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How To Show Promotion On Resume

Improve Your Resume With Action Verbs

Get Promoted at Work with this Resume Building Tool

Action verbs are one of the quickest and easiest ways you can improve your resume. Starting each bullet with an action verb not only communicates achievement, action, etc., but it also opens the sentence to lead right into the challenge you faced and the result you achieved. Its hard to start a sentence with transformed, increased, or achieved without following it up with something specific, measurable, and relevant.

. Its a free PDF that I created to help you sharpen your resume, remove overused phrases, and convey your performance and achievements to potential employers.

Option #: List The Same Company Twice

You can also just list the companys name and address a second time, but create separate sections for each job title. Then, you can list your most impressive accomplishments from each.

That would look like this:

XYZ Inc. Rochester, NYVP of Marketing June 2017-Present

  • Increased website traffic by 145% year-over-year

  • Managed social media campaign that drove sales by 36%

  • Designed new website layout that was featured on Best SEO of March 2019

XYZ Inc. Rochester, NY

  • Hired and managed a team of 8-12 writers to develop blog

  • Cut costs on development by 36%

  • Organized group pitch meetings and developed 20 new articles each week

This resume format works really well for applicant tracking systems because its the same as listing your experience at different companies. If youre applying to a large company thats likely to use an ATS, we recommend this method.

Of course, it takes up a lot of space, so consider the value of that space and perhaps cut some detail from your more junior roles.

Have Specific Career Goals Know Your Next Step

Before sitting down to craft your resume and cover letter for promotion, there is prep work that needs to be completed. First and foremost, be sure to define and write down your target job. If you dont have a specific objective or career advancement plan in mind, it is very difficult to write an effective resume or cover letter. Career planning is important at all stages of your career.

Questions to ask yourself to help determine your short-term and long-term goals:

Where do you want to be next year? And in five years? What aspects of your current job do you love the most? What are your priorities for your next position? What skills / work experience / credentials are standard for the position you are pursuing?

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How Do You Include A Promotion In A Cover Letter

A job promotion cover letter should clearly explain your interest in the job and delineate how you are qualified for the position. The letter should also recap the experience you have had, your knowledge of your employer’s current mission and needs, and the progressive growth you have enjoyed within the company.

If You Worked Elsewhere Then Returned To The Same Company

Example Of Promotions Resume

If youve worked elsewhere between two stints at the same company, format your resume by mentioning your experience chronologically.

Heres an example:

  • Designed and implemented a variety of media projects
  • Ensured websites are in line with branding for clients and designed visual imagery
  • Incorporated features and functionalities into websites
  • Applied different content management systems to ensure smooth flow of operations

By using a chronological format resume like this, you can show the hiring manager how youve developed skills and grown in experience over your career.

Since youre likely to have worked at different levels during your two stints at the company, separating them out on your resume allows the hiring manager to quickly see how your responsibilities, skills, and competencies have changed over time.

The fact that your former company welcomed you back also shows youre a good person to work with, and someone who likely has effective interpersonal skills.

Once youve added your promotions to your resume, you can start applying for jobs. Good luck on your job hunt.

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Job Seeking Understand The Benefits And Realities Of Certain Methods

Job seekers looking to step into a higher-level role, whether outside or within their current company, should keep in mind that job boards and human resources departments are not necessarily going to be their best bet for landing a dream position. HR is mainly interested in finding a person who has already held and succeeded in an identical role to the open position, so anyone without the exact experience they are looking for wont usually be the top choice.

Instead, think about the people you know and the companies you would be most excited to work for. I highly recommend making a list of everyone in your network as well as a target company list that you can use to start reaching out to people and companies directly. Talk to your friends, your family, and your colleagues about your job target and ask if they know of anyone at a company you are interested in that they would be willing to introduce you to.

The success rates for landing a job through a job board like Indeed, LinkedIn, or Monster is much lower than most people think, accounting for only about 5%-15% of hiring. Networking is still the best way to land your next job, especially when navigating career advancement.

How Much Is Too Much Information About Your Promotion

As always, you want to keep your resume brief…but you also want to show off. Bullet points are best for organizing, and youll want to give the bulk of space to your achievements. A general rule of thumb: use two to three bullet points to describe your responsibilities, then three to five to list your concrete accomplishments.

If youre still new to the position and dont have a huge number of notable deeds, you might want to go with an alternate layout. Consider using bullet points to outline your duties, then cap it off with a small section on key achievements.

The Action-Benefit format is perfect if youre in this position and makes the updating process simple and formulaic.

Put it all together and your basic resume job listing will look something like this:

Lightning Marketing

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Global Solutions New York Ny

  • Monitored competitor strategies to develop a unique selling proposition
  • Organized and coordinated marketing researches
  • Developed and launched marketing campaigns aimed at brand recognition, which increased the awareness of the target audience by 30%
  • Measured the success of a marketing campaign and identified beneficial communication channels.

Keep A Positive Attitude

How to Write Your Resume For An Executive Promotion

Many employees fall into a rut where they feel depressed or unhappy with where they are in their job. These feelings can have a negative impact on the quality of your work, as well as your overall attitude. One of the most difficult things to overcome, though, is a poor attitude toward your work.

Perhaps thinking of the importance your work holds in relation to the larger picture can help change your attitude into a positive one. Sometimes a simple attitude change is all it takes to find that satisfaction you crave.

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Example Of How To Show A Promotion On A Resume

Company Name

Store Manager

Assistant Store Manager

  • Include the reason for promotion
  • List achievements in bullet points for both roles

What exactly should you write in bullet points regarding your promotion?

Look at ways to describe it on your resume:

  • Got promotion following the outstanding performance on a company project.
  • Was recognized for great performance through fast-track promotions and was selected for top-priority initiatives.
  • Received a promotion after demonstrating fast-learning ability and mastering complex concepts.

You should definitely list all your achievements, revenue earned, or anything that you have made for your company.

The main idea of stacking job titles is to save resume space and add other valuable info recruiters can evaluate. Moreover, it keeps you from listing the same info regarding your responsibilities twice.

List The Company Twice

This method is used mostly in special cases.

For example – if you switched companies, but then came back to the previous one with a promotion.

What you would want to do here is create a separate section for each job position you held, regardless of the company.

Under each one you should make a bullet list, just like with the previous two methods, and fill it up with your most impressive accomplishments from each position.

This method is also very ATS friendly, just like the Separate entries one, because they use a similar layout of your experience.

Keep in mind that this method takes up lots of space, so you might want to cut out some details from your junior experience.

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Example Of Work Experience Showing Promotion With A Change In Responsibilities

Here is an example of what a work experience section on a resume looks like showing job advancement at one company when the roles include different responsibilities:


Administrative Assistant | January 2018 to Present

  • Planned corporate travel
  • Helped with daily office operations

Quality Assurance Coordinator | November 2017 to January 2018

  • Ensured all bottles had secured caps on an assembly line
  • Paid close attention to detail
  • Excelled in a task-driven workplace

How To Show Your Promotion On A Resume

Promotions Assistant

The way you list your promotions will depend on the type of promotion you earned, the details of the job duties, and whether you stayed at the same company or changed organizations for the promotion. However, there is some basic information that you will need to include no matter the circumstances. Consider these steps to determine the information you should include:

  • Write the company name. This is standard information that can help a hiring manager verify your job experience.
  • Include your new job title and any old titles. Providing official titles you held is professional and gives a clear picture of your experience.
  • Outline the span of time you held each role. Especially if you held multiple positions, providing time spans for each position helps to show the scope of your experience.
  • List any notable promotions and duties. A job promotion typically means you have performed exceedingly well enough to have earned more responsibility and, usually, more authority. You may choose to note this as an advancement of skills.
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    Ats Friendly Formatting Tips

    You must showcase promotions in an ATS-friendly format to pass the ATS screening round without much hassle. You can follow these below-given guidelines to craft an ATS friendly work experience section in your resume:

    • Mention the month and year of your employment with every profile title
    • Use standard one-liner bullet points in cause-effect format
    • Do not use tables and commas to describe your work experience
    • Use profile-centric keywords picked from the job description
    • Highlight essential information and your achievements
    • Club similar points under suitable skills heading
    • Quantify your bullet points wherever possible to authenticate your details

    If The Roles Were Different

    If youve been promoted or moved into a significantly different role, its okay to list these as . Youre essentially treating these as different jobs but using a shared company heading to make it clear that this was an internal progression rather than a series of isolated jobs.

    If you prefer, you can list these roles completely separately, with the company name included twice . This is riskier since it can look to a recruiter like two different jobs if theyre only quickly scanning your resume. Why consider it?

    Some applicant tracking systems may find it easier to read, so its a trade-off. Its also a good way to show career progression if you held two different roles at the same company with a gap in between .

    A third option is to selectively group different roles together. This is similar to the first option, but ideal if youre trying to highlight specific experience or particularly noteworthy accomplishments. Here’s an example:

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    How To Show Your Job Promotions On A Resume In 2021

    Show off your achievements and highlight your growth by listing your job promotions correctly and catch the eye of the recruiter.

    If you have ever earned a promotion at a job, showing that on a resume will inform employers that you have initiative and are capable of growth within a company.

    In this guide, we will be covering how to show job promotions on your resume, including how to format them, so that your resume stands out amongst the competition.

    Where To List Promotions On A Resume

    How to Track Your Work Accomplishments to Update Your Resume and Ask for a Promotion

    Promotions show your ability to grow with a company â as such, it is important to make them easy to spot on your resume.

    The general rule of thumb when placing promotions on a resume is to include them within your work experience sections as part of your job entries.

    As we have mentioned, there are two primary formatting options â the stacked entry and the separate entry â which we will discuss later.

    Regardless of which format you choose, these entries belong in your work experience section.

    You will most likely be using the Reverse-Chronological format for your resume, which will place the most emphasis on your work experience section and, thus, ensure your promotions are close to the top of the resume and easy for hiring managers to see.

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    For Similar Jobs Or Vertical Promotion

    Vertical promotions refer to upward movement from oneposition to another one of higher responsibility, usually within the samedepartment or business unit. For instance, a junior developer promoted to alead developer position qualifies as a vertical promotion.

    In this situation, its better to list the job titles oneafter another under the company name so you can draw the recruiters attentionto your increasing responsibilities and achievements. Write the start and enddates of your employment within the company and the specific dates you heldeach position beside the appropriate job title to prevent confusion.

    Here’s an example:

    In the example above, the candidate moved from DivisionGeneral Manager, handling a specific region of the branchs operations, toDirector of Canadian Branch Operations, overseeing bank operations for a wholecountrya huge step-up from their previous role. There are no bullet points forachievements here because this excerpt came from a combination resume, butyoull see that the reason for each promotion is explained below each jobtitle.

    If you include bullet points, list accomplishments youmade in both positions in one list. Theres no need to list them separatelybecause the roles are related anyway. Ideally, the accomplishments and skillsyou list are for the role you were promoted to, unless the promotion wasnt over a year ago so you dont have newaccomplishments to list just yet.

  • Promoted to due to X% increase in receivables
  • Align Skills With Desired Promotion

    Describe your skill set at the top of your resume. Create a list of skills you possess that you know are important in the position you want. Make a list of the qualities or characteristics you know are required in the new position you are applying for. Match your professional experiences to the future jobs requirements.

    Emphasize the experiences youve had that demonstrate your expertise in the areas that the new job will require. Career Intelligence suggests emphasizing leadership and supervisory roles youve held at the company. Describe any experiences youve had that reveal your reliability, teamwork, and communication skills. These qualities are valued by most employers.

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    How To List Multiple Jobs At The Same Company On Your Resume When They Werent Back

    To list multiple jobs at the same company on your resume when they werent back-to-back, simply list them in the order they happened. Include the company title and job title in all instances. Items in your Work Experience section should be listed in reverse-chronological order, so the jobs will fit in alongside all the others.

    In the most recent role, you can write a bullet point explaining why you returned to an old company. This is a good opportunity to highlight the skills or expertise that the company wants you for. If you were so good that they wanted you back, you should make a point of saying so!

    Option #: Create A Separate Section

    Promotions Manager Resume Samples

    If you have any work experience from more than 15 years ago that relates to the job youre applying for, its useful to create a completely that simply lists your job titles and the dates you held them, but without a list of accomplishments.

    Using a separate section for older work experience will let you show off your career progression while still keeping your resume concise. It would look something like this:

    If you do have impressive achievements from your time at one of these older jobs, you can consider listing them in a separate accomplishments section on your resume. Just make sure that its worth including because you only have so much space to work with on your resume.

    ATS will read your prior experience section as equivalent to your work experience section. This shouldnt be a problem, as long as your more senior and recent positions are fully fleshed-out elsewhere on your resume.

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    How Do You List A Promotion On A Resume

    Let’s say I’ve a job as an entry level programming associate , move up into team manager for programmers , and then marketing director , but the last job title isn’t in the same area in the same company. It has its own skill set used and responsibilities are vastly different.

  • Does someone only list the last job title held under the same company?

  • How would they list both the programming associate position and the marketing director, if they were going for a high-level programmer director position, on a resume?

  • If they wanted a programming job again, do they leave out the marketing director position? What happens to that gap in time?


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