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What Does It Mean To Name Your Resume

Resume Titles That Helped Flexjobs Members Get Hired

How To Make Your Resume Stand Out In 2020

Did the title of this article get your attention? You can do the same to get the attention of employers by writing enticing and informative resume titles for your FlexJobs profiles.When you create resume profiles on FlexJobs, you have the opportunity to write a title for each profile that you make. That title is often the first thing an employer will see when searching for candidates on FlexJobs or reviewing your profile after you submit an application. FlexJobsCareer Development Manager and Coach Brie Reynolds weighs in on why your FlexJobs resume title is worth paying attention to:

Your resume profile title on FlexJobs is a really important piece in your job search process, for a few reasons.

  • For one, its one of the first things an employer will see about you when theyre searching candidate profiles.
  • Two, its part of what gets scanned when an employer does keyword search, so for them to be able to find you, youll want to have a keyword-rich profile title.
  • And three, it encourages you, the job seeker, to distill your job search message into one short sentence. If you can write about your best qualifications and the type of work youre seeking in that short space, you can use that summary anywhere. Its really helpful to be able to tell people who you are and what you have to offer in a succinct way.
  • Note:

    How To Choose A Good Resume File Name

    How to select a resume file name may seem like a minor consideration when writing your resume.

    However, imagine youre an employer with a mountain of resumes to go through, you will be quick to judge and quick to dismiss.

    Most recruiters only spend a few seconds scanning resumes so first impressions are all important. The file name for your resume is one of the very first things a prospective employer will see.

    The resume file name is especially important when you send multiple attachments in an email, such as your resume, a cover letter, and a portfolio.

    It is important to give your resume a name which makes it clear what it is, and that is yours. Keeping the resume file name clear and simple is just one advantage of using a resume templates.

    Wait What Exactly Are Credentials

    When it comes to resume credentials, its easy to get confused. In fact, the word credentials has two different meanings when it comes to your job search.

    First, there are formal credentialsthose professional qualifications and designations that enable you to pin some extra letters on at the end of your last name . As Merriam-Websters definition puts it:

    Testimonials or certified documents showing that a person is entitled to credit or has a right to exercise official power A doctor’s credentials.

    But, there are also all of your other, less rigid credentialsa term that could apply to any sort of skill, expertise, or characteristic that qualifies you for a particular role. Heres Merriam-Websters other definition:

    Something that gives a title to credit or confidence The applicant with the best credentials.

    If you were a marketing professional with five years of work experience and strengths with Google Analytics, you might possess the right credentials for that job, for example .

    Whew! Are you still with us? If youre feeling confused, theres no need to start huffing and puffing into a paper bag quite yet.

    Were going to do a deep dive on resume credentialsyes, both the formal and the not-so-formal onesand share all of the nitty-gritty details on how you can present yourself as a seamless fit for that position youre so eager to land. Lets get started!

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    It Helps Prevent Accidental Misgendering

    When you include your pronouns on your resume, you’re heading off any potentially uncomfortable phone screen conversations or interview situations where you may feel pressure to correct an interviewer or potential employer when they make a mistake by using the wrong pronouns.

    Chances are people don’t want to get your pronouns wrong if you list them on your resume, this is one way to avoid any accidental misgendering later in the interview process.

    How To Choose A Resume File Name

    Listing Job Titles on Resumes

    When it comes time to submit a resume, you want to make sure that every part of the process reflects who you are as a professional. Sometimes that means paying attention to the file name and type of your resume. This is something that’s easy to overlook but can make a difference. In this article, we’ll discuss the importance of your resume file name, along with how to choose a resume file name and type, before you apply for your next position.

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    Use The Word Resume In The File Name

    It’s also important to use the word resume in your file name because this tells the reader what kind of contents they can expect from your file. It also may distinguish your file from other files you may need to send like references, a cover letter, a letter of recommendation, assessments or any number of pre-qualifying documents. It sets you apart from other applicants as well, making it an easy way to be a more marketable candidate.

    All About Your Formal Credentials

    Lets start with the first piece of the puzzle: any formal credentials that you possess.

    If youre one of those people that took one look at this section and thought, Oh no, I dont have any formal credentialsIll never get a job!, dont panic. Not everybody has those fancy acronyms that follow their names, and thats perfectly OK. They arent a requirement for everyone.

    But, if youre in a field where those credentials are expected , then you need to know how to properly showcase those qualifications of yours.

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    A Tailored Resume Is For People And Technology

    Not only does this help overloaded recruiters and hiring managers to do their jobs, but it also optimizes your resume for the technology they use. Applicant tracking systems are used by 99% of Fortune 500 companies and help recruiters sort, filter, and search incoming resumes.

    For example, the most popular ATS, Taleo, has a feature that automatically scores and ranks your resume based on how well it matches the job description. And most systems have search functions in which recruiters can plug in specific skills and experience to identify applicants with the qualifications they value most. If you applied through an ATS, theres a strong chance your generic resume wasnt even read.

    How do you know which skills will help you score well on applicant tracking systems or come up in a search?

    Its all in the job description.

    Beating Discrimination In The First Cut

    Write an Incredible Resume: 5 Golden Rules (in 2021)

    If youre a female heading into a male-dominated arena, you might consider using the initials of your first and middle names. That way, a Sally Jo Brown can become S.J. Brown, who might get called before the other similarly qualified Sallies. Other times, you may want to alleviate the discomfort that a potential recruiter may feel when contacting one with a sexually ambiguous name like Pat, Chris, or even Tracy, by using the full given name.

    Unfortunately, racial discrimination is still a common phenomenon among hiring professionals. Our names can sometimes reveal or imply revelation of our nationalities. Its perfectly okay to shorten a foreign-sounding name to initials, or even to add a nickname in quotes. However, ones name IS, after, all, ones name. If you are proud of your name and heritage, by all means use it. Perhaps that way youll find your place in equality-oriented companies with people who tolerate or even embrace diversity.

    Age discrimination may also play a role. If you have an old-fashioned sounding name, or present your full formal name, you may be perceived as being older than the ideal candidate in some companies, whether you are or not. If you think it is an issue, use initials, informal variants, or nicknames.

    You see, those of us who make a profession in career marketing can go on and on over the most minute of details. More harangues on said small stuff to come, stay tuned!

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    Which Ones Should You List

    We know what youre thinkingyou should list them all. The more fancy letters, designations, awards, and certifications you can pack into your document, the better off youll be. But, thats not always the truth.

    When it comes to crafting a solid resume, its all about separating the wheat from the chaff. When you have limited real estate, you need to place your focus on including only the information thats most pertinent for that job.

    What does that mean for your credentials? Before listing them on your resume, you need to ask yourself this question: Will this specific employer care about this qualification?

    If you dont immediately respond with a resounding yes!, then its probably best to skip that bullet or replace it with something that will better elevate your candidacy for that particular role.

    Remember, you can have impressive qualificationsbut, that doesnt mean theyre equally impressive for that specific job. Prioritize relevancy over perceived prestige.

    How To Name Your Resume File

    Executive & Leadership Coach who helps individuals take ownership of their leadership and career.

    • Like

    Dear Coach Wolfgang:How do you name your resume document that you send to employers?

    Good question! We dont really take time to think about this question. You may be inclined to name you resume document resume. It makes sense, especially when it is kept on your computer in your job search folder. It is a name that is easy for you to find because you are only concerned with reviewing and editing your own resume.

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    What Should You Name Your Resume File

    You should name your resume file First-Name-Last-Name-Target-Job-Title-Resume. For example, Robin-Walker-Marketing-Assistant-Resume.pdf would be a good resume file name.

    Using your full name and the job title separated by dashes or underscores makes your resume file immediately identifiable to the hiring manager, who may receive hundreds of applications.

    Understanding Why Resume Names Are Important

    8 What Does Employer Name Mean Examples
  • 1Realize that your resume title is the first thing a prospective employer sees. Todays job market is a tough one. You have to present yourself to potential new employers in a way that shows that you know what they want and you are the perfect person for the job. The first thing an employer will see about you is your resume title, so it’s important to make it good.
  • 2Know that an informative resume title will prevent your application from getting lost. Including your name in the title will make administration easier for the employer and it will ensure your resume stays visible during each stage of the hiring process. Including a summary statement tells the employer you have the skills they want.
  • 3Understand that a good resume name can be a powerful self-marketing tool. A good file name for your resume is a great marketing tool which you can use to create your mark on the hiring managers computer. By naming your resume something like “Joe-Smith-Sales-Manager-Resume”, you are drawing your recruiter’s attention to your name and skills every time they scroll through their database.
  • When you do this, you are standing out, effectively waving to them, and not giving them a single opportunity to miss your resume. It also tells them that you are serious and clear about your career goal.
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    Quantify Your Bullet Points

    Heres another thing that can further strengthen your bullets: quantifying them .

    Anybody can say that theyre skilled at something. But, by including important facts and figures, youre providing evidence to show that youre skilled at something. That goes a long way in the eyes of hiring managers.

    You wont be able to add numbers to every single one of your resume bullets, and thats fine. However, if theres a place where you can add impact by incorporating a number? Dont hesitate to do so.

    Heres an example of a bullet before its been quantified:

    • Assisted with the creation of monthly company newsletters and worked to increase subscriber base.

    And, heres how numbers can make that bullet far more impressive:

    • Increased newsletter subscriber list from 1,500 subscribers to 3,000 subscribers in a three-month period, which led to a 14% increase in revenue.

    See how much stronger that is? Again, it wont be possible in all scenarios. But, if you have some statistics at your disposal, work them in where you can.

    What Does It Mean To Tailor Your Resume To The Job Description

    For most job openings, a particular skill set is desired to perform specific tasks. Tailoring your resume is about recognizing those skills and responsibilities on the job description and making it obvious that youre up to the task. Your goal is to draw the shortest line possible between your experience and whats stated in the job description.

    • A job description says, These are the skills we need and the qualifications were looking for.
    • A generic resume says, I have all this experience. Ill leave it up to you to figure out whether I am capable of doing the job.
    • A tailored resume says, Here is an easy-to-read roadmap of where I acquired and developed each of your required skills and qualifications.

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    Choose A Title From A Recruiters Perspective

    Recruiters scroll through our job seeker profiles, scanning resume titles and looking for people who fit their needs. If you were a recruiter, what would you most like to read? What would grab your attention and make you want to open that persons profile over another job seekers?

    A good resume title is specific to your particular skill set and what you have to offer. If the title or resume headline you use is generic enough that it could be about anyone, its not going to stand out to a hiring manager, says Reynolds.

    Match Skills And Keywords From The Job Description

    How to Perfectly Align Dates On Your Resume

    Mirroring the language, keywords, and buzzwords found within the job description is the easiest way to prove youre a better match than the competition. Read through the job description and make a list of the keywords and skills included, especially any that are repeated.

    Start with the job title. A recruiters first search will be for people who have actually done the job before, so be sure to list your job titles clearly on your resume under your Work Experience section. If you havent actually held the job before, you can list it under your name at the top or as part of a summary section.

    The next most important resume keywords are hard skills. These are often technical skills learned through experience, like project management, knowledge of software or tools, reception, certifications, writing, or payroll. Whether a recruiter is skimming your resume or an ATS is analyzing it, these are the words that will help catch their attention. Match them verbatim to the job description when possible.

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    What Are They Most Interested In

    Pay special attention to the skills mentioned first or multiple times. If the job description asks for something that you forgot or deemphasized, add it prominently. Start each new job entry in your work experience section with skills and qualifications that are found in the job description, even if they werent the most important part of your day-to-day responsibilities when in the role.

    This being said, emphasizing or deemphasizing your resume skills is not the same as lying on your resume . Few applicants have every skill and meet every qualification. Tailoring your resume is about making sure the recruiter or hiring manager notices the ones you do have.

    It’ll Help You Find An Inclusive Workplace

    Although some people will argue listing your pronouns on your resume can lead to discrimination , there is a major benefit: It can help you weed out non-inclusive workplaces. If a company sees you’re completely qualified for a job and identify as non-binary but refuse to call you up for an interview, then that’s likely not a company you’d feel comfortable joining.

    If you’re just starting your job search and you’d like to apply to jobs at inclusive companies, start with the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s list of more than 1,000 of the country’s largest businesses dedicated to LGBTQ equality and inclusion.

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    Write About The Most Important Things First

    Think about the most important parts of your qualificationsthe things that you would want an employer to know right off the bat. These might include:

    • The number of years of experience you have in the field.
    • Any certifications or particular educational requirements you have obtained.
    • Any special skills you possess that make you uniquely qualified.
    • A display of your passion for this line of work.
    • The specific industry or topic of your expertise.
    • Your previous remote or flexible work experience.
    • The keywords an employer would search for when they try to locate candidate resumes for a particular job.

    Make Your Profile Stand Out

    Good Printable Resume Examples Resume is also needed to ...

    Utilizing FlexJobs resume profile option can be a great way to lead recruiters directly to you. Use tips from these 20 resume headlines from successful FlexJobs members to help you create a profile that shines.

    If you’re looking to optimize all your application materials, the FlexJobs career coaches can help with resume reviews, mock interviews, and more. Learn about FlexJobs career coaching services and other benefits of membership!

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    Resume Contact Information Example :

    Click on the following link to view all of our resume samples and see the many ways you can format your name and address on a resume.

    Need help formatting your resume for success? TopResume’s expert writers can help.

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