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How To Show Leadership Skills In Resume

Give More Than Expected Of You:

UVA Darden Admissions: Resume Advice, Leadership

Always deliver more than is expected of you. Never wait for deadlines or reminders, instead submit your work prior to the deadline to show your efficiency. If you are given a task, try to reach perfection so that it goes beyond the expectations of your management. Never shy away from walking the extra mile as these extra miles will one day make you reach the top of the peak.

How To Demonstrate Team Leadership Skills On Your Resume

  • Think of instances when you took the initiative and united the team around an idea of yours that lead to success
  • Describe a time when you helped resolve a team conflict or deescalate a situation
  • Give examples of innovative ideas or approaches that took your team efforts to the next level
  • Mention situations when you were able to listen actively, motivate, and provide support to your team members
  • Explain the relation between consistency, discipline, and trust by providing an example of your experience
  • Talk about a difficult situation that you were able to overcome by exerting original thinking and mediation

Saying things such as âIâm a good leader who has managed a team of 4 peopleâ sounds impressive, but managing people does not directly imply how and why that makes you a good leader.

To make this statement believable and persuasive, you need to go into detail and support it with examples.

Try to dig deeper by pondering the following questions:

  • What exactly did you achieve when you managed this team?
  • Did you take any specific classes or receive any certifications or coaching on being a leader?
  • What did your team members say about working with you?
  • What did you learn from that experience?

To help you describe your own experience, here are some real life examples from other Enhancv usersâ resumes

Get inspired to craft and enhance your own resume.

Training/mentoring Newer Team Members

You dont need to have a Manager or Supervisor job title to play a lead role in a past job. If you were ever asked to help get a new team member up to speed, train them on the basics, or watch over them on their first few weeks, thats a great example of leadership experience.

This shows your past boss trusted you and knew they could rely on you. Thats one of the key things you want to try to do when sharing past leadership experiences pick something that shows other people thought you were someone they could trust and rely on.

In an interview, this will help convince the interviewer that they can also rely on you! Thatll help you get hired.

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Leadership Skills To Put On A Resume

The first thing that comes to mind when you think about how to describe leadership skills on a resume is what can be considered as such. According to S. Gullies study of leaders around the globe, leadership competencies can be divided into 5 categories:

  • Strong ethics and safety: having high ethical and moral standards, clearly communicating expectations
  • Self-organizing: setting goals/objectives without micromanaging the process
  • Efficient learning: flexible with changing opinions, openness to new ideas and approaches, creating a safe trial and error environment
  • Growth nurturing: commitment to ongoing training, dedication to creating the next generation of leaders
  • Connection and belonging: communicating openly, sharing wins and failures.

While these are undeniably the ultimate leadership skills for an employee, the question here is how to put leadership skills on a resume, and prove the recruiter you are a team player who can lead?

Know Your Resume Well:

12 Hardware Skills In Resume Collection

If you write something and appear to be something else, you will fail at the interview. Know exactly what you have, mentioned on your resume as you will surely be cross questioned. Study the instances or leadership examples that you have highlighted in your resume elaborately so that you do not need to think of an answer when the interviewer asks you.

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Creative And Design Skills

Not all positions require design skills, but if youre in a creative industry or role, its likely to be at the top of the must-have list. Choose examples for your resume that show your ability to conceptualize new ideas and see projects to fruition through the entire design process. For example:

  • Designed a new user interface for the company app using Sketch and Figma, leading to 50% higher click-through rate.
  • Redesigned company logo as part of a rebranding initiative that resulted in a 30% increase in brand awareness among the target demographic.

How To Show Leadership Skills In Interview:

The next big step is the interview. If you are shortlisted and are called to appear for the interview for a position which demands leadership skills, chances are that your interviewer already has a clue about your leadership abilities through your resume. Now what is most important is to highlight your skills further and explain them more elaborately adding in the specifics.

Here are some of the ways in which you can showcase your leadership skills in an interview successfully.

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Leadership Traits In Your Skills Section

The skills section of your resume is important. It will show the hiring manager that you have the necessary skills for the job you are applying to.

List your skills front and center on your resume.

Dont leave this section off of your resume or place it at the bottom of the second page.

You can name this section with various titles like:

  • Skills
  • Core Competencies
  • Area of Expertise
  • Here you will list 10-15 of your best and most relevant skills for the job you are applying for. Include both hard and soft skills like those listed above.

    Dont List Soft Skills Directly In Your Skills Section

    Resume skills you need to include to land that interview

    That might seem counterintuitive surely listing your skills is the best way for employers to see them? The problem is, people are notoriously bad at evaluating their own soft skills. Nobody looks at a job ad asking for a hard-working, detail-oriented team player and thinks, no, thats not me. Soft skills are incredibly subjective, which means that hiring managers dont want to see people describing themselves as visionary leaders, excellent communicators, or self-starters.

    Buzzwords like these are red flags to most recruiters, since theyre often listed by people who dont meet other criteria of the job description. Put plainly, listing soft skills outright is more likely to get your resume thrown out than given a second look.

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    Key Leadership Skills For A Resume

    Find My Profession is your one-stop shop for all the latest career advice. Browse hundreds of articles and get ahead in your career!

    What are leadership skills and why do you need to include them on your resume?

    The answer to this question is simple. You need to show your potential employers that you can manage a team and get results.

    Companies like Amazon are very serious about leadership skills.

    They wont hire you if you dont have them.

    This is true even if you are applying to non-leadership positions!

    In this article, we will explain the 9 most important leadership skills for your resume.

    We will also share 45 leadership skill synonyms that you can sprinkle in your resume.

    Lets define leadership and get a deeper look into the nature and reality of leadership itself.

    Prepare To Back Up Your Claims In The Interview

    Many of the details you include in your resume will likely come up in your interview. As you write your resume, make sure to single out examples of leadership skills you can back up in person. Afterward, practice giving examples of your leadership skills with family or friends before your interview.

    Remember, when you apply to a leadership role or highlight leadership skills on your resume, always count on being pressed for more details in your interview.

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    Top 6 Leadership Skills: Definitions And Examples

    Leadership skills can help you in all aspects of your career, from applying for jobs to pursuing career advancement. One of many soft skills that employers value, leadership skills, often incorporate several different personality traits and communication abilities that are useful for anyone to learn and practise over time.

    Knowing the definitions of leadership skills and seeing relevant examples can be particularly helpful when writing your resume. If youre applying for jobs that require you to take initiative and be a leaderwhether as a manager or among your peersits a good idea to list leadership skills on your resume.

    Training Teaching Coaching And Mentoring

    6 Internships Resume Sample Tzaafk

    Even if you have never held an official leadership title, consider if there are any instances where you have directed others through training, teaching, coaching or mentoring. Experience as a tutor, time you spent helping a coworker learn a skill or a day spent coaching a team member can all be described as leadership experience. If you had a new student or a new employee shadow you for a day, this is also a type of mentoring, training or leadership.

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    Find Resources Like Books Or Podcasts About Leadership

    A self-study on leadership may help you get a better understanding of how to develop your leadership skills. Many books on the subject exist, including the 1937 Dale Carnegie book, How to Win Friends and Influence People, which has been a favorite among many business leaders for decades. There are also many podcasts and video workshops you can find offered at no cost online.

    How To Develop Your Leadership Skills

    You can practice good leadership skills in any role, at any level. For example, showing up on time to meetings and turning in work on schedule shows dependability. Offering support and coaching to less experienced colleagues is also an example of leadership. If it seems like a good fit for you, you might consider seeking out leadership roles to develop and practice your leadership skills.

    Here are some examples of additional ways you can develop your leadership skills:

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    How To Show Leadership Skills On Your Resume

    If youre applying for most mid- to senior- level roles, youll need evidence of leadership skills on your resume. Heres how to demonstrate them effectively.

    4 months ago 6 min read

    If youre applying for a senior-level role or one that involves managing others, hiring managers will be looking for evidence of leadership skills. That parts pretty straightforward whats less straightforward is communicating those skills on your resume. Unlike hard skills like programming or foreign language proficiency, leadership is a soft skill, which means you cant simply list it in your skill section and move on. So, how do you demonstrate leadership on your resume?

    Examine If Your Current Leadership Is Effective

    How to make a skills-based resume

    Whether you employ a mix of different leadership styles or focus on one, is your approach effective at reaching your goals? Ask your team if they feel motivated and productive in their work environment, and if not, what they think could make it more so. It could mean focusing on different methods or a switch to another leadership style altogether.

    Here are the most commonand effectiveleadership styles to consider:

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    Leadership Skills For Cover Letters

    Your cover letter provides an opportunity to help a potential employer understand you better. To share leadership skills in a cover letter, pick one or two accomplishments and do your best to describe which skill you used and what the outcome was. For example, if you were the events coordinator for a large corporate function and something went wrong, you can talk about your problem-solving skills and how that helped to get the event back on track.

    Leadership skills can be the foundation of career advancement for both managers and individual contributors. Employers of any size company value people with leadership traits, meaning this is a worthwhile skill set to develop in any industry.

    Example : Resume Summary

    Job Situation: Software developer with 4 years of experience applying for the role of Technical Team Lead


    In those 3 short sentences, we get the idea that this Software Engineer has an affinity for tech and teamwork. They speak of collaboration, valuing teamwork, and approaching both tech and communication challenges with a people-first motto.

    This summary definitely states the intention of the IT professional to move from a more tech to a more people position like a Team Lead.

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    How To Show Leadership Skills In Cover Letter:

    Showing leaderships skills in a cover letter is similar to showing it in your resume. The only difference is that in a cover letter you need to be more precise and have to cut it short. Only bullet points highlighting directly your key leadership examples and leadership qualities and skills will do the task. Later you can elaborate it in your resume.

    Craft A Powerful Summary

    32 Beautiful Leadership Skills Examples for Resume in 2020 ...

    Discussing your leadership skills in the professional summary of your resume can help you communicate your strengths to a hiring manager. In a few sentences, describe your professional experience and highlight some of the leadership skills that make you a qualified candidate for the position. If you’ve received an award or other recognition for your leadership skills in the past, you can also mention these in your summary.

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    Include Bonus Sections To Stand Out

    If you want to really increase your chances of getting hired, make sure to include one or two additional resume sections.

    This is one of the best ways to stand out from the crowd.

    Highlight some other activities that will prove that you have excellent leadership and interpersonal skills: volunteer work, languages, certifications, associations, attended conferences, etc.

    Leadership Skills in the Additional Sections

    • Spanish

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    How To Include Soft Skills On Your Resume

    Demonstrating skills like teamwork and communication on your resume is more involved than simply listing them in a skills section. Heres how to show, not tell.

    8 months ago 8 min read

    A skill is a skill, right? Well sort of.

    When it comes to applying for jobs, there are hard skills and soft skills. Hard skills are specific and demonstrable think foreign language skills, proficiency with a particular software or coding language, or degrees and other qualifications. Soft skills, on the other hand, are a lot harder to prove. So what exactly are they, and how do you include them on your resume?

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    Leadership Skills Resume Phrases

    Here are some examples of sentences which combine action verbs with numerical evidence to demonstrate leadership skills:

    Managed a team of 26 and increased sales by 15%

    Pioneered a new scheme which was used across 7 departments

    Spearheaded a campaign which raised $7,500 in donations

    Boosted efficiency by 12% by introducing a new filing system

    Introduced automatic e-mail system which saved over $17,000 yearly

    Organization & Time Management

    Creating a Technical Skills Section in a Resume

    Being a leader means constantly juggling tasks, prioritizing deadlines, monitoring progress, and re-evaluating everything once completed, all the while supervising and managing employees.

    Being a successful, strong leader means having excellent time management skills and organizational skills.

    Heres a bullet point example of how to demonstrate organizational and time management skills on your resume:

    Managed a team of 20 writers while remote working. Delegated tasks, ensuring publication deadlines were met during the pandemic. Exceeded 2020 annual writing-distribution goals by 20%

    Additionally, heres an organization & time management-related leadership skills list:

    Organization & time management leadership skills list

    • Planning
    • Attention-to-detail

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    How To Prove Your Leadership Skills On Your Resume

    It is usually fairly easy to showcase your qualifications and hard skills on a resume, but demonstrating your soft skills can be quite a challenge. This is especially true in the case of leadership skills: Its easy to say you have them, but its much more difficult to prove you do.

    Demonstrating your leadership skills is essential to landing many roles, especially those with supervisory or managerial duties. Here are five ways to craft a more convincing portrait of your leadership skills on your resume:

    1. Explain the Structures of Your Previous Teams

    Recruiters will not know the organizational structures of your previous employers or how your previous positions fit into them. A great way to quickly demonstrate your leadership skills is to explain where your position fell in the company hierarchy and the type of people you led in that position. You can make this information quantifiable by writing about the number of people on your team, the number of people in total, and how your work fed into the business.

    Example: Managed a team of 6 analysts, reporting directly to the managing director.

    2. Reference Your Delegation Skills

    Example: Mobilized a team of 3 project managers to deliver 5 milestones, with a weekly reporting process for updates and issues.

    3. Talk About Leading From the Front

    Example:Led a team with a sales revenue of $3 million, with myself personally contributing $550,000.

    4. Detail Your Teams Achievements

    Important Leadership Skills For Resumes & Cover Letters

    When companies hire for leadership roles, they look for people with qualities that will allow them to successfully interact with colleagues, clients, and others in the workplace and beyond.

    Only those with high integrity demonstrate leadership skills. The preferred management positions are reserved for those whom employers see strong leadership skills.

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