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Should You Include Address On Resume

To Understand How Your Location May Change The Job Offer

What Should You Include on a Resume?

Depending on your location, the employer might want to change certain stipulations in your offer. For example, they may want to include language about working remote or details about commuting if you live far away.

While some employers may look for and use your address in a few different ways, it is sensitive information that you should provide if and when you feel comfortable. The only time employers absolutely need your physical address is during the final stages of the offer process. This is to complete the necessary paperwork to ensure you are legally in their systems so you can move forward. It is acceptable to keep your address private until this stage.

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Providing Irrelevant Personal Information

The personal details you are expected to include on your CV will vary in different countries. It is important to consider what information you are sharing with employers. In the UK, avoid a CV with a photograph, date of birth, nationality and marital status. Similarly, if you have social media accounts on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook for personal use, you do not need to share these. This is another opportunity to make a positive impression.

Think about the position you are applying for and how your interests and achievements relate to it. An interest in the exhibitions would be useful to mention if you want to work in the arts sector community engagement activities would be suitable if you want to work in the charity sector involvement in sport activities would be advantageous if you want a career in the sports sector. You can highlight other activities that demonstrate transferable skills and your values.

Other Opinions On Including Your Address

Some career experts recommend including your full address and zip code for many different reasons. One common reason is that some companies may favor hiring someone who has a shorter commute time, so if youâre close by you should say so.

In our opinion, you shouldnât put your full street address on a resume for this reason. Including your city, state, and zip code which will pretty much give away your commute time anyway, without giving up too much other information in the process.

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Being Mindful Of Time Zones On A Resume

If you are applying for a job in a different timezone than your own, this can be important information to relay.

It is of the utmost importance for you to respond quickly when an employer contacts you.

If you have not relayed that you live in a different time zone, an employer may end up contacting you when you are unavailable!

Making yourself available throughout the hiring process is key.

To do so, you need to be clear about what time zone you are in.

You can also bring this up once you have reached the interview stage as well.

It is crucial to be ready and willing to talk with employers once they have decided to put you through to the next phase of hiring.

Why You Should Include Your Address On Your Cv

Should You Include Your Address on Your Resume?

1. You are following convention

The top part of your CV is reserved for your personal details including name and contact details. Writing your home address in this section is a widespread and standard practice that has been happening since the invention of CVs and resumes. Why break with convention? Why make your CV stand out for not having an address? Sometimes, its best to stick to conventions particularly when your job or livelihoods are at stake.

2. Your distance to work may benefit your application

If you live locally to the job you are applying for, including your address on your CV may add some additional value to your application as some employers give preference to local applicants over those that commute long distances to work.

Ideally, it shouldnt matter whether you are commuting for half an hour or one and a half hours as long as you get to work on time and fulfil your duties, its all good. However, we do not live in an ideal world and sometimes personal preferences, biases and judgements affect our decision making.

3. Trust factor

Having an address on a CV can be an excellent trust factor.

It shows to the prospective employer that you have a permanent place , you do not have something to hide by omitting it, and that you follow a standard CV writing convention which is adopted by the vast majority of applicants.

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The Reality Of Including Your Address On Your Resume

For the most part, recruiters do not need your full address on your resume. When using address information, the recruiter likely will only need to know your general area to be able to assess you as a potential candidate. While certain circumstances will call for a permanent home address, this is the exception to the rule. If you want to keep your personal information safe while providing the recruiter everything they need, include your location in your resume header just like others have using Enhancv.

Email Address On Resume

You should use a professional-looking email address. However, dont use your email address given by your current employer.

Use your first and last name in the email address. Avoid unprofessional email addresses, like . Check the email account frequently so that you do not miss out on employer inquiries. Respond promptly.

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What To Include In Your Resume

Now that you know what not to include in your resume, take a second look at your resume to make sure it includes all the right elements to effectively tell your story and market your qualifications and work experience. Click on the following link to learn what 11 pieces of information every professional should include in a resume.

Not sure if your resume includes any of these mistakes? Let us help! Take advantage of TopResume’s free critique today!

Should You Include Your Address In Your Resume

Home Address On Resume?

Your resume is prime real estate and you should carefully consider every bit of information that you add to it. Including your address at the top has been an acceptable practice and many havent put any thought to whether they should or should not have it in.

Lise Stransky and I were talking in preparation for the webinar Is Your Resume Ready? And discussing the pros and cons. Your address usually goes at the top of the page, introducing yourself, part of the first impression you are creating. Could your address raise some pre-conceived biases? Positive? Negative? The important point to consider is: is your address adding value to your resume?

When would your address add value to your resume?

Mainly if there is an advantage to being local.

Is the company located in your home town? They may appreciate a local.

Is it stated in the job posting that the position is located in a certain location, that is, not a remote position? In this case adding your address would confirm that you are local. Yes, dont think for a second that if the job posting says local, only local candidates will apply. And for the right candidate, the company may consider relocation, but there are additional costs involved. In this scenario, if you are remote, deleting the address would be advantageous, dont let your address prevent you from getting that first interview.

What else should you or should you not have on your resume? Watch Lise Stranskys webinar, Is Your Resume Ready? to learn.

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Addressing Someone With A Title

Now, if you found out that the hiring manager has a professional or academic title, then its more appropriate to address them using that title. If, for example, the hiring manager has a Ph.D., then its more respectful to address them as Dr. Last Name, instead of Mr. Last Name.

Here are some professional titles and how theyre abbreviated:

  • A professor is Prof.

If, however, you are uncertain about how a title is abbreviated, then avoid it altogether.

Here are a few examples to give you an idea:


  • Dear Dr. Leonard,

When addressing women and you dont know their marital status, always go with Ms., because it doesnt comment on marital status. Some women prefer not to be addressed with Miss or Mrs. even when theyre married, so sticking with Ms. is the best choice.

Want to learn more cover letter tips? Our guide has all you need to ace your cover letter!

Required Vs Optional Address Information

If youre applying for a job with the federal government, your home address is required information. Many other government and civil service jobs also require a permanent address.

For jobs where local residency is a requirement, an address will be expected on your resume.

Some employers may specify where they want applicants to live when they post a job opening. For example: Must live in Metro New York area or Must live in North Carolina. If the job posting specifies a location, make it easy for the recruiter to learn where you live by including your address on your resume.

Some job postings specify that only candidates who provide a resume and cover letter will be considered. If your resume is lacking information, such as your address, that the hiring manager expects to see, you may be knocked out of contention for the job before you even get a chance to interview.

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How To Include Your Address On A Resume Without Harming Your Job Search

Clarity is key when it comes to providing your address on a resume.

When deciding what format to use when writing your address, consider the following:

  • Will location or proximity effect your candidacy?
  • Are you planning to move in the near future?
  • Are you uncomfortable sharing your exact address?

Sharing your address is ultimately another way to convey information to employers.

The different formatting options we have discussed each have their own benefits depending on the context.

If you are unsure of your employerâs expectations, opting for the âCity, Stateâ format may be best.

This provides a clear answer for where you are located without divulging too much personal information.

The âCity, Stateâ format will also enable you to pass ATS scanning!

Though a formal street address is certainly preferred by ATS, having location keywords can also do the trick.

List Of Relevant Skills Tools And Certifications


Your skills section should include relevant technical or hard skills and soft skills. You can include any tools youve mastered or certifications youve obtained as well.

The skills you include should be relevant to the job that interests you. For example, you may have excellent hard skills in different areas, but all of those skills may not be applicable to the job. If you are a skilled violinist, that may not be a good skill to put on your resume when applying for a job in construction.

You can learn what skills potential employers are looking for by reading the job description. As you read through job posts, write down keywords that match your skills and include them in your skills section as appropriate.

Your skills section might look something like this:

*Technical skills: Welding Electrical Systems Modern safety equipment Knowledge of major OSHA safety regulations OSHA Certification SMAW Welding Tools*

*Additional skills: Willingness to learn Attentive Organized Effective communicator Safety-conscious*

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Here Are 2 Reasons Not To Include Your Address On Your Resume:

ATS Ah, the evils of ATS software! Its programmed to reject resumes that are not within whatever the employer considers reasonable proximity to the job location. So lets say that you live in New York City, but are open to opportunities in Austin, TX or Boston, MA. If you submit your resume online, even if your cover letter mentions that you are willing to relocate at your own expense, the ATS software will reject your resume, and neither it nor your cover letter will be read by human eyes.

Recruiter discrimination Recruiters are only interested in candidates who 1) they think have a good chance to get hired and 2) who are likely to be retained . So if a recruiter thinks that even if you get the offer, a difficult commute might cause you to bail on the job, he or she wont present you to the hiring manager.

Why Employers May Want To See An Address On Your Resume

Employers may seekout a physical address on your resume for a few reasons. Having this piece of information can be helpful to them during the hiring process in the following ways:

  • They expect to see it. Because a physical address has historically been part of a standard resume, some employers will expect to see one on your application. As the landscape of communication changes, employers are becoming more flexible with expectations around this sensitive information.
  • Theyre creating an applicant profile for you. Some employers use profile systems to move you through the hiring process. If they dont offer you the job youve applied for, they may use your profile to consider you for future opportunities. Often, a physical address is one piece of information they might include.
  • To understand how your location may change the job offer. Depending on your location, the employer might want to change certain stipulations in your offer. For example, they may want to include language about working remote or details about commuting if you live far away.

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Putting Your Address Creates Unnecessary Risk

If youre applying for your job through a third party, like a job search board, you may feel anxious about writing your address because youre not sure who will have access to the information you list on your resume.

In this situation, its perfectly acceptable to remove your address from your resume to protect your privacy.

City And Province Or Territory

Should I Put My Home Address on My Resume

This is the most common format for including your address on your resume. This method is ideal for candidates who want to include their location but are uncomfortable disclosing their exact address. You can separate the city and province or territory with a comma to make it organized.

Example:Regina, Saskatchewan

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How To Address A Cover Letter To A Recruiter

As we already mentioned, the way you address your cover letter is important because it is the very first thing recruiters see upon opening your cover letter.

A well-formulated cover letter address means that you care enough to research the company and that you show attention to detail.

As such, you should always put some research into who youre addressing your cover letter to and do so in a formal way.

And yes, the formal part is important too. The recruiter isnt your best friend – you want to maintain a sense of professionalism.

If this is how you address the recruiter in your cover letter:

Incorrect Examples

  • Whats up Hiring Manager
  • Hi there Hiring Team

Then you say goodbye to the job.

Now, youre probably wondering, how can I find out whom to address my cover letter to?

Thats what were about to teach you:

Do You Need An Address To Get A Job

Employers of course deserve to know where their workers live, if only to find them in an emergency or conduct background checks. But theres no good reason for them to require an address on initial applications. Nor do employers need an address to make sure applicants could feasibly arrive at work on time.

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What Is A Resume The Essentials You Need To Know

Resume is a word youll hear a lot during the job-hunting process. A resume, sometimes called a CV or curriculum vitae, is a document that lists your work experience, education, skills and achievements.

Youll need a resume for almost any job application. Its considered essential information to give to an employer so they can weigh up whether youre suitable for a role, and if they want to invite you to a job interview.

Case Study: Adams It Resume

32 Luxury Should You Put Your Address On Your Resume in ...

Moving into sales in IT, Adam included a general location when applying to Software AG. This showed the recruiter he was within vicinity of their offices and that his commute would be minimal much like in Ramseys case.

With the Enhancv resume builder, you can craft a resume that blows all other applicants out of the water. From design options to bullet and section suggestions and content writing tips, were here to help you land your dream job!

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Spelling Punctuation And Grammatical Errors

Always double-check the spelling on your CV. Ensure you are writing in the correct tense and if you are using the third person, stick to it throughout the document. Avoid Americanisms and use the spell-check. If you struggle to spot mistakes, ask a careers professional, mentor or friend to look over your CV or use spell-checking software like Grammarly.

Helps With Verifying Your Identity

Employers may use your address for many purposes, including verifying your identity.

If you have a specific address attached to your name, this can help employers when running background checks.

It also helps them to keep more accurate and specific records!

This can ultimately show that you are being considerate of the employerâs needs and time!

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How Do You List A Remote Location On A Resume

How to write your remote job resume

  • Include your remote work experience in your resume summary.
  • Mention your remote work experience in the location section.
  • Create an additional section for your remote work experience.
  • Add it to your work history descriptions.
  • Incorporate it into your skills section.

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