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What To Say When Sending A Resume

Why Is The Subject Line Important

How to send a video resume

When applying for a job online by email, consider how many others are submitting a resume for the same job. Especially in the case of part-time or full-time remote positions, people making a career change and those willing to relocate may also apply. That increases the email traffic coming into the hiring managers inbox.

To ensure the employer opens, reads, and replies to your email in a positive manner, the subject line for a resume email application is a key component. If you are sending an unsolicited email with your resume attached, the subject line needs to intrigue and interest the recipient so you can get to the next step in the application process, an interview.

When submitting a resume via email for an advertised position, the subject line should be professional and informative for the person receiving it. Both types of emails should inspire the reader to click through and review your resume.

Why Tell Hiring Managers Youve Attached Your Resume

Obviously, if they see the iconic paperclip next to your email, recruiters know you have attached a document to review. But you still have to mention that the attachment is there anyway it a part of proper job etiquette.

Mentioning that you have attached a resume should be left until the end of the email. It is a good segue into ending the email, and if written correctly, will make the email flow well.

Many people know the phrase please find attached my resume, but is it actually a good way to notify the reader of the attachment?

The simple answer: No, it is not.

If you read aloud please find attached my resume, you may bumble over the words. Why?

Because no one in the 21st century speaks English like that. The phrase seems archaic, and many may wonder if it is even proper grammar.

Saying please find attached my resume sounds like you have written it from 1800s perspective while it does sound proper, it may be too proper.

If you use the phrase, please find attached my resume, it probably wont match the writing style of the rest of the application or email.

Saying that your resume is attached to the application or email doesnt have to be something extremely formal, but it does need to be said.

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Close Your Email On A Positive Note

When you conclude your email, end with something besides sincerely. Remember, you want this person to email you to set up a job interview, so encourage them to do so. Show them that youre open to further discussion and communication. Try one of these closings:

  • Looking Forward to Speaking with You Soon,
  • Looking Forward to Discussing Your Goals,
  • Looking Forward to Learning more About Your Needs,

Best Email Subject Lines When Sending A Resume

How to Email a Resume

ZipJob Team

7 min read

With 250+ resumes sent for a single job opening, you want your resume to stand out from the crowd. Emailing your resume directly to the relevant recruiter or hiring manager when applying for a job is one of the most effective ways to land an interview!

However, you need to do this correctly: starting with the subject line. When selecting an email subject for sending a resume, make sure to keep it short, follow any provided directions, and/or use the power of a name to get your email open.

Since this is the first contact youâll have with your potential employer, you want to ensure itâs done right. With hiring managers and recruiters receiving tons of resumes through email, the job application subject line could be the difference between getting your email opened or deleted.

Nearly 1/3 of people decide whether or not to open an email based on the subject.

Not to worry, weâve got your back! Weâll show you how to write the perfect subject lines to send your resume in 3 specific scenarios, plus examples for other situations.

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What To Write When Emailing A Resume

Applying for jobs can be awkward, especially when companies ask for an application process that feels disjointed. We often see employers ask for applicants to email both a resume and cover letter. Since youre emailing a cover letter, you have to wonderwhat do you say in your email? Obviously, not the same thing you said in your cover letter!

If you are faced with this awkward application situation, keep your cool and follow these rules and examples:

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Emailing Your Cover Letter And Resume

When sending your cover letter and resume electronically, try to find out if the employer would prefer them as attachments or in the body of your email. If you can’t determine a preference, send them both ways in a single message.Although not usually required, you may want to follow up the email with hard copies of your cover letter and resume, unless specifically asked not to. When submitting copies by mail, it’s preferable not to fold them. It’s also a good idea to bring copies of your cover letter and resume to any interview.

If It Is Possible Show The Work That You Have Done In The Past:

What to write in an email when sending a resume | COPY MY PROVEN TEMPLATE

You are more likely to get a reply from your potential customer, if they know that you are very much passionate and serious about your work. The best method to show your sincerity is through showing your portfolio.

Your portfolio should contain all the necessary works and projects that you have done in the past that can impress your employer. You can also add links to your websites or of websites like your LinkedIn account where they could see your skills and knowledge. These are great additions that you include in your email.

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Tips For Sending Your Resume To An Employer Via Email

When applying for a job by email, double-check the instructions in the job listing to make sure youve ticked all the right boxes. Is your resume file in the correct format? Do you need to include a or can the body of your email be your cover letter? Do you need to use a specific subject line or quote a job reference number? Getting these small details right will help ensure your resume is looked at and considered for the role.

If there are no specific instructions about how to send your resume via email, stick to the following:

How To Write A Cold Email To A Recruiter

How to reach out to a recruiter to start a conversation: Your best option for making the first contact is a cold email or cold LinkedIn message. You want to keep your message brief and direct and show that you have a specific reason for messaging this particular recruiter. This will boost your chances of getting a response.

You dont want to seem like youre cold emailing 50 different recruiters, because if thats the case, then none of them will want to put a lot of time or effort into helping you. Most recruiters in staffing agencies get paid when you accept a job, and if 50 other recruiters are submitting your resume for jobs, their odds arent very good. So theyll focus on helping someone else.

So to start, say something like,Hello NAME. I saw you recruit in the XYZ industry here in Chicago.

That way, they know its not just a cut & paste email.

Next, tell them a bit about yourself and what your background is in, and what type of move youre looking to make now.

For example, you might go on to say, Im a Sales Team Leader over at ABC Company, but I may be looking for a change in the next couple of months, so I thought to reach out to see if it made sense to work together.

Next, heres how to end your email to the recruiter:

Conclude by asking them for a time to talk, and telling them you can provide them with more info on the call. This will boost your chances of getting their attention and getting them on the phone!

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Tips For Attaching Your Resume

Once you have figured out how to best say your resume is attached, make sure your resume is actually attached. You do not want to have to send a follow-up email explaining that you forgot to attach it.

Be sure to follow any directions listed on the job posting. If the job posting says to not attach a resume to the email, but rather upload it to the application portal, follow those instructions. If the posting asks for a PDF versus a Microsoft Word document, make sure you convert it beforehand.

If they ask for a CV, make sure you are attaching a CV and not a resume. There are differences between the two formats.

And finally, make sure that the attachment has an appropriate file name. Include your full name in the file name, so that its easy for the employer to locate it later.

The Purpose Of A Resume

What To Write in an Email When Sending a Resume? (+Samples)

Your resume serves to introduce the relevancy of your skills, experience, qualifications and achievements to a recruiter and potential employer. A recruiter or employer may not spend longer than a few minutes reviewing your resume, so it should succinctly convey your most relevant achievements. If the reader thinks you are a suitable candidate for the role, your resume will have achieved its purpose an offer to attend an interview.

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Tips To Send Resume To Hr

Follow the instructions The main thing you ought to do before sending your resume is to painstakingly peruse the activity posting for any guidelines on how the business might want you to present an application. On the off chance that the expected set of responsibilities requests that you email a resume, the business may likewise incorporate data about the email address you ought to send to, the title arranging, questions they need you to reply in the body of the email, document name and then some.

Adhere to these guidelines cautiouslyin the event that you dont, you could chance to have your application disregarded. Regularly, businesses may request that you adhere to directions so they can see and react to the email, others might be trying to pursue and finish the guidelines appropriately. Very important to send resume to HR. Check our article on Tips to write the Best Subject for a Resumefor help.

Tips For Emailing A Resume

  • Use a professional email address that consists of your first name and last name. If the email address is not available, try mixing up your initial and first and last name.
  • Read the instructions given in the job listing and abide by it. The format of the resume and cover letter should be as mentioned in the job listing.
  • Read through the job listing to find any information on the name and contact details of the recruiting manager. Send a personalized email to him with your resume and letter.
  • Make the subject line of the email very clear, concise, and catchy. Use the job code and the name of the job designation you are applying for in the subject line.
  • Address the recruiting manager by his first name instead of using generic terms.
  • If there are no instructions regarding the format of the resume and cover letter, send them in PDF format. PDF format is compatible across all systems and operating software.
  • Send the cover letter as an attachment instead of sending it as a part of the email body.
  • Follow up with the recruiting manager if you have not received any update in 3 days. Do not contact within 3 days as it would make it obvious that you are desperate for a job.

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Write An Email Message To Send With Your Cv

If the employer has asked you to attach your CV and cover letter, the body of the email shouldn’t duplicate your CV. In this case, only write what’s relevant and keep your email brief, reiterating who you are, the job you’re applying for and why, what value you’d add to the company, and, importantly, that your CV and cover letter are attached for review.

If the prospective employer has only requested a CV as an attachment, then treat the body of the email as your cover letter . If you have already written a cover letter, paste it into the email.

Finish with a call to action. For example, end the email by saying you’re eager to meet in person to discuss how you can contribute to your prospective employer’s success, suggesting your availability for a screening call or interview.

Take the time to carefully proofread the message before you send it.

How To Respond To A Recruiter Email If They Contact You First

Job Interview Tips: The Right Way to Follow Up After Sending In Your Resume

If a recruiter contacts you, then its best to carefully read their email first, and respond with the information theyve asked for. If they tell you that they have an opportunity that may fit your skillset and theyd like to look at your resume, then you can respond with your resume right away. However, if youre not comfortable doing this yet, you can ask for more information about the opportunity.

If they ask whether youre interested in speaking and you do want to talk, then reply and say, yes, but also provide some times that youre available to talk, and the best number to reach you.

This avoids back-and-forth and will impress the recruiter. Every employer loves someone with great communication skills, so this is a good way to show it from the very first message!

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When Should You Email A Recruiter

There are a variety of situations where its appropriate to email a recruiter, and we looked at many of them above with sample emails you can send. To recap, heres a list of scenarios where you should email a recruiter:

  • You saw them post about a job that interests you
  • You saw that they recruit in your industry/city and youd like to talk about possible opportunities
  • They contacted you about an opportunity and it sounds interesting
  • Youve already spoken with them and youre waiting for feedback about a job
  • You sent them your resume and youre waiting to hear if they have any opportunities that fit your skillset
  • You spoke to the recruiter in the past, it didnt work out at the time, but youd like to reconnect to see what opportunities theyre working on

These are far from the only situations where you should send an email to a recruiter, though. So if in doubt, send that email! Theres no harm in trying, and its far worse to sit at home worrying and second-guessing yourself.

As for the best time of day to email a recruiter, its not worth stressing over. Morning or lunchtime might be best, in my experience, but many recruiters check their email throughout the evening, too. And if not, theyll see your email first thing in the morning.

So the best time of day to email a recruiter is whenever youre ready to send your message.


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