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How To Put Dnd On A Resume

How To Put D& d On A Resume

D& D on Your Resume #shorts #dnd #resume

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There should be no doubt in 2021 that Dungeons & Dragons has become something more than a niche hobby. D& D is a phenomenon with a player base just shy of 14 million players and if you know the reasons why it appeals to so many, the opportunities for using the game in a resume or CV are vast.

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It sounds like a terrible cliché, I know, but hear me out Dungeons and Dragons is much more than a game.

D& D today is an enormous story, loaded with the details of classes and races and abilities and cities and politics and personalities. All of which is augmented by whatever you and your playgroup want to add or subtract or ignore altogether. As each group decides what their campaign will entail, every single persons experience of D& D tailors completely to their group of friends. Like so, every groups campaign is a slice of personality, within the guidelines of a combat and exploration system.

But further than being simple escapism , if we look at things objectively, the gameplay of D& D presents the perfect material for employers.

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How To Put Hackathon On Resume: Short Guide

If youve ever taken part in a hackathon, you know just how much skill and knowledge are required to win at such an event. It takes a lot of teamwork and dedication to do well at a hackathon which is why a lot of people want to add it to their CVs.

Even if youre from an industry other than software engineering, you can still be involved in a hackathon as there are plenty of roles like being a product manager, a communication manager, or a UX designer.

So, if youve ever taken part in a hack attack, should you put it on your CV? And if you are preparing a hackathon resume, how exactly should you include this experience? We will go over all of these questions in this guide and provide some valuable information about how to put hackathon on resume and what things to focus on.

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D& D on Your Resume #shorts #dnd #resume
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Planning And Preparation: Books Dice And Players

You come across the lone stone on top of the grassy hill with a simple star-shaped hole in the top. A crude symbol of Torm is carved into the side

So the star-shaped gem we got doing that side quest ages ago fits?

The DM raises an eyebrow.

Planning and preparation are absolutely essential for Dungeon Masters making sure the story flows and that each piece of the story puzzle fits perfectly. Or at least that you have an idea of where it is going.

Ive known both our DMs to spend hours of their free time devising each part of the quest. And then there are the unexpected sidequests, created, for example, because a character decided to rob the local blacksmith of 13 gold pieces and shout at the Blacksmiths child apprentice, like my character. Side quests take special planning to make sure they fit around the main quest and that any future encounters fit.

These planning and preparation skills are fundamental for popular roles including managerial positions.

Explain how you plan and prepare for your DnD games and how you would bring that to the role youre applying for.

Adding this as a skill derived from DnD to your resume is a big plus.

How Would You Put Dming On Your Job Resume

Dungeons and Dragons Resume Awesome I Feel Like Anyone who ...

“It’s the reason why I can’t concentrate on any complex mental task, why can’t ever do overtime and why I rather take lunch alone as co-workers can’t stand my muttering jokes about goblyns and draaakons.”

“Also, please don’t check on how often I read r/dndnext while I’m at work.”

Unless you were DMing profesionally, don’t, unless under hobbies.

I wouldn’t put it on a resume, but I might mention it in an interview, depending on the kind of job.

“For the last six months, once a week I’ve been running a Dungeons and Dragons game. You laugh, but hear me out. I work with a group of people to write a story. I guess I’m the “head writer” of the group, if you will. My role involves long-term planning, collaboration, encouragement of others to come out of their shells and grow their storytelling skills, and conflict resolution. I’ve also got to do quick, seat-of-your-pants thinking, without letting in to anybody that I haven’t planned this. I need to be familiar with a lot of rules, and know how to quickly look up and apply the rules I’m not familiar with. At the end of the day, my goal is to make sure that everyone else achieved their goals as much as possible.”

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How To Include Dnd On A Resume

Here are a few examples of what it looks like to put DnD on your resume, together with analogous non-D& D examples for each case.

Section/ Use when
Hobbies: DnD is a regular part of your life Dungeon Master at weekly DnD groupMarathon running
Accomplishments: Youve accomplished something notable or quantifiable. Dungeon master for 500+ D& D sessions, and creator of RPG blog with 100K monthly visitsAmong top 2% of 1.5 million PredictIt users for political betting, with $10K in lifetime profits
Skills: Your experience in DnD transfers directly to the job youre applying to. When applying to a leadership training/facilitation role: Experience facilitating creative problem solving as Dungeon Master for 200+ D& D role playing sessions10 years of improv comedy, including 1K+ sessions and performances, and facilitating 100+ improve workshops
Experience: You will use your DnD experience in your target job When applying for writing role at a video game company: Facilitated 500+ role playing sessions as Dungeon Master, and self-published three LitRPG novels on Amazon with 10K total salesWhen applying to marketing at a video game company: Created an eSports instagram account with 10K followers

Leadership: Bringing The Calm

Listen ere you bunch of ragamuffin delinquent ass herders. That bunch of Redcaps is gonna come over that ill and if we dont get ourselves in some sort of fightin order, theyre gonna chop us to bits

Stated Greg the Slayer.

The party is talking all over each other. Bernard is casting light on the nearest tree. Greg is shouting at Felicity because she forgot her sword +1. And the Kobolds are getting closer. As a DM, controlling the situation and party can be like herding cats.

But a little leadership from the DM can bring in calm, control the situation, and help the party organize themselves.

You could put something like While DMing a DnD game I have to calm and control the players so theyre all on the same page and focused on the next task. Much like managing a team of sales reps

Putting this as a leadership skill on your resume can signal to the hiring manager that a natural leader is applying for the rolean essential skill in any job, especially if its a managerial role.

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Top D& d Skills For Your Resume

The whole idea of adding Dungeons and Dragons is to make a resume outstanding. There are many abilities that you get when playing this online game. Here are the top abilities that you will be showcasing to your potential employers:

  • Leadership skills
  • In this game, players talk at the same time, causing confusion. The team leader is tasked with stepping in and providing leadership to the team to stay organized. Your employer will be pleased to have someone who can take up leadership roles when needed. Even if you are not applying for a leadership position, you can always be called on in some situations to showcase this skill.

  • Social skills
  • The ability to interact with people is an important skill that you need, regardless of the job that you are applying for. Employers look for people who will easily be part of the organization and relate well with others. D& D develops this skill since you are a constant communicator with others in the team.

  • Problem-solving skills
  • You will also be learning important problem-solving abilities when challenges are thrown at you playing the game. You need to be tactical during the game to solve problems. This is a trait that most employers love because it can improve productivity in the organization.

  • Team-building skills
  • Team-building abilities are learned when playing the game as team members have to engage in joint tasks. Recruiters will be keen on how you can help to bring together members of your team when you are employed.

    But First What Is A Hackathon

    Save & Resume Combat Tracker Demo | Dev Update & Q& A | D& D Beyond

    A hackathon is an event in which you have to design and develop a solution to a problem. The problems in such events are based around technology and software, and participants have to provide innovative solutions to the problems that are posed.

    If you need help with your resume writing, check picks for the best IT resume writing professionals on our blog.

    There is a time limit that has to be adhered to, so there is a lot of pressure on each team. As mentioned before, a hackathon team consists of more than just engineers. A lot of them have marketing managers and product managers, etc. too.

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    Should Dungeons & Dragons Be On Your Resume

    Have you ever tried to run a meeting at work and have had a difficult time holding the attention of your attendees? It is a common problem that sometimes requires more than just preparations. Lots of classes, both online and offline, promise to make you better at running meetings. You could sign up for any number of those, or you could just learn to play Dungeons & Dragons.

    For those not familiar, Dungeons & Dragons is a fantasy roleplaying game, that has been having a renaissance lately. In it, a Dungeon Master guides a group of players through an imaginary world. Gameplay is resolved through rolling dice and playing a role or acting/improvising a character.

    Gaming sessions can go on for hours, so it requires commitment, endurance and planning. It also requires a Dungeon Master that knows how to keep the attention of their players. This is where learning the game can benefit you in a business environment. Lets look at meetings as an example.

    As a DM, just as in meeting organization, you need to plan your meeting out. You need to understand where you want the gaming session and the meeting to go, but ultimately it is up to you get the group there. That doesnt mean just slavish adherence to your set agenda. It means using that agenda to frame your world and then improvising based on the action of your players/attendees.

    Resume Design And Formatting

    A resume should be easy to read, which means the document itself needs to be well formatted and limited to one or two pages. Many jobs in HR require attention to detail, so its especially important for an HR resume to use consistent formatting and design. For instance, be sure that:

    • Your bullet points are consistent in size, style, and indentation
    • Your fonts and formatting are consistentif job titles are going to be in bold and italics, make sure that all of your job titles are in bold and italics
    • Your design is clean and readablefont size should be no smaller than 10 and keep at least a small amount of white space between sections and entries
    • Your name and contact info are centered correctly on the page, if you choose to center them

    Its also important that your resume is easily scannable by an ATS, which can have trouble with columns, overly fancy designs, text boxes, or graphics. So keep it simple and clean and only use formatting elements like bold, underline, italics, and color to emphasize different parts of the text.

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    How To Turn Things Around

    If you see any of those above signs, don’t delay.

    Now is the time to save your marriage before it’s too late. Too many marriages end because of complacency and ego. Don’t think you can get by just on auto-pilot, no matter how good a life you may be providing.

    As the saying goes, marriage is like a garden it has to be watered and nurtured.

    So talk to your spouse. Step up your game. Talk to a therapist. It’s totally normal for couples to start taking one another for granted. It’s also totally normal for couples to stop trying to woo their partner.

    And many couples also stop taking care of themselves.

    So get back to the gym, get back to your hobbies. Dress better, and treat your spouse like you did when you were first dating.

    It’s not too late, but at some point soon, it could be.

    Experimentation And Visualization Skills

    How to add Dungeons &  Dragons to your resume

    Dungeon Masters utilize visualization skills for conjuring up epic battles. However, visualization is also crucial for mapping out complicated procedures and experimenting with research and development.

    Who would think DnD could provide such useful real-world applications? Experimentation is a great asset and skill when you are applying for a research and development job.

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    Should You Put Hackathon On Your Resume

    Answering this question is quite a lot easier than answering something like whether and how to put DnD on a resume because the answer is a simple yes. The experience of participating in a hackathon can be a very good asset for your resume as it showcases your drive, dedication, creativity, and a lot more. If you are from the software engineering field or a similar one, then its a no-brainer to include it on your CV.

    But even if you belong to another field, you can still add it to your resume as it will show employers your teamwork and problem-solving skills.

    Any resume for hackathon winners, or even just participants, should have this experience listed clearly. A lot of the big tech companies, like Google, actually specify this kind of experience when asking for CVs, which says a lot about just how important it can be.

    How To Put Tabletop Rpgs On Your Resume


    • Able to keep track of multiple unwritten ideas being developed simultaneously
    • Strong critical thinking skills
    • Able to translate a given creative setting into dynamic performance
    • Goal-oriented
    • Able to execute team-based strategy

    Dungeon Master:

    • Strong fiction writing skills including character design and world-building
    • Strong public speaking skills
    • Comfortable leading small groups for extended periods
    • Excellent multitasking ability
    • Fast and flexible problem-solving skills
      • Able to come up with multiple alternative solutions to problems quickly and easily
    • Well-organized
    • Familiar with data-input software as well as paper spreadsheets
    • Strong decision-making skills

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    Preparation And Planning Skills

    A large part of your job as Dungeon Masters is preparing and planning sessions for your players. You also have to spend significant time creating back-up plans if your rogue friends derail the campaign once again.

    This skill can make you stand out when you are applying for stock management or management positions. If you apply for a supermarket position, your planning skills can come in handy to land you a job at a reputed supermarket.

    Dungeons & Dragons Skills To Flaunt On Your Resume

    The First D& D Player to Get a Job

    Writing a resume that captures attention and elaborates on your talents and abilities is not impossible. And if youve played Dungeons & Dragons , even better!

    With a little creativity and intelligence, you can formulate a resume that makes you stand out and helps you land the job of your dreams.

    When writing your resume, there are certain things you can mention to make your resume look more attractive.

    In addition to your education details, extracurricular activities, work experience, and hobbies/interests, you can also list down your skills creatively.

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    A Resume Is Also For You To Check Out Your Employer

    Many people who write a resume are only thinking about meeting the needs of their employer. But that might not always be the best strategy. What if you end up working for someone with no imagination, who believes D& D is evil? Would you really want to work there?

    In short, if your would-be employer doesnt appreciate what you have to offer, its better to find out sooner than later. That way you can spend more time finding employers that do appreciate you and your unique talents.


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