything relevant, or could damage your personal brand. This list includes, but is not limited to great employment references, writing samples, and photos of yourself. Do not add this information to your resume unless an employer or recruiter asks you to provide them. In addition, make sure you’re not using an unprofessional email address. may have sounded great when you were younger, but it’s not the right message to send to prospective employers. It’s easy to create a free, professional-looking email address for your job-search activities with platforms like Gmail.

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    How To Make A Resume For Your First Job With No Experience

    Freshers and inexperienced professionals are often afraid of sending over their resumes to companies. Itâs also pretty common to experience imposter syndrome since you might not feel good enough.

    Itâs easier said than done. But, be confident in yourself and your ability to apply what youâve learned. Everyone starts somewhere.

    Plus, weâre here to help.

    There are 12 steps you need to follow to create a successful job resume and weâll go through each one carefully with examples included.

    1. Get The Resume Format Right

    In this scenario, the best resume format to use would be the skills-based resume.

    This type of resume focuses on your skills. Rather than making your employment history the main highlight as chronological resumes do, your knowledge and abilities come first.

    The combination resume wonât be as effective either because you wonât have any work experience to highlight. If you did use this format, you could end up highlighting your lack of experience instead.

    2. Complete The Resume Header

    This section only needs to be one line long. Any more than that is a waste of valuable space.

    All the employer needs to see here is your contact information. This includes some of your personal details such as:

    • Full name
    • Phone number
    • LinkedIn

    When applying for jobs in the creative industries, you can include website links to your portfolio too if you have any.

    Hereâs a resume header sample from Rezi:

    3. Use a Resume Summary Section

    Here are a few examples:

    Put Statements That Will Grab The Employers Interest And Make Them Want To Ask You Questions

    First Resume Tips: How to Make a Resume with No Work Experience | Indeed Career Tips

    If you mention leadership theyll want to ask you more about your leadership experiences. Thats a good thing.

    Remember, whatever you put, theyll probably ask you about.

    So as you write your summary for your resume, try to think about what you want them to discuss with you, and what you want a chance to talk about.

    And try to tailor your resume to fit the companies youre applying to. If youre applying to large corporations dont start your summary by saying Startup enthusiast.

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    The Best Summary When You Write A Resume With No Experience

    Everything that you write in a resume summary with no experience should be targeted towards the role, showcase your attitude in achieving your goals and offer a sample of your aptitude. After those first few introductory lines, the reader should be keen to join the dots of how your potential could translate into performance. Choose your adjectives and examples carefully and make sure that it aligns with the job description.

    A study from the National Association of Colleges and Employers shows: of the graduating seniors who received at least one job offer, 57.5% previously had an internship position.

    What does this mean? Applying for zero-experience level positions is the norm for many people who have successful careers later on. Dont be afraid to start from a point where you dont yet have workplace achievement. Write your no experience resume with the knowledge that its nothing to be ashamed of.

    Your summary should skew towards describing how your career objectives fit in with the role in question. Too many resume profiles with no experience are too general and if the employer feels that your resume is not written for them, they will be unlikely to read any further. Play the game in terms of choosing the information that will be digested first.

    Include Your Relevant Non

    Job hunting can feel like an uphill task when you dont have work experience. How are you supposed to write an entire one-page resume with no experience?

    Fortunately, many recruiters are looking for more than just formal work experience. Other things you can put on your resume to help you land work include relevant skills, life experiences , and your educational background. A combination of these elements can help you demonstrate how youre still an excellent fit for the job.

    While these experiences and skills arent tied to your work experience , they still help you demonstrate what you have to offer a company if hired. Some professional abilities you may have honed in your life include:

    • Managing or directing
    • Research

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    Customize Your Resume For Each Job You Apply To

    The last and most important thing to remember when creating a good resume is to customize it for every job to which you apply. Different job postings are going to have different keywords, different job duties listed, and so on. Appealing to each individual employer’s needs and job requirements is the best strategy for getting your application noticed and hopefully landing your first job.

    At the end of the day, there’s no magical formula for how to write a winning resume the only perfect resume is the one that gets you the job. Be prepared to tweak and update your resume, even when you’re comfortably employed. Utilize a hybrid resume format and focus on your skills and education when you don’t have any work experience to show. Sooner or later, you’ll land that job and gain that much-coveted experience.

    Tackling this kind of resume isn’t easy. If you’ve recently graduated or are in an entry-level job search, a professional resume writer can prepare you for success. Learn more.


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