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Cook Job Description For Resume

Fine Dining Specialty Cook

Resume Tips From a Professional Chef. Advice for THE BEST resume in the kitchen.
  • Knowledge of all kitchen equipment, including adjusting thermostat controls to regulate temperature of ovens, broilers, grills, roasters, and steam kettles
  • Ability to inventory product, read menus and estimate food requirements to create a production plan
  • Maintains standards and specifications related to food preparation and food handling on a daily basis, understands measurements requirements
  • Responsible for checking and maintaining proper temperatures throughout preparation, cooling, holding and serving of food items including adjusting thermostat controls to regulate temperatures
  • Cleans kitchen equipment
  • Ability to handle special dietary request and to work with guest requiring special request due to dietary concerns
  • Creates seasonings, cures and rubs
  • May bone and clean shellfish, cut, trim or grind meats, fish or poultry
  • Must demonstrate advanced culinary technical skills required in food preparation and use of kitchen equipment
  • Must demonstrate ability to present and discuss menu item preparation with Dinner Cooks, Order/Grill Cooks and Guests
  • Minimum 3 years experience in culinary field/high volume restaurant or culinary degree and 2 years related experience
  • Exhibits a positive, friendly and helpful attitude to our guest and fellow cast members
  • Food Safety Certification or equivalent
  • Ability to work with technology
  • Vocation School training or High School certification
  • Culinary Education Degree or equivalent

Vail Mountain Dining Intermediate Line Cookresume Examples & Samples

  • Responsible for overall designated meal and après service
  • Responsible for ensuring all stations are ready for service with adequate mise en place and next days service
  • Conduct daily line checks, creation of daily preparation lists, cleaning, opening and closing lists for the station
  • Ensure proper health and sanitation standards are maintained by conducting internal food safety audit weekly
  • Ensure all coolers, freezers and walk-ins are maintained at the companys and health inspectors food safety standards and HAACP .standards, including daily logging of refrigerator and freezer temperatures
  • Execute first tracks breakfasts/groups/weddings/buy-out events needs as per banquet event orders
  • Flexibility in scheduling, ability to work weekends and holidays including: Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, December 23rd to January 4th, Presidents Day Weekend and other holidays as requested
  • Formal Culinary Training preferred

First Create A Skills Section

When creating your resume, make sure to incorporate a skills section. This will provide the employer with a place to see your capabilities in a way that is both easily visible and organized. You can also make note of your proficiency with each skill. For example, you could list Knife handling: expert.

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Line Cook Work Experience Example

Line Cook, Capulet Fine Dining

  • Set up and stock kitchen station and clean down at the end of shift work on multiple stations, including fry, grill and saute, depending on needs of the team
  • Prepare and cook food to specifications of executive chef and in cooperation with the team
  • Keep open lines of communication with the wait staff, executive chef and kitchen team to ensure all meals are prepared and served simultaneously and in a timely manner
  • Maintain high levels of cleanliness during shift and ensure food is handled and stored correctly to comply with food sanitation requirements
Build Your Resume!

Bistro Line Cookresume Examples & Samples

Line Cook Resume Sample &  Writing Tips
  • Prepare and display foods in accordance with company standards, recipes, and policies in compliance with food safety policies and procedures
  • Maintain proper signage, product rotation, freshness, quantity and quality
  • Keep sales areas, backrooms, and coolers clean and well organized
  • Wait on customers and counter promptly and cheerfully
  • Greet customers and provide them with good quality foods
  • Operate cash register in accordance with company procedures
  • Increase store sales and profits
  • Wash and sanitize cookware and utensils in accordance with company and Health Department policies and procedures
  • Willing and available to work weekends and holidays
  • Abe to read shelf tags, signs, product labels, training materials, and bulletins
  • Must work with various cleaning solutions, safely use sharp tools, and carefully operate slicing equipment
  • Demonstrated aptitude to manage people and organize workloads
  • Ability to make intelligent decisions quickly
  • Strong communication skills and diplomacy when dealing with people
  • Deli, Food Service, Restaurant, or similar work experience
  • Understanding of all key components of department operations. For example: managing people, merchandising, inventory management, shrink control, customer services, labor scheduling, and expense control

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Line Cook Resume: Additional Information

Do you have interesting hobbies that you want to show off? All your miscellaneous information can be arranged in the “Additional Information” section of your line cook resume.

Ensure to only include this section if you are sure it will help advance your job application.

Hirations line cook resume example will help you add the right seasoning to your resume:

You can even opt to use Hiration’s Online Resume Builder that comes with 100+ content templates and 25+ design templates that you can optimize according to your requirements.

Use Powerful Resume Action Verbs

Use action verbs when listing your experiences on your resume to make your work history more powerful and impactful to restaurant owners.

Strong action verbs on your line cook resume make you stand out as an applicant because they add detail and purpose to each of your job duties and help to further convey your confidence and expertise. For example, our applicant wrote the resume bullet point:

  • Reorganized and streamlined stations food process, expediting cooking and food delivery to customers by 23%

They also add to their statement by including hard numbers. By mentioning that they sped up cooking and food delivery by 23%, the applicant gives employers evidence of their strong work ethic.

Heres a list of action verbs for your line cook resume:

Portion Weigh

Finally, remember to use relevant resume keywords throughout your resume by studying each job posting carefully.

Restaurant owners use applicant tracking systems to filter through applicants, so mention the exact keywords theyre looking for in their job descriptions on your line cook resume to increase your chances of getting an interview.

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Resume Template For Cooks

Choose a modern resume template that suits your personality the template should also complement the industry youre applying for the restaurant industry in this case.

Restaurant hiring managers are tired of reading hundreds of boring theses-type resumes. Therefore, it is easy to stand out from the rest with a great template tailored to your profile.

We have put together awesome resume templates that are well suited for all restaurant industry jobs. Pick the right template for your cook resume and create it in 10 minutes.

You may also create your own resume template if youre a pro Word user. Make sure you consider the fonts, margins, and color theme in designing it.

Consider the following while designing a resume template:

  • Define the fonts, colors, and font sizes for all the headings and subheadings.
  • Color theme should match the industry: you may also consider using the brand colors of the restaurant youre applying for.
  • Keep consistent margins from all sides of the document.
  • Save the document in PDF and Text formats.

Line Cook Resume Sample

How to Cook Up a Great Resume

Hereâs an example of a concise, effective line cook resume:

When creating a line cook resume, make sure to emphasize any work with management around the optimization of processes, like setting par levels or reducing food cost. Weâve got some more great resources around hiring bar staff, too.

But even the best staff in the world wonât bring you the benefits of a perpetual inventory system. BinWise Pro is industry-leading bar inventory software that does the work of 10 staff membersâautomating bar inventory and collecting and analyzing data with the push of a button. Itâs a cloud-based solution that leaves you and your staff more time to do the things youâre best at: providing excellent customer service and creating memorable experiences.

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Line Cook / Cocktail Waitpersonresume Examples & Samples

  • Follows proper handling, preparation and holding guidelines, takes temperatures at regular intervals and prepares and presents foods as ordered
  • Takes orders for beverages and food
  • Follows cash and charge procedures
  • Serves cocktails, non-alcoholic beverages and food orders following proper service procedures
  • Knowledge of bar supplies and common drinks and makes suggestions to customers
  • Demonstrate experience in a cook-to-order, quick service dining environment. Ability to complete duties in a fast paced kitchen while performing multiple tasks simultaneously
  • Knowledge and demonstrated practice of safe food handling
  • Minimum of one year cook to order experience required
  • Must meet the State’s age requirements for serving/mixing alcohol

Why Employers Want To See Cook Skills On Your Resume

Skilled chefs are always in demand, regardless of geographical location. These culinary professionals are responsible for overseeing the safe, efficient and creative handling of food throughout the production process. Additionally, they are responsible for various other administrative duties, such as inventory, ordering and staff management.

Because of the various aspects of this position, those looking to enter the world of culinary arts should clearly indicate their abilities in the kitchen as well as the other various soft skills that are beneficial in this position. By detailing your skills on your resume, you will give employers a clear idea of why and how you will be an asset to their kitchen staff.

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Mcdonalds Cook Resume Sample

Posted: This is a real resume for a Cook in Phoenix, Arizona with experience working for such companies as Mcdonalds, Tks, Galco International. This is one of the hundreds of Cook resumes available

Doctor of Nursing Practice in Clinical PracticeMany people understand that doctor is only entitled to those who are physicians. But nowadays, non-physicread more

Cook Job Description Template

18+ Cook Job Description For Resume

We are looking for a dedicated cook to prepare high-quality meals in accordance with food health and safety regulations and company standards. The cooks responsibilities include following instructions relating to the timely preparation of food orders, organizing workstations, and assisting other cooks as needed. You should also be able to ensure that the refrigerators and storerooms are kept clean and tidy.

To be successful as a cook, you should be able to use various cooking techniques and methods to prepare meals that meet our customers expectations. Ultimately, a top-notch cook should be able to handle multiple food orders without compromising on quality.

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Resume Layout And Design

Good resume format requires good structure, design and layout. Presentation is always important in plating a dish, and the same is true in preparing a resume. You want your resume to not only read right but look good. Be sure to use appropriate fonts and font sizes, proper margins, an adequate amount of white space and a balanced layout.

If youd prefer not to leave your resume layout to chance, you may consider using a professionally-designed resume template. This is one way to save yourself time and focus further on the writing while still customizing certain design options.

How To Write A Cook Chef Resume

Prior to any job interview, you must make the necessary changes and updates on your resume. First add the details of your latest work experience and add the essential information. Then go through the entire document with a fine tooth comb, searching for possible errors in grammar, spelling, or formatting. A good resume is helpful, but its important to know all the details you wrote, without having to glance at the paper every single second.

Expect and Prepare for an Interview over the Phone

Although not every employer conducts an initial interview over the phone, be prepared for one. Its a chance to convince your future employer that you are a viable applicant, one that they would like to invite for a more in-depth interview. Be impressive, but be yourself, too.

Make a good impression by speaking calmly and to the point.

Rehearse for a Smooth-Sailing Interview

It is not enough to know the questions that will most likely be asked during the interview you will have to rehearse your responses to them. Only then will a smooth interview be possible. Here are some of the common interview questions you must practice answering:

When the session is almost over, you might be given the chance to pose some of your very own questions. Put off questions about pay and benefits until you actually get the job offer. Here is a list of other questions you might want to ask:

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Fast Food Cook Resume Samples

The major duty undertaken by a Fast Food Cook is to prepare food as per the customers request at the fast food center according to the stipulated sanitation and hygiene standards. In order to complete this food order, the Fast Food Cook Resume emphasis on undertaking these associated tasks cooking quickly and accurately as the given order, operating kitchen equipment, presenting or packing the food items, receiving food orders and preparing the food, verifying the cooked items, managing health and sanitation standards at work area, ensuring the cooked food meets quality and quantity requirements.

Employers want to see these skills on the resume capacity to train others, flexibility to work in shifts, basic recipe reading and measurement skills and basic cooking knowledge. While most employers dont emphasize on these, adding these skills will broaden career options prior food preparation expertise, management experience, knowledge of preparing specific types of foods, and knowledge of safety and sanitation regulations. Formal education is not necessary, but most of the resumes depict a high school diploma.

  • Fast Food Cook
  • Cookresume Examples & Samples

    Short Order Cook Job Description
    • This individual is career oriented, creative, active, and is a culinary leader with general leadership qualities
    • This person is either a graduate of a two year culinary program with two years post graduate quality experience, or has at least three years experience in quality establishments
    • Will be responsible for all pastry operations at the Ranch including banquets/buyout events and special events
    • Prep and work assigned station quickly and cleanly
    • Prepare all pastry products to the specifications of the high standards of the Chef
    • Assist in the creation, usage, and follow through of prep lists, cleaning list, and closing lists
    • 2+ years pastry experience in a fast-paced restaurant – required
    • Must be available to work weekends and holidays including: Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, December 20th through January 2nd, Presidents Day Weekend, and any other holidays as requested – required

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    Choosing The Correct Cv Format For A Cook

    You want recruiters to know you have some flair, but there’s a reason why cook resume formats should follow a recipe: it works. Here are some things to know when it comes to creating a great cook resume format:

    • Some touches of color are fine as long as it is used sparingly.
    • Leave plenty of white space by creating one-inch margins, varying the lengths of your bullet items, and using columns to air out text.
    • Avoid getting cute with section headings
    • Make sure the important parts stand out: Your contact information and your previous and current job title and employer.

    Restaurant owners and managers are busy. If they cant easily find what they are looking for, its on to the next candidate. If you don’t have a ton of time to spend on your CV formatting, try using a resume template at a starting point. For cook resume samples, we recommend our simple templates. They’re expertly designed, with minimal fuss just what the cook ordered!

    Using naming conventions and professional terms, on your resume section like “Experience” or “Employment History” since it’s what managers will be expecting as they scan your resume.

    Overload your resume with unrelated work experience if you can avoid it. If you have at least 3 positions in food service, you can remove other odd jobs from your resume to save space and present a focused application.

    Medical Center Line Cookresume Examples & Samples

    • One year experience as a cook in a large restaurant, complex Healthcare facility, hotel, or institution
    • Have proven knowledge of food and food products
    • Proven skill in all areas of quality institution food production to include tray-line, cafeteria, grill and /or catering
    • Ability to maintain kitchen area in a clean and organized fashion at all times, with floor dry and equipment property cleaned and sanitized
    • Knowledge of health department codes and ability to adhere to policies regarding sanitation at all times
    • Possess superb customer service skills
    • Food Handlers Card/Certification
    • Ability to efficiently scratch cooks with meats, fish, vegetables, soups and sauces
    • Ability to perform other duties in the areas of food and final plate preparation including plating and garnishing of cooked items and preparing appropriate garnishes for all hot menu item plates
    • Experience in all stations, proficient knife skills, ability to take directions and work as part of a team
    • Ability to prepare and coordinate food orders to support timely and efficient delivery to patients and special functions, according to department standardized recipes

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    Line Cook Resume: Certifications

    A candidate with certifications will always be given preference over someone without one. Gaining the right certification does not take much time and has the potential to do wonders for your job application.

    It also shows that you are committed to your profession. Thus, if you have relevant certifications, give them a separate section, ‘Certifications’ and provide the following information in it:

    • Name of the certification you have pursued.
    • Name of the certificate issuing body.
    • Location of the certifying body.
    • Enrollment and completion date in the month and year format.

    Align this information according to the following format in your prep cook resume:

    | | |

    Put the right garnish on your resume by learning how to draft the perfect certifications section. Read Hiration’s Guide on listing certifications on a resume.

    Mirror this line cook resume example of the certifications section to leave your recruiters salivating:

    Get your line cook resume reviewed by using Hirations Resume Review Service.


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