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How To List Work From Home On Resume

How To Put Remote Work On Your Resume The Easy Way

How to Write a Resume to Work from Home | How to Write a CV for Remote Jobs

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most work turned remote worldwide.

With the introduction of Zoom meetings and everything alike, everyone sent to work from home had to adapt.

Although a hardship for many, it came with its blessings.

If you have been doing work remotely, you gained the opportunity to brush up, or even perfect, your communication and time management skills.

You probably became more tech-savvy and organized.

You can very easily turn your remote work experience into a great selling point on your resume.

Keep reading to find out the best ways!

First, its important to find a good place in your resume to mention your remote work in a way that makes sense and goes smoothly with your other experiences.

Bonus: Advice On Finding A Remote Work Faster

Responding to job postings on the most popular job boards is the most evident way of job search. Yet, there are more ways to find your next remote employment:

Use sites that specifically look for remote employees Websites like, and specialize in posting remote and freelancing jobs. Browsing job boards that advertise remote and flexible opportunities only will save your time as you dont have to set the filters and weed out the full-time openings.

Consider cold emailing How about looking for jobs which werent advertised yet? Create a target list of companies which might be interested in your services . Reach out to their HR managers with your pitch and offer to work for them. If you have something great to offer, chances are theyll create a position specifically for you!

Be one of the first applicants Some hiring managers interview and hire the people who apply first and seem a good fit simply because the hiring process might be too time-consuming. You want to apply early on within a few hours after the job was posted. To achieve this, subscribe to notifications and alerts from job boards and have a copy of resume at hand.

How To Write A Resume Summary

Most entry-level telecommuting resumes dont include the Objective commonly seen in on-site roles. Many work-at-home jobs dont come with the opportunity to move up in ranks that eventually lead to a corner office and management role. Therefore, you can feel a little more at ease not having to state your today-to-retirement employment plan.

In the Objectives place, include a summary of why you are a good fit for the job. Focus on just a few strong points. Dont make it about you and dont include things like how you need this job because you need a lot of time off, and so forth. Those things dont make you look like a serious candidate.

This summary may also come in handy if you dont have the opportunity to include a cover letter when submitting your resume through online application software.

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Use Action Words Keywords And Dollar Signs

Return to elementary school and embrace those verbs. Action words, from absorb and arbitrate to utilize, yield, and won, show that you’re a person who gets things done. Resume keywords are also important, especially if you’re applying online.

Many companies rely on an Applicant Tracking System to sort and screen resumes before they ever get to a human using keywords will help you get past the robots and on to an actual person. Analyzing the job listing will help you figure out which keywords to target.

Finally, remember that it all comes down to money, even if you’re a creative who never even speaks to the sales folks or accounting department. If you can demonstrate that you boosted a client’s or employer’s earnings, even indirectly, you’re more likely to get that first call.

Tailor Your Rsum For The Position

Work At Home Agent Resume Example

Once you find a position that interests you and matches your expertise, reevaluate your résumé based on the specific job requirements listed. Then, tweak your résumé so it clearly reflects your qualifications. Where possible, incorporate key terms found within the posting. This will increase your résumé’s chances of passing through the company’s hiring software and capturing the attention of the hiring manager or recruiter.

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Build Up On The Skills Section

Simple skills such as being an excellent communicator or being a good manager are excellent skills for other traditional jobs. However, for remote work, they cannot apply. Its better to display your prowess in certain areas to increase your chances of getting an interview call instead of landing in the rejection pile.

When stating the skills, mention how they will apply for the job. For example, instead of saying good communication, you could say how comfortable you are in using video conferencing. Mention how youre conversant with chat platforms and use social media to stay in touch with others on the remote team that youre working with.

Ensure that you have good compare and contrast topics in the skills section. This will show the employer that remote working is better than going to an office. For example, topics such as working conditions are applicable. Show how working in a comfortable environment thats safe and familiar will lead to a better quality of work as compared to the usual structured office.

Remote Or Flexible Work Experience On A Resume

Although it may not be specifically stated in the job description, many employers are looking for previous flexible work experience, particularly if theyre trying to fill a remote job position. And since there isnt a whole lot of extra room on your resume to dedicate to all of your flexible work, youll have to find creative ways to showcase your prior remote work experience by weaving it into the pre-existing format of your resume. Heres how to make the most of your resume real estate by demonstrating previous remote work experience on a resume.

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What Else Should I Put On A Resume

Dont forget your contact information. You may not need to include your mailing or physical address, but you should make sure your email address is on your resume in case your resume gets separated from the rest of your online application.

If the job you are applying to has an education requirement, even if its a GED or high school diploma, you should mention your education. If your degree could come in handy or make you stand out from the competition, include it. If the job doesnt require any formal education, you can focus on those skills instead.

Digital And Programming Skills

Work At Home Beginner’s Guide: Resumes, Home Office And More! (Tips & Advice)

Since the pandemic started, people with skills in digital marketing, web development, web design, and programming have become even more pivotal to companies than they were previously.

With a growing number of companies moving towards remote working or hybrid working models, it’s crucial to have an understanding of digital tools and programs needed for remote work.

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What Qualities Make You Stand Out As A Remote Worker

Working remotely is much more than working from your bed, showering on morning breaks, or eating garlic bread every lunch. It sounds exciting for most, but recruiters and managers want to avoid the typical I want to work remotely because I want to work on my PJs type of candidate.

Working remotely requires a set of skills not everyone has, and recruiters need to see that in you. Its your time to shine and prove you have all that it takes. Some of the qualities employers look for in remote candidates are:

  • Flexibility
  • Self-starter

Companies That Hire Remote Workers

Many people who work from home started out working in an office but were able to arrange with their employer to work at home some or all of the time. Here are tips for asking your boss if you can work from home. If you are otherwise happy with your current work, this is a good option.

There are companies that hire employees directly to work from their homes. See sites that list work-at-home jobs, which includes tips for how to filter any job board to find work-at-home options. Some of these positions are ones in which the employee covers a territoryfor an insurance company or a consumer products firm, for exampleand spends some time on the road and some time in a home office. There are also customer service, recruiting, sales, scheduling, technical, writing, computer, and telemarketing jobs available.

In many cases, work-from-home jobs are part-time, commission-based, or pay a lump sum for a completed project. In other cases, you can work as a home-based agent as an employee, providing customer service to client companies. Virtual assistants provide administrative, secretarial, and clerical support as well as creative and/or technical services for clients.

Full-time jobs that provide health insurance, a pension, vacation, and other benefits while you work full-time from home, especially if you don’t have experience, are harder to find.

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Build It Into The Skills Section

Being a self-starter, an excellent communicator, or an outstanding manager of time are all great qualities to present for an array of jobs. But when the work is being performed remotely, displaying your prowess in certain areas can make all the difference.

When discussing your skills, look at how they particularly fit into the remote environment. Good communicators, for instance, may want to mention their comfort using video conferencing, chat platforms, and instant messaging to stay in touch with others on the remote team. Strong collaborators could talk about using shared documents and daily check-ins to accomplish company goals while working off-site.

Display It In Your Job Title

Home Builder Resume Samples

If youve been a remote employee for your entire career, make that fact clear from the start. What better way to do that than by putting that on the title? You can write it like this:

Remote Graphic Designer

Adding your work experience to titles is best for people whove held one position despite the number of remote jobs. This will let potential employers know that you fit the bill for their ideal candidate.

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Be Flexible & Creative

Flexibility is one key to successfully working from home. If you are willing to consider freelance or contract employment or to combine a couple of part-time positions, you’ll have a greater chance of success in finding opportunities that are legitimate.

It’s also critically important to take the time to search for positions and to thoroughly research those that sound viable.

What To Include In Your Work From Home Resume If You Have No Experience Working From Home

Dont worry now that many companies are embracing remote working policies, they are aware that many people havent worked remotely before. They value the experience of candidates who have worked remotely, but what they are more interested in knowing is the skills you have and the qualities that could make you a great remote worker. These are some of the things to list on your resume when you have no experience working remotely:

  • Professional experience
  • Your key skills
  • Volunteer work
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    Professional Ways To Describe Teleworking Experience In A Resume

    Even before the coronavirus pandemic, remote work has demonstrated a 44% growth over 5 years. Currently, 88% of companies encourage or require employees to work from home. Whether youve worked remotely for years or switched to this type of work because of coronavirus outbreak, your resume should reflect that youve performed this type of work, even if your responsibilities were the same as in the office.

    If you search for a telecommuting job, previous remote work experience will be an asset for employers. Let alone the fact that listing tech and soft skills specific to working from home will give you more chances of getting noticed. Todays article from creative writers resume will show you how to list remote experience on a resume and where is the best place to do it.

    Should You Give Yourself A Job Title


    Theres conflicting advice about whether to give yourself a job title and job description for your role as a parent. If your stay-at-home-mom resume lists homemaker activities that are related to your job target, it makes sense to draw attention to your parenting activities and accomplishments. For example, if youre looking for a job teaching or working for an organization serving children, you could emphasize the relevant experience of child care and incidental teaching as a stay-at-home parent. Examples of job titles parents have used include: household manager, managerJones family, and family CEO.

    For most people, though, its best to avoid including parenting as an actual job on the resume. “We, personally, feel that there is no need to dress up time at home with silly titles like domestic engineer, says Sollmann. The important thing is to identify how you have continued to use your business skills in the time you have been out of the workforce. If you truly have had nothing but child care and household responsibilities, it would be a good idea to get involved in some volunteer activities that require business skillsmanaging committees, writing newsletters, handling budgets, etc.

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    Include It In The Job Title

    For a certain segment of your career, you held a smattering of freelance jobs with various employers. You might think that including them would make your resume look choppy after all, dont employers want to see resumes with work experience that lasts longer than one year per job, right? Not necessarily. If youve had a bunch of freelance jobs under the same job title, such as a writer, you can include them all on your resume with one job title. Heres how:

    Writer, Freelance.Magazine BNewspaper C

    Remember To Quantify Your Achievements

    Finally, always remember to focus on value. Employers may be willing to hire remote workers, but they wonât be doing it for your benefit. As with any new hire, each remote worker is hired only because the employer believes that he or she can add real value to the company. To demonstrate that youâd be a valuable addition to the firm, itâs vital to show how you have benefited your previous employers.

    When you create a work experience section on your resume, do not just describe what you did at previous jobs. You should instead make sure that you include real numbers that demonstrate quantifiable results that you provided in those jobs. For example, do not just note that your job involved transforming a sales department. Instead, add real numbers to your description to show how the company benefited from your presence:

    As sales manager, I was responsible for completely revamping our sales department to increase productivity and sales revenue. That transformation led to a 35% increase in closed sales, a 28% rise in revenue, and a 19% increase in repeat sales.

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    Highlight The Skills Employers Look For

    Not everyone is cut out to work from home. When hiring remote workers, employers look for candidates who are qualified to perform the job duties and also possess certain traits that will set them up for success working from home. The best telecommuters are typically self-motivated, disciplined, mature, skilled with technology, effective time managers and comfortable with electronic communication. Where possible, emphasize these soft skills in your cover letter and résumé to show employers you have what it takes to telework successfully.

    For example, consider adding a Technical Skills section toward the bottom of your résumé that lists your relevant proficiencies. Include any online collaboration tools, video-conferencing software, chat platforms and instant-messaging tools you’ve used previously or with which you are familiar. Also, you can use your cover letter to express your high comfort level in using these tools to stay in touch with colleagues.

    Set Remote Work As A Location

    Work At Home Agent Resume Example

    In the professional experience section, applicants typically place the addresses of their previous employers. In your case, you dont or never had an office to report to for work. You can easily swap the address portion by replacing it with remote. You can follow the example below:


    The above example can apply to people working from a home office. If youre a digital nomad, you can write your location this way:

    Worked remotely from Boston, Massachusetts.

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    How To Put Remote Work On Resume: Complete Guide From Experts

    Before the outbreak of COVID-19, remote jobs had experienced a 44% rise in five years. Today, the majority of companies in the US prefer having their employees working from home.

    So, are you ready to learn how to list work from home on resume?

    Whether youve held a telecommuting role in the past or youre switching due to the effects of the pandemic, your resume should show that youve handled this kind of job.

    Potential employers will be much more interested in hiring you if you have remote work experience. Also, you can boost your chances of getting the job even further by mentioning tech and soft skills that are related to remote roles.

    This guide from Alina Burakova, one of the experts that made the list of top resume writing services, will give you all the information you need on adding remote work on resume.

    Get Your Resume Checked Out

    As a parent looking to re-enter the workforce, you want to make sure your resume is strong and contemporary, and focuses on your skills rather than any employment gaps. Could you use some reassurance that your resume is ready for a job search? Get a free resume evaluation today from the experts at Monster’s Resume Writing Service. You’ll get detailed feedback in two business days, including a review of your resume’s appearance and content, and a prediction of a recruiter’s first impression. It’s a quick and easy way to help you hit the ground running and get back in the workforce.

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