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What Is A Resume Title Examples

Fifthly Write It In Title Case

How to write your title on your Resume

Write your resume title in title case without a period at the end. Title case is when you capitalize every word except for articles, conjunctions, and prepositions under four characters long. Always capitalize verbs, even if they are under four characters. Are and Is are two common verb forms you should capitalize in your resume title.

Optional: Technical Skills Listed In Separate Resume Section

All of resume sections 6-10 are optional, but I want to be super clear here that this tip in particular is optional and not required for everyone.

However, some job seekers split their skills into two sections of their resume.

They have technical skills, and all other skills.

If you are in a highly-technical field like software engineering, this may be a good way to organize everything. Heres an example of what it would look like. Notice the two separate sections and unique titles.

Tips For Writing A Resume Headline

Katie Kerpel / The Balance

  • Keep It Concise: A resume headline should be one brief phrase it should not even be a complete sentence. The goal is to concisely state your value as a candidate. Anything longer than a phrase defeats the purpose of a headline.
  • Capitalize Your Headline: Capitalize the words in your headline so that it looks like a title to your resume. This is a helpful way to make your headline stand out.
  • Make a Match: After reading the job listing, make a list of the skills, experience, and attributes that make you a strong candidate. Then incorporate these into your headline.
  • Write a New Headline for Each Job: While it will be a little extra work, be sure to create a new headline for each job application. Again, this alerts hiring managers that youve taken the time and care to tailor your resume specifically to their job opening .
  • Use Keywords: Use keywords that demonstrate your skills and/or experiences as related to the job listing. Using words directly from the job listing for which you are applying will demonstrate that you are a good fit for the job. If possible, use the job title in your headline.
  • Avoid Clichés: Because you want your headline to make you stand out as a strong candidate, avoid clichés that employers probably see on every resume. Phrases like hard worker and good communication skills are common on resumes, and do not provide much information on what makes you unique.

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Professional Summary Example For Customer Service

Performance-driven and motivated customer service rep offering 4+ years of relevant experience. Eager to join the Techia team and contribute to the growth of the company. In the previous role, the ability to make customers comfortable and relaxed allowed for 98% customer service survey results and had 25% more sales than the average employer.

Resume Title Examples For Engineering And Architecture

A Resume Title Examples
  • Analytical Professional who is an Innovative Engineer Researcher Ph.D.
  • Highly Efficient Civil Engineer with CAD Software Expertise
  • Recent Graduate with 2 Years On-the-Job Training in Architecture
  • Dedicated Entry-Level Engineer with Design Expertise and Impressive Portfolio
  • Computer Engineer Responsible for Designing Innovative Mobile Software

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Other Key Headlines For Resume

Here are some more

  • In depth experience/knowledge in
  • Visionary ..
  • Planning, developing, implementing cutting-edge solutions ..
  • Advanced companys image
  • Accomplished high record of sales ..
  • Arranged the organizations production presses..
  • Ability to overcome complex [business, customer service) challenges.
  • Strong orientation in finance and operations
  • Expertise in .

Tailor Your Resume Toward The Job Description

When applying for a new job, look at the job description to find out how you can tie your job title into your resume. If you held a marketing coordinator position, then you may be eligible to become a marketing manager. Review the job description’s requirements carefully to see if you have enough experience for this role.

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Chief Job Titles For Business Leaders

If you have a job title that signifies that you have been a leader of multiple teams and diverse projects, then any future employer will take note. There is a certain prestige that comes with a job title that has Chief at the beginning and many employees see this as being almost as valuable as their compensation. Would you rather be a or a Chief Marketing Officer? I would suggest that the latter is preferable.

Here are some common chief titles:

  • CEO Chief Executive Officer
  • CHRO Chief Human Resources Officer
  • CDO Chief Data Officer
  • CPO Chief Product Officer
  • CCO Chief Customer Officer

While Head of HR denotes a similar seniority as HR Director, the title CHRO wins the day in terms of gravitas. Renegotiating your job title could offer a future job search advantage and is worth considering.

What are some funny job titles? Head of Potatoes, Professional Snuggler, Brand Warrior, Meeting Getter, Happiness Hero, Paranoid-In-Chief, Digital Prophet, Director of Awesome or Vibe Manager anyone? There are plenty of funny job titles that can add a lighter touch to your resume, but maybe leave them to the content rather than the title itself. You may not want them to stand out too much.

It Resume Objective Example

The Resume Title

Informational technology professional with a focus on improving the efficiency and quality of IT processes. Looking for an opportunity to leverage my technical skillset and management experience to scale IT operations at a growing company like ABC Corp with a data-driven approach.

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For College Students Resume Headline

College students are most likely on the job search for an entry-level position and just trying to get their foot in the door.

A college student may not have a lot of relevant experience for their resumes at this point unless they have internship experience to depict.

In this case, you’re going to list that you’re a graduate and choose one skill or position to turn your focus.

Here’s a good example:

Recent ccounting graduate with career experience in a tax preparation firm.

Tips For Writing A Great Resume Headline

  • Keep it clean and short: It has to be a brief phrase and should not be longer than one line. Ensure that it stands out by capitalizing it or simply writing it in all caps.
  • Focus on the position you are applying for. Don’t write the same headline for different positions. Tailor your resume to the specific position you are applying to. Carefully read the job description and take away what type of candidate they want by selecting keywords and including them in your headline.
  • Ask yourself: Is there something that makes me stand out from other applicants and that would put me in the top 10% of candidates?
  • Avoid common attributes that don’t add value such as “hardworking”, “responsible”… Try to avoid attributes that are likely to be used by most other candidates.
  • Always follow up on your one liner by providing more details about it in your profile or summary section. Remember this section should be the first section on your resume.

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    Examples Of Top Resume Titles That Gets Noticed

    As your motive is to present an attractive resume title that outwits others and overwhelms the manager, the following examples of adjectives, technical terminologies and structure of resume headers will expand your comprehension.

    Resume title ideas from sample formats will train you to write catchy resume title that gets you the job.

    1. Deadline-Driven IT Manager with 7+ Years Experience in IT Forensics and Viral Marketing2. Bi-Lingual Tuition Teacher skilled in High School Mathematics and Science Crash Courses3. Multi-faceted Sous Chef with Offshore Hotel and Catering Experience4. Compassionate and Energetic Nursing Graduate with Two Papers Published in National Nursing Journal5. Hardworking Engineer with a Proven Record of Designing Residential Buildings in Risk Zones6. Successful Data Architect with 5+ Years Experience in Database Design and Modelling7. Amicable Sales Representative with Linguistics Degree and 3+ Years as Receptionist for LOreal New York8. Multi-faceted Veterinarian with 11+ Years in Rural Villages and Doctorate in Animal Husbandry9. Attractive and Energetic Theatre Actor with a Record of Award Winning International Performances10. Army Veteran with Dual Degrees in Law and 5+ Years Experience as State Advocate

    What Should I Write In My Resume Headline

    Good Resume Title For Customer Services and Other Jobs 2019

    No matter whether you have relevant experience or not, your headline should sum up what you do, while condensing your best skills and work experience into one line. Ideally, it should also be aimed at making recruiters want to continue reading your resume.

    This being said, the way you accomplish this goal differs depending on the amount of experience that you have:

    Candidates with relevant experience

    Aim to impress recruiters focusing on distinctive skills and attributes that you’ve acquired throughout your career.

    Candidates with few or non relevant experience

    Aim to impress recruiters focusing on personal attributes and skills acquired during studies, extracurricular activities, and other aspects of life.

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    Analyze The Job Description

    Comprehending the keywords and the responsibilities sought by the employer in the job description gives you a clear idea of what you need to propose in order to qualify for the position. Review the job description multiple times and note down core keywords and technical duties to include in your resume headline.

    Resume Headlines Vs Resume Profiles

    Resume headlines are similar to resume profiles in that both provide a brief summary of an applicants qualifications. However, a resume headline is one brief phrase, whereas a resume profile is a small paragraph or series of bulleted points.

    Remember that resume profiles are different than resume objectives. In an objective, you write about the position you are seeking, not your skills.

    A profile is typically not capitalized like a headline is. For these reasons, headlines are even more eye-catching than profiles. Some applicants may include both a headline and a resume profile, using the headline to attract the reader, and then a profile to provide further information.

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    Final Tips And Tricks

    We’ve already mentioned almost everything you need to write an effective professional summary. These are some of the final tips that didn’t fit anywhere else in this guide.

  • Emphasize proven experience. Instead of simply listing your skills, mention your previous accomplishments. For example, its much more impactful to say that you had your articles published in Forbes than to plainly claim that youre a skilled writer.
  • Structure it well. Take it from a professional writer bullet points are a godsend when you need to structure your text clearly without giving it too much effort. Not only will they naturally order your resume statement into clearly delineated logical parts, they will also make it look good and read well. Also, make sure to write your current job title in bold.
  • Keep it short. Your experience summary shouldnt be longer than 5 short sentences . Having a long summary sort of defeats the point of having a resume summary at all. Dont add random things. The key is to be specific.
  • Read it after yourself. When youre finished writing, read through your summary from the perspective of a hiring manager, asking Why should we hire you?.
  • Resume Headline And Title Examples By Industry

    What is a good resume title?

    In summation: your resume title is super important. When it comes to formatting, the career experts at ZipJob highly suggest using something similar to our example above. But, what about the wording?

    A good resume title often includes your target job title, your key skills, your qualifications, and/or your years of experience. You can also include your awards, industry, or specializations.

    Here are a bunch of resume headline examples from our professional resume writers, organized by industry:

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    Keep It Short And On Point

    Resume title examples show that a headline needs not be in a complete sentence. Instead, resume titles must contain brief yet targeted phrases. The main goal is to state your value offer as to how youre fit for the job post.

    In addition, its crucial to keep it relevant. As mentioned earlier, a resume title should highlight your skills, relevant work experience, and qualifications in a compelling headline. Therefore, you need to maximize this by making sure its direct and relevant.

    Sales Resume Objective Example

    As an accomplished sales person who has generated over $2M in sales for businesses I worked with I know firsthand the importance of empathy and attentiveness required to close a deal. Looking for a sales role where I can continue to foster and grow those traits to grow within an accomplished sales organization.

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    Resume Summary Example For Management

    A Project Manager with 16 years of experience in IT projects. Responsible for the management of teams of up to 15 direct and 7 indirect employees. Has High level knowledge in project execution using best practices of waterfall and agile methodologies. High level knowledge of Jupyter Notebook, MS Project, MS Excel, MS Word.

    Career Change Resume Objective Examples

    78 Beautiful Photos Of Resume Title Examples for Experienced

    Experienced and accomplished digital marketer with a track record of working with customers to understand and execute on their goals. Looking for a software engineering role where I can leverage my Python skills and ability to understand business objectives to build scaleable web apps.

    As a teacher my best days happened when students were able to accomplish long-standing goals they set for themselves. I want to use my communication skills and my ability to quickly learn new concepts to deliver that same enlightening experience for prospects as a salesperson at SignRight.

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    Resume Headline Vs Resume Title

    Before we teach you how to write a compelling resume headline, heres a quick memo:

    A resume headline is not the same thing as a resume title.

    Both of them need to be carefully written and targeted to the job position, but they have their differences.

    While a resume title simply states your professional title, a resume headline also mentions your skills and years of experience.

    To make things clearer, lets say youre an HR specialist applying for an HR managers position. Your title would be:

    Resume title:

    Whereas, your resume headline would be:

    Resume Headline:

    • HR specialist with 4+ years of experience in helping medium to large corporations hire IT professionals.

    Resume Objective Examples By Job Title

    If your resume objective is not specific to the the role you’re applying to then frankly you’re just wasting space on your resume. If you’re not tailoring your resume objective based on the type of role you’re applying to then you’re better off omitting a resume objective altogether.

    This is your chance to quickly catch the attention of the person first reviewing your resume. You should prime this person to be prepared to come away from their review of your resume convinced that you deserve an interview.

    Here are job-specific resume objectives to help you get started with crafting your own.

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    Customer Service Resume Objective Examples

    Caring and friendly customer service professional with experience in consumer retail and B2B settings. Excited about the prospect of working with AMP Corporation to improve the customer experience and increase retention through quick resolution of any customer concerns.

    Seeking a position at ABC Corp as I make the transition from consumer focused customer service to business focused customer service. No matter the industry, successful service derives from building trust and understanding with people. I have successfully demonstrated that ability over the last 5 years which is why I’m seeking a customer success advocate position with ABC Corp.

    Professional Summary Example For Data Analyst

    Resume Tips Part 3 РR̩sum̩ Title. Objective Or Summary?

    A graduate in Information Systems with two years of hands-on data analytics experience. Passionate about working with large amounts of data and to turn this data into information, information into insight and insight into business decisions. I also have a keen interest in the field of data visualization and am fascinated by the power to compress complex datasets into approachable and appealing graphics.

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    Professional Summary Example For Receptionist

    Customer-oriented and performance-driven Front Desk Assistant skilled at performing various administrative tasks, improving all office processes and procedures, and providing support to Office Managers. Great communicator with a Business Administration degree from a well-known university and an exceptional ability to remain calm in stressful situations. Possess well-developed communication skills and excellent time management abilities.

    Thirdly Keep Your Resume Title Brief

    Your resume title should only be one sentence long. Hiring managers are more likely to read your resume title if it is concise. Leave out any fluff, jargon, or cliches and include details that have real meaning. For example, replace the phrase go-getter with adjectives such as ambitious, industrious, or diligent.

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    Moving Resume Objective Example

    Program manager making the move from the east coast to San Francisco and I’d like to make that move working for ABC Corp. 100% of the projects I’ve managed have been delivered on-time and on budget and I want to leverage that commitment to furthering ABC’s mission of empowering consumers to make smart financial decisions.

    Program Manager Resume Objective Examples

    A Resume Title Examples

    Program manager with 8+ years of experience building and optimizing programs through the development of data-focused, scalable processes. To date in my career Ive managed budgets exceeding $20M and have worked directly on projects that have grossed $75M in revenue.

    Senior Program Manager with extensive experience building and scaling operations for quickly growing companies. I have a relentless focus on the customer, whether they are internal or external and I drive innovation through the use of data.

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    Project Manager Resume Objective Examples

    PMP certified project manager with 5+ years of experience owning all stages of the project life cycle from inception through monitoring and closing to deliver projects that exceed expectations on time and on budget.

    Project Manager with experience building web apps as a software engineer and leading projects that have a meaningful impact to the company bottom line. Im looking for a role where I can utilize my ability to communicate effectively with developers and executives alike.


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