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How To Attach Picture To Resume

Should I Include A Photo On My Resume In 2022

Insert Picture Into Resume in Word (1 MINUTE | 2020)

To include or not to include â that is the question.

A good resume is your golden ticket to your dream job. It is important to effectively present yourself and your experience on your one-page resume. One might ask — should I present myself with a photo on my resume or just text?

When you ask your peers or mentors, you are likely to get diverging opinions. The results are even more blurred when you seek help from Google.

The answer to this frequently asked question is that it depends â very similar to the GPA dilemma. Youâre probably tired of hearing this answer over and over again. However, when deciding whether to include your photo on your resume, it is especially important to consider the circumstance as it can make or break your chances of landing a position. In this guide, we will dive into the various scenarios when you should or should not include your profile photo on your resume and examples of good and bad profile photos.

When And Where To Display Your Professional Headshot

There are some jobs, such as acting or modeling roles, that call for a picture on your resumeand in those cases, you certainly should include one. There are also some places in the world where resume pictures are customary. If youre still on the fence, consider what a resume picture will add and what is best practice in your local job market before deciding.

If youre looking for a place to display your professional photo, a personal website or your are great places to do so.

Its true that recruiters and hiring managers will eventually come across your smiling face as you advance in the hiring process. But we still believe its best to keep your experience, skills, and achievements front and center when applying to jobs. As hiring practices are constantly evolving, well keep an eye on the resume picture trend and update you if the industry recommendation changes.

You can see how your resume stands up against applicant tracking systems and learn how to optimize your resume here or scan your resume against any job description below:

You Are Applying For An International Job

While it is not usually the best practice to include your photo in the United States, the international rules vary. In some countries, employers still expect you to add a photo of yourself to your resume. If you are applying for a job in Germany, Italy, or Spain, it is best to attach your professional photo.

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How Do I Upload Or Edit My Photo To My Resume

Most of the design templates on have the option to include or not include your professional photo. We are also pleased to announce our latest photo update, which allows users to add different photos to different templates in the same account. Prior to this, users could only add one photo, which would be used across all templates, but now you no longer need to choose!

Including A Photo On A Resume: Do’s And Don’ts

How to Attach a Resume to a LinkedIn Job Application

Many key pieces of information need to be included in your resume. However, there is some debate about whether or not a photo is appropriate for this document. Most experts indicate that a photo is unnecessary on a resume in the United States. In this article, we explore cases where a photo is and is not appropriate, provide helpful steps for adding a photo if you choose to do so and offer alternatives to putting a photo on your resume.

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When Is It Ok To Add A Picture To A Resume

Your resume’s main aim is to present an overview of you as a professional – your abilities, credentials, and experience – to assist employers in determining if you’re qualified for the position for which you’re seeking. Generally, your appearance has little influence on your ability to execute the job.

There are, however, a few rare circumstances where having a professional headshot on your resume may be suitable. These examples are often confined to resumes of actresses or models, for whom their appearance is perhaps their most valuable asset. In some instances, adding a headshot with a résumé is subject to additional regulations.

With that stated, whether an organization is recruiting salespeople, public relations professionals, or other large-scale public-facing professions, they want to ensure that the individuals they pick have a specific appearance: they want them to be beautiful, accessible, and trustworthy. When the position you’re looking for requires you to represent the firm via your appearance physically, employers are likely to appraise you based on how the public will see you.

If an employer cares about your look, attach a link to your LinkedIn page or website on your CV. You may also include your business card with your résumé. If you pick one of those paths, keep the following photography fundamentals in mind:

Wear a simple shirt.

Get your hair done

Wear natural makeup

Select the appropriate height


Hire A Professional Photographer

If you prefer, consider hiring a professional photographer. These skilled professionals understand the fundamental and advanced techniques of photography and can get you the picture that you desire. If it fits within your budget, it’s a perfectly viable alternative and is likely to get the best results. You can also ask a friend or family member to help you with your photoshoot to ensure you have a second opinion.

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You Could Be Discriminated Against

While your resume certainly will not include your religion, age, race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, disability status, or anything that could easily be discriminated against, the picture will say it all even before you get a call. Sure, discrimination is illegal. However, theres no way of knowing whether or not a potential employer rejected you for a discriminatory reason or some other genuine reason. In fact, many employers specifically ask applicants not to include a photo in their resume to avoid the possibility of such an accusation and potential lawsuits.

Faq: Should I Include A Photo On My Resume

How to Insert Photo in Resume and CV – 2018

When you’re looking for a job, it’s important to focus on making the best impression on the potential employers you meet. Your resume is typically the first impression an employer has of you as a professional candidate, so including a photo may be something you consider. Understanding the implications associated with including a photo on your resume can help you decide whether your appearance is relevant to your profession. In this article, we discuss when to include a photo on a resume and when to avoid it, explain how to present yourself professionally if you choose to include it, and provide tips for taking the perfect photo for your resume.

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Maybe Include A Resume Photo In Countries Not Listed In The Above Lists

I know what youre saying: OK, but my country isnt on either of the above lists!

Well, in many countries, the typical resume rules arent so black and white. Recruiters will be used to receiving resumes/CVs with or without resume photos, depending on the occupation in question.

When in doubt, to err on the safe side, we suggest not including a photo. And heres why

For one, if a company really wants to see your appearance as part of its screening process, then it will deliberately ask for a picture as part of your application.

Keep in mind that recruiters are also likely to search for you online either through Google or social media platforms. Therefore, they will probably catch a glimpse of you even if you dont include a resume photo hence why its important for any job seeker to keep a clean image online.

Check out our full guide to what you should include in a CV!

An Applicant Tracking System May Reject It

Many employers dont have the time to go through each resume individually, which is why they use Applicant Tracking Systems to do the job for them. Some of these applicant tracking systems and scanners may reject a resume because they dont understand the file or the format, making your resume illegible. Unfortunately, when that happens its more than likely that your resume will never reach the hands of a hiring manager.

If you are worried that your resume may not make it past the ATS, TopResume offers a free expert resume review. TopResume doesn’t just give you cliche feedback based on a computer formula. Instead, one of its real resume writing experts will look over your resume and give you personalized feedback within two business days.

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How To Insert Picture In Word Document

There are menu driven options from where one can easily insert pictures in a Word document. In this case, you can use the insert menu. After inserting the picture, you can manipulate the size of the image, the color or even the quality of the image.

  • Click on Insert> Picture:

  • Now, browse for the image file . Select the photo and click Insert.
  • The picture will appear on your page in Word, you can also adjust the size, image quality, color and add effects.

It Could Mess Up The Ats

My resume

If youve applied to jobs online in the past decade, you probably know your resume is likely to go through an applicant tracking system , a program that scans resumes for keywords and other important information and organizes it in a system used by recruiters and hiring managers. And you mightve heard that the software can get tripped up by images.

The algorithms absolutely hate any complex formatting, Godfred says, and anything from columns to, yes, a photo can render your resume unreadable. Not only do ATSs have trouble reading a photo, but the presence of images and other fancy formatting can also throw off how the system reads other, possibly crucial parts of your resume. Thats the number one reason not to do it.

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Should You Include A Picture On Your Resume Or Cv

You probably already know that every element of your resume or CV will be scrutinized by recruiters. That makes the decision to include a photo of yourself, or not, an important one.

Theres lots of confusion around resume/CV photos. For some, putting a headshot on a job application seems entirely foreign for others, its standard practice.

Much like your decision on whether to submit a resume versus a CV depends on the country in which you applying to work, resume photo customs vary from country to country.

Its important that job-seekers ready themselves for such cultural difference when applying for positions.

To help you eliminate the guesswork, were covering the globe, breaking down where you should and shouldnt use a resume/CV picture. .

  • United Kingdom
  • Ireland
  • United States

The reasons for not including a professional photo on your resume in these countries is simple: strict anti-discrimination and labour laws. Companies must be able to prove that their hiring processes are free from any profiling based on race, gender, age, appearance, etc. So, out of precaution, they prefer not to see candidate photos accompanying job applications.

Obviously there can be exceptions to this rule, such as the case of applying for modelling or acting jobs.

  • Austria
  • Asia
  • South America

How Can You Make Your Resume Stand Out With No Picture

You should never expect your resume to stand out because of a picture, no matter how beautiful you think you look.

If youre applying for a fair company, itll only get noticed for your skills, experience, and education, as well as for its professional and reader-friendly format.

By using an online resume builder, you can produce a flawless resume to match your knowledge and industry expertise in minutes.

Take advantage of expert guidance and a wide library of professional templates, some without a picture slot, and others where you can add a photo quickly.

Focus on getting all the important info that matches the job posts requirements in your resume without trying to impress with a picture.

Another professional way to convey how you look is to place a link to your LinkedIn profile on the resume.

Make sure you put it in the personal details of your resume so that the reader can pick it up right away .

Other ways of showing your photo include using a portfolio link. This is especially common if youre a model, dancer, actor, or actress. In these professions, using a photo is typically mandatory and required by recruiters.

In general, if a company asks for a picture, make sure to include one.

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What Is A Photo On A Resume

When employers request a photo on a resume, they are often looking for a professional headshot that highlights your work experience. Unless an employer asks specifically, candidates rarely need to include a headshot with their application materials. Omitting a resume headshot may allow extra space for you to provide details about your qualifications, skills and experience. Depending on the company to which you are applying, this information may be valuable.

However, including a picture on your resume may help you make a positive first impression on recruiters. If you are applying for a position in an industry like modelling or entertainment, an image may help a recruiter make important casting choices. Including a picture may also make your resume memorable to the hiring manager, which may help you get the job for which you are applying.

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Countries To Include Or Exclude A Resume Picture

How to Insert Photo in Your Resume || MS Word Tutorial

Also, you should keep in mind that in some countries its normal to add photos to resumes while in others its unacceptable.

In continental Europe, for instance, its a common practice to put photos on CVs, but in other parts of the world such as Australia, the US or the UK, the same practice is seen as highly inappropriate. So, even with the best of intentions, a photo can eventually work against you.

Heres a list of countries/continents of where you should and shouldnt include a photo in your resume:

Africa: yes


  • UK: no

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What Are The Best Cv Photo Editors Online

As you shouldn’t excessively edit the photo, practically any online editor offers the basic tools that we might need, like the crop function or adjusting the brightness and contrast.

Pixlr and Fotor are two editors which are very good and free that could come in handy. Maybe it doesn’t sound very professional, but the truth is that even Instagram can help you retouch your photo and get a good result.

Mention Your Professional Networking Profile

Professional networking profiles have a designated place for photos, so it’s appropriate to include a headshot there. Including the address for your networking profile on a resume has many benefits. This profile can provide a wealth of information that would be excessive in a standard resume, such as:

  • Your connections

  • Case studies, articles or PDFs that you’ve created

  • A more in-depth work history

These valuable inclusions give prospective employers several compelling reasons to look at your professional networking profile. Upon visiting your profile, they will also see your photo, which can help put a friendly face with the other details that you’ve provided.

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How To Paste Your Picture On A Resume

A resume photo is usually a 2×2 inch square or passport size and is pasted on the top part of your resume.

Its customary to place it in the upper corners, as it leaves plenty of room to include your contact information and profile.

However, these suggestions are not set in stone and in some modern resumes the picture can go center top and can be circular or other shapes instead of a square.

When choosing where to place your resume head shot, just keep in mind that it should be placed in the top third of your resume. Including it anywhere else might get your resume rejected by the ATS.

Also, resumes with pictures are usually submitted in color. Because of this, its a good idea to print a copy of your resume in order to verify that it will look good as a hard-copy version.

Choosing A Picture For Linkedin

How to Insert Photo in Resume in MS Word 2019

LinkedIn is a professional social media network. Almost everyone serious about their career is on there, as are recruiters and employers.

If you want to make the big bucks, you should be too. So if you dont already have a profile, go ahead and to create one its free.

Apart from listing your education, skills, experience, and employment history, LinkedIn lets you upload a professional picture of yourself.

Now, this is where your photo is critical, so ensure that its a clear professional head and shoulders image. Avoid full-length pictures, and definitely dont use an image from your wedding day, with your baby, pet, bestie, or partner.

Make sure you portray a friendly, professional, and genuine person that employers would gladly have on their team.

A selfie can rarely capture that image, so pop into a qualified photographer or ask someone to take a picture of you.

Here are a few key guidelines for a top-notch professional profile picture

Now, next time your family and friends tell you to add a pic to your resume, youve got your facts straight.

For even more help, try our online resume builder. This will ensure that your resume will be in a reader-friendly format that wont get ditched by an ATS and will keep recruiters reading.

Lets quickly recap the main points of why you should sometimes avoid a resume with picture format:

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