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Is It Bad To Have A 2 Page Resume

Case Study: Mias Three Page Research Assistant Resume

5 Resume Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Mia has been working in immunology for many years.

From her undergraduate work to her current postdoctoral work Her drive to make a difference in the world has produced publications, presentations, and awards.

In her pursuit of postdoctoral research, demonstrating her expertise in the field is an absolute must. There are also expectations of an academic resume to put simply, having the correct style and streamlining your design.

To produce a resume to satisfy these conditions as well as discussing her previous work, a three-page resume was needed.

So far with all the case studies, have you noticed any similarities?

Firstly, theyre modern resumes which stand out. Above all, its the resume design and the way it highlights key information such as your certifications and different types of skills by using appropriate visual aspects. This is what makes them so compelling for the hiring manager.

Chances are, the recruiters at your company arent used to seeing a modern resume like this. So, making an impression and getting your foot in the door isnt difficult.

If youre unsure what to write and trying to cope with writers block, Enhancv makes the entire resume building process easier for you.

When youre using any of these proven examples, you have a resume in front of you thats gotten someone hired in the most competitive spaces. More importantly, they could just be like you.

These resume templates are free.

Should A Resume Be One Page

A resume should be one page in length. A ‘two page resume’ is OK if you can’t cut it shorter without hurting the message. Professionals with lots of experience in technical professions often need a two page resume.

Think who youre up against. If youve got accomplishments thatll blow the manager away, dont cut them. That said, most managers spend six seconds reading resumes. If you can stuff all your goodies in a single page resume, do it. Most resumes shouldnt be 3 pages.

Why Was Adding A Second Page The Right Choice

Showing you who he is

HRs are interested in culture fit to identify whether employees practices and passions align with the employers goals.

Daniel opens his resume with a short summary of his career, and later goes on to provide useful links where the HR can learn more about him .

Using a two-page resume, he didnt have to worry whether including these details would detract from his previous experience.

Is it bad to have a 2-page resume?

Working in technical support and engineering obviously requires a certain level of technical expertise.

Hiring managers need to clearly see the extent of Daniels knowledge on his resume. This means exploring the projects hes worked on and the technologies he has experience with. He dedicates just under two full pages explaining these and highlights his own projects under a Projects section.

This shows the extent of Daniels knowledge along with his initiative and ability.

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Resumes Are Now Routinely Two Pages Have The Rules Changed

An awful lot of people have internalized the old rule that your resume should be only one page and go through incredible contortions to keep their resumes down to that, even when they have years of experience.

The good news: The one-page-resume rule is dead. In fact, it’s been dead for a while. Two-page resumes are common now, so if you’ve been agonizing over how to stick to one page, agonize no longer.

However, there’s one big exception to this, and that’s if you have only a few years of experience. If that’s you, you should stick to one page. It looks a little silly to see someone two years out of school with a two-page resume; it’s rarely needed, and you’ll generally come across as a little self-important or unable to edit. There are exceptions to every rule, of course–but in my experience, everyone thinks they’re the exception on this, when only a small minority of people really are. So be brutal about sticking to one page if your experience is limited.

What about resumes that are longer than two pages–three pages, four pages, or even more? I seen plenty of these, but I’ve yet to see a candidates who actually needed that third page. Even among very senior and experienced people, the best candidates stick to two pages because strong candidates know how to present their background and accomplishments concisely, distilling their experience down to what matters most.

Two Page Resume Format

The Two

This two page resume example was written by a candidate whos applying to become the personal assistant for a local politician. Shes had plenty of personal assistant experience, but she hasnt worked in politics for eight years. So she uses a two-page resume format to showcase all her relevant experience:

Page 1

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How Long Should Your Resume Be Key Takeaways

Truth is, theres no perfect answer. There are too many factors to be considered to allow for a simple determination. Nonetheless, the strategies and topics discussed will help you in making the decision.

Before submitting your resume, use the following checklist summarised from everything in this guide:

  • Ive looked at the typical traits of one page, two page, and three + page resume
  • Ive answered the who, why, what, and how questions of a resume
  • Ive ensured all of my experience is specific, relevant, and measured
  • Ive determined the significance of each item included on my resume and believe removing any section would negatively affect my chances of being hired
  • Ive consulted other successful resumes to see how others have crafted their resumes for inspiration
  • Ive used Enhancvs builder to present all of this information in a sleek way and have capitalized on their unique sections to stand out

If youve followed these steps, chances are you have the perfect resume length for you.

As weve learned from Gals case study, sometimes rules-of-thumb do not fit your situation. Daniels story shows us that sticking to one page isnt always an advantage, and Mia shows us that in some cases, the recommended length is the best length.

As long as youve done the research and followed this guide, there is no right or wrong answer.

Do you agree with our tips? How long do you prefer your resume to be? Share your own insights in the comments below.

Why Do You Need Two Page Resume

A two page resume is sometimes a matter of choice and sometimes a matter of dignity.

Before the days of email, resumes were faxed, and further back, hand delivered. Pages got separated, particularly off a fax, but also on desktops .

That is the place from where all the “your resume should be one page long” advice ultimately comes from.

In fact, nowadays many people are not required to print the resume unless the recruit needs to take notes on it.

Pages don’t get separated in the digital domain, so 2 pages is OK – provided you aren’t just making it longer to appear more impressive. And if you’re an established professional, even a 3 page resume can be acceptable under certain circumstances .

In fact a resume should NOT be more than two pages. A CV could be more than two pages, but you’re not writing a CV, are you?

Unless your’e targetting jobs around the European continent, you do not need a CV. In fact, a 2 page resume contains almost all the information as does a CV.

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Do You Need A Two Page Resume Format

If youre like me, you might have one page only! ingrained in your brain when it comes to how long a resume should be.

If youre like me, you might have one page only! ingrained in your brain when it comes to how long a resume should be. However, once youve been in the workforce for several years, your one-page resume is likely bursting at the seams. Is a two page resume the answer? Turns out, its not as taboo as you may have thought.

What About The Extra Space


If the text on the second page is only one or two lines, you may want to consider reformatting and sticking to the one page rule. Otherwise, dont be overly concerned about the extra space on the second page. Recruiters have short attention spans and wont want to scan more information than they have to.

But if you feel compelled to fill that space, be strategic and make sure the information is relevant. If you havent already done so, add information on your leadership, organizations, volunteer work, hobbies, or sports activities. This will show employers you have a life outside of work and give some insight into your personality.

Also keep in mind that this information doesnt have to be in text format. Ive seen some great resumes recently that have outlined these items using pie charts, timelines, and graphs. Just remember these fancy formats dont always translate well when applying online and can wind up a jumbled mass of code.

So, whats the moral of the resume length debate? In the digital application world, size doesnt really matter. As long as you tell a compelling story about your employment history thats easy on the eyes, your page breaks will be forgiven.

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You Made A Career Pivot

Before you decided to head to business school, you were a marketing manager. Or, you thought you wanted a career in investment banking, but then decided to go to law school. You started on the veterinarian path, but then you decided it was financially smarter to pursue software development. Whatever the case, Weiner says those who have made a significant career pivot may need a two-page resume to explain their journey.;

The key is to consider if it fits into what you do now and how you can leverage it to highlight your value and overall story, she shares. If you are making a career pivot into a new industry, you will want to showcase those transferrable skills, which may require increased length and deference of that experience. Your earlier career experience can be highly relevantso do not rule it out.

Choose The Most Important Information For The First Page

Targeted Job Title

Creating a targeted job title is optional, however it creates a visual starting point for the body of your resume and succinctly states the position you’re looking for. When stating a targeted job title, remember to ask yourself if your experience and qualifications are deserving of the title. If not, they should be.

Career Summary

Whether you title this section Career Summary, Professional Profile or Performance Profile, the objective remains the same, to clearly and precisely state your professional offerings and demonstrate your fit as a candidate for the position.

The Career Summary section should be limited to a few sentences that emphasize your relevant experience, skills and unique abilities. This is the perfect opportunity to incorporate keywords and keyword phrases to increase the likelihood that you’re found in database searches. In addition, when your resume does meet with human eyes, your most notable assets will be readily visible.

The Job Objective

Sometimes referred to as a career objective, the job objective is a very important part of the resume in the absence of a targeted job title. In it, use one or two sentences to describe the position you’re seeking, the level of challenge you desire or even the industry you’d like to work in.

The Skills or Core Competencies Section

Work Experience

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When To Use A Three

Most people believe resumes should fit on two pages max, no matter how long youve been working. However, as with all rules, Yang says there are some exceptions.

For example, if you work for the federal government; youre a senior-level manager with a long track record of accomplishments; or youre writing an academic CV for a research or scientific position and have an extensive list of publications, speaking engagements, professional courses, licenses, or certifications; then you may need to extend your resume to three or more pages.

You Are Heavily Involved In The Community

2 Page Resume: Will It Crush Your Chances? (Format & Tips)

Its not only executives who need a two-pager. Sometimes, four-year or business school graduates can benefit from this resume approach. Particularly if you were heavily involved in extracurricular groups that employers find attractive, according to Augustine. These include, but are not limited to, internships, co-ops, campus activities, sports teams, volunteer work, and leadership programs. You can even organize by your contribution, allowing you more space to articulate why these items define your professional brand.;

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Keep Your Experience Clear And Concise

Another reason many job seekers go over the recommended resume length is because they include too much information for each position they held. Don’t use paragraphs when describing your work experience. Instead, use clear and concise bullet points.

Our team of 100+ career experts, professional resume writers, and former recruiters recommend that you use 4 to 6 bullet points for each position.

That keeps your work experience focused and relevant while remaining easy for hiring managers to scan.

Simple Professional One Page Resume Template

This Simple Professional Resume Template and CV Template is straightforward and effective. It uses design to stand out in a good way. Like the Modern one-page resume template above, its divided for easy readings, with attention-getting headings. The big name and dark heading give it oomph.

The link is here.

Expert Hint: Not all Free Resume Builders are ATS friendly. To make sure your creative resume reaches a human reader, send it directly to the recruiter’s inbox.

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How To Write A Two

Don’t know whether you should write a one-page or two-page resume? Find out when it is appropriate to write a two-page resume and learn how to write it correctly.

While a one-page resume is often considered the standard expectation of employers, there is a case for using a two-page resume.

In this guide, we will cover when and why you should consider using a two-page resume.

Plus, we have the tips and examples to help you format your two-pager correctly!

How Far Back Should A Resume Go

Resume template in LaTeX for freshers [2020] // Advice + tips on resume template

If you have a long work history, you should only go a maximum of 10 to 15 years back.;

Unless it was something outstanding, the recruiter doesnt need to know what you were doing 20 years ago. Chances are, the jobs from the beginning of your career arent as impressive as the ones youve held more recently.;

For example, theres no need to mention you were a market research assistant 18 years ago if you were head of marketing 3 years ago.;

Pro Tip:

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Change Your Resumes Formatting

If your resume has wide margins and a large font, youâre going to have a hard time fitting all the information you need on two pages. After clarifying the content, read our advice on resume margins and font size, as well as the top 10 resume fonts. This will help your resume appear balanced, relevant, and easy to read.

Many people opt to use templates they find online. The templates you find on Etsy, Canva, or other sites are often very visually appealing and use a lot of white space; however, multiple columns can confuse ATS scans so proceed with caution.

âIf your resume includes more than a square inch of white space at any point, adjust your settings. Thatâs valuable real estate! Play with the margins, tabs, and justification settings,â advises Caitlin.

Note: white space refers to spaces without content, no matter what color youâve opted to use or any lines youâve incorporated into your resume.

Finally, be wary of any site or resume builder that offers a subscription service for resume templatesâtheyâre notorious for charging unknowing job seekers month after month. When in doubt, DIY your resume or hire a reputable service.

When It’s Acceptable To Have A Three

There are some fields that require a long resume due to the inclusion of research, publications, and detailed projects. Those often involve people in science, medicine, academia, and engineering.

Even then, itâs advisable to keep your resume at two pages unless you have relevant information the hiring manager would want to see. You can include additional information on your LinkedIn profile, online portfolio, or a personal website.

Note: this advice is specifically for people writing a resume. If you’re not applying for a corporate job in the US or Canada, you may want to brush up on when to use a CV instead.

So how can you cut your resume down to two pages? You need to remove irrelevant and outdated information. Here are some tips to trim your resume down to be more effective.

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How To Format A Two Page Resume

While the length will increase, the overall format of your two page resume will be similar to that of a one page resume. The bulk of your resume, especially second page, will be used for listing work experience, though the structure of the second page will vary based on the resume format you choose.

Regardless of format, theres no need to include a resume header or contact information on the second page. Save that valuable space for your work experience.

Its okay if your work experience entries are split between the two pages. What you want to avoid is having one entry split at the page break. Remember, its all about making your resume as readable as possible, both for the hiring manager and applicant tracking system.

Why Your Resume Should Be Three Pages

right vs wrong student resume templates

You could have more than two pages if youâre a high-level or senior-level executive or in a very complex, technical field. For example, a scientist may need more than two pages to showcase background, education, published work, and studies. An executive resume usually shows a clear progression of responsibility and job titles with many related experiences.

Your professional document can be three pages if you are actually writing a Curriculum Vitae . This is more common if youâre applying for jobs outside of the USAâread more about the difference between a resume and a CV here. In the US and Canada, there are some other industries that use CVs such as academia and medical.

Federal resumes also follow a different format and can easily be three pages or more.

For most job searches, you should focus on your most recent 10 to 15 years of experience.

âConsider utilizing your to fit the information that is important, but not strictly necessary on your resume,â suggests Caitlin.

âConsider utilizing your to fit the information that is important, but not strictly necessary on your resume,â suggests Caitlin, a ZipJob career expert and certified professional resume writer .

Read our article on for more information.

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