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How To Put Bartending On A Professional Resume

Common Key Skills And Action Verbs For Bartender Resumes

How to Write a Resume for a Bartender Job

Adding key skills and action words to your resume is important when applying for a bartender position. Many companies use applicant tracking software to scan applications and resumes for the core competencies that a successful, experienced bartender has. The more key skills and action words you have in your resume, the more likely that it will arrive before the restaurant manager.

Key Skills & Proficiencies
Ability to diffuse tense situations Attention to detail
Food and wine pairing knowledge
Friendly customer service
Reconciled cash tallies with alcohol used
Responsible alcohol service certified

Bartender Resume: Professional Experience Section

The professional experience section of your bartender resume is a vital part of your resume.

Without this, your chance of a shortlist is next to nonexistent.

If you master the art of impeccably crafting this section, youd be in the best position to catch the attention and admiration of the recruiter. This will drastically help you get the shortlist that you want.

The best thing about the professional experience section of your bartending resume is that it focuses on your bartender resume skills.

This means that you have a fair shot at demonstrating your skills and capabilities.

No surprise there. This needs to be done to perfection.

There are two ways of doing this. We have listed them below:

  • Use the STAR format
  • Describe your roles and responsibilities in the form of points
  • Use bolding & bucketing alongside points

STAR Format

To compose this section with the touch of perfection, use the STAR format.

S stands for Situation: The Situation of the task assigned to youT stands for Task: The Task that was assigned to youA stands for Action: The strategy you used to handle the assigned taskR stands for Result: The result of your action in the form of an achievement figure

The STAR format highlights the cause-effect relationship of the work that you have done. Not only does it show what task you did, but why you did it, and what the result of your action is.

You can successfully demonstrate your competitiveness using the STAR format.

How To Write Your Bartender Resume

When you take into account how managers read your resume, youll want it to be easy to understand, simple to navigate, nice to look at, and for it to have relevant content.

The way to do this is to break up your resume into a few important sections. Every great bartender resume will include them. And you dont need to add anything else to it .

Heres how you should organize your bartender resume:

  • Header
  • References

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Outline Your Academic Background

Outlining relevant academic qualifications is essential, as it can show the hiring manager that you have completed the necessary training for the role. You may also add any vocational training programs, food service diplomas, or tertiary education in relevant areas. For example, you can include your diploma in marketing, and list your bartender accreditation course.

List your educational history in reverse-chronological order, starting with the name of the course, followed by the name and location of the institution, and year of graduation. You can include any relevant courses or academic projects you completed on a bullet list and highlight your GPA or degree classification.

Bartending Skill No : Free Pouring

25 Free Bartender Resume Templates in 2020

Free pouring is a master technique and skill for all bartenders.

Instead of using a jigger , bartenders may free pour. Free pouring is when bartenders eye-out and time appropriate portions in the process of making a drink or cocktail.

Although the free pour is something that saves time, its something bartenders need to practice and perfect so that the drinks still taste good, while making sure the bar is still making a profit.

The risks that comes with free pouring are:

  • An under-poured drink this mean you are shorthanding customers!
  • An over-poured drink these can cost owners a few hundred dollars a month when taking inventory into account
  • A recipe mishap a poorly made drink or something different from what the customer ordered
  • This is why practice is paramount!

    On the other hand, free pouring is something that will result in quicker orders shorter waits and happier customers. So dont forget to add this to your list of bartending resume skills if you have the ability.

    Bartending Resume Skills

    • Free pouring
    • The ability to free pour under pressure, while customers are watching

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    How To List Bartender Skills On A Resume

    Your resume needs to stand out from the competition if you want the best chance of landing the job. To do this, your skills need to be listed in an effective manner that appropriately shows off your bartending abilities.

    Here are several steps for effectively listing your bartender skills on a resume:

    How To Write The Resume Header For Bartender

    Yes, you heard it clear. So you need to write your resume header professionally.

    • Contact number or email is must.
    • Then you should use a professional sounding email address.
    • Also you may skip the entire address and only write street name or city or state.
    • But dont write any personal information on the header section.
    • Dont mention salary, family information, passport details etc.

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    Bartender Resume Examples That Work In 2022

    You can serve a drink with the best of them. No matter the customer, you can strike up a conversation like you’re best friends.

    You’re a top notch bartender. You shouldn’t also have to be an expert at creating a resume to prove that and help you land a job in 2022.

    Nothing is worse when you’re applying to bartender jobs than staring at a blank resume.

    To help you with this concern we’ve compiled 5 bartender resume examples that have actually worked in 2022 to help bartenders land jobs.

    These resumes are a great place for you to get started to help you land your next job.

    Resume Examples

    Why this resume works

    • As a bartender you likely have years of experience in customer service. Whether that experience is in sales, as a server, or in bartending you know what it means to ensure customers have a great experience.
    • All customer experience is relevant on your resume when you’re a bartender. You can make all of your experience on your bartender resume relevant by focusing on customers. All customer service experience is worth including on your bartender resume.
  • Did you have the opportunity to coach junior staff or other service staff during your tenure as a bartender? Any sort of leadership experience will help you stand out among the hundreds of other applicants for the bartender roles you’re applying to.
  • How To Write A Resume: Conclusion

    How to Get a Bartending Job with NO Experience (Step 3 of 4)

    When you start writing resumes for bartenders, you have to be very particular about the process. Each stage is important. You have to follow them religiously.

    If you want to make use of ready-made bartender resume templates, you can use Hiration’s Online Resume Builder to curate a job-winning resume for bartenders.

    The ready-to-use content that comes with our templates can be easily modified to suit your needs and requirements.

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    Explain How You’re A Problem Solver

    Evidence of your problem solving skills is in your ability to interact with many personalities and tasks while performing your job. Maintaining composure and a friendly attitude demonstrate how you detach from a problem to see it clearly and find a solution. Give details of a situation when you found a resolution, such as locating an appropriate ingredient substitute.

    Four: Mention Your Education

    Yes, its just a foodservice job. No, you dont need a PhD to do it. But having some education shows that youre a little more well-rounded than other applicants. And hey, you spent $50,000 on that philosophy degree, so get some mileage out of it. You dont need to go into great detail here I honestly dont care what your GPA was, mine wasnt great. Just list it and move on.

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    Key Accomplishments/ Skills & Qualifications

    Perhaps the most eye-catching section of your bartender resume is your list of skills and qualifications.

    This section is easy to notice because its not written in paragraph format and usually consists of a brief list of your most notable skills as a bartender.

    Despite this sections simplicity, it is one of the most important, due to its distinct appearance.

    Key Accomplishments/Areas of Expertise

    • Food and Drink Pairing
    • Aloha POS

    As you start to list out the different skills and qualifications you have related to bartending, be sure to include a decent amount of both hard and soft skills.

    Hards skills are often referred to as technical skills.

    A hard skill usually needs to be taught or practiced in order to achieve it.

    Soft skills are known as people skills.

    A soft skill is more subjective, related to personality traits, and comes more naturally as opposed to being taught or practiced.

    A well-balanced bartender needs both kinds of skills to manage their job.

    Understanding mixology and having the ability to make appropriate recommendations are great traits to have as a bartender however, this skill means nothing if you arent good at communicating with customers, and vice versa.

    Make sure that when you write this section of your bartender resume you include a decent amount of skills that fall into either category.

    What To Highlight As A Bartender

    Bartender Resume Example &  Writing Guide

    Depending on how far along you are in your bartending career, you are going to want to highlight different things

    For both beginner and seasoned bartenders, it is essential to identify the type of bar settings you have worked with.

    Examples are a pub, a craft cocktail bar, a fine dining restaurant, a hotel bar, or special events. If you have worked in a restaurant, identify the type of restaurant.

    For example, casual dining or fine dining. If you arent sure what kind of restaurant you have worked in, you can review the breakdown below:

    Casual Dining Serves mid-range priced foods in a casual setting. Orders are taken at a table by a server. Casual dining restaurants typically have a full bar. Examples include TGI Fridays, Cracker Barrel, and Olive Garden.

    Fine Fining Full-service restaurants with dedicated meal courses. Higher-end décor and prices. Often have dress code rules, in addition to strict guidelines for bartenders and restaurant staff to follow.

    Another important thing to highlight is what types of beverages you were serving. Employers want to know if you have made fresh craft cocktails or if you have just poured beer and wine and been entertaining the guests while doing that.

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    Three: Highlight Your Special Skills

    Believe me, if you speak a foreign language in a restaurant in this country, youre going to be one step ahead of the game. Put it down, but dont lie about it. If you can only count to ten in Spanish, its not worth mentioning. Do you have any computer skills? Im talking about POS systems here. Dinerware, Micros, Aloha, etc. If youve used a computer system at another job, put it down. For a bar, having to spend two days training you how to punch in an order in the POS is only going to be a deterrent to hiring you.

    Also worth mentioning here is any special training or bar-/restaurant-related coursework. If you took a class on wine, mention it here. If you went to bartending school, put it down. You can even split this into two sections as shown, if you have a lot of special skills. Spend some time on this section its almost as important as the following section.

    How Should A Bartender Write A Resume Summary

    A resume summary is a brief statement at the start of the document that helps to introduce the applicant and their skills to an employer.

    For bartenders, the resume summary is an excellent opportunity to showcase their prowess within the field, particularly if they have held leadership positions or key responsibilities not always assigned to a general bartender.

    Below we have provided an example of a weak bartender resume summary, followed by a corrected explanation and example.

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    Bartending Skill No : Strong Memory

    Memory skills are important with any job or career, yes but they are nearly vital when it comes to the hospitality or service industry.

    Before we dive into details, put yourself in the shoes of a customer. You know that feeling as you walk into a bar or restaurant and the employees are immediately friendly? They know your name, order preference, or maybe even something personal like where youre from. As you know, this type of personal service is incomparable to others.

    As a bartender, this is what you want to aim for. Your goal is to make your customer comfortable, welcomed, and happy. Not only will this result in better tips, but it will result in them coming back over and over again until they are one of those regulars.

    You may not know it, but the bartenders that provide this type of complementary service and personal experience all have one thing in common: A sharp memory .

    a.) Remembering Customers

    The experience above is a perfect example what comes about if a bartender has a good long-term memory. The best bartenders introduce themselves, capture customer names, and store them so they can create a personalized experience next time that individual walks in the door. Bar managers LOVE bartenders that have this ability. Why?

    Because its what turns ordinary customers into returning, REGULAR customers.

    A groundbreaking survey from the National Restaurant Associations Operator states that regulars make up an average of:

    But it doesnt stop there

    Franchised Bartenderresume Examples & Samples

    HOW TO GET A BARTENDING JOB – Bartending 101
    • Responsible for maintaining stock, cutting, and storing of all fresh fruit and vegetable garnishes, juices and other perishables daily to insure product quality
    • Greets guests in a courteous and friendly manner, promotes and documents orders for drinks. Mixes, garnishes and presents drinks using standard ingredient recipes and practicing prudent portion control
    • Locks and stores all beverage, food and other equipment items, deposits cash drops and secures bank
    • Hotel experience preferred
    • Must communicate well with guests
    • Sufficient manual dexterity in hands in order to use a knife to make garnish, pick up glassware and bottles, scoop ice, mix drinks, and reach overhead to retrieve stock with or without reasonable accommodation
    • Ability to remember, recite and promote the variety of menu items with or without reasonable accommodation
    • Ability to operate a keyboard and point of sale procedures to pre-check an order and close out a check with or without reasonable accommodation
    • Ability to stand and work in confined spaces for long periods of time with or without reasonable accommodation

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    Bartender Resume How To Write One

    A bartenders prepare and serve drinks to clients directly or through waiters.

    Bartender resume examples will help job seekers who want to get inspired and then join the success stories of thousands of buildfreesumesubscribers.

    So now youll discover 83 success stories and then you can build the best Bartender resume from these examples.

    These resume examples are real life example of our buildfreesume resume builder users.

    How Managers Read Bartending Resumes

    If you think that managers are going to spend hours pouring over your resume, calling up references, and analyzing every tiny detail. Youre wrong.

    The reality is, managers only give your resume a quick scan and decide within 30 seconds whether or not theyre going to proceed with your application.

    That means that if its poorly laid out, hard to understand, has spelling errors, its too long, or it includes too many irrelevant details, they wont think twice about throwing your resume in the bin.

    Thats why keeping your resume simple, clear, clean, accurate, and relevant makes a huge difference in how successful your resume will be.

    As a general rule, your resume should never be longer than 2 pages. And if you can keep it to 1 page, even better. Any longer than that and the chances are that youve included too many unnecessary details that just wastes everyones time.

    This is also true when it comes to resumes with fancy designs. Sure, they can work. A fancy design can help your resume stand out in a pile of white pages. But if the design makes it more difficult to read and harder to navigate, its not worth it.

    Theres also a much better way to make your resume unique, interesting, and stand-out. Well cover that in the work experience/employment history section.

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    Here Is An Example Of A Work Experience Entry From A Bartenders Resume:

    Bartender | Old Town Saloon

    Jefferson, NC | January 2017 to March 2020

    • Provided exceptional service to a minimum of 150 guests per night, with busiest nights topping upwards of 400 customers in a single evening.
    • Implemented a new POS system that decreased transaction times by 15%, leading to a 20% increase in nightly sales and transactions.

    Sample Of A Resume For Bartenders


    You can consider this sample of a resume for bartenders for guidance when writing your own:

    Professional summaryCertified bartender with over seven years of experience serving customers unique cocktails in restaurants, bars, and resorts around Ontario. Knowledge of basic branding and marketing, with a history of increasing sales within six months of employment. I am looking for a classy, mid-range restaurant where I can explore new cocktail ideas while partnering with an adventurous chef.

    Work experienceGracey’s Bar and Lounge, Toronto, Ontario, 2019â2021

    • Designed and prepared a new detailed menu, which improved customer satisfaction rates by 20%

    • Made over 120 cocktail recipes available to a wide variety of guests

    • Oversaw and directed the activities of three servers and designed an effective system for taking and booking orders

    • Pursued and established strategic partnerships with suppliers to reduce costs by 12%

    BartenderDubois Exotic Restaurant, Toronto, Ontario, 2017â2019

    • Monitored drink inventory and ensured availability of popular drinks

    • Changed the bar’s decor to reflect the theme of the hotel, leading to a 17% increase in customer satisfaction ratings

    • Greeted customers, took their order, and processed their payment information while demonstrating excellent customer service skills

    • Kept detailed records of inventory and financial transactions and prepared weekly reports for the head chef

    Bartender/MixologistBlu Beam Club, Toronto, Ontario, 2014â2014


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