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When Will Grey’s Anatomy Resume

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Grey’s Anatomy ( saison 1)

It’s going to be a slightly longer wait to find out Meredith Grey’s fate.

Grey’s Anatomy, which is currently on its usual months-long hiatus, will resume its 17th season one week later than initially planned. Instead of returning March 4, the medical drama will now be back on Thursday, March 11 at 8 p.m. ET/PT, ABC announced Monday.

Additionally, the Grey’s firefighter spinoff, Station 19, will continue season 4 that same day at 9 p.m. ET/PT, followed by the return of A Million Little Things. The latter will then move to Wednesdays starting April 7.

The delayed Grey’s return comes with an emotional and dramatic cliffhanger in the fall finale with Meredith’s continued battle with the coronavirus. Though it appeared she was on the mend, her health quickly deteriorated to the point where her mortality came into question.

“No one can predict how the disease will go in a healthy person or an older person. There’s no consistency to it. And Meredith Grey is as a young, healthy person, healthy doctor. The fact that it’s gotten this far, it’s super scary for all of us, as fans and also people living with this. There’s an urgency because it’s COVID,” executive producer Meg Marinis tells ET.

Meanwhile, Station 19 will be without its challenges when it returns with two Black members of the firehouse getting arrested during a tense confrontation with police officers.

Below are ABC’s spring premiere dates.

TUESDAY, MARCH 308:00-9:00 p.m. Pooch Perfect

Greys Anatomy Will Return For Season 17 This Fall On Abc

Despite Greys Anatomy Season 16 being cut short due to the COVID-19 pandemic, ABC has confirmed Season 17 will premiere in the fall like usual. This is great news for fans who were concerned the historic 17th season wouldnt premiere until 2021 due to production shutdowns.

And for those who are fans of Greys crossing over with Station 19, the spinoffs fourth season will also make its anticipated debut this fall as well in the 8 p.m. ET time slot before we check in to Grey Sloan Memorial on Thursday nights.

The first few episodes of Season 17 will hopefully fill us in on what was planned for the original Season 16 finale. Based on where we left off, plus the events of Station 19s finale, it seems like we may have missed out on a few key developments.

One of the major storylines that was left open-ended involved the state of Andrew DeLucas mental health as he showed signs of bipolar depression, something he likely inherited from his father. We were also in the middle of Richard Webbers health crisis and how that was going to affect his failing marriage with Catherine Fox.

We also missed out on learning what Amelia and Link decided to name their baby boy, while Teddy was stuck choosing between Owen and Tom. There were also rumors of another doctor being killed off in the explosive finale, but we were just left to wonder whos been spared for now.

Will There Be New Characters In Grey’s Season 16

Alyssa Milano and Holly Marie Combs are confirmed to play sisters of a hospital patient whos brain dead after falling into a construction site, according to Entertainment Weekly. We know them as witches in Charmed, a show that was produced by you guessed it Vernoff.

Were not quite sure if any new doctors are entering the scene, but we can confirm that three characters have been promoted to series regulars: Chris Carmack, Jake Borelli, and Greg Germann, will all play key roles in the upcoming season, according to Deadline.

Chris, Jake, and Greg have been recurring for us as guest stars and have popped as fan favorites, said Vernoff. We are excited to continue revealing their characters and we are beyond thrilled to welcome them to the Greys Anatomy family.

Chris and Jake celebrated the news on social media:

Great news from Hollywoodland! Honored to be joining this esteemed crew!!! wrote Chris Carmack, who started as guest star Link in season 15.

Great news from Hollywoodland! Honored to be joining this esteemed crew!!!

Chris Carmack May 10, 2019

“Dreams do come true,, who has played Dr. Levi Glasses Schmitt for the past two seasons. #GreysAnatomy has been my home for the past two years, and saying that Im over the moon excited about this doesnt scratch the surface.

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What Happened To Jo Wilson In Season 17 Of Greys Anatomy

After being dumped via letter and served divorce papers through the mail, Jo spends much of Season 17 trying to rediscover joy in her life, and realizes surgery isnt where shes going to find it. She winds up switching specialties to Obstetrics, where she falls head over heels for an orphaned baby in the NICU named Luna. Jos attempts to adopt Luna hit numerous barriers throughout the latter half of the season, but in the finale, she was finally granted full custody of the infant. To help pay for the adoption, Jo sold her shares in the hospital to Koracick, and used some of the excess funds to purchase Jacksons former apartment for herself and Luna.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 17 Plot: What’s The Story


In the trailer for the premiere, Station 19’s Andy Herrera and Pompeo gave fans a taste of what to expect: “It’s a war zone and we’re the ones on the front line. With all the lives in need, our world is ablaze. What we’re up against now is unlike anything that came before. At times it seems like there’s no end in sight.

“We won’t stop fighting. We won’t stop feeling. Because sometimes, we all need saving.”

Official synopses have also been released by Vernoff .

In episode one, titled ‘All Tomorrow’s Parties’, we’ll see how Covid has affected Grey Sloan.

“It’s all hands on deck a whole new world for our hospital and for all of our characters,” said Vernoff.

In episode two, ‘The Centre Won’t Hold’, here’s what we can expect: “Bailey finds herself in the middle of an argument with patients’ families as they await news about their children who were injured.”

We also know that it’ll focus on Teddy, Winston, Amelia and Link.

Speaking on The Hollywood Reporter’sTop Five podcast, Vernoff said that initially, she didn’t want to include the pandemic, believing that viewers were fatigued by the ordeal: “I spent the whole hiatus kicking it around, and I came into the writers’ room thinking that I had made the decision that we were not going to do it.

“They really convinced me that it would be irresponsible to not. To be kind of the biggest medical show and ignore the biggest medical story of the century felt irresponsible to them to the medical community.

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Who Will Appear In Season 18 Of Grey’s Anatomy

Obviously, “Grey’s Anatomy” wouldn’t be able to exist without its leading lady, Ellen Pompeo, who has played the titular Dr. Meredith Grey an award-winning surgeon whose mother was a medical legend since the very beginning. As outlets announced in May of 2021, the Season 18 renewal was thanks largely to a new contract negotiation between executives and Pompeo, and her co-stars Chandra Wilson and James Pickens Jr., who have also been with the show since its inception as Dr. Miranda Bailey and Dr. Richard Webber, have also received pay increases.

Long-running characters including Dr. Teddy Altman , Dr. Owen Hunt , and Dr. Jo Wilson will also return for Season 18, with these actors reportedly receiving pay raises as well. However, before Season 17 even ends, one beloved character will depart the series: Dr. Jackson Avery, played by Jesse Williams, following in the footsteps of Dr. Andrew DeLuca , who departed the show earlier in the season.

Season 17 also saw previous cast members including Patrick Dempsey, Eric Dane, Chyler Leigh, and T.R. Knight whose characters have all died in the show’s story reappear during Meredith’s COVID-19 induced hallucinations. However, Sandra Oh, who played cardiothoracic prodigy Dr. Cristina Yang for ten seasons, also addressed potentially returning… and shot those rumors down entirely. Whether or not any previous players will return in Season 18, however, is anybody’s guess.

When Is Greys Anatomy Returning For Season 18

While the Season 17 premiere of Greys Anatomy got pushed back to November 2020 due to COVID-related delays, Season 18 will be sticking to a more typical schedule. The Season 18 premiere of Greys Anatomy will debut on Thursday, September 30, at 9 pm ET/PT.

Season 18 of Greys officially started shooting on Wed., Aug. 11. Thats when Pompeo shared a video on her Instagram Story that shows her in a makeup chair on set along with the caption, Guess what time it is? #GreysSeason18.

Parade Daily

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Grey’s Anatomy Season 17 Cast: Who’s In It

So, who else is joining Pompeo in the upcoming chapter?

Giacomo Gianniotti will return as Andrew DeLuca, alongside Jackson Avery , Maggie Pierce , Miranda Bailey , Amelia Shepherd , and Richard Webber .

Fans were worried about Richard’s future given his health problems, but his illness was finally diagnosed and he’s now in the “safe zone”.

Deadline reported that Kim Raver , Camilla Luddington and Kevin McKidd all signed three-year contracts, which would take them through to season 19.

Both Anthony Hill and Richard Flood have also been upped to series regulars.

But what about the old guard?

“I’d love to have some of the old cast come back, like the original cast,” Pompeo said on The Late Late Show With James Corden. “That would be the most amazing day.”

And it sounds like her wish might come true.

A returning cast member has been teased by Vernoff.

“It’s an ongoing effort and if I can make it happen, it’ll be exciting,” she told Entertainment Tonight. “And if I can’t make it happen, we have other exciting things happening.”

Fans of the series think it’ll be either Sandra Oh , Sarah Drew or Kate Walsh .

But there are plenty of names that probably won’t be on the list.

Pompeo described the show’s work environment as ‘toxic’ during the first ten years, with speculation that Patrick Dempsey was to blame, which prompted her to release a statement.

“None of my comments in print are ever meant to shade anyone. That’s so not productive.

Greys Anatomy One Of The First Tv Shows To Halt Production Earlier This Month Amid The Coronavirus Pandemic Will End Season 16 Early

Grey’s Anatomy | Season 17 Part 2 Recap

When will grey’s anatomy season 16 resume. Find latest b2c lead generation companies job vacancies in uk on receptix. The season is produced by abc studios, in association with shondaland production company and entertainment one television The season 16 of grays anatomy will resume after more than a month of absence.

The rest of the season promises to be intense and a character will. The showrunner being krista vernoff. Don’t expect grey’s anatomy to come back for season 17 with the same four episodes that were planned before production shut down.

Le 27 mars 2020, abc a annoncé que la production de la fin de la saison 16 ne reprendrait pas et que le 21e épisode ferait office d’épisode final de la saison ramenant ainsi le nombre d’épisodes de la saison à 21 . March 28, 2020 by ricky church If youd rather watch first, read.

Greys anatomy season 16 will not resume production, ending season early. Cette interruption devait durer au minimum deux semaines. Greys anatomy will not resume production on season 16 after being one of the first shows to shut down during the current health crisis.

Abc confirmed the news on friday, march 27. Due to this indefinite production shutdown, abc announced on friday that season 16 would end with episode 21, put on a happy face, set to air on thursday, april 9. Greys anatomy will not resume production on season 16 after the coronavirus pandemic caused a shutdown.

Quiz Only A True Grey’s Fan Can Unscramble These 16

Pin on Grey’s Anatomy

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What To Expect When Greys Anatomy Season 17 Returns In 2021

Sometimes, when you think the storm has passed, you realize you were just in the eye of it. #GreysAnatomy

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While Greys Anatomy Season 17 might return later than usual with a shorter episode count, it certainly seems like the midseason premiere will be worth the wait. When speaking with Entertainment Tonight after the winter finale, executive producer Andy Reaser teased what Greys Anatomy fans can expect when new episodes resume in 2021. And ultimately, it appears viewers are in for the ride of a lifetime.

Its Greys so its the whole spectrum, Reaser said. One of the things that has been so great about the show, and this is from the beginning when Shonda and Krista were there, way before we were, that the show has always done an amazing job of balancing extremes of tone and emotion, instead of just being all one thing.

The EP continued, You can go from a moment of being overjoyed to a moment of laughing, to a moment of complete heartbreak, to a moment of being on the edge of your seat. And were continuing along that road.

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Reaser also hinted the Greys Anatomy premiere in 2021 will likely be another crossover with Station 19.

The virus keeps everyone guessing and its relentless, Reaser said. So its going to take relentlessness to fight it.

How Many Episodes Will There Be Of Grey’s Anatomy Season 18

ABC hasn’t confirmed how many episodes of Grey’s Anatomy season 18 there will be, though we’d hope it will return to over 20. There is expected to be at least 17.

There were just 17 episodes in season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy, which was one of the shortest seasons in the show’s history with only the first season having less, and the fourth season having the same number of episodes.

Season one had nine episodes and season four had 17, otherwise the other seasons all have over 20 episodes, meaning there are now over 360 episodes in season one to seventeen. Binge-watching heaven.

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Grey’s Anatomy: How Long Will The Series Run For

“I’m hopeful that Grey’s Anatomy stays a part of our schedule,” ABC Entertainment President Karey Burke told Deadlinein June. “They certainly know that we’d like it to be part of our schedule for as long as they are interested in making more episodes.”

But will Pompeo say yes to more?

“Shonda and I have both said that when I’m ready to stop, weâre going to stop the show,” she told Variety in 2017.

“The story is about Meredith Greyâs journey and when I’m done, the show will end.”

Before Pompeo signed up for another season, she told Entertainment Weekly that she felt like they were “coming to the end of the stories that we’ve told and that we can tell”.

She added: “I’m really excited to do some new things, it’s about time that I mix it up and I’m really excited about my producing career, and I’m definitely looking for a change.

“At some point I have to wrap it up.”

Biggest Question: Will Season 18 Be The Final Grey’s Season


Again, youd need to speak to Shondaland! Deadline did make it extremely clear that Ellen Pompeo signed just a one-year extension contract, and TBH, she cant do this show forever. Coupled with the exits of some big names on season 18 like Jesse Williams, Ellen might just hang up her latex gloves and call it a day.

That said: Nothing is what it seems in the world of television. After all, we all thought season 17 would be the last time wed see the staff of Grey Sloan. And look what happened there! So really, theres no telling with this show. And with its extremely dedicated fan base? Um, yeah, theres definitely more to this.

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When Will Season 18 Of Grey’s Anatomy Come Out

Before fans can even speculate about when Season 18 of “Grey’s Anatomy” will premiere, Season 17 needs to close out its arc and with just a few episodes remaining in the season, the finale is currently set to air on Thursday, June 3 on ABC.

While many popular shows have been delayed thanks to the COVID-19 crisis, which first struck the globe in March of 2020 and brought life as we know it to a screeching halt, “Grey’s Anatomy” was one of the first series to resume production… mostly due to the fact that, as a medical series, its actors have been wearing protective gear for most of the show’s run. Beyond that, Vernoff, in discussion with stars Ellen Pompeo and Debbie Allen, revealed that she and her writers wanted to tackle the pandemic in Season 17’s storylines, saying, “This is the biggest medical story of our lifetime, and it is changing medicine permanently.”

Since its filming schedule continued throughout COVID-19, it seems reasonable that, as it has for years, the new season of “Grey’s Anatomy” will arrive sometime in the fall of 2021 though no official date has been announced just yet.


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