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Software Engineer Resume Summary

Lead Software Test Engineerresume Examples & Samples

The Resume That Got Me Into Google (software engineer resume tips)
  • Provide technical quality leadership and guidance to the projects and resources that are assigned by implementing testing best practices
  • Work on product/project teams developing test plans, test cases and test execution
  • Partner with software engineering to design and develop tools and to assist in continuous development initiatives
  • Conduct technical assessment of process and teams
  • Work alongside and mentor other test engineers to continuously improve process and provide input into our internal training bootcamps
  • Contribute to and help maintain the testing framework for various types of testing on multiple platforms
  • Perform exploratory testing where necessary in addition to regression testing
  • 5+ years of understanding and working experience with online advertising
  • 5+ years working and testing with various online research and analytics tools
  • 3+ years working with and leading offshore resources
  • Experience with C#, PHP, Java, Javascript
  • Working with online streaming video experiences a plus
  • Proficient with continuous development tools and build tools
  • Experience with performance testing tools
  • Experience with web video playback, encoding, live stream and similar concepts

Writing A Software Engineer Resume Summary / Objective

The average recruiter spends something close to 6 seconds on one resume. Within this short time, there is one section that will act as a good preview to your whole resume: The resume summary or objective. Write a short, eye-catching resume summary or objective and tell your recruiter why youre the best candidate for the job and, voila! Youve grabbed their attention.

Lets compare both sections to see which one suits your needs.

Work Experience Section For Software Engineering Resumes: Telling A Good Story

There are three qualities that differentiate a tossed out work experience in a software engineer resume from the one that a recruiter will read to the end:

  • Results-oriented


Most software engineer job descriptions that perform badly do so for that exact reason: they are awfully generic and boring.

In order to write an engaging, results-driven resume template, you should state not only what you did, but what you achieved by what you did, framing it in terms of numbers.

In other words, Process, Technology, Accomplishment.

Lets rewrite the previous example.

Bad: Developed a prediction algorithm Good: Reduced the loading time of a 10 million photo library by 68% by developing a preloading algorithm

Pro tip

Want to make it even more convincing? Mention tech that you used to do that. If those are mentioned in the description of a job that youre applying for, thats double win.

Better: Reduced the loading time of a 10 million photo library by 68% by developing a preloading algorithm using Pythons SciPy library.

However, dont use too many abbreviations, otherwise the resume will become hard to read. Youll have a relevant Skill section to list more of your technical skills.

Below is an example of a results-oriented software engineer resume template experience section:


Want to learn more about why accomplishments and achievements are a must in a resume professional experience? Then read on our blog post: Resume Highlights: Why Resume Accomplishments Get You Hired .

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The All Too Familiar Way Of Not Landing An Interview

Applying Online

You probably know the link that every company provides for online applications. Its the classic career site that shows you a bunch of job titles which you think you are totally qualified for until you open the job description and read the minimum requirements.

A job description with a bunch of words that you have never heard of, may have heard of, or hoped you had heard of. And it has an innocent-looking Apply button.

Despite the uncertainty you may feel about your qualifications, you apply anyway because you want a job.

So you fill out the application form, press submit and wait and hope for a positive response.

Your results will be varied:

  • Phone Interview ?
  • Immediate Rejection ?
  • No reply ?
  • Repeat Until Success Right?

    Sadly, this is the typical process that many people go through when looking for a job/internship.

    Apply to a couple of companies. Get a couple of rejections or no replies. Apply to a couple more companies. Get a couple more rejections or no replies. Over, and over, and over again.

    Why do we do this to ourselves? We spend all this time doing the same repetitive task to obtain the same, disappointing results.

    Because this is what everyone does to get an interview, right? Because at least were working towards the right direction and have a glimmer of hope, right? How else are you supposed to get an interview?

    Match Your Resume Skills To The Job Description

    best software engineer resume example livecareer

    How can you identify the most common skills for the industry or role you’re applying for? The best way is to look at job openings for positions you’re interested in.

    Here’s the process that works best to add skills to your resume:

  • Look across 5-10 different job descriptions for roles you’re interested in and identify the 10-15 most common skills in those job descriptions.
  • For each specific role, you’re applying for, choose the 5-7 skills from your list that are most relevant to that job.
  • Yes, this means that you’ll have to customize your resume for each role you apply to. Customizing your skills section, however, will vault you into the top five percent of applicants and is the quickest way to increase the number of interviews you get.

    Let’s walk through an example of how to customize your skills for a specific job.

    Say you’re looking for a position as a digital marketer, and after looking at some job descriptions, you notice the most common skills employers are looking for are the following:

    Now, you’re specifically interested in a role with the following job description .

    Digital marketing manager job description



    Finally, we cross-reference our list of 10-15 skills with the skills this specific job is looking for . This leaves us with the remaining 5 key skills:

    • Optimization: A/B Testing, Segmentation
    • Paid Ads: Facebook
    • Social Media: Email Marketing

    to build your own resume in minutes!

    Why this resume works

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    What Does A Software Developer Do

    Software developers specialize in creating, implementing and maintaining software and databases, but software development is an umbrella for many different skills. In fact, CoderHood list 19 different types of software developers:

    • Front-end or client-side

    You may already have a specialty or know what area interests you most. You may have a job doing one type of development and be looking for a new challenge. Whatever your situation is, a great software developer resume is the place to start.

    The field of software development is expected to gain 409,500 jobs by 2030, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Thats a 22 percent increase much faster than the average for all occupations.

    But because opportunities abound, many people are preparing for careers as software developers.

    According to DataUSA, the number of computer and information sciences and support services graduates in the workforce grew from 2.06 million in 2018 to 2.17 million in 2019, an increase of 5.5%. And yet the supply of software developers is not keeping up with the demand. Just as you have options in the type of work you do, you also have options in how you do it.

    Software Developer Resume Sample

    The hardest part of looking for a new software developer job is probably facing the blank page when trying to come up with the right words to display your impressive programming knowledge. While putting your software development experience, skills, and academic background on paper is not the most enjoyable task, its necessary to land that software developer job youve always wanted.

    As a software developer, you are meticulous. You work hard to ensure codes are flawless. Why not give your resume the same treatment? To guarantee your profile stands out from the rest, you must pay special attention to detail. Not only do you need to write concise yet powerful sentences, but you also need to dive into your skillset and handpick the words that will catch the recruiters eye.

    If youre unsure where to begin, keep reading. Our software developer resume samples will give you some inspiration to write a bulletproof document. Follow our tips to get that interview youve been waiting for!

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    Lead Software Engineer Ii Resume

    Summary : 18+ Years of IT experience in Design, Development, Data Analysis, and Implementation of Business Solutions. Experience in software applications for Banking and Retail Industry, Movie Industry, Equipment finance, Enterprise Resource Planning and Healthcare industry along with Pretreatment Water information management system and Inventory Management System. Experience in Agile software development methodologies & working in Scrum team.

    Skills : ASP.NET, C#,, JavaScript, JQuery, HTML, WSDL, C, PowerBuilder

    Description :

    Writing The Perfect Cover Letter For Your Resume

    The Resume That Got Me Into Google and Bloomberg (software engineer resume tips)

    A cover letter is important because you submit it alongside your resume at the interview as a part of your application. An average cover letter is 250 400 words long and acts as an introduction to yourself while mentioning about your professional background. You can utilize your cover letter to grab the interest of your recruiter by showing them why you want to work for their company. So, how should you structure your cover letter? A good cover letter would include all the following details in their relevant sections.

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    What Work Experiences Should You Include On Your Resume

    Here are some ideas on writing about your experiences and responsibilities as a Software Engineer on your resume depending on the level of experience you have.

    Tip: Create a Strong Work Experience Section – It’s important to include action verbs and quantify results. Use this list of over 350 resume action verbs as a guide to craft the most effective bullet points.

    Python Developer Resume Example

    Why this resume works

    • Python developers arent very common outside the typical confines of the data analyst/scientist or machine learning world. With that being said, it’s all the more important that your Python developer resume continuously points towards development and not the traditional Python roles a recruiter would expect to see.
    • Unfortunately, not all technical recruiters are particularly technical, which brings about its own unique challenges. An inexperienced or lazy recruiter could easily misinterpret Python development as one of the fields very commonly associated with the language. Guide the recruiter the entire way from start to finish and never facilitate an opportunity for misappropriation.

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    Resume Layout And Design

    Nothing less than a superior-caliber resume document is acceptable for software engineers. As weve emphasized before, put yourself in the hiring managers chair. Deliver on the expectation of a clean, user-friendly layout that does you justice.

    The result should be eye-catching without being flashy or gimmicky. Keep it sleek, streamlined and uncomplicated inviting at first glance and disappointing no one reading further. And it goes without saying your resume must be character-perfect and bug-free in every other sense. Subject it to multiple beta test runs under anyone scrutiny but your own. Tweak it further each time and do a proofreading reboot.

    Fonts and size

    Most tech-minded people widely favor sans-serif fontspopularized by web designers/developers and web-based companies. Fonts like Open Sans, Roboto, Arial, Calibri, Lato, Helvetica and PT Sans will feel right at home in a software engineer resume. Incidentally, most of them can be found in the Google Fonts library or as standard inclusions on PC/Mac systems.

    For font size, stick to a range between 10 to 12pts .

    While your designing eye could come in handy, were guessing you dont have hours to spend reinventing unbroken wheels. Consider using one of our field-tested resume templatesthat are used as a basis for all our resume examples.

    Quantify Your Software Engineering Experience

    Freelance Software Engineer Resume This is a summary of my experience ...

    Including numbers and key metrics will help you tell your story on your resume better. Hiring managers dont want to see generic qualifications. They want to learn more about the experience specific to your background. If your application streamlined manual operations for a company, provide a number for how many work hours this saved every year. If you were creating custom software solutions for large customer accounts, you should attempt to quantify how much the client was valued at to create a sense of scope. Below, youll find some examples to help you quantify your experience on your resume.

    Example #1


    • Developed, programmed, and tested a new mobile application for banking customers using GitHub to improve finance management functionality, which generated positive feedback from 90% of user surveys and garnered over 2M downloads
    • Developed a software solution for customers generating a large amount of revenue and integrated new features

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    Software Test Engineer Tech Leadresume Examples & Samples

    • Lead the testing effort in the Scrum delivery team responsible for testing web interfaces and underlying business logic
    • Work with product owners and peer scrum team members to clarify story acceptance criteria, identify implementation risks, and develop appropriate mitigations within the context of the project test strategy
    • Write test cases, create test data, develop C# testing scripts in the .NET framework, execute functional and regression test suites
    • Lead/participate in reviewing test cases, test data, test scripts and test results
    • Report and track defects and validate them after they have been fixed
    • Guide the team in developing/enhancing automation framework and process
    • Perform additional duties as determined by business needs and as directed by management
    • Prepare any necessary QA documentation
    • Track and report daily and weekly activities
    • Good at prioritizing the tasks and commitment to complete them
    • Strong team player / customer service orientation. Demonstrated ability to work with both end users and technical staff
    • Ability to track progress against assigned tasks, report status, and proactively identifies issues
    • Experience with web services development and testing a strong plus
    • Agile experience a strong plusMust be comfortable with rapidly changing and/or loosely defined requirements that are refined over time

    Let Your Work Experience Vouch For Your Resume Skills

    Now that you’ve got your top one to two skills in your resume objective and a dedicated skills section on your resume, it’s time to talk about how you’ve used your skills in your previous roles and projects.

    This is especially important for soft skills. Put yourself in the shoes of the hiring manager.

    Does seeing that someone described themselves as “attentive to detail” in their skills section mean much without seeing that skill in action?

    It’s much more valuable if you highlight a time you were attentive to detail in a previous job. For example, if you’re an administrative assistant, you might say you “re-organized thousands of customer contacts in HubSpot without losing any customer information.”

    Remember, it’s one thing to say you have a skill, but showing your knowledge of that skill in a work or personal project will carry much more weight in the eyes of the hiring manager.

    This software engineer lists NodeJS and Django in the resume skills section.

    The skills don’t end there, though, because the job seeker’s work experience at MarketSmart weaves those exact skills into improving the click-through rate. Even this candidate’s intern experience shows how Django played a role in increasing reporting speed.

    It’s best to start with specific work experience and then work backward to determine which skills you used instead of the other way around.

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    What Do Software Engineers Do

    Software engineers are highly specialized experts whose analytical and practical abilities equip them for client-directed, solution-focused project management roles. Their knowledge of mathematics, engineering and computer science is applied to the testing, design, development and maintenance of computer software for business and personal use.

    Essentially, software engineers are responsible for creating the systems that make computers operate properly in specific circumstances. From operating systems, computer games and middleware to business applications and network control systems, the types of software they engineer are numerous and diverse. Rapidly evolving breakthroughs in technology and specialty niches are what make the profession so dynamic, with the ongoing onus on software engineers to keep refreshing their knowledge and skills.

    Software engineers can pursue job opportunities as company employees or independent contractors. They may be courted relentlessly by head-hunters and business leaders in a multitude of burgeoning industries. Beyond the more obvious technology sectors, opportunities are endless in areas from healthcare, automotive manufacturing and green energy to remote sensing, aeronautics and finance. Lucrative positions are available in all manner of government, private and non-profit organizations.

    How much do software engineers earn?

    • Less than 1 year $103,269
    • 1 to 2 years $106,098
    • 6 to 9 years $121,355
    • More than 10 years $139,031

    Learning How To Write A Killer Rsum By Example

    Software Engineer Resume Review | WGU Computer Science Graduate!

    As to methods there may be a million and then some, but principles are few. The man who grasps principles can successfully select his own methods. The man who tries methods, ignoring principles, is sure to have trouble.

    – Ralph Waldo Emerson

    Lets take another look at this résumé:

    The Essentials from a Glance

    One-page résumé

    Recruiters do not have all day to read your résumé. On average they view it for less than 6 seconds. Keep it short and concise.


    Place sections in order of importance from top to bottom. The Personal Projects section is a unique, must-have for people looking for a software engineering position.

    Consistent layout + font per section

    Make sure each section contains a uniform look. Consistent style is important as it enhances the readability. Readability is essential.

    So why does this résumé work? Lets explore the numbered bullet points.

    Who Are You

    Target Audience: Anyone writing a résumé

    Starting off real easy. Your name. Place your name at the top of your résumé in a large legible font.

    No need to be all fancy about it with extravagant colors or fancy fonts. Plain and simple does the trick. You want the recruiter to see this easily from a mile away because you want them to know who you are. A recruiter who has to do minimum work is a happy recruiter. A happy recruiter is one who is more likely to give you an interview.

    Recap: Make it ridiculously easy for the recruiter to read and find your name.

    Target Audience: Anyone writing a résumé

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