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How To Write A Cosmetology Resume

Choose The Right Format For A Cosmetologist Resume


The first step to writing a resume is choosing which format to use.

You have 3 main options:

  • Reverse-Chronological: this format lists your most recent work experience first. This helps employers see the growth of your career.
  • Functional: this format highlights your skills, and is best for those with less work experience like if you took a break from the workforce to care for children or an elderly parent.
  • Hybrid / Combination: this format is a mix of both functional and reverse-chronological resumes. List your skills and abilities first, then follow it up with your work experience.
  • At a high level, hiring managers want to glance at your resume and get a sense of the following:

    • Knowledge of your industry — beauty trends, makeup products
    • Experience with a variety of cosmetic procedures, from hair styling to facials
    • Excellent customer service

    Any of these three formats will work for a Cosmetologist, so pick which one best fits your work experience and your array of skills.

    Experience For Lead Cosmetologist Resume

    • Perform all nail, hair, makeup, services offered
    • Work cooperatively with associates, Leads and Managers
    • Knowledge of Spa Las Palmas Menu of Services
    • Maintain the highest level of product knowledge. Have knowledge of ingredient of product and their benefits to the client. Educate guest about proper nail, hair, and makeup care
    • Customize treatments based on guest requests

    Best Cosmetology Skills To Include

    Even though your work experience is the most important element of a resume, the skills you choose to highlight can also pay dividends when applying for a cosmetology job. When you’re trying to identify the most important skills to write down, keep in mind that there are hard skills and soft skills to consider.

    Hard skills are measurable skills that are easy to define and highly specific to the position you’re applying for. Soft skills are inherently more difficult to measure and can be readily applied to most any position on the job market. Examples of hard skills that are specific to cosmetology include:

    • Hair coloring
    • Adaptability
    • Attention to detail

    Make sure you search for keywords in the job description ad you’re interested in. A standard cosmetologist job description could include keywords like “hair styling,” “facial treatments,” and “anticipating needs.” Some of the skills you include should correlate with the keywords you identify. You can include around 5-10 skills in a basic cosmetology resume, but just make sure you honestly portray yourself.

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    How To Write A Great Objective Statement For A Cosmetologist Resume

    One thing about a great objective is that it must have something of value for the recruiter. It must be able to show that you have the required qualities, skills, experience, etc. to excel as a cosmetologist at the hiring company.

    To effectively write such resume objective, you need to learn about the job requirements and expectations, which you will find in the job description published by the employer.

    When you know what the employer expects of the cosmetologist they want to hire, you will then be able to craft an objective that shows you have what is required to do the job successfully.

    You can highlight one or two of the major qualities, skills, experience, etc. that match the requirements for the job in your resume objective.

    Take a look at the examples below.

    How To Write A Cosmetology Resume Objective

    Cosmetologist Resume

    The beauty industry requires winning the attention of a potential interviewer just like any other. For this reason, an attention-grabbing objective statement could be what it takes to get your application considered. Follow these steps to create a cosmetology objective for your resume:

  • Tailor your objective.

  • Note your relevant experience, certifications and degrees.

  • Detail your achievements and contributions.

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    Education And Certifications For A Cosmetologist

    Obtaining a job in the cosmetology industry requires education and training. Along with a high school diploma or GED, you should also look into earning a cosmetology training certificate or an associate’s degree in cosmetology. An associate’s degree or equivalent program takes around two full years to complete.

    The required number of years in the workforce depends on the type of position you’re applying for. While entry-level positions can be obtained without any experience in the industry, unique roles like skincare specialist may require two or more years of experience in a spa or salon.

    Skills For Cosmetologist Edan Spa Altamonte Springs Resume

    • Accurate use of timekeeping system
    • Converse with guest about appropriate content during service
    • Create stylish updos with techniques of extensions, braiding, etc
    • Comfortable performing services on both male and female clients
    • Knowledge in chemical services to include color, perms and straightening techniques
    • Willingness to comply with state sanitation guidelines as well as Standard Operating Procedures for all services and protocols
    • Begin and end hair/nail services at the published time and ensure correct procedures of all services are being followed at all times
    • Perform treatments and services while maintaining the clients comfort at all times

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    Experience For Pfister Well Spa Salon Cosmetologist Resume

    • Recruiting & interviewing
    • Training
    • Perform hair care services including, but not limited to, cutting, styling, coloring, highlighting, updos, permanent waves and straightening
    • Prepare hair equipment, treatment areas and supplies daily, and complete all tasks necessary for opening and closing shifts
    • Maintain cleanliness & sanitary procedures according to Wisconsin statutes
    • Comb, brush, and spray hair or wigs to set style
    • Administer therapeutic medication and advise patron to seek medical treatment for chronic or contagious scalp conditions
    • Shave, trim and shape beards and moustaches
    • Perform current, fashionable and age appropriate hair styles using the following techniques shampooing, cutting, setting, round brush blow dry, flat ironing, razor cutting and color

    Where To Train For A Career As A Medical Assistant

    Landing your dream Esthetician job (Tips, Advice, Showing My Resume)

    Does your resume have some gaps? Perhaps you need a stronger background to get the job? Thats where medical assistant training comes into play.

    Although you dont need a 4-year degree to become a medical assistant, training and certification is still necessary. To get the highest quality of training, attend a medical assistant program that is:

    • Comprehensive
    • Includes the necessary skills you need to know, including:
    • Blood drawing

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    Resume Layout And Design: Give Your Career A Makeover

    As a cosmetologist, you need to help your clients reflect their personality in their looks. Your cosmetology resume layout and design needs to do the same for you.

    Use the same aesthetic sense you have to design a resume that is clean and professional, but above all easy-to-read. Check out our expert-tested resume templatesto eliminate the time-consuming job of formatting.

    Skills For Cosmetologist Barbershop Resume

    • Performs other beauty services such as massaging face or neck, shaping and coloring eyebrows, cleans, shapes and polishes fingernails and toe nails
    • The ability and desire to provide guest with total pampering and attention while respecting their needs and still complying with guidelines of facility
    • Proficient in styling to include setting the hair on heat rollers, curling irons, Velcro rollers etc
    • Assemble make-up kits according to Disney guidelines and following an approved corporate design
    • Depilatory waxing of the face, neck and body as complying with state code

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    Entry Level Cosmetologist Resume

    Applying for your first job as a Cosmetologist? Dont worry! This is a highly technical profession. All you have to do is shift attention toward your strengths.

    Instead of the reverse chronological format, use the functional type for your resume. Assuming that Christina was the first timer, the sample resume template for a Cosmetologist would be re-arranged as follows:

    • Contact Information
    • Work Experience
    • Personal Information

    The functional format will work wonders for your entry-level resume for Cosmetologist IF you have the necessary qualifications: state license plus a few certification programs.

    If you need a job but dont have the requirements, it may be advisable to apply for low to mid-range Cosmetology openings at least while working on your state-license.

    Edit And Proofread Your Cosmetology Resume

    Cosmetologist Resume Samples

    Even though this should be, by far, the easiest aspect of writing a resume, it’s also the most overlooked. If you don’t correct typos, poor punctuation, and bad grammar in your resume, your prospective employer will almost certainly believe you’re inattentive and donât really care about the job. You’ll essentially be providing employers with a bad first impression. Along with proofreading your resume on your own, you should also have your friends or family members take a look at your work. Take advantage of BeamJob’s free resume checker as well to check for consistency, active voice, active verbs, metrics, and more.

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    Use A Resume Objective To Showcase Your Value

    The first thing the hiring manager sees on your cosmetologist resume is your resume objective , which is a 23 sentence statement that creates a positive first impression of you by:

    1. listing your relevant certifications, training, and education2. mentioning your years of experience and what tasks you performed3. conveying your most winning traits and how youll contribute to your new employers business

    Take a look at our applicants resume objective with colored underlines and how it showcases their value:

    Certified cosmetologist with 5+ years of experience delivering beauty solutions to clients, including hair, skin, and nail solutions, and providing quality advice on cosmetic and beauty product use.

    First, the applicant immediately highlights their skills and knowledge by leading with the first word, certified. By doing so, the hiring manager knows straight away that theyre dealing with a qualified candidate.

    If you dont have the relevant qualification for a role, dont worry. Instead, use a word that shows that you have the experience the company wants like dedicated, proficient, or skilled.

    Second, the candidate lists the most crucial tasks they performed in their previous roles that their new employer will be seeking.

    In the second sentence of their resume objective, the applicant clarifies their best attributes and connects them back to the company theyre applying to:

    Example Cosmetology Job Description

    Serenity Salon and Spa is looking for an experienced hair stylist/cosmetologist to join our team-oriented establishment. Famous for our award-winning customer service and creative stylists, Cosmetologists will cut, color, and style hair, provide skin care services, and upsell products. Here, youll employ your deep understanding of the latest beauty trends to creative style choices for our upscale clientele. This position requires you be able to stand for long hours and lift at least 25 lbs.


    • Cut, shampoo, style, and color hair for unique clientele.
    • Shaping eyebrows and removing or trimming unwanted hair from the face.
    • Provide skin care and scalp treatments, as needed
    • Sanitize and clean all tools and workspaces, according to state and federal health and safety standards.
    • Sell salon hair care products to customers for home use.
    • Perform occasional business tasks, such as answering calls, taking payments, and scheduling appointments.


    • A high school diploma or equivalent
    • Completion of cosmetology school

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    Beautician Cosmetologist Resume Statements

    • Promote and develop team oriented group that advocates excellence in client services.
    • Expertise in hair styling, hair coloring techniques, skin care, make up, eyelashes, nails, pedicures/manicures and spa treatments.
    • Manage sales of retail and back bar products including hair care products, colors, nail polish and other beauty supplies.
    • Provide consulting services for proper skin care in conjunction with everyday make up.
    • Answer phones and schedule customer appointments with other stylists.
    • Ensure that all products are inventoried and ordered as needed.
    • Possess multiple certifications including eyelash extensions, nail management, make up artist and hair coloring.
    • Friendly, people oriented professional with a reputation for building strong, long lasting relationships with customers.

    Do You Really Have To Include An Objective/summary In Your Cosmetology Resume

    Cosmetology Practice Written Exam 1

    No. You really donât! Not what you thought we were gonna say? Stick with us for a moment because weâll show you why you might want to include one and when you should just forget about it. First of all, you probably should understand that there is a difference between an objective and a summary.

    An objective is a short statement that allows you to describe your career objectives and goals. As for a summary, this isâwell, a summaryâthat discusses your qualifications and why you believe you would be a good fit for the position based on your experience and skills. Even though these statements shouldn’t be incorporated into every resume, you could think about using them when:

    • Objective statement: You can use an objective statement in your resume when your long-term career goals correlate with the cosmetology position you’re seeking. If youâve spent your life as a nurse, for example, but decide to transition into cutting hair, the objective is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate why youâre still qualified for the position.
    • Summary: You should write a summary when you want to display your value as an employer, when you want to emphasize core strengths, and when you want to tie together your years of experience in different positions.

    A couple of examples of poorly written objective statements and summaries include:

    These examples, though, are much higher quality:

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    A Showcase Of Certifications And Education

    The more qualified you are, the better the chances are of snagging that inverview. Thats why its important to include all the qualifications you have, like certifications and education. As a rule of thumb, include every certification and education you have had within the past ten years. Anything older wont be relevant. Before including certifications, make sure they are up-to-date and not expired.

    Key Takeaways For A Cosmetology Resume

    • Use your sense of style and understanding of what clients want to design and target your resume for each job.
    • Target your message to your prospective employer and insert keywords and phrases that will boost your ranking with the ATS.
    • Dont forget to include your licensure in your education section!
    • Check out our cosmetology resume sample for an idea of how to create an attractive page layout.

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    Touch Up Your Cosmetology Resume’s Appearance

    A good look never goes out of style, but the opposite is also trueand that goes for your resume as much as anything. Could your resume use some extra polish? Get a free resume evaluation today from the experts at Monster’s Resume Writing Service. You’ll get detailed feedback in two business days, including a review of your resume’s appearance and content, and a prediction of a recruiter’s first impression. It’s a quick and easy way to make sure you’re putting your most professional face forward.

    Your Cosmetology Resume Contact Information

    How to Write a Perfect Cosmetology Resume (Examples Included)

    The most important information to add to your cosmetology resume involves the header as well as your contact information, both of which should be positioned toward the top-center or top-left areas of your resume. Your name should have the largest font. The remainder of your contact information should have a font size of 11-12.

    As for fonts, Times New Roman and Helvetica are good options when creating a resume that you want to be effective. Tahoma and Calibri are a couple of additional font styles that are perfectly readable. At the very least, it’s essential that you don’t use an ornate font that’s difficult to read. If your potential employer can’t read your resume because of the font style, it won’t even be considered. The information that should be incorporated into a header includes your:

    • Name
    • Optional LinkedIn, portfolio site, etc.

    Your contact information could look something like this:

    There are a million ways you could format your contact info, and browsing our resume examples will give you some more inspiration.

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    Your Highlighted Medical Assistant Skills

    As an M.A., you probably have a variety of skills and expertise. When it comes to writing your resume, its easy to fall into the trap of including them all. This isnt a good idea. Only highlight skills that set you apart from other candidatesnot the basic skills that everyone learns as a medical assistant. This is key to making your resume readable, appealing to employers, and succinct.

    Tip: Only include 5-10 skills on your resume.

    Include An Education Section

    College is not necessary for a career in Cosmetology, however, you will need formal training in this industry. Most states require that you attain a license in Cosmetology, which can be acquired through Cosmetology School. Most programs are around 40 weeks and consist of both on-the-floor training and traditional learning .

    To become a Cosmetologist

    • High school diploma or GED equivalent
    • Completion of Cosmetology school or similar program
    • Pass a state-licensing exam

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    Congrats Youre A Step Closer To Landing Your Cosmetology Job

    We know itâs a pain, but honestly, writing your cosmetology resume is the biggest task when it comes to the job search.

    A recap to formatting and writing your cosmetologist resume:

  • Make sure you choose the right resume format, the best of which is the reverse-chronological method
  • Position the header/contact information in the right place
  • Focus on ATS readability
  • Skills For Lead Sales Cosmetologist Resume

    • Responsible for checking own schedule in SMS to ensure shift coverage
    • Use products within proper guidelines as set by Standard Operating Procedures
    • Shape eyebrows and remove facial hair, using depilatory cream, tweezers, electrolysis or wax
    • Give facials to patrons, using special compounds such as lotions and creams
    • Clean, shape, and polish fingernails and toenails, using files and nail polish

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    Include All Of Your Cosmetology Certifications

    Additional skills, certifications, and licenses make you more marketable, especially when those unique or extra skills go hand-in-hand with the career youre already pursuing. For example, in cosmetology, new skills often allow you to add different services to your menu.

    Listing extra credentials on your resume often helps to catch the eye of a hiring manager. When competition is stiff, make sure you mention your specialized education. You can add this information in either your profile section or in your professional experience section of your resume.

    Example #1


    Employed skills as a Simplicity Certified hair extensionist to place longer-lasting extensions to clients hair 10 minutes faster on average than other stylists.

    Curl specialist


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