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Word Document Free Resume Templates

What Makes A Modern Resume Template

How to Create a CV/RESUME template in Microsoft Word Docx : Docx Tutorial

A modern resume template is defined by exciting colors and a strong emphasis on the top of the resume. These templates offer ample space for a personalized profile summaryand clever resume formatting to include all your most relevant skills. Strong lines lead the reader down and across the template so that no section is missed. These best templatesalso contain enough white space to keep the resume from feeling cluttered.

Clean Resume/cv + Cover Letter By Tamzid Hasan

Whos it for: Web, IT developer

Creator: Tamzid Hasan

Where to find it:Behance

Price: $5

If you are indeed looking for a more professional resume, this clean resume/CV combo by Tamzid Hasan might work great.

When to Use This Template

Clean one page resume that also comes with a cover letter and a reference template. It follows a professional black and white color scheme and a layout that focuses on work experience. Main features include:

  • A4 & US Letter size
  • Certifications
  • References

One page is ideal, but depending on the job role and your experience, you can also include some extra sections to back up your background.

How To Access Microsoft Resume Templates

To access these resume templates from your computer:

  • Open Microsoft Word and go to File > New.
  • Type resume into the search box.
  • Click a resume template that you want to use.
  • Click Create to open the resume template in MS Word.
  • To access the Microsoft resume templates online:

  • Click Resumes and Cover Letters.
  • Choose a resume from the list.
  • Click to save the resume template to your computer, or click Edit in Browser to open the template in Microsoft Word Online.
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    Professional Modern Resume Template For Word

    This modern Word template is notable for a visual distinction between different resume sections. Its header and sidebar are designed in beige and gray colors, while the main area is snow white. With this freebie, you can create a two-page resume in US Letter and A4 sizes, depending on your needs. All the headings, sections, colors, body text, fonts, and icons are fully editable.

    Resume Template & Cover Letter By Opu ent Studio

    Word Document Resume Template Free / Free Resume Templates For ...

    Whos it for: Any senior role

    Creator: Opu ent

    Where to find it:Behance

    Price: $9

    If youre applying for a more senior role this Word resume template & cover letter by Opu ent Studio might be more up your alley.

    The template is easy to edit in Adobe InDesign and Microsoft Word, and covers the following sections:

    • Biography
    • Work experience
    • Cover letter

    When to Use This Template

    With a clean and unique look to the resume, this template is more suited for professionals and senior-level positions. There is a lot of space for work experience, and you can just as easily transform the biography section into a resume summary.

    And if you think the template looks short, dont worry. Everything you cant mention in it goes in the cover letter.

    Look at the cover letter as a one-page document that briefly summarizes your background.

    A good cover letter is a supplement to your resume and can get the HR manager to call you back.

    Wondering if you should also include your picture on the resume like in the above template? That may depend on your location.

    Check out our guide to see if you should include a picture on your resume or CV.

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    Are These The Best Resume Templates For 2020

    Yes, these are the best resume templates for the modern job seeker. We provide a huge range of professional resume templates that have a trendy and contemporary feel perfect for 2020. No matter which resume sections you need to include work history, skills section, education section, publications, career references, etc. we have a template built for you.

    Modern Resume Template For Microsoft Word By Resumecoverpro

    Who’s it for: Any professional and creative role

    Creator: ResumeCoverPro

    Where to find it:Etsy

    Price: $11

    Looking for something thats modern and professional?

    Check out the professional resume package by ResumeCoverPro which includes – resume and cover letter templates, an icon pack, free fonts, effective customer support and more.

    When to Use This Template

    This template focuses on the main categories: education, profile, skills, work experience, and awards. You can edit each section to customize it but for the most part, it follows a very straightforward layout and color scheme. All you have to do is edit in the blanks and send it in.

    This template wasnt designed with any one specific job role in mind, so, its a great general-purpose approach with its design and layout.

    As long as you have Word , you can customize it to make it truly yours.

    And if for some reason you need further help, the template comes with additional instructions and even customer support.

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    Minimal Resume Template Word

    Anixel Studio’s Minimal Resume Template Microsoft Word especially for DBA profile.

    This resume template Word elegantly displays the personal information section in the middle with the summary, key skills, technical skills and professional experiences and achievements sections scattered across.

    This resume template Word format uses a single column so that a lot of information can be incorporated in the resume without compromising on the readability.

    The theme used in this resume template Word format deploys professional orange color for the headings and the texts giving a neat yet trendy impression. You may change it according to your preference.

    The Word resume template plays on very professional and sober shades of blue to connect different sections to the most important part – your personal details. It uses a white background to highlight your journey and lends a relaxing feel to the resume.

    Orange color makes the resume stand out in the plethora of dull resumes out there. At the same time, this format does not over-do the color and keeps it simple yet creative.

    Do I Need A Specific Resume Template For My Job

    How to Make a Resume with No Work Experience in Microsoft Word (2020)

    You dont need a specific resume template for your job. For the most part, almost all industries can use similar resume templates, unless youre a graphic designer then it can help to create a more creative resume.

    We do have resume examples by job title and industry, and its a great idea to consult one of our samples while customizing your own.

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    How To Select A Cv Template

    Not sure how to format a curriculum vitae? Looking to revise your current CV? You have two options:

  • Here is a basic CV template that you can download and use by inserting your own information into the relevant categories.
  • Alternatively, Microsoft curriculum vitae templates are free for Microsoft Word users. Reviewing their templates is a useful way to get a sense of the format and what information to include on your CV.
  • Monogram Header Resume Template

    Download this template here.

    We’ll start with a simple one. This is a HubSpot exclusive resume template that is simple and clean with attractive monogrammed headers to call out each section of the resume. The rest of the design relies on a simple serif font for easy reading, which is a good thing considering that hiring managers only take 7.4 seconds to evaluate a resume. You want your experience section to be easily scannable.

    Recommended For: Freelancers

    This resume template is best for freelancers. The project section is great for showcasing the skills that would be most applicable for the industry the applicant wants to enter.

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    Choosing The Best Resume Template For You

    There are countless resume templates available in Word, and it’s up to you to find the option that best suits your industry. No matter which template you choose, the most important thing is to represent yourself well in your text. When it comes to writing resumes, content trumps style every time.

    While a resume outline and template will certainly give your document the basic structure it needs, you can save yourself time and frustration by opting for a complete resume builder instead. Whether you want to upload and review your current resume with our AI-powered resume checker or start from scratch, our resume builder tools are convenient and effective. If you’ve got your information handy, then a stylish, practical resume is just a few clicks away.

    Free To Download And Use In Microsoft Word As A Pdf Or In Google Docs

    Wonderful Resume Format Word For Office Boy Free Resume Templates for ...

    As a modern professional, you dont want to waste hours of precious time fighting with word processors and graphic design programs. is the modern way to get the job done. Choose your perfect template, then try out our easy-to-use builder tool to add your work experience, hard skills, soft skillsand achievements. Our builder tool has already been tested by thousands of satisfied customers who have found their dream jobs hassle-free.

    Finish your application strong by choosing the right file format to keep your professional resume consistent no matter how you send it. Within our builder tool, you can download your resume as a MS Word or Google Doc version completely free. You can also download your resume as a PDF or DOCX file.

    Say hello to resume writing success! In addition to offering helpful tips to guide you through your job search, we also offer 300+ resume examples to help you get that dream job.

    So what are you waiting for? Its time to find your perfect template, add your personal touches and land your dream position in a few easy clicks! Impressing recruiters is easy with our selection of best resume templates. You can even add a matching cover letter to your resume!

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    Guidelines In Formatting A Fresher Resume

    Just because you are using a fresher resume does not mean that you should not be fully aware and keen with formatting its content and overall look. When creating a fresher resume, here are some of the items that you should consider:

  • It is highly suggested for you browse through other kinds of student resume templates especially if it is your first time to make this document. Having references to follow will make it easier for you in curating a fresher resume that will be helpful for your application.
  • You can either use a functional or targeted resume format when making a fresher resume.
  • A functional resume will allow you to provide information on your skill sets first before going to the fact that you still do not have a lot of experience about the work post that you would like to be considered for.
  • A targeted resume, just like software engineer resume templates, will allow you to apply for a specific fresher job position. This will give an employer an easier time to identify whether you are fit for the entry-level work post that is open for employment.
  • Aside from the above-mentioned resume types, there are instances where a resume format may also be used. This applies to those employees who would like to shift careers or those who have employment gaps within the entirety of their professional career paths.
  • Pastry Chef Resume Template

    Are you a detail-oriented professional with a flair for creating custom desserts and orders? Are you good at pastry art and having experience in a broad range of specialty baking techniques? Then use this two columned pastry chef resume template. Its well-aligned text makes the meat of your basic resume easy to read.

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    Can I Really Download These Resume Templates For Free

    Yes, you really can download these resume templates for free in Microsoft Word file format. Heres how to get them for free:

    1. Select any one of the beautiful resume templates on this page, and youll be presented with six color options and a big download button.

    2. Click that button to download all of the resume templates in .zip format.

    3. Pick your favorite color resume, and start customizing it with your own work history and achievements.

    What Recruiters Want To See On Your Resume

    How to Make an Easy Resume in Microsoft Word (2020)

    Did you know that an average job vacancy in the US attracts around 250 job applicants? You need to know what to include on your resume to deliver what your recruiter needs to see. Imagine being the recruiter that has to sort through that many resumes! Dont you think you would get bored after looking at about TEN applicants details?

    This is why our modern resume templates have been designed in a way that is both functional but also remains pleasing to the eye. Our stylish designs will allow your resume to stand out from the crowd when the recruiter face a sea of generic and plain looking resumes. Our modern themes deliver a high level of information, but still allow your true personality to shine through.

    Weve packed some of our best templates in this video, check it out!

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    Maroon Sidebar Resume Template

    Download this template here.

    Pulling your more text-heavy information off to the side in an attractive color-blocked sidebar, this resume lets your experience stand for itself in white space at the top. It’s also easily customizable with no difficult-to-manipulate tables or formatting. The sidebars are in movable text boxes that can even be removed if you wish.

    Recommended For: College Graduates

    This template is best for young professionals starting their career. This adjustable resume template can give you full customization options for your first resume.

    Timeless Free Word Resume Template

    Timeless is a simple and clean Word resume template featuring a design suitable for all kinds of professional resumes and CVs. It also comes with a matching cover letter and references page templates. Its available in A4 and US Letter sizes and you can use InDesign and Photoshop to customize the resume as well.

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    Do You Have Different Resume Format Templates

    Depending on the length of your career, the nature of your skills and work experience, and your life situation, you need a specific resume format to present you as the strongest candidate. We have:

    Chronological resumes: For new or mid-level professionals with a strong career progression.

    Functional resumes: For job seekers with inconsistent work history, or those seeking to change careers.

    Combination resumes: For job seekers with significant work experience, skills, and achievements, or those seeking to change careers.

    How To Use Word Resume Templates

    CVfolio Best 10 Resume Templates for Microsoft Word

    There are two ways you can get your hands on a Word resume template.

    You can either go with a pre-customized Word template that comes with the software, or you can use an external template made by designers and career experts for Word specifically.

    Lets start with the resume templates that come with the software.

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    Resume For Recent College Graduate

    Who’s it for: Recent college graduates

    Creator: Microsoft

    Where to find it:Microsoft Templates

    Finally, weve covered just about every type of resume scenarios, except this one.

    This Word template for recent college graduates prioritizes your objective, education, skills, and ends with experience .

    The design and the layout is fairly simple, and most of the resume is already filled in with examples. All you have to do is modify it based on your background –

    When to Use This Template

    This resume was made with college graduates in mind. If you dont have a lot of work experience, you can use this template to prioritize other sections .

    Its simple and straightforward.

    And sometimes, thats what it takes to get your foot in the door when youre a recent college grad with not a lot of experience.

    Still confused on how to structure your resume when you dont have a lot of experience?

    See our full guide for student and graduate resumes for a detailed guide on what you can include.

    Free Word Resume Templates

    Selection of free Microsoft Word resume templates with clear design that will help the recruiter skim through your resume. The resumes on this page are in Microsoft Word .docx format.

    All of the Word resumes presented on this page are completely free to download. Make a winning resume in minutes with the help of our free Word resume templates. Our professional and free resume templates for Word will help you land interviews. No need to struggle with designing your resume layout. Now you can get a professional resume in no time with our free resume templates for Word!

    See our CV library of the best resume templates below. Choose from basic, modern, or ATS friendly resume templates for Word. Most of our templates are 1 page resumes but we do offer 2 page resumes under the executive resume templates category. You can add more pages to any of the templates.

    We hope that you share this page with others.

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    Fully Editable Creative Resume Template By Omer Korkmaz

    Who’s it for: Senior graphic, UI/UX Designers

    Creator: Omer Korkmaz

    Where to find it: Behance

    If youre a graphic designer and know youre way around AI, this fully editable creative resume template by Omer Korkmaz might be for you.

    This template has everything youd need applying for a graphic design role:

    • And some extra space for other optional sections

    When to Use This Template

    This resume template is fully editable, and ideal for graphic designers. The free download includes a PowerPoint and Adobe Illustrator format, and the Open Sans font – everything youll ever need.

    Because of the format versions that come with the template, you can really fine-tune the resume to perfection. You can change the design, the color schemes, and any other detail within Adobe Illustrator.

    So, if youre applying for a senior UX/UI designer role, you can really make sure that your resume reflects your qualifications with this creative template.


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